A bit of fun

So I decided to create something for a bit of fun, aimed at you slaves who like a bit of danger in your lives ;)

The roulette wheel is a bit of a gamble - just like the real game.

The roulette wheel will select a random percentage of your credits from 10% to 100%.

It will then select a random Master who's on-line and send him those credits. The slaves can if they wish specify a Master, otherwise it will be random.

A post is then added to the news feed showing everyone that you just played.

So if you fancy living dangerously give it a try, I know the Masters here would appreciate it!

Also, if you've got any ideas on how to make the game better I would be glad to hear them - the same as if you've got any ideas for other games!

Play here!

What do the boys want?

So I've been to a few cash play websites, this one being different from the usual masters shouting and screaming at the submissives demanding cash and whatnot (I've only been to three, this one included, not sure where else to look as it's forbidden to speak of other sites on a lot of them), but the one thing I don't see is any boys really stating what they're looking for.

The cash play culture is a bit vague and gray to me right now, I'm not sure what is considered acceptable or expected, but I do know the overly aggressive doms come off as obnoxious to the boys I've talked to.

One thing that I like to know in all aspects of my dominant play is "What does the boy want?"  It gives me a better view as to how to set up my approach and if we have strong common ground, a deeper connection.

So boys, tell me what turns the man into an oinking piggy?  What brings him to his knees, eyes glistening, eager to serve?  What makes his dick hard, dripping with anticipation?  What brings his tongue out, eager to lick my boot?  What drops his pants and raises his ass the fastest?

What do you want, boy?

Tell me, right here, right now.  You already know what I want, so I want to hear what you want.  You will think about this, don't just throw a "I want to serve you, Sir!" up on the reply, be a little selfish, be specific for fuck sake!

I'm giving you some time to come forth and let us all know what makes your dick hard, boy!  I love reading someone's fantasies.  It's really fucking hot!

Site Ideas

Okay, so here is a list of ideas that I've had for the site, what do you think of them, any other suggestions?

1. A list of slaves that have credits, and how much they have. That way there would be no hiding and Masters would know which slaves are the most lucrative.

2. Video chat built into the site. Cam with people on your friends list so you can serve and tribute on the site at the same time, no adding to Skype etc. It should make things easier.

3. Require credits to do things on the site, such as upload photos. This would would mean that slaves would need to buy credits to send to the Masters so that they can do things. Doing this would force slaves to send Masters credits, meaning more money for the Masters ;)

Any other suggestions?

New Feature: Lottery

So, there is a new game that everyone can play from the playroom, or the widget on the main page - LOTTERY

It works like a normal lottery, you buy tickets, that money goes into a pot, the pot is drawn every Sunday at 8PM, and one random player will be sent all those credits.

The more tickets you buy, the more chance you have of winning!

Have fun.

The Dungeon

Okay, so thoughts on how the Dungeon should work.

- Should slaves be able to pay to put themselves in it?

- Should owners of slaves be able to put their slaves in there for free?

- Should slaves be able to buy their freedom?

- Should there be a grace period before a slave can go back into the Dungeon after coming out?

- Should it be an opt in thing so slaves can choose not to be forced into it?

Leave your thoughts below.

Premium features

Hello everyone,

Behind the scenes I have been working on building in some premium features to the site.

Premium features are part of a paid membership which you can purchase for yourself or for another member using Tips or cash.

The basic free membership will remain largely the same but the paid options add in a few nice little extras.

The pricing plan will be as follows:

12 Months @ £35 - £2.92 Month/£0.10 Day (Best value deal)

6 Months @ £25 - £4.17 Month/£0.14 Day

3 Months @ £15 - £5.00 Month/£0.17 Day

I have kept the pricing as competitive as I can and I feel it's pretty reasonable.

For a premium membership you will get:

- View the new members list (instead of buying it separately like it is now)

- See if someone has read or deleted a message you sent

- Get a premium badge on your profile

- See who's viewed your profile (this will become part of the paid membership)

- Get an extra 100 Pantheon/Slave Market points

- Extra search features

Other bits which are top secret for now will also be added in a little later down the line.

I expect this optional membership and these changes to be released by the end of next week.


Realtime 13th January 2016

I logged onto skype to see that a loyal little bitch of mine, had purchased an electric dog collar and a gas mask for me to use at my disposal. I was instantly excited to cause this loser some pain and take some of its hard earned cash, The electric dog collar has a remote! One push of a button and the faggot gets it.

First of all I have the pathetic fuck send me £40, he of course thanked me after sending.

I call the slave soon after and its sitting eagerly awaiting its master, the little fuck shows me a brand new unopened box with a dog training shock collar sealed inside, he’d saved it unopened because he knew I’d make the best use out of it. Save the gas mask for later I thought, I was too excited to shock the faggot bitch.

The faggot was a scared little bitch, so to start I made the cunt attach the shock collar to its weak excuse for a bicep, I then instruct the faggot to take the lid off its poppers and begin to sniff, deep breaths, big deep breaths, all the way in, all the way out every, single, time.

I make the cunt hold the remote above its head, I count down from 5,4,3,2,1 the faggot presses the button as instructed by me, the shock causes it to squeal like a little fucking bitch as the poppers have it weak, dizzy and craving more of my power, in the call it says to me  "The remote is better off in your hands sir", of course it fucking is! Lucky for this slave he lives close by…I arrange to meet the fuckwit near me in 2 hours time.

I get into the faggots car to be greeted with a packet of cigarettes, of course these will be used to amuse me and abuse the bitch very, very soon. I instruct the fuckwit to drive 5 minutes away to a secluded field.

The cunt is commanded to sniff its poppers and hand over £160 for the privilege of being in my presence, now it’s time for the faggot to get its collar on, and this time it won’t be on it’s fucking arm! It will be going straight round its neck.

After a brief struggle adjusting the collar on the faggots fat ass neck it’s back to the poppers for the cunt, sniff the fuck away.

Lid back on and I press that fucking button, the fucking faggot squealed again, much fucking better around its fat neck.

I order the cunt out of the car and into the muddy, wet, dark field.

I immediately command it to get on its hands and knees like a faggot dog. I walk 10 paces in front of the fuck and start treating it like the bitch it is.. “Here boy”

It crawls like a desperate little cunt on command, I shock the fuckwit and it falls rolling onto it’s back and screaming in pain, I lean over the bitch and grab it’s face making it recite whos bitch it is, “YOUR BITCH SIR” the faggot screams.

The faggot is made to sniff it’s poppers, 15 big sniffs for master, each one a deep breath. This cunt is fucked, made to crawl again. I’m 10 paces away again and counting down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the faggot gets shocked again

This is far too much fun. What a fucking loser. After making the little faggot dog play dead a few times and shocking it every time, I kept walking the fuckwit around and shocking him repeatedly.

I eventually allow it to crawl all the way over to me and instruct it to lick my muddy black dm boots clean, the cunt puts its tongue flat all over my boots and licks away as commanded.

I push the faggot onto its back an press the sole of my boot into it’s face, mud all over the cunts face and licking away, mouth open for air as I smother it’s face with my boot.

The bullied little cunt is screaming enough master - enough master, I grab the cunt by its ear and face and make it realise whose bitch it is.

As I am smoking my cigarette I pull the cunts jumper up and burn it’s spine, the cunt screams. I take my belt off and lash the fucker, screaming little faggot.

I take great satisfaction as I watch the slave crawl all the way back to the car, shocking it once more, laughing as it falls over trying to get under the gate into this field, enough of the collar now.

In the car, gas mask on, poppers up. I allow the cunt the honour of seeing it’s masters godly arms and abs, the slave is instructed to stare at master and sniff,  10 at a time, properly, like a good little faggot slave.

I light another cigarette, the cunt is made to feel pain from it’s master, I take a few pulls then put it out on its faggot arm, only to be re lit and burnt over and over again, the faggot squealing in pain every, single, time. Keep sniffing bitchboy.

It’s a weak little fucking mess at this point. I take off my belt, then proceed to heat up the buckle with my lighter whilst making the faggot sniff HARD, then when I deem the buckle hot enough it goes directly onto the cunts arm again, branding the fuckwit, a nice little reminder for it to always remember its master. After some more poppers for the faggot, I then have the faggot thank me and I go on my way, the faggot will never forget this session.


The one taboo that's so taboo it's even banned as a word on here!

I thought I'd write some humble sub-words on a subject that's so taboo that you can't even type the word on the site without it being asterisked out.

It's understandable. It's illegal, and a lot of people throw the word around when all they really mean is rough sex. Which is not the same thing at all! I'm assuming I can't type the word in the blogs either so you'll just have to guess what I'm talking about!

A website can't allow crime to take place and remain above board, and most sane adults know that to actually take away the choice from another regarding sex, to make sex upon a person without consent isn't ok. Even in the context of BDSM. 

But you know, I want to put a different side across, from the point of view of a victim who having experienced the real thing, has and probably always will be, locked in a permanent state of victim-hood, craving a repeat of an experience that having happened, has changed me forever. And while I'm not encouraging people to take risks, my truth is my truth, and it's worth adding it to the wide range of situations that people in our community have experienced.

I was with an aggressive dominant (mentally ill) partner for a few years, who on one occasion, decided that even though I forcefully and clearly refused it, anally fucked me ignoring my protestations and locking me under him unable to escape his pounding, and making it clear my arse was his to use as he pleased. I remember when it happened, the disconnect i experienced realising there was nothing I could do about it. How my mind floated away as if i was barely there, and all the random practical things that went through my head for what I'd need to do when it was over. I'd have to go the toilet that was obvious, I'd need to clean myself up. And I remember thinking how embarrassing that was going to be because he was going to be able to see me as i walked to the toilet and know i'd be clenching trying to avoid any unpleasant accidents on the way. I remember thinking, this could be much worse, at least he's not hitting me. And I remember telling myself that he must really like me if he wants me this badly. For a moment i felt almost flattered. At no time did i initially think, I'm being fucked, this is ****. Someone help me. I just disconnected and entered denial.

This doesn't sound as bad as it is for some victims. And it wasn't. I knew the person, had feelings for them, and wasn't scared for my life. I didn't believe i was going to die or any of the things some **** victims must experience. I just felt dirty, and ********, and emotionless. Physically very alive. Emotionally, pretty much dead inside. For quite a while.

It was actually when he was gone, that I started wanting it to happen again. I needed that connection and loss of control that I'd experienced, and i needed it more and more as time went by. I was able to get laid, experience aggressive sex, enjoy loads of things that came close to the initial experience, and that was ok for a while. But as i came to understand what had actually happened to me, and how it had changed me, I realised that I'd be craving that experience probably for the rest of my life. It's the only time I felt actually liberated from every day life, was that moment, and then the series of moments as choice was removed, penetration was ruthlessly achieved by a strong hot blooded alpha male, and I realised the sense of release I hadn't experienced before had happened in that experience. I was almost grateful for it.

Let's be clear. When it happened, I didn't want it to. It's only afterwards, that I find myself genuinely wishing it would. 24/7. That for an alpha to repeat that, even when I said No, and meant it, would be the only time I'd actually experience it all again, but from a different perspective.

I wanted to share this, partly because i know a lot of people just dismiss these types of fantasies that people have with no actual knowledge or experience of the real thing, as just that, fantasies that were they to really experience, they would inevitably hate. I can tell you, that it's more complicated than that. And that although it's quite right not to encourage removal of consent, it's a principle that the BDSM community has to stand by, there are some of us, who as victims, are more able to comprehend and cope with it than we're given credit for. And one or two of us, actually wish it would happen again. Not because we're pretending not to give consent, and then giving it really. But because it's not about the moment it's happening. It's the long term pleasure and way it affects you in the future, that we'd be willing to undergo the trauma for. Not unlike bondage for those that don't enjoy the pain. 

For me, there's no greater indication that I'm inferior to an Alpha, than the moment I say No, and they do it anyway. And I'm glad I can throw this blog out there, because to be honest, where else in the world are you going to be able to explain this to people who might actually understand it, and not shut it down?

I've always been curious what Alphas really think, rather than what they know they have to say, because the subject is taboo. I just don't know how you get an honest conversation about something that is such a touchy subject!

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