Dreaming of Master Jothecalineur

Hi Sirs and slaves

I wanted to share with you all what an amazing dream I had last night about being Master Jo's slave. 

Master Jo owned a big house and had all His slaves living there and serving Him. He would send us all out to work and when we came home we would serve Him in any way He desired. All the household chores were our privilege to perform such as the cooking, cleaning, washing etc. While Master Jo was waited on hand and foot and made as comfortable as possible. 

Master Jo was very strict on His slaves, as He should be, with a lot of rules. Of course we slaves were all in chastity and naked at all times around the house or even the garden. Unless Master Jo wanted us to wear something specifically.

Anyway perhaps my favourite part of the dream and the part I remember the most was how Master Jo would allow us to slaves. It goes without saying that we didn't sleep in His room, I guess unless we were very good in which case we might have been allowed to sleep on the floor at the bottom of His bed.  

We slept lying down on our sides, tied to one another with one slave having his face in the other slaves ass. Chastity devices on and a spider gag making it all the more humiliating. So before Master J would leave us for bed He would piss on us, leaving us covered. If one of us slaves needed to go to toilet of course we just had to go there after not being able to hold it in any longer. Could be very embarrassing and humiliating for the other slave when that happened. 

Sadly that's all I could remember. Part of me is so gutted that it was only a dream :-( but maybe one day it will come true. 

I don't know if this will be a one of blog or an on going one. I'll leave that for Master Jo to decide of course. Though the idea of all His slave sharing their dreams about thier Master sounds good to me. 

Anyway thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.


Premium features

Hello everyone,

Behind the scenes I have been working on building in some premium features to the site.

Premium features are part of a paid membership which you can purchase for yourself or for another member using Tips or cash.

The basic free membership will remain largely the same but the paid options add in a few nice little extras.

The pricing plan will be as follows:

12 Months @ £35 - £2.92 Month/£0.10 Day (Best value deal)

6 Months @ £25 - £4.17 Month/£0.14 Day

3 Months @ £15 - £5.00 Month/£0.17 Day

I have kept the pricing as competitive as I can and I feel it's pretty reasonable.

For a premium membership you will get:

- View the new members list (instead of buying it separately like it is now)

- See if someone has read or deleted a message you sent

- Get a premium badge on your profile

- See who's viewed your profile (this will become part of the paid membership)

- Get an extra 100 Pantheon/Slave Market points

- Extra search features

Other bits which are top secret for now will also be added in a little later down the line.

I expect this optional membership and these changes to be released by the end of next week.


Realtime 13th January 2016

I logged onto skype to see that a loyal little bitch of mine, had purchased an electric dog collar and a gas mask for me to use at my disposal. I was instantly excited to cause this loser some pain and take some of its hard earned cash, The electric dog collar has a remote! One push of a button and the faggot gets it.

First of all I have the pathetic fuck send me £40, he of course thanked me after sending.

I call the slave soon after and its sitting eagerly awaiting its master, the little fuck shows me a brand new unopened box with a dog training shock collar sealed inside, he’d saved it unopened because he knew I’d make the best use out of it. Save the gas mask for later I thought, I was too excited to shock the faggot bitch.

The faggot was a scared little bitch, so to start I made the cunt attach the shock collar to its weak excuse for a bicep, I then instruct the faggot to take the lid off its poppers and begin to sniff, deep breaths, big deep breaths, all the way in, all the way out every, single, time.

I make the cunt hold the remote above its head, I count down from 5,4,3,2,1 the faggot presses the button as instructed by me, the shock causes it to squeal like a little fucking bitch as the poppers have it weak, dizzy and craving more of my power, in the call it says to me  "The remote is better off in your hands sir", of course it fucking is! Lucky for this slave he lives close by…I arrange to meet the fuckwit near me in 2 hours time.

I get into the faggots car to be greeted with a packet of cigarettes, of course these will be used to amuse me and abuse the bitch very, very soon. I instruct the fuckwit to drive 5 minutes away to a secluded field.

The cunt is commanded to sniff its poppers and hand over £160 for the privilege of being in my presence, now it’s time for the faggot to get its collar on, and this time it won’t be on it’s fucking arm! It will be going straight round its neck.

After a brief struggle adjusting the collar on the faggots fat ass neck it’s back to the poppers for the cunt, sniff the fuck away.

Lid back on and I press that fucking button, the fucking faggot squealed again, much fucking better around its fat neck.

I order the cunt out of the car and into the muddy, wet, dark field.

I immediately command it to get on its hands and knees like a faggot dog. I walk 10 paces in front of the fuck and start treating it like the bitch it is.. “Here boy”

It crawls like a desperate little cunt on command, I shock the fuckwit and it falls rolling onto it’s back and screaming in pain, I lean over the bitch and grab it’s face making it recite whos bitch it is, “YOUR BITCH SIR” the faggot screams.

The faggot is made to sniff it’s poppers, 15 big sniffs for master, each one a deep breath. This cunt is fucked, made to crawl again. I’m 10 paces away again and counting down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the faggot gets shocked again

This is far too much fun. What a fucking loser. After making the little faggot dog play dead a few times and shocking it every time, I kept walking the fuckwit around and shocking him repeatedly.

I eventually allow it to crawl all the way over to me and instruct it to lick my muddy black dm boots clean, the cunt puts its tongue flat all over my boots and licks away as commanded.

I push the faggot onto its back an press the sole of my boot into it’s face, mud all over the cunts face and licking away, mouth open for air as I smother it’s face with my boot.

The bullied little cunt is screaming enough master - enough master, I grab the cunt by its ear and face and make it realise whose bitch it is.

As I am smoking my cigarette I pull the cunts jumper up and burn it’s spine, the cunt screams. I take my belt off and lash the fucker, screaming little faggot.

I take great satisfaction as I watch the slave crawl all the way back to the car, shocking it once more, laughing as it falls over trying to get under the gate into this field, enough of the collar now.

In the car, gas mask on, poppers up. I allow the cunt the honour of seeing it’s masters godly arms and abs, the slave is instructed to stare at master and sniff,  10 at a time, properly, like a good little faggot slave.

I light another cigarette, the cunt is made to feel pain from it’s master, I take a few pulls then put it out on its faggot arm, only to be re lit and burnt over and over again, the faggot squealing in pain every, single, time. Keep sniffing bitchboy.

It’s a weak little fucking mess at this point. I take off my belt, then proceed to heat up the buckle with my lighter whilst making the faggot sniff HARD, then when I deem the buckle hot enough it goes directly onto the cunts arm again, branding the fuckwit, a nice little reminder for it to always remember its master. After some more poppers for the faggot, I then have the faggot thank me and I go on my way, the faggot will never forget this session.


The word filter

Hello everyone,

I wanted to explain how the word filter works here and why we have one.

In short as this is an adult website certain themes are not allowed to be discussed or promoted.

These themes are set by world wide organisations, governmental bodies in various countries and companies that process card payments.

I need to make sure that my site complies with these rules to not get in trouble.

The word filter scans any input entered by a member and finds any banned words, if a suitable replacement can be found then one will be substituted, otherwise a series of stars (*****) will be used.

In cases where the word is found to be in breach of our Terms and Conditions the content (status, private message, blog post etc) is added to a log for me to review later so I can see in what context it was used. For example if it was an innocent mistake or a repeat offender.

Let me make it clear, I do not sit there all day reading statuses and private messages, I do not have the time or inclination to do so, but I will read an individual message from the log if it has contained a filtered word.

I hope this explains clearly why words are filtered and what happens when they are.

Thank you.

An Intetesting Question

I was recently asked by someone if I hated faggots. The short answer is 'no'. However, it's an answer that can't be answered simply and so I decided to post the more correct explanation here.

In my philosophy, I see humanity (and I use that term loosely is divided into four basic ranks; Men, Women, faggots, and Others. As with any such labeling system there are in-between distinctions that can be made, of course, but as I'm trying to keep this fairly short I'll stick to these four ranks.

RANK ONE: It is probably no surprise that those Masters on this site fall into this rank. In essence it is the rank containing all dominant, superior males. Rank one men are confident in their own natural superiority, live by their own unique principles, and don't really give a damn what anyone else thinks about that fact. If something gratifies or benefits a rank one man, he does not hesitate in taking it and using it in whatever way he chooses with no thought of regret.

RANK TWO: In this level I place superior females. Rank two women are, in ways, similar to rank one males with one exception; no matter their own power they understand that they rank below a superior male and behave accordingly. Due to the nature of this site there is little reason to waste much time discussing this rank.

RANK THREE: This is the rank where I place faggots. I am definitely not speaking about gay men in general (see below) but those gay males who have learned, or can be taught, to accept and embrace their position in the scheme of things; namely to be used as the toys of rank one men. Faggots crave the attention of real men and are more than willing to do anything required of them to serve such superior beings. A faggot will accept and surrender to any mental, emotional, psychological, physical, use or abuse that a rank one male subjects them to, and gladly surrender all they are and all they have to ensure such use and abuse continues. A faggot seeks absolutely nothing in return, not even a kind word, because they realize that their entire self-worth is nothing but a shadow based upon its usefulness to the man it serves.

RANK FOUR: Here is the rank of the general, societal mob. Though members, both male and female, gay and straight, compose the majority of the population they are still the lowest members of the human race. Those in rank four believe in ideals that do not, and never will, exist. They are delusional in the fact that just because they think as one and act as one that they that somehow makes them not only right but makes the rank one, two, and three members wrong. This is the rank of the common denominator which either denies or tries to stamp out any deviation from the so-called 'norm'. Those in rank four have lives that are an illusion because they usually spend most of their time sticking their noses into the lives of the ranks above them and therefore don't really live themselves. They are narrow-minded, judgmental, and think they are the top of the heap because the climb on the backs of others out of fear of standing on their own two feet. There are some good, decent people stuck in rank four, but they hide in the shadows from fear of being seen as different in any way. Most gay males fall in this rank because, in my experience, they are the most pretentious and self-righteous of the lot, followed by those that label themselves the religious right.

Now, to return to the original point, no, I don't 'hate' faggots. I save my hate for those in rank four. Don't make the mistake though that I 'like' faggots. When it comes to faggots it is safe to say that my attitude is one of begrudging respect due to the fact that they understand who and what they are and accept the role they were meant to fulfill. In other words, faggots are useful, and provide us rank one men a canvas to use and abuse for our own benefit and enjoyment. And, as our inferiors, faggots willingly submit to the heavy prices we demand of them for the sheer pleasure of being allowed to serve in their assigned capacities. I can't hate a creature that is willing to submit to me on every level and provides such an entertaining outlet for all of my controlling, abusive, violent, kinky, and perverse desires.

Mental Mind Fuck

We start chatting, you find me to be a strong and noble master and beg to be my slave, after heavy tipping and convincing I accept. We chat for hours, maybe daily or weekly. I make you work to keep conversing with me or seeing me. You become hooked on me. Worship me like a prince, and tip me like I'm your favorite porn star. Then, I start ignoring you. I'll give you one word responses. Make you feel like you are less and less important each passing day. I only check in once and a while. The next time we meet or speak is intense. Things start to go back to normal, and then I start to tell you about all the other men I've been with and what we've done and what I've made them do. But... I give you no orders, and have never given you orders like I have to these others. Make you insanely jealous. I tell you that I don't feel you are worthy of enough of my time or thoughts to even degrade you like I have the others. I make you humiliate yourself and tell me how worthless you are, and make you tip and beg to near mental exhaustion. I tell you you're not good enough for me. You're not as obedient. You're not worthy enough. It drives you mad. I change my tune. I'm suddenly making all your darkest fantasies, maybe even nightmares come alive. You're afraid and turned on and disgusted. But, you need more. Without notice, I cut you off again. The cycle repeats out of order. So you never know what will set me off or keep my attention. You're too hooked on me to move on. You're mine. 

A Masters Work

In chat today, an interesting topic came up. Basically, it centered on what a fags responsibilities are toward the man it serves or is owned by, and what, if anything, the Master/Owner owes the fag. Being a man with a strong philosophical bent, I couldn't help but want to devote a blog entry to my own particular viewpoint on the subject.<br />
<br />
Now, before I start, let me emphatically state that these opinions are strictly my own concerning how I choose to operate. I am a firm believer that EVERY real man, master, and owner has the absolute right to interact with his fags in any way he chooses and that his superiority is subject to the judgment of no-one but himself. That's what being a Rank 1 male is all about and he has the right to expect that those fags who serve him perform as he wishes for the duration of his ownership. Men, Masters, and Owners, come in all flavors, as do fags, and as long as the combination works then it is 100% right. My methods may be as foreign to some as theirs are to me but all are worth of respect.<br />
<br />
In my view, though a Master's need to control, use, abuse, and drain fags of cash is the perfect counterpoint to a fags need to be humiliated, degraded, and freely give of its body and wallet, it is not a totally one-sided dynamic. Granted the man holds the power and the fag is simply an object for his pleasure and profit, but that doesn't mean, to me at least, that the fag does all the work while the man simply relaxes and plays. For my part, I expend a considerable amount of time and effort when not operating directly with a fag to ensure that those times which I do are more productive.<br />
<br />
For example: as entertaining as spending time using and abusing a fag is, doing so all day every day is not really practical. So, I hit upon the idea of giving my fags weekly assignments that are separate from any other use I may have for them. Mostly these assignments are fairly mundane, but at other times they are rather complex and comprised of many parts. I deliver the assignment at the same time every week, explaining what it consists of, and outline the time the fag has to complete it (sometimes one day, sometimes a whole week), and detail the penalties for any variance for what was required and/or complete failure to achieve the stated goal. The penalties, as a rule, are financial and can, at times, be quite expensive. If a fag does a good job, and thereby owes no payment, I still reap the benefit of the control I have demonstrated over my property. I will not actually praise the fag beyond a 'good boy' but will at times offer it some small reward, all of which helps further deepen the bond of the dynamic. Should a fag fail utterly, or be fined for any type of non-compliance, then it has to pay promptly, after all, I did my part in designing the assignment and the fag must do its part one way or another. If the fag chooses to succeed or fail at the assignment doesn't really matter in the end, because I am rewarded either way and the fag is as well, according to its own level of chosen performance. It is a perfect balance of mutual effort.<br />
<br />
The point I am trying to make (rather badly I feel) is that I, as a fag-Owner, don't just sit back, relax, and constantly make demands. I expend effort to develop creative ways of putting my fag to use and it, in turn, expends effort to fulfill those duties. Let's face it you can't walk up to any ATM (the non-fag variety), hold out your hand, and get money handed to you; you have to go to the effort of getting out your card, punching in your PIN, and entering an amount. Likewise, fag-ATMs are the same way, you have to present the right trigger (the card/assignment), drive home your right to do so (the PIN/your attention), and then extract your reward (the cash or compliance). In this way, The superiority of the Master/Owner is maintained and furthered while the inferiority of the fag is deepened. A mutual reward/benefit dynamic; the fag gets pleasure from the service and the Master/Owner gets the pleasure of the control and finances of his fag. Just as it should be.<br />
<br />
Some Masters/Owners like to use, abuse, and cash-**** their fags just because they can, and some fags like to be used, abused, and cash-fucked just because they crave it, all without any deeper connection. There is certainly nothing wrong with that as long as it works for both sides. I totally understand that fact. However, it is not something that really works for me personally. Though it's definitely a pain at times, I rather enjoy the creativity of developing new and interesting ways to use a fag beyond just saying 'send me money now'. In my experience, the dynamic of absolute take vs. absolute give, gets tiresome after a while and soon vanishes. My constantly engaging with my fag on some level, via regular contact via text, email, chat, or whatever, assigning specific responsibilities and exacting penalties, keeps the dynamic fresh and interesting and leads to longevity which is vastly more satisfying and ultimately reaps more rewards. I also find that when those occasions occur when face-to-face contact is possible and the physical side of the use and abuse can be explored (as well as the financial accompaniment) the fag can submit to, and endure, much, much, more of those things I enjoy doing to it.<br />
<br />
I'm not sure any of this will make any sense to anyone but me. My explanations are often difficult to interpret because what forms in my mind does not always translate well when I attempt to type it out. Plus, it isn't something that can be fully or accurately explained in just one short missive. But, for those who get the general idea, great. For those who don't, or just don't agree, that's great too. There are more than enough faggots in the world for us to all find those that suit and can serve our individual needs. To all Masters/Owners: my respect always. To all faggots: serve until it hurts.<br />

Serving on webcam while master watches

I spent thousands of tips before because I had the pleasure of serving and proving just how helpless I become when craving Masters approval. I came right as I pressed send and felt ashamed of how I felt and how much money I lost especially after cumming without touching myself ..just the send button .but couldn't help feel that need arise days later and stronger this time. I was wondering if there could be s way to make a game where slaves can be used on the site being exposed
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