New Feature: Lottery

So, there is a new game that everyone can play from the playroom, or the widget on the main page - LOTTERY

It works like a normal lottery, you buy tickets, that money goes into a pot, the pot is drawn every Sunday at 8PM, and one random player will be sent all those credits.

The more tickets you buy, the more chance you have of winning!

Have fun.

A bit of fun

So I decided to create something for a bit of fun, aimed at you slaves who like a bit of danger in your lives ;)

The roulette wheel is a bit of a gamble - just like the real game.

The roulette wheel will select a random percentage of your credits from 10% to 100%.

It will then select a random Master who's on-line and send him those credits. The slaves can if they wish specify a Master, otherwise it will be random.

A post is then added to the news feed showing everyone that you just played.

So if you fancy living dangerously give it a try, I know the Masters here would appreciate it!

Also, if you've got any ideas on how to make the game better I would be glad to hear them - the same as if you've got any ideas for other games!

Play here!

What do the boys want?

So I've been to a few cash play websites, this one being different from the usual masters shouting and screaming at the submissives demanding cash and whatnot (I've only been to three, this one included, not sure where else to look as it's forbidden to speak of other sites on a lot of them), but the one thing I don't see is any boys really stating what they're looking for.

The cash play culture is a bit vague and gray to me right now, I'm not sure what is considered acceptable or expected, but I do know the overly aggressive doms come off as obnoxious to the boys I've talked to.

One thing that I like to know in all aspects of my dominant play is "What does the boy want?"  It gives me a better view as to how to set up my approach and if we have strong common ground, a deeper connection.

So boys, tell me what turns the man into an oinking piggy?  What brings him to his knees, eyes glistening, eager to serve?  What makes his dick hard, dripping with anticipation?  What brings his tongue out, eager to lick my boot?  What drops his pants and raises his ass the fastest?

What do you want, boy?

Tell me, right here, right now.  You already know what I want, so I want to hear what you want.  You will think about this, don't just throw a "I want to serve you, Sir!" up on the reply, be a little selfish, be specific for fuck sake!

I'm giving you some time to come forth and let us all know what makes your dick hard, boy!  I love reading someone's fantasies.  It's really fucking hot!

The Dungeon

Okay, so thoughts on how the Dungeon should work.

- Should slaves be able to pay to put themselves in it?

- Should owners of slaves be able to put their slaves in there for free?

- Should slaves be able to buy their freedom?

- Should there be a grace period before a slave can go back into the Dungeon after coming out?

- Should it be an opt in thing so slaves can choose not to be forced into it?

Leave your thoughts below.

Realtime 13th January 2016

I logged onto skype to see that a loyal little bitch of mine, had purchased an electric dog collar and a gas mask for me to use at my disposal. I was instantly excited to cause this loser some pain and take some of its hard earned cash, The electric dog collar has a remote! One push of a button and the faggot gets it.

First of all I have the pathetic fuck send me £40, he of course thanked me after sending.

I call the slave soon after and its sitting eagerly awaiting its master, the little fuck shows me a brand new unopened box with a dog training shock collar sealed inside, he’d saved it unopened because he knew I’d make the best use out of it. Save the gas mask for later I thought, I was too excited to shock the faggot bitch.

The faggot was a scared little bitch, so to start I made the cunt attach the shock collar to its weak excuse for a bicep, I then instruct the faggot to take the lid off its poppers and begin to sniff, deep breaths, big deep breaths, all the way in, all the way out every, single, time.

I make the cunt hold the remote above its head, I count down from 5,4,3,2,1 the faggot presses the button as instructed by me, the shock causes it to squeal like a little fucking bitch as the poppers have it weak, dizzy and craving more of my power, in the call it says to me  "The remote is better off in your hands sir", of course it fucking is! Lucky for this slave he lives close by…I arrange to meet the fuckwit near me in 2 hours time.

I get into the faggots car to be greeted with a packet of cigarettes, of course these will be used to amuse me and abuse the bitch very, very soon. I instruct the fuckwit to drive 5 minutes away to a secluded field.

The cunt is commanded to sniff its poppers and hand over £160 for the privilege of being in my presence, now it’s time for the faggot to get its collar on, and this time it won’t be on it’s fucking arm! It will be going straight round its neck.

After a brief struggle adjusting the collar on the faggots fat ass neck it’s back to the poppers for the cunt, sniff the fuck away.

Lid back on and I press that fucking button, the fucking faggot squealed again, much fucking better around its fat neck.

I order the cunt out of the car and into the muddy, wet, dark field.

I immediately command it to get on its hands and knees like a faggot dog. I walk 10 paces in front of the fuck and start treating it like the bitch it is.. “Here boy”

It crawls like a desperate little cunt on command, I shock the fuckwit and it falls rolling onto it’s back and screaming in pain, I lean over the bitch and grab it’s face making it recite whos bitch it is, “YOUR BITCH SIR” the faggot screams.

The faggot is made to sniff it’s poppers, 15 big sniffs for master, each one a deep breath. This cunt is fucked, made to crawl again. I’m 10 paces away again and counting down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the faggot gets shocked again

This is far too much fun. What a fucking loser. After making the little faggot dog play dead a few times and shocking it every time, I kept walking the fuckwit around and shocking him repeatedly.

I eventually allow it to crawl all the way over to me and instruct it to lick my muddy black dm boots clean, the cunt puts its tongue flat all over my boots and licks away as commanded.

I push the faggot onto its back an press the sole of my boot into it’s face, mud all over the cunts face and licking away, mouth open for air as I smother it’s face with my boot.

The bullied little cunt is screaming enough master - enough master, I grab the cunt by its ear and face and make it realise whose bitch it is.

As I am smoking my cigarette I pull the cunts jumper up and burn it’s spine, the cunt screams. I take my belt off and lash the fucker, screaming little faggot.

I take great satisfaction as I watch the slave crawl all the way back to the car, shocking it once more, laughing as it falls over trying to get under the gate into this field, enough of the collar now.

In the car, gas mask on, poppers up. I allow the cunt the honour of seeing it’s masters godly arms and abs, the slave is instructed to stare at master and sniff,  10 at a time, properly, like a good little faggot slave.

I light another cigarette, the cunt is made to feel pain from it’s master, I take a few pulls then put it out on its faggot arm, only to be re lit and burnt over and over again, the faggot squealing in pain every, single, time. Keep sniffing bitchboy.

It’s a weak little fucking mess at this point. I take off my belt, then proceed to heat up the buckle with my lighter whilst making the faggot sniff HARD, then when I deem the buckle hot enough it goes directly onto the cunts arm again, branding the fuckwit, a nice little reminder for it to always remember its master. After some more poppers for the faggot, I then have the faggot thank me and I go on my way, the faggot will never forget this session.


New to the site

Hi fags and slaves, I've just joined the site and I'm looking for some fags to drain. I'm a young straight master who needs money from worthless sissy fags. Also I'm looking to dominate some slaves so only message if serious. I only deal with obedient pussys

My Mistake and the greatness of Master Jo

Hi Men and fags,

This is warning to all the fags out there to take extra care when talking to you Master or any Dom. Today I made a massive mistake which I deeply regret as I angered my Master, Master Jo. He found me to be very disrespectful and even considered freeing my from His service! This is something which I don't want as I love how He makes me feel and I love how He makes it seem so right that I should submit to Him, and be controlled and abused by Him. I am meant to serve Master Jo.

As you may know Master Jo is currently on holiday and I've been locked in chastity for a while now. Being very horny and submissive. Prior to His holiday He used me a lot and honoured me with a lot of His time and attention for which I am so grateful. While He's been on holiday, however, I haven't really been able to serve Him and I miss that.

Before anyone thinks I've been naughty and strayed, serving another Dom while being owned I haven't. I wouldn't do that! No what actually happened, after not speaking for a few days to Master Jo, He asked me if I didn't want to continue chatting and serving Him. My mistake, even though I thought I was being a good slave by telling the truth,  was saying I've lost some interest in serving especially in serving on-line, preferring or hoping to one day serve in person. Anyway  this of course angered Master Jo and I do understand His anger. The lesson I've taken away from this it is that first of all there is a difference between a slave and a fag. I've always seen myself as a slave. Whereas I think Master Jo sees me as a fag. I do believe it is the job of a good slave to be honest and inform its Master of how it feels. Whereas with a fag at least from a Masters point of view it doesn't matter what a fag feels. So from this point of view I completely understand Master Jo's reaction. 

When Master Jo said He was going to release me I didn't want that and the power He seems to possess over me made me beg for Him to allow me to continue serving. Thankfully He is going to allow me to continue serving Him. I am so grateful as I know when am I able to serve Him I am so much more for-filled. I just have to accept that right now, I can't serve Him like I want too and that that is no reason for me to begin questioning my ownership and how I serve. I will wait and be ready yo serve Master Jo when He returns or when He wants me to serve.   

Another thing I have learnt from this whole thing is that the way in which I was begging  to continue serving I am probably more of a fag and I am a slave. I actually feel that this is an important realisation for me as it will enable me to better serve my Master, Master Jo.

Thank you for allowing me a serve you Master.

Your fag

The word filter

Hello everyone,

I wanted to explain how the word filter works here and why we have one.

In short as this is an adult website certain themes are not allowed to be discussed or promoted.

These themes are set by world wide organisations, governmental bodies in various countries and companies that process card payments.

I need to make sure that my site complies with these rules to not get in trouble.

The word filter scans any input entered by a member and finds any banned words, if a suitable replacement can be found then one will be substituted, otherwise a series of stars (*****) will be used.

In cases where the word is found to be in breach of our Terms and Conditions the content (status, private message, blog post etc) is added to a log for me to review later so I can see in what context it was used. For example if it was an innocent mistake or a repeat offender.

Let me make it clear, I do not sit there all day reading statuses and private messages, I do not have the time or inclination to do so, but I will read an individual message from the log if it has contained a filtered word.

I hope this explains clearly why words are filtered and what happens when they are.

Thank you.


There was this guy at the gym staring at me all the time while I lifted weights. It was pretty obvious how he lusted after me, but I was, like a real man, focused on my own business. I usually ignored the fag as I do with drooling fags on the streets and at the gym. The fag never had the nerves to talk to me until one day he caught me snapping pictures of my progress before the mirrors. Very nervously and stammering he “offered” to take them for me.  I though: “i got me a new fag to exploit” hehe… So I ordered him to follow me to the lockers  to “take me the pictures”. Once inside I stared sternly into his eyes for a couple of minutes until the fairy started trembling and asked with broke voice: “wwww what it is Sir?”.

I told him to calm down and breath, and then asked him what was he really wanted to do at that moment, smirking at him while rubbing my abs with one hand, and he could not hold it anymore and felt on his knees: “Just want to touch your muscles SIR”. That made me chuckle. It is  so damn easy for a real man to mentally break a fag.  

“Well. that´s an expensive wish faggot, you gotta pay for that privilege”. he offered to pay anything I demanded.  I made him pay hard, but only allowed him to leak my training sneakers LOL.  Of course the faggot accepted.

For that day on, for a couple of weeks, that became a ritual, he paid me and I let him leak my sneakers or sniff my socks after work outs.  Once the fag was mentally broken I set new rules of regular tributes and allows him the privilege, in public, to appear as my “boy” in training and to take my pictures at the gym; and, in private, to serve me financially, now with the privilege of sniffing my sock totally removed. That was just a trap to hunt him.

Over the time I even demanded the fag to end his longtime “relationship” with his faggot partner. Simply because it annoyed me big time how his “marital duties” distracted him to hit the gym and bring my tributes on time. Moreover, I forbid him to get involved in ANY other from of faggot relation, either boyfriends, dates or even one night stand, Mostly to keep his energy focused on me and to spend his hardly earned wages exclusively on me. He did of course submitted to my new demands.

When I realized he was devoting a significant share of his income in donations to gay-righs support groups, it pissed me off big time. After a couple of minutes of vigorously bitchslaping the fag to ease my anger and bing him back to his faggot senses  I ordered him to cancel them immediately and deposit that money in my bank account instead. Of course he also did. 

Then, I also decide to forbid  him to ever again get involved in any pro-gay-rights bullshit, either support groups, activities or parades, to clear his mind from un-natural  aspirations to “equality” but mostly to prevent him t waste my money he hardly earned for me. I made him clear I didn’t tolerate those perverted ideas, which were against my values as a heterosexual male, and explaining him that this is simply Natural Selection: Some males, like myself, were born heterosexual and alpha males to lead, rules and therefore own lesser men that we see as exploitable assets, and some others, like him, were born faggots to serve and be owned and exploited. Plain an simple. Most of all  to keep him focused on me and my demands. 

To avoid further distractions and waste of money, the next stage was to block his access to social media and e-mails accounts, as well as bak and credit card accounts. Mostly to isolate him from all his liberal faggot friends to keep his mind unpolluted from rebellious ideas of equality, like “equal marriage”, and all that bullshit his liberal faggots friends, who are still in total stay of denial of how Natural Selection  works, still “believe”. He submitted of course.

Now i see a happy faggot, accepting his role in life, understanding how Natural Selection works; totally devoted to me, focused on me, working hard for me and without any faggot sleazy fantasy about having any sexual interaction with me. He now makes reservation every friday for me and my girlfriend and pay for  the dinner. A happy faggot paying my gym fees, my supplements, my gym gear -renewed monthly-, my whole supermarket list and even paying for my permanent supply of condoms at home. He is no longer in state of denial of what he really aspired. Now he is  flourishing as a natural eunuch-faggot- slave, living happily in chastity, alone at home, without any false aspiration of an “equal relationship”, without distractions of gay rallies, without wasting my money he hardly earn for me in pursuing fake causes of equality. 

Focused entirely on ME

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