An Intetesting Question

I was recently asked by someone if I hated faggots. The short answer is 'no'. However, it's an answer that can't be answered simply and so I decided to post the more correct explanation here.

In my philosophy, I see humanity (and I use that term loosely is divided into four basic ranks; Men, Women, faggots, and Others. As with any such labeling system there are in-between distinctions that can be made, of course, but as I'm trying to keep this fairly short I'll stick to these four ranks.

RANK ONE: It is probably no surprise that those Masters on this site fall into this rank. In essence it is the rank containing all dominant, superior males. Rank one men are confident in their own natural superiority, live by their own unique principles, and don't really give a damn what anyone else thinks about that fact. If something gratifies or benefits a rank one man, he does not hesitate in taking it and using it in whatever way he chooses with no thought of regret.

RANK TWO: In this level I place superior females. Rank two women are, in ways, similar to rank one males with one exception; no matter their own power they understand that they rank below a superior male and behave accordingly. Due to the nature of this site there is little reason to waste much time discussing this rank.

RANK THREE: This is the rank where I place faggots. I am definitely not speaking about gay men in general (see below) but those gay males who have learned, or can be taught, to accept and embrace their position in the scheme of things; namely to be used as the toys of rank one men. Faggots crave the attention of real men and are more than willing to do anything required of them to serve such superior beings. A faggot will accept and surrender to any mental, emotional, psychological, physical, use or abuse that a rank one male subjects them to, and gladly surrender all they are and all they have to ensure such use and abuse continues. A faggot seeks absolutely nothing in return, not even a kind word, because they realize that their entire self-worth is nothing but a shadow based upon its usefulness to the man it serves.

RANK FOUR: Here is the rank of the general, societal mob. Though members, both male and female, gay and straight, compose the majority of the population they are still the lowest members of the human race. Those in rank four believe in ideals that do not, and never will, exist. They are delusional in the fact that just because they think as one and act as one that they that somehow makes them not only right but makes the rank one, two, and three members wrong. This is the rank of the common denominator which either denies or tries to stamp out any deviation from the so-called 'norm'. Those in rank four have lives that are an illusion because they usually spend most of their time sticking their noses into the lives of the ranks above them and therefore don't really live themselves. They are narrow-minded, judgmental, and think they are the top of the heap because the climb on the backs of others out of fear of standing on their own two feet. There are some good, decent people stuck in rank four, but they hide in the shadows from fear of being seen as different in any way. Most gay males fall in this rank because, in my experience, they are the most pretentious and self-righteous of the lot, followed by those that label themselves the religious right.

Now, to return to the original point, no, I don't 'hate' faggots. I save my hate for those in rank four. Don't make the mistake though that I 'like' faggots. When it comes to faggots it is safe to say that my attitude is one of begrudging respect due to the fact that they understand who and what they are and accept the role they were meant to fulfill. In other words, faggots are useful, and provide us rank one men a canvas to use and abuse for our own benefit and enjoyment. And, as our inferiors, faggots willingly submit to the heavy prices we demand of them for the sheer pleasure of being allowed to serve in their assigned capacities. I can't hate a creature that is willing to submit to me on every level and provides such an entertaining outlet for all of my controlling, abusive, violent, kinky, and perverse desires.

The word filter

Hello everyone,

I wanted to explain how the word filter works here and why we have one.

In short as this is an adult website certain themes are not allowed to be discussed or promoted.

These themes are set by world wide organisations, governmental bodies in various countries and companies that process card payments.

I need to make sure that my site complies with these rules to not get in trouble.

The word filter scans any input entered by a member and finds any banned words, if a suitable replacement can be found then one will be substituted, otherwise a series of stars (*****) will be used.

In cases where the word is found to be in breach of our Terms and Conditions the content (status, private message, blog post etc) is added to a log for me to review later so I can see in what context it was used. For example if it was an innocent mistake or a repeat offender.

Let me make it clear, I do not sit there all day reading statuses and private messages, I do not have the time or inclination to do so, but I will read an individual message from the log if it has contained a filtered word.

I hope this explains clearly why words are filtered and what happens when they are.

Thank you.

Dreaming of Master Jothecalineur

Hi Sirs and slaves

I wanted to share with you all what an amazing dream I had last night about being Master Jo's slave. 

Master Jo owned a big house and had all His slaves living there and serving Him. He would send us all out to work and when we came home we would serve Him in any way He desired. All the household chores were our privilege to perform such as the cooking, cleaning, washing etc. While Master Jo was waited on hand and foot and made as comfortable as possible. 

Master Jo was very strict on His slaves, as He should be, with a lot of rules. Of course we slaves were all in chastity and naked at all times around the house or even the garden. Unless Master Jo wanted us to wear something specifically.

Anyway perhaps my favourite part of the dream and the part I remember the most was how Master Jo would allow us to slaves. It goes without saying that we didn't sleep in His room, I guess unless we were very good in which case we might have been allowed to sleep on the floor at the bottom of His bed.  

We slept lying down on our sides, tied to one another with one slave having his face in the other slaves ass. Chastity devices on and a spider gag making it all the more humiliating. So before Master J would leave us for bed He would piss on us, leaving us covered. If one of us slaves needed to go to toilet of course we just had to go there after not being able to hold it in any longer. Could be very embarrassing and humiliating for the other slave when that happened. 

Sadly that's all I could remember. Part of me is so gutted that it was only a dream :-( but maybe one day it will come true. 

I don't know if this will be a one of blog or an on going one. I'll leave that for Master Jo to decide of course. Though the idea of all His slave sharing their dreams about thier Master sounds good to me. 

Anyway thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.


Premium features

Hello everyone,

Behind the scenes I have been working on building in some premium features to the site.

Premium features are part of a paid membership which you can purchase for yourself or for another member using Tips or cash.

The basic free membership will remain largely the same but the paid options add in a few nice little extras.

The pricing plan will be as follows:

12 Months @ £35 - £2.92 Month/£0.10 Day (Best value deal)

6 Months @ £25 - £4.17 Month/£0.14 Day

3 Months @ £15 - £5.00 Month/£0.17 Day

I have kept the pricing as competitive as I can and I feel it's pretty reasonable.

For a premium membership you will get:

- View the new members list (instead of buying it separately like it is now)

- See if someone has read or deleted a message you sent

- Get a premium badge on your profile

- See who's viewed your profile (this will become part of the paid membership)

- Get an extra 100 Pantheon/Slave Market points

- Extra search features

Other bits which are top secret for now will also be added in a little later down the line.

I expect this optional membership and these changes to be released by the end of next week.


A Masters Work

In chat today, an interesting topic came up. Basically, it centered on what a fags responsibilities are toward the man it serves or is owned by, and what, if anything, the Master/Owner owes the fag. Being a man with a strong philosophical bent, I couldn't help but want to devote a blog entry to my own particular viewpoint on the subject.<br />
<br />
Now, before I start, let me emphatically state that these opinions are strictly my own concerning how I choose to operate. I am a firm believer that EVERY real man, master, and owner has the absolute right to interact with his fags in any way he chooses and that his superiority is subject to the judgment of no-one but himself. That's what being a Rank 1 male is all about and he has the right to expect that those fags who serve him perform as he wishes for the duration of his ownership. Men, Masters, and Owners, come in all flavors, as do fags, and as long as the combination works then it is 100% right. My methods may be as foreign to some as theirs are to me but all are worth of respect.<br />
<br />
In my view, though a Master's need to control, use, abuse, and drain fags of cash is the perfect counterpoint to a fags need to be humiliated, degraded, and freely give of its body and wallet, it is not a totally one-sided dynamic. Granted the man holds the power and the fag is simply an object for his pleasure and profit, but that doesn't mean, to me at least, that the fag does all the work while the man simply relaxes and plays. For my part, I expend a considerable amount of time and effort when not operating directly with a fag to ensure that those times which I do are more productive.<br />
<br />
For example: as entertaining as spending time using and abusing a fag is, doing so all day every day is not really practical. So, I hit upon the idea of giving my fags weekly assignments that are separate from any other use I may have for them. Mostly these assignments are fairly mundane, but at other times they are rather complex and comprised of many parts. I deliver the assignment at the same time every week, explaining what it consists of, and outline the time the fag has to complete it (sometimes one day, sometimes a whole week), and detail the penalties for any variance for what was required and/or complete failure to achieve the stated goal. The penalties, as a rule, are financial and can, at times, be quite expensive. If a fag does a good job, and thereby owes no payment, I still reap the benefit of the control I have demonstrated over my property. I will not actually praise the fag beyond a 'good boy' but will at times offer it some small reward, all of which helps further deepen the bond of the dynamic. Should a fag fail utterly, or be fined for any type of non-compliance, then it has to pay promptly, after all, I did my part in designing the assignment and the fag must do its part one way or another. If the fag chooses to succeed or fail at the assignment doesn't really matter in the end, because I am rewarded either way and the fag is as well, according to its own level of chosen performance. It is a perfect balance of mutual effort.<br />
<br />
The point I am trying to make (rather badly I feel) is that I, as a fag-Owner, don't just sit back, relax, and constantly make demands. I expend effort to develop creative ways of putting my fag to use and it, in turn, expends effort to fulfill those duties. Let's face it you can't walk up to any ATM (the non-fag variety), hold out your hand, and get money handed to you; you have to go to the effort of getting out your card, punching in your PIN, and entering an amount. Likewise, fag-ATMs are the same way, you have to present the right trigger (the card/assignment), drive home your right to do so (the PIN/your attention), and then extract your reward (the cash or compliance). In this way, The superiority of the Master/Owner is maintained and furthered while the inferiority of the fag is deepened. A mutual reward/benefit dynamic; the fag gets pleasure from the service and the Master/Owner gets the pleasure of the control and finances of his fag. Just as it should be.<br />
<br />
Some Masters/Owners like to use, abuse, and cash-**** their fags just because they can, and some fags like to be used, abused, and cash-fucked just because they crave it, all without any deeper connection. There is certainly nothing wrong with that as long as it works for both sides. I totally understand that fact. However, it is not something that really works for me personally. Though it's definitely a pain at times, I rather enjoy the creativity of developing new and interesting ways to use a fag beyond just saying 'send me money now'. In my experience, the dynamic of absolute take vs. absolute give, gets tiresome after a while and soon vanishes. My constantly engaging with my fag on some level, via regular contact via text, email, chat, or whatever, assigning specific responsibilities and exacting penalties, keeps the dynamic fresh and interesting and leads to longevity which is vastly more satisfying and ultimately reaps more rewards. I also find that when those occasions occur when face-to-face contact is possible and the physical side of the use and abuse can be explored (as well as the financial accompaniment) the fag can submit to, and endure, much, much, more of those things I enjoy doing to it.<br />
<br />
I'm not sure any of this will make any sense to anyone but me. My explanations are often difficult to interpret because what forms in my mind does not always translate well when I attempt to type it out. Plus, it isn't something that can be fully or accurately explained in just one short missive. But, for those who get the general idea, great. For those who don't, or just don't agree, that's great too. There are more than enough faggots in the world for us to all find those that suit and can serve our individual needs. To all Masters/Owners: my respect always. To all faggots: serve until it hurts.<br />

Serving on webcam while master watches

I spent thousands of tips before because I had the pleasure of serving and proving just how helpless I become when craving Masters approval. I came right as I pressed send and felt ashamed of how I felt and how much money I lost especially after cumming without touching myself ..just the send button .but couldn't help feel that need arise days later and stronger this time. I was wondering if there could be s way to make a game where slaves can be used on the site being exposed

Introducing Fatsmalldickfag

I figured that now that I've finally signed up for the site, I should introduce myself. The short version is simple. My name says it all. I am a fat small dick fag.

I have enjoyed humiliation and exposure for as long as I can remember. From streaking around the house and shoving things up my fag cunt when I was young, I graduated to running around campus naked, body writing and shaving, and chastity devices in college (though I've discovered chastity doesn't work for a thingy as tiny as mine). A few years ago, I started taking naked pictures of myself and posting them online. At first, I only put them in password protected sites, but eventually they started spreading, and I finally started posting them publicly.

These days, most of my exposure comes from following orders from masters online. Most orders I get require partial or complete nudity. Some involve degrading poses. I also complete humiliating tasks like eating off the floor, licking shoes or toilet seats, wetting myself, eating cum, drinking piss, public nudity, or filling my holes with toys. It's not exposure if you're not exposed, so I always include my face whenever the pose allows.

I do have a few limits. I'm not into shit, *****, or doing anything that will permanently mark me (though weight gain and the resulting stretch marks don't count). I won't get naked in places that could easily get me arrested, though I'm always willing to try and find a safe alternative. I'm not a true cash fag, but I'm not above occasional small tributes. I also won't share very much personal information, but like I said, I'll almost always include my face.

If you want to humiliate, degrade, and expose me, feel free to message, email (, or hit me up on Twitter (@gainerboy85). And if you find any photos of me online, you're obviously welcome to share them. If you really want me to squirm, let me know where I can see my exposure growing.

Poaching slaves is for the weak

It's interesting, now that I have developed significant experience on this site and scene, to watch new masters come onto the scene and make some of the beginner mistakes that I used to make. 

We all know what it's like when a handsome new master storms onto the scene. Whether his cock is large or simply average, photos of it gets lots of likes in the Newsfeed—after all, everyone loves free porn. He quickly clutches at the lowest-hanging fruit to flesh out his new stable. His boastful profile and/or intro video get lots of attention—nothing wrong with that, everyone loves fresh meat. 

That can be a good thing. On both sides of the Dom/sub divide, the scene can sometimes feel pretty small, filled with all the usual suspects (Myself included!). So new faces are a great thing, Dom or sub. Of course, all the attention can go to a newbie Dom's head. We've all seen arrogant new masters slander other Doms as they climb their way to the top of the Pantheon on short-lived waves of fresh-meat excitement. And we've seen them flame out just as quickly too—just as the highest-paying $ubs who get lots of attention usually burn out within a month.

Using another guy's $lave—or even stealing them away—must feel like a real ego boost for a new master trying to make a name for himself on the scene. I've done it myself—when I was a weaker and less experienced Master. And since then all kinds of new masters have actively chased after my owned subs to try and woo them away.

It must make a guy feel like he's the Real Man, and the slave owner must be some kind of chump. After all, the new master thinks, if the $ub handed over some Tips or cash despite being owned, the slave owner must clearly be lacking in his control and power. Yanking a slave out of someone's stable and plunking it into your own must be the ultimate demonstration of who's the real Boss, right? Well, that's one way to look at it. 

The other is that such behaviour is a facile and empty power play that only reflects negatively on the poacher. I've come to realise that about the time that I did it myself. And I think that when the glow of excitement of being the shiny new master wears off, guys who make their mark on the scene by stealing from another master will come to see themselves in the same light. It's not powerful or masterful -- it's weak and unmanly. 

There are so many different types of Doms and $ubs that it can take a long time and a lot of effort to build a powerful and meaningful relation$hip on this scene. All subs can be tempted. If an owned sub approaches you, have the balls to turn him away. And if you think that the way to show your power is to actively chase after another man's property, you shouldn't feel pride. What you deserve to feel is shame. 

Master training 4U - be clear & only deal with the right fags

Master KM here, your favorite and most perfect Master ever, back again with more wisdom and guidance.

After having so many newbie masters come to Me for training over the years, I have been more or less repeating this concept since the beginning. It was actually a fag who suggested I post this after our convo; it seems there are quite a few still left who are misguided and misinformed.

When you keep this in mind, it will save you a lot of wasted time and will really give you a better idea of what you're dealing with in terms of your interactions. It also prevents a lot of people in this scene from jumping to conclusions and judging each other unfairly.

It's really quite simple.

There are two kinds of fags/slaves in the findom scene: cashfags (slaves who pay and are here to do so) and, fags who need a master and show up in the findom scene. They are NOT the same thing! The other type are commonly referred to as "fakes".

If you want to get your money as a Master and show up to take what belongs to you and only you, you only want to talk to cashfags. That's the great thing about showing up here and coming into your own as a Master because the money you get is sort of encoded directly to you and was set aside for you in a way. The fags who see you and jump at the chance to throw money at you prove that point very well. You, like Me and many who came before us, are just showing up to claim what is ours and to be tomorrow's world leaders.

Some cashfags can be fake too in their approach/method - there are fags who want to pay and come here to do so but DO enjoy jerking you around, fucking with you, and wasting your time for quite a while before, during, or after paying as well. Sometimes these ones are worth it, sometimes not. It's up to you to sort those ones out. Is the juice worth the squeeze? Some fags are just too annoying, so, fuck it. Other ones are okay.

The other type (fags who need a master and show up in the findom scene) are almost always labelled as fake because they don't/can't/won't pay, no matter what. The worst part is that they advertise themselves as cashfags so that you will talk to them. Because they need a master. They know that they are in the findom scene on a site like this, and they have to blend in, so they disguise themselves as members of this community. It's almost as if they are refugees of some kind, really belonging elsewhere, but somehow ending up here and having to blend in, and when you take a peek under the veneer of conformity, you see the real truth instead. Which can be very disappointing.

Why are these fakes here and what is the point of them? Many Masters before you were inundated with these freaks and lost their nerve and patience and simply gave up this whole thing altogether because they were so repelled by these hopeless fags. What you need to understand is that these are simply slaves who know they need control and have appeared on findom sites because they like the idea of the type of Master we are. For whatever reason, they don't want to bother going on any of the sites or apps that have doms on them that aren't interested in taking a "fag's" money. There are masters in real life and online on plenty of sites who will control a homo or any sub really, for free. Maybe fags don't know these sites exist, or haven't realized that they can do that, or maybe they tried that and didn't like it, but in any case they show up on sites like this secretly hoping to get the Master they want and carry that on just long enough that it will work for them without having to pay, BECAUSE they were never cashfags to begin with. If you're a serious master and you're serious about taking what belongs to you like I am, you toss these ones immediately, because it's not a good match. Some other master, maybe one who is gay or whatever, will be happy to take that fag over. You should be focused on talking to cashfags only if you are on sites like this. It's pretty much the whole point of being here.

So really, there are cashfags, and "other". These "other" homos don't even really know why they are here beyond some basic core need for a Master without having thought out realistically any of the details. It's only a matter of time before the cash thing comes up, and its sooner rather than later. So these other homos don't have a hope in hell of carrying on with their scheme if they are talking to a pro, however, some of these "other" homos are potential cashfags, that just need grooming into it and could really be a good asset for you if you're willing to train and put the time in. If you know how. If you want to bother. If you think it's gonna realistically lead somewhere. If....

These untapped potentials, if you can recognize them when you see them, can be a real treasure for you. That's where your skill and superiority and effort comes in. Are you up to it? These can be chances to develop yourself and improve as a Master and you should take them when possible and when there is a good possibility of $ in it for you.

From one master to another: I don't like the idea of you wasting your time, especially not by misguided and misinformed homos. Some fags honestly do not get that we do not "get off" on weird gay shit, and that we have a thing for the cash, which is just one small part of why they have to pay. It is not the same for us as it is for them. The cash aspect of it isn't just a "side thing that maybe once in a while you will do". It's a main focus for a lot of us. Anyone who is anyone knows that a Master's time is precious. Fags have entire lifetimes to waste and do stupid/ridiculous shit during, as they prove daily. WE don't. We have important shit to do, and are here to collect the right servants to improve our lives immeasurably (which matter more than everyone else's, obviously). There are lots of ways to do that, too. It's not just cash. I regularly put fags to work doing all kinds of busywork I just can't be bothered with but that is still important.

There are a lot of people in this scene who simply are not clear about why they are here. Find that out right away when dealing with new ones. Does that mean you should demand $ instantly from any homo that shows up without making any effort to figure out why they added you in the first place? No. Is conversation still required on both sides? Yes. Are fags always honest? HELL NO. But can you honestly sit there and tell Me that you can afford to waste time on that kind of dishonesty? Or lack of clarity of purpose on that homo's part? No.

It's not a Master's fault that homos don't know what they want or why they are on the wrong sites, and fags don't have the right to ask you to pay the price for that in wasted time.

Fags should also not be sitting there complaining that no one is ever good enough for them either, especially when they are on the wrong sites, don't know why they are here, provide no value in terms of being a cashfag, and generally are just being critical cunts for no reason. Look in the mirror, homos! Do you honestly have a right to bitch? Do you honestly have a right to point the finger? What good have you ever been any of us? Or do you just sit around and TALK about being useful and how hot and amazing us masters are? Yeah, that's what I thought! And don't criticize other fags either, especially ones that are doing their bit every day like YOU should be! Just like I said in my last blog, we always love and appreciate the good ones! BE one of them.

Anyways, that concludes this section of my Master Training Manual (patent pending).

It's Master KM, bitchez!

Common Courtesy

How rude can someone be?

Someone looks at a profile,  So I send a opening message.   Instead of showing a little common courtesy by sending a replay saying something like " Thank you for your interest.................but sorry Sir I don't feel able/wish to server you.", They delete the message.

If you label your self as a fag then you should have more! than Common Courtesy you should have RESPECT! 

I understand that you only have a pic to go by, before you click on a profile and once you read a profile you may think "O my _____ I don't want anything to do with him" That is still no resion to be as rude as to not even answer a message.   I would go one stage more and that is to say even after reading a profile one can not make a desion on someone until you chat with them.


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