Site Ideas

Okay, so here is a list of ideas that I've had for the site, what do you think of them, any other suggestions?

1. A list of slaves that have credits, and how much they have. That way there would be no hiding and Masters would know which slaves are the most lucrative.

2. Video chat built into the site. Cam with people on your friends list so you can serve and tribute on the site at the same time, no adding to Skype etc. It should make things easier.

3. Require credits to do things on the site, such as upload photos. This would would mean that slaves would need to buy credits to send to the Masters so that they can do things. Doing this would force slaves to send Masters credits, meaning more money for the Masters ;)

Any other suggestions?

At the ATM

I stand next to you. Your hands tremble as they poise to insert your bank card. You look at Me.

"Is this what you want." I say. But you know it's not a question.

"Yes, BearMaster." It's a whisper, but resolute. You shove the card quickly into the machine.

"Say the numbers loudly as you enter them. So others can hear."

You punch in your PIN. "ONE. THREE. THREE. SEVEN." Your voice is impressively loud. A few heads turn.

"How much will you withdraw?" I ask, with an edge to my voice.

"The maximum allowed, SIR."

"Fucking right, cash faggot. The maximum."

"YES SIR." Your knees start to wobble.

"You can't stop yourself, can you, fag?"

"No Sir."


You press the button for Easy Withdrawal, which automatically takes out the full daily limit.

You look into My eyes. You hand over My money.

You shake and need to hold yourself up against the ATM. I know that you have just cum in your pants.

I laugh. "What time is it, $lave?"

You look at your watch. "It's 23:58, Sir."

"What happens in two minutes, fag?"

"We do this all over again, SIR."

"That's right, bitch." Take out your card.

As your ATM card is ejected, I look down at the wet spot on your pants and laugh again.

You place your card right in front of the slot to be inserted into the ATM again, and try to breathe deeply and relax, as you wait for my next command.

Drained a boy, hungry for more.

This stuff is like vampirism.

I've dealt with boys and slaves that get addicted to cash service, but no one warns you that cash mastery could be addictive as well.

Had a hot chat with a boy last night, he wanted to serve someone and I've been craving and apprehensive about getting into demanding cash service for my own reasons.  However my libido made short work of that inhibition last night, I was horny as a coyote sniffing out a bitch in heat.  I wanted to play, and no one was on anywhere. I was ready to go, come on, bring in the pigs, I want my bacon, but my yahoo list was dead and gray, the chatrooms were all empty.  Fuck!

Then this boy is on, we had talked before and he ended up serving me very nicely.  Little bits, 25 credits in little tributes, like a line of morsels on a conveyor belt, all I had to do was reach out and grab each one.  Gripping it tight like a sub's balls in my gloved hand.  He tributed again and again, and I loved it.  

He blew his load and was very happy...but I wanted more.  I bid him a good night, we'll play tomorrow, but I wanted more and I wanted it now.  I had to calm down, get a hold of myself.  Like a Wolf looking for a juicy young buck to tear into, I was hungry.  I got off my computer and went to bed, working out a load to my favorite thoughts, blew a nice one after edging myself so much with the boy...but something was amiss...

...I'm still hungry.

Ownership Badges

There is now a new feature which I though was long overdue - ownership badges.


Since this site is called Owned Fags, it makes sense to be able to show who you own, or who you're owned by.


Slaves can now buy these badges by going to their Masters profile, from there you should click 'Buy Ownership Badge'


The badges are QR Codes. We chose QR codes as they're becoming increasingly popular and they're very easy to share. The codes contain your Masters profile link, so slaves should share these to get more slaves for their Master.


The codes also look like barcodes, which I thought was apt, because being owned means you're essentially your Masters property, and a barcode shows this.


Please let me have any feedback you can think of, or let me know if you come across any problems.



READ: New content guidlines


From today new guild lines are in place for content that is uploaded to the site.

These guide lines must be followed for any new content that is submitted. Over the next week old content that does not fit these guide lines will also be removed.

I have put these in place to ensure that Owned Fags stays true to the nature of the site and that any content uploaded is of good quality.

These guide lines may change over time.

The guide lines will be accessible from multiple points on the site over the next few days, for now you can read them below:



The content that you upload to Owned Fags must not break our Terms & Conditions.

You must not upload anything that features illegal content or implies illegal activity.

Content that you upload must have been created by you. That means that any images or videos must have been taken by you or feature you and any blogs etc. must have been written by you.

Do not upload the same content multiple times.

Content must revolve around the theme of Financial Domination or the Master and slave lifestyle. Note - heavy BDSM, scat and other content that would be considered 'hardcore' is not allowed. There are specialist sites for that.

If your content is removed you must not upload it again. Repeatedly uploading removed content may result in your profile being suspended or removed.


Must feature you or have been taken by you.

If you are uploading images of clothing tributes you must be wearing them.

If you're uploading a screen shot you must blank out any personally identifying information.

You are not allowed to upload images of financial transactions from banned payment systems.

Must not feature other website addresses or personal contact details.

Cartoon images are not allowed.


Must feature you or have been taken by you.

Must have a full and accurate description and title.

Must not feature other website addresses or personal contact details.

Comments & Blogs

Must be written in English.

It's Nothing Personal, It's Just Something I Don't Have An Intere...

Although my experience this morning did not happen on this friendly community-like site, I would like to share it (without mentioning people or sites) as it gives you an idea on how respect should not only be a master respecting a slave's limits buy how a slave should also respect a master's limits.

As some of you may already know, or maybe not, I am a recovering alcoholic who is nearly 5 years sober. As a consequence of my drinking a lot of things in my life changed mostly for the worse but in some cases the better. I lost a lot of friends, lost my flat and my job that I had at that point in time. 

Most of you are by now wonder wtf? Why is Andrew telling me this? Well let me explain.

I was talking to a slave elsewhere who wanted to play. Great I thought time for some fun. Just before we were due to cam he told me in conversation that he was ***** and had been drinking all night. I politely said that unfortunately I do not like to use slaves when they are under the influence as it is just not my thing. I was very polite and thought that he would say ok bye and leave it at that. No, he went on a massive tirade about that's how he likes to play and I should get over myself. 'What are you a #expletive# alcoholic everyone plays with me when I am *****. 

Normally I would not reply to bile like that but this time I did. I very nicely said to him that yes I am a recovering alcoholic hence why do not using a slave under the influence is one of my hard limits that I unfortunately won't cross so good luck and hope you find a master suited to you. End of it, no! I was then told I was too young to be one and that gay people always drink and no gays are alcoholics.

Just to set the record straight, alcoholism can affect you no matter how old you are, your race, religion, gender or sexuality and is affected by numerous factors.Mine was brought to a head through many years of depression for which I used to drink to mask. This got out of hand once I was working managing pubs and doing 18hr shifts seven days a week for months on end. A depression sufferer who liked to drink to feel better working in that environment and those hours, you can already see where it was going to end up!

My point really is this. Not everyone is comfortable with playing with people who are ***********, it's nothing personal against you so please don't judge. I try not to. We all have our limits whether it be a slave or whether it be a master. Be considerate and play nice lol

Month of Dom

Lots of complaints flying around the site lately, mostly referring to masters being rude to fags, and not enough actual participation/sharing. My Month of Dom© is supposed to be an effort to combat that, to be involved on the site without necessarily being about the money and to refocus on why we're all here... the master/slave fetish isn't just about paying up. It's about being personable with fags and about fags wanting to get to know a master more. I think if all masters took a page out of my book and we had a chat room where we could forget the CAPSLOCK and the demands, this site would be much more welcoming to the right kind of people. That's my thought anyways... and since I don't think it's gonna happen on its own, I'm gonna do my part. My plan is to leave the site sometime in the next month or so, unless things change. I've got some thinking to do, but in the meantime I'm gonna be genuine and involved and give it a final go. I hope all the guys on here appreciate my posts/pics, and also just get along better. I hate seeing fags get scared off the site, and I hate seeing masters always on here for the wrong reasons. Let's all just get along better.

Respecting our Community

Tonight I wasted my time talking to cocksucker572 on skype. He wanted to see me and hear my voice but wouldn’t pay a cent. He wanted to play games and disrespect me before finally deleting me from skype. This behavior is not atypical of many fags on this site and online in general. Masters like me get loads of messages from fags every day. I get messages saying how hot I am, how much a fag enjoyed my profile or a picture I uploaded, yet most don’t even leave a tip or offer any service, and it’s pretty insulting to me, other masters, and the site. On one level, I think those slaves who do participate in the tip system and enjoy the site should be the ones speaking out against these posers, posers who come to the site acting like cash slaves (or otherwise) and are dishonest about motives. They make all slaves look bad.
The same goes for lots of masters who use shouting and bullying techniques to drain fags and leave them useless to the rest of our community. I’m not talking about those who know a slave and know it responds well to yelling, but rather the ones who feel entitled to the world and try to screw other masters over due to greed. It’s a COMMUNITY. We work together to make it a great place, and it’s terrible to have a few individuals ruin it for the rest of us. I haven’t even been around a month, and I already know the rules and norms of the site. New fags and masters should take some time to familiarize themselves with the community before diving in feet-first.
I will be purging my profile of most fags, mainly those who have never tributed me, never participated in the community discussions, and who haven’t tried to get to know me. This will be most unfortunately. I encourage fags to reapply for my friendship and to request to serve me. Send a tip and be honest about what you want. I think it’s the best way to get to know each other and to promote a good community on the site. Fags who have low rankings but are active and honest are welcome as much as cash fags who tribute often. I enjoy friends as well as slaves on this site, and the lines do get blurred at times. I think that’s ok so long as everyone knows his/its place. That’s all I really want to say now, I hope it makes sense. I’ve heard a lot of masters and fags say similar things, so this post is way overdue. Make each other feel welcome and have fun out there.
Master Dom

New site theme

I'm having a new theme for the site developed.

Do we like the dark colour theme or should we go for something a bit lighter?

Comment below.

How to spot a time waster

In this blog I will provide a list of ways to spot a time waster in order to help new doms make money and expel these wastes of space. A BDSM time waster is someone that pays you for your services then cancels the transaction or strings you along thinking they will eventually pay you but never do. I just want to provide my list of tips because I feel time watsers they have a sense and can tell when a dom is new and tend to hone in on him. They screw over this poor new dom who is just trying to break through. So if I can just help a few new doms avoid time wasters I will be so happy. 

1. Profile names. Do avoid profiles that have the name Paypig, Pig, or Findomloser, Humanatmmachine, do not trust them. In my experience just when someone puts pig or cashcow in their name they are fake. If for example you are on twitter look at what he has tweeted and if he is constantly tweeting things about tributing his Master but there is no link to the Masters profile, the Master doesn't exist. 

2. So I have been conned by time wasters in the past that say they are into teamviewer wallet fucks. So I thought fair enough they get turned on by the loss of their control over their computer, so I saw the logic. So I use to buy loads of stuff off my wishlist only to find the next day they had been canceled. In my experience subs that like teamviewer are fake. What you should do before you session with one these guys is say ok will send me 100 tips and anything extra we can do on teamviewer. If he says no I only enjoy being rinsed on teamviewer, he is a time waster. At the end of the day if he is prepared to spend "100's" on you but will not cough up a tenner in tips then that is a definite red flag. 

3. If a slave professes to be into financial domination and calls himself a pay pig etc etc and he says he enjoys being rinsed, wallet fucked, stuff like that, he is a liar. I have only had an experience with a couple of genuine financial slaves and these people never use terms such as paypig, or wallet fuck. What they will do is they will tribute you for no reason. They will randomly buy you something off your wish list. That is a financial submissive. Not someone in live chat that proclaims they want to be wallet fucked or rinsed etc etc. Actions speak louder than words. 

I hope this can help you.


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