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Masterofall Jun 21 '13 · Comments: 4
You glance at the clock, you count the hours—the whole while knowing you're earning cash but not for yourself. It's a busy and hectic day at work and it's stressful—but inside there is a core of peace, and excitement. Your foreskin shifts involuntarily, your horny slave cock stretches out in your trousers. You can't help it. For there is something that you are better off without, and you know it.

You leave the workplace with a visible erection and wonder who notices. When you make a beeline for the ATM and enter your PIN, you think of Me. You make sure it is your bank; you want no service charges diverting the cash.

When you get some precious time alone, you think of Me. You've doffed your work wear for a pair of trackies because you know that I like your look in them. That it makes Me even more horny to use you. And you want to be used. Hard.

From your wallet, you extract the notes that should be taken away from you. You hesitate for a moment, then you reach in for another. That's better. Your thick cock is leaking uncontrollably now, with the urgent throb of a horny cashfag's tool. You know that this is right. That you should serve. That you should suffer. And you know that right in this very moment, you are serving Me. You're following My orders. Doing as I directed. This feels so right.

That cashfag cock throbs again. It's getting hard not to cum by the time your tongue hits the envelope. You seal it with your saliva—and address it to Me. As you think about just what you are doing here, your anus twitches convulsively. And you pump off without touching yourself.

A wave of relief washes over your entire body, and as the copious seed drools from your spent cockhead, there is an overwhelming, renewed recognition of what you are: A fag. A cash cunt. Serving your purpose. Right here in this very moment. Before bed, you place the envelope near the door to take to the post office. You sleep; your dreams are intense.

I've felt horny and wired ever since I commanded you to pay—and you submitted, agreed that it was your only choice to obey. I've been walking around for days feeling high on this surge of power. And waiting for today when the envelope arrives at My door. I lock the door behind Me as I take it into the house. I think of you and your service to Me and before long My trousers are yanked down around my ankles, My thick length pulled out to greet you.

For this is a sexual sacrament, what we are doing. The cash notes that I pull from this envelope—which I will enjoy any fucking way I choose—this is your body. The explosion of seed that I flood across them—this is My blood; My DNA that I use to mark and claim this instantiation of you. The cash that I spoil with my fluids—it is your face that I am soiling.

And your vulnerable arse. Being opened by a cock that is thicker and meaner than you may believe you can handle. This is happening. It is your insides that I am flooding now, as I cry out with lust and greed. It's not up to you. I am possessing you. I own you. I take you. I use you. You are Mine.

This is symbolic and real at the same time. Because we both know that everything that this $ervice represents is something that I will also do to you in the flesh. And it is very fucking satisfying.

Sitting at your desk at work, you look up at the clock. You track the hours that have passed and calculate your rate of pay. You are busy, but you are also restless. It's because you know that there is an imbalance that must be corrected. Looking down, you see how fat and hard your cock has become again. The rigid cock of a committed cash slave serving a Master. You reach for your wallet with one hand, and a fresh envelope with the other.
BearMaster May 22 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: service, findom, cash master, cash cunt, cash fag
This post is addressed to REAL fags. The ones who only get happiness from worshipping a superior male and making that male happy by sending generous gifts and tributes. Honest fags. Respectful fags. 

It seems there are more and more wannabe Masters on this site (and other sites), who are in this only to make a quick buck. I mean, some of them look like kids. Others look like faggots themselves. I'm seeing more and more pics of gross, unfit bodies, small dicks, ugly faces. They're not Masters. A Master is two things: body and mind. Both must be strong. They must be manly. Fearless. A Master must be fit and handsome. A Master is an alpha male.

I just want fags to keep this in mind when they are looking for a Master. Wannabe Masters have no clue what to do with you. They'll just beg for money. And everyone knows my views on this: REAL MASTERS DON'T BEG. A real Master will find your weak spot and exploit it. A real Master will put you in your place. At his feet, emotionally and sometimes physically. But the most important thing here is that a real Master will give you what you want and desire. In exchange you will worship and tribute your Master generously. This is the transaction. 

As the Master/slave community is becoming larger, it is attracting unskilled "men" who just want money. NO. You fags deserve better. You have no power. You are dirt to me and I am here to exploit and abuse you. But you have this right, your one right only: to serve a REAL Master. A powerful Master. You owe it yourselves but most of all you owe it to our community.

I will be posting further blog posts in the coming week. If they are any subjects you want me to write about, please say in the comments. I often get asked about my fag training programme so this will probably be one of my next topics. 

NickHungMaster Sep 10 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
Hi everyone,

So yeah, I've been a bit quiet lately as I have been mad busy trying to get lots of things in place to really make this place kick off. 

I've kind of been hindered though with other things going on so it's taken longer than expected.

I'd like to thank Wetsocks for looking after the place for me in my absence, he's done a great job.

So I've been working on bank transfers as you know, and I have finally been authorised now to send international payments, so with a few more back end tweeks and a bit more planning this should be ready to go very soon.

I'm also working hard on a mobile version of the site, as well as some other new requested features.

I'm not too sure when all these will be in place but it will be very soon.

At the end of the month I'm moving house so it will probably not be until after then and I'm settled a bit.

Anyway that's all for now. I just wanted to show you all I'm still alive.

Masterofall Jun 15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: update

Happy as a pig in swill, My Dip Turned up Y'all

Mastervape Jul 22 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3

I’m blogging about this since it seems many of you need a refresher, or simply lack training to begin with. I see too many fags trying to skate by on mediocrity and not properly serving, putting themselves ahead of their masters, making excuses for their lackluster behavior. It comes down to one concept – these fags are starting to think that they have the same rights as everyone else. This was never the case and I’m setting the record straight right now. Every master reading this will agree, and I’m spelling it out for all of you in the way that only I, a veteran master of the highest quality, properly can.

Fags do not have the right to:

Think independently: naturally, fags only think with one head, the sad thing between their legs. Sex-related thoughts drive everything they do on this site and in many areas of their real lives. Can you honestly trust a submissive disgusting faggot to make rational decisions and think big-picture about their lives? Do they trust themselves to? No. They want us to do it for them, because they know they can’t. Why would you try and foster independent thought in a fagslave, when that road only leads to ruin? Nothing good comes out of that, because they are incapable. Fags need to have everything decided for them. They never had the right to independent thought in the first place. A fag tries to tell you what it is going to do, or what it thinks is a good idea, and you put a stop to it right there, unless it’s something that benefits you in every way. Many of the things it comes up with on its own are short-sighted, strictly sex-themed, don't actually benefit you in a tangible way, or are trivial. It's best that they are prevented from even entertaining those thoughts in the first place.

Pleasure themselves without permission: Fags are demented sex addicts and cannot control themselves – allowing them to pleasure themselves without permission and strict supervision allows them to reinforce and strengthen their bizarre fetishes and leads them to more brazen and whore-ish behavior later on. They become desperate sluts, seeking any kind of attention from anyone who will acknowledge their existence, which could lead to disobedience and “cheating”. When you control a faggot’s orgasms, whether it be in chastity devices or otherwise, you have it by the balls and under lock and key. The reason so many homos need chastity is because it is an extreme measure, literally locking their privates away and denying them the ability to indulge themselves. They lack the self control and decency, and literally have to be locked up to save themselves from their own afflictions. As mentioned before, we must be the ones to dictate where, when, and how – thinking independently can lead to pleasuring themselves without permission and this cannot be allowed to happen. When you allow a horny faggot to proceed unchecked, you open Pandora's box and this is completely intolerable.

Talk to anyone you don’t approve of: As mentioned above, fags become brazen and whore-ish, with no limits to their attention seeking behavior. This can lead to talking to other masters you don’t approve of or who have not met yet. Often fags will talk to these people when you are not around, because you are not there, and they are horny and bored, because you have not kept it busy enough or your control hasn’t been quite potent enough to keep it from trying to get whatever it can from anyone who will acknowledge them. These fags can often bait other masters, trying to get something from them, stringing them along, especially the newbie ones who don’t know what they are doing. These fags know they are not allowed to serve other people, but they are horny, desperate, and bored nonetheless, so they will sit there and chit chat and lead an inexperienced master along, giving him the impression that he might get the fag to serve him when in reality the fag will likely not ever do it, or will do it in a secretive way and begin cheating, just to get it’s fagstick off. Fags must be controlled in such a way that it knows exactly what kind of interaction with the community it is allowed to have, and what it is not. This must be clearly spelled out for the faggot along with the consequences of disobedience. Never forget how desperate and pathetic these things are. You give them an inch, they will take ten miles, or try to exploit a loophole and get attention in a way that you did not expressly forbid, but didn’t necessarily allow either. These are gray areas which must be clarified for it.

Whine, bitch, complain, blame, otherwise moan: Some fags are bitter, have had masters screw them over in the past, or are frustrated by the lack of effort or disengagement they see on the part of the masters in this scene, and are just trying to get something simple yet never quite manage to get it. These fags have attitude problems and have forgotten that it is not your fault that they have had shitty experiences, and will become passive aggressive, whiny, and begin complaining, blaming, or finding reasons to jab at you or assume that you are just like everyone else. They will not give you the benefit of the doubt because they are bitter and disappointed, jaded, and are often trollish and inflammatory in general. They have approached you because they feel you can change their minds or give them something that others could not. At no point should a faggot feel comfortable to whine at you, blame, complain, or otherwise moan about what you do or why you do it, especially before it has given you a chance to show how you are not what they have previously experienced and have not given you a chance to fully experience your particular brand of domination. Bitterness and annoyance, and frustration on the faggot’s part will contribute to its attitude problems and issues, which are not your fault. It has never met you before so how can it honestly make up its mind about you and judge? It has no leg to stand on here, and you must remind it of that. Unless you go against what you said you would do, or expressly make a promise to it that you later break or do not make good on, you can do no wrong and you are perfect, like Me. Faggots must remember that we are always perfect and always right, infinitely superior in every way, and will tolerate no whining or complaining. A faggot must take its emotional baggage and unpack it on its own, and deal with it to become a better slave, because that has nothing to do with you.

That's it for Part 1 - stay tuned for more coming soon!


I'm Master Jr,  I guess you can say I'm  kinda new to this site. I did a lil research and I think Owned fags site is a good damn fit for me.If you didn't read my profile I'm a 6ft 200lbs Football Player, and I'm consistently Pumping Iron to keep my body nice and buff. I'm a Foul mouth, Rough and Aggressive Mother Fucker, and I'm cool with that.

I have a career and a full time student,  You can call me the Big Man on Campus. I work hard for everything I own. Once I want something I do whatever it takes to fucken get it.I want a  submissive fag that knows how to worship a Boss like me. One that knows how to worship my Big Guns and Size 12 feet. Yes I'm a Asshole, But can be pretty laid back, when you show me the proper respect. 

Appreciate the likes and attention I've been receiving. But I want a Slave that knows his place, and knows who's in charge. My last Slave knew to get on his knee and I start worshipping my feet as soon as I step in the door. Let's see who can take his spot. I'm in the building Faggots!!! Now get on your knees and Serve the fucken Man!!! 

Master Jr

masterjr Oct 3 · Comments: 3 · Tags: boss master jr
I was sought out in CL by a cash fag. There was a rather explicit post that caused his fag mind to get all bent out if shape. And the picture I posted of my big black cock sent him over the edge. It was hard, uncut, curved right, and had 7 quarters placed along the length for size comparison.

He began messaging me immediately. Within the first 3 messages I let him know that he had to pay tribute being such an inferior fag. He was willing more than willing without any further information or sight if me to send the $100 tribute I require. We never met and never spoke - just communicated through emails.

He asked what I needed. I told him it was his place to sweep, make beds, do laundry, serve me good/beer, and take punishment. He was very nervous and shy and afraid to meet. He stated that he could send money immediately to appease me until he worked up the nerve to meet in person. I advised that I would have to break him in and rid him of that trait. I only referred to him as "it" and said that I would use the leather paddle on his ass to break him in eventually. In the interim I let him know how to pay tribute.

I sent him the link of the most popular way to exchange money (you know what it's calked) and he quickly sent the funds. The $100 is still sitting in my account as I haven't transferred it to my bank yet. And there hasn't been a need. Just the following day I collected $100 in person from my second slave submissive pussy boy of the weekend. I'll tell you that story later.

You can see some pics of the email conversation on my profile page.
Black_Master_Daddy Sep 28 · Comments: 3 · Tags: black master, bbc, pay pig, cash fag

I was in a relationship with a sub which continued on for over a year. I degraded and emasculated him on a daily basis. I wasn't happy in the relationship, but it was as if the nastier I was to him, the more he loved me; and the more he loved me, the more I needed him. Before I knew it, I was stuck. This man was so desperate for me, loved me so much, and would do anything for me. Never was I going to find someone in a relationship like this again. 

Of course, what we were feeling wasn't really love. It was our insecurities playing out in the most fucked-up, counterproductive way. He didn't love himself, and thought an asshole of a boyfriend like me is what he deserved. I, for the first time in my life, felt like I was in total control, and I couldn't let it go, no matter how much I didn't respect him, no matter that I didn't even like him.

That’s my Google-based diagnosis.

Physically Daryl was tall, toned, not quite handsome, but overall a passable good looking guy. We had passed each other within the same social circle and  one night out he had given me his number. I didn't know about his fetish at the time nor did I plan on ever calling him. He was the opposite of my usual type. Clean Shaven, manicured nails, perfect tan. The authenticity of his nose was questionable. A good country boy from Armagh, soft spoken, well mannered. He didn't command anything over me which is something I usually needed in a man. I have never been attracted to men who are nothing but hyper masculine. Things like body hair, mismatching clothes, and messy table manner are on the plus. This new breed of men with their botox faces and tinted hair, did nothing for me. 

Weeks went by, and he was still texting me. My phone went off one day I looked down. It was Daryl. Again. I opened the message, thinking about what a pain in my ass he was, and not the good kind.

“Do you like stomping on a guy?”

The message caught me off guard.This guy was finally starting to interest me. I would never have guessed he was the type. I had always been fascinated with the fetish world but had never enacted upon my urges. So here was my chance.

“That's cool :)”

“Send me your address. I'm coming over tonight to abuse you. You better be ready. If you shit on my cock I'm leaving.”

It was a date.

That first night with Daryl, I went on a power trip. 

“You stupid fag, you’re so pathetic, aren't you? That’s why you couldn't stop texting me. You had to beg for me to come to stomp on your ass just so you could see me.”

(I stole this speech from Henati/Gay demon porn that I watched on a daily basis at the time)

It was a rush. 

Shortly after we started dating, I found out that Daryl's fetish was no secret. People confronted me on almost every night out about our bedroom activities.

“Is it always dildos, or do you ever use vegetables?”

“Does he wear your underwear?”

“Do you ever make him lick your boots clean?”

“You’re so close-minded,” I would tell people. People could be so dumb. In this day and age, you would think they could see past boxed, constrained labels. As little respect I had for Daryl then, I always defended him in this department. When it came to this issue, we were on the same team. It was more a matter of principle than anything. People needed to be educated.  I had a boyfriend who was basically my slave. In the time we were together, I never paid for anything, or cooked for myself once. This was heaven. So what if other people judged our relationship? It was a small price to pay.

Eventually though things ended on a sour note. I ultimately outgrew him. In the beginning it was liberating. It was like the carnival in town with the biggest collection of freaks you never knew existed. A whole new world to explore. This was how I got my first glimpse into the fetish world. 

_Kahn_ Nov 19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: sub, slave , slave, master , master, gay, fetish
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