My cash from your hand into Mine
You glance at the clock, you count the hours—the whole while knowing you're earning cash but not for yourself. It's a busy and hectic day at work and it's stressful—but inside there is a core of peace, and excitement. Your foreskin shifts involuntarily, your horny slave cock stretches out in your trousers. You can't help it. For there is something that you are better off without, and you know it.

You leave the workplace with a visible erection and wonder who notices. When you make a beeline for the ATM and enter your PIN, you think of Me. You make sure it is your bank; you want no service charges diverting the cash.

When you get some precious time alone, you think of Me. You've doffed your work wear for a pair of trackies because you know that I like your look in them. That it makes Me even more horny to use you. And you want to be used. Hard.

From your wallet, you extract the notes that should be taken away from you. You hesitate for a moment, then you reach in for another. That's better. Your thick cock is leaking uncontrollably now, with the urgent throb of a horny cashfag's tool. You know that this is right. That you should serve. That you should suffer. And you know that right in this very moment, you are serving Me. You're following My orders. Doing as I directed. This feels so right.

That cashfag cock throbs again. It's getting hard not to cum by the time your tongue hits the envelope. You seal it with your saliva—and address it to Me. As you think about just what you are doing here, your anus twitches convulsively. And you pump off without touching yourself.

A wave of relief washes over your entire body, and as the copious seed drools from your spent cockhead, there is an overwhelming, renewed recognition of what you are: A fag. A cash cunt. Serving your purpose. Right here in this very moment. Before bed, you place the envelope near the door to take to the post office. You sleep; your dreams are intense.

I've felt horny and wired ever since I commanded you to pay—and you submitted, agreed that it was your only choice to obey. I've been walking around for days feeling high on this surge of power. And waiting for today when the envelope arrives at My door. I lock the door behind Me as I take it into the house. I think of you and your service to Me and before long My trousers are yanked down around my ankles, My thick length pulled out to greet you.

For this is a sexual sacrament, what we are doing. The cash notes that I pull from this envelope—which I will enjoy any fucking way I choose—this is your body. The explosion of seed that I flood across them—this is My blood; My DNA that I use to mark and claim this instantiation of you. The cash that I spoil with my fluids—it is your face that I am soiling.

And your vulnerable arse. Being opened by a cock that is thicker and meaner than you may believe you can handle. This is happening. It is your insides that I am flooding now, as I cry out with lust and greed. It's not up to you. I am possessing you. I own you. I take you. I use you. You are Mine.

This is symbolic and real at the same time. Because we both know that everything that this $ervice represents is something that I will also do to you in the flesh. And it is very fucking satisfying.

Sitting at your desk at work, you look up at the clock. You track the hours that have passed and calculate your rate of pay. You are busy, but you are also restless. It's because you know that there is an imbalance that must be corrected. Looking down, you see how fat and hard your cock has become again. The rigid cock of a committed cash slave serving a Master. You reach for your wallet with one hand, and a fresh envelope with the other.
PLEASE READ: Upgrade today

Some cosmetic changes today which is just a small preview of some bigger stuff to come later.

The biggest change today though was finally the addition of UK and International bank transfers!

I know it's been a long time coming but we are finally there.

International transfers have been made possible by a company called Transferwise.

They make it very simple to receive your money:

1. Withdraw your Tips from Owned Fags

2. On the payout date open the e-mail you receive from Transferwise and fill in your bank details

3. Receive your money a few days later

It's that simple.

Members in the UK can withdraw their Tips by entering in their bank details direct to the site. We do not keep your bank details after the payment has been sent and all data is encrypted for you security.

Now that we have these options available though there will be no tolerance in regards to our Terms in not asking for payment on the site in ways other than Tips.

Tips keep this site running, and if you cheat the system and don't want to support the site it simply won't be around much longer.

You get 3 warnings, after that your profile will automatically be suspended and possibly removed.

We don't only have Tips though as a way of keeping the site going - they also protect YOU.

We can easily sort out any payment disputes on site, and you also do not risk having your account closed by another payment provider so there are benefits to using them.

I would also like to add that a lot of Masters complain that it takes them ages to reach the 1000 Tip minimum limit to withdraw Tips, or say that they want the money instantly.

Well let me say this - if you're only interested in making a quick buck then this site isn't for you. Go to another site or something where you can make a quick buck from wanking on cam and the like.

This site is for Masters who are serious in building up a profile and who actively engage in the scene. If you only log in once a month and just post a status on the news feed of course it's going to take you ages to get to 1000 Tips.

We offer a wide range of ways to make Tips here and it's very easy to earn them, you just need to put in the effort.

The more Tips get used and the more popular the site gets the more I can reduce my costs and as such I will be able to lower the minimum Tip level and also increase payment frequency, but you need to use the system in order for that to happen.

Anyway, enough from me. Enjoy the new payout methods and I will keep working on making this site great.


"A Night Too Awful to Forget"
We all will run into that one guy...

A Night Too Awful to Forget

Taking from a ca$h fag: First time
My first cashfag found Me and saw something in Me—and it turns out he was right. This was on the mobile app Scruff, which focuses on men who actually look and act like men as opposed to young twink bois, but the app has nothing to do with Masters or ca$h.

All of the encounters that I have involve a Dom/sub dynamic (more subtle with women and much more extreme and overt with fags)—but I had never even heard of ca$hfags before. However, the banter I had with this faggot was not unlike the way I talk to fags in general, either real-time or cyber.

Essentially, these conversations are generally about how I am here to be served, and they are there to be used. About how it feels natural to me to take what I want—so I do, and get My satisfaction. This has been the case for Me for a long, long time—before I'd ever heard anything about Dom/sub, Masters/slaves, leather/kink/BDSM etc etc. My sexual interests have just continously evolved in this general direction.

So when the fag pointed out that I deserved his money more than he did, it made sense to Me, and I took it. (This was before I knew about OF, and so it involved a well-known payment system that shall not be named.)

It felt like a very horny exchange of power, that within literal minutes this fag should be out USD$100, and that it should now be in a more appropriate place—in my possession. The fag understood that there had been an imbalance—ca$h in his pocket that rightly belonged in Mine. The fag was right. This felt very horny to realize.

I had a very good time with this fag and over the course of a few months, hundreds more U.S. dollars were put in their proper place. Sometimes he would resist, so it became very horny to break him down in intense chat sessions. It would be extremely horny at the special moment that I ultimately got my way—and the payment came through as it should.

The fag would be so horny to pay, and would cum very hard upon $ubmitting to Me. But he would be horny for Me in general even during moments when he was not paying. This fag loved to hear about what I did with the cash in play. It would provide him with huge satisfaction to know about specific things I did for My pleasure and enjoyment specifically using My cash that he had $urrendered. And he had a general horniness and happiness anytime we chatted. As did I. The way we manifested our different—complementary but unequal—roles was very horny to Me—and just felt right.

Eventually this fag felt that he decided he was having control and compulsion issues with his cash $ervitude so he wanted to stop. I respected this—I do not need anyone's cash and I do not prey upon anyone—they always come to Me. I took the fag's feelings on the subject at face value. For the most part, at least. (And many have come to take his place since.)

We remain in touch though, this first cashfag and I. We mostly just have occasional friendly conversations about the goings-on in our lives.

But I will admit that, here and there, when I see that he is very horny and very cognizant that I am superior and he is weak—I will still go in for the kill, and take from him hard.

Not very often. But just often enough to remind him who's Boss.

And he always thanks Me afterward.
Fagtax I have noticed that you faggots seem to need something basic and simple explained to you. Namely the concept of Fagtax.

Now there is a thread of thought amongst you cock crazy cumdumps that in order to pay fagtax you must be a Cash Fag.... THIS IS WRONG.

The simple truth is what i am about to explain. Now a cashfag, that is the smart kind of.bitch who understands that they exist solely to surrender their money and credit cards to regular pursetwat fuck sessions by real men.

Fagtax however is what ALL faggots the real men who honour them with their attention and in some cases derision.  The simple if.You are.a fag, then you need to pay fagtax.

Now the subject of how to pay fagtax is just as simple... it.can be cash given in person... items bought from Amazon, or on this site... large amounts of tips.

The concept of Fagtax is really that simple.... Now let's see if you brainless cunts can get it right 

Slaves, Masters and Liars
Let's say you own a slave. Let's say that you put a lot of work into getting to know the slave, his quirks and kinks and fetishes. Let's say the slave has a blackmail fetish and sends you all kinds of incriminating personal information.

For a short while, he $erves decently but nothing spectacular. Then he drops a bombshell; he has been diagnosed with cancer and has had to leave his job and be hospitalised and can no longer afford to $erve. If you're a hard bastard, you expose the cunt anyway since that's the agreement that you had; he pays or he gets exposed. All the slave's idea; he begged for it.

But if you're me, you go easy on the slave. I've had a proper loyal $ub get REAL cancer before, and it was a serious and scary for him, and because I'm a caring MA$TER, what I want more than anything is for my subs to be healthy and happy in their $ervice. So I let this slave take a break from $erving after sharing the news. I even checked on him periodically with no expectations, just to see if he was getting better. Once or twice I let him worship my feet for free. Just trying to be a nice guy.

The slave goes quiet. But before long he is back on the scene. Though he is clearly listed as your property, he chases after any Master with a dick between his legs and two sweaty feet for him to sniff. Telling them he has somehow unilaterally decided he is "no longer owned," with zero discussion with you about that.

How awkward and embarrassing, right? And funny enough, the slave is telling all the others all the exact same things that he told you -- "I worship only your feet, they are my world, I want to be controlled by them, yadda yadda yadda." The typical behaviour of a certain type of disingenuous sub.

It's become pretty clear the "cancer" was just a lie to get out of $erving without being exposed. Fake cancers and other lies are common among a certain class of subs, I've learned by now. And of course there are different types of Masters too—and that is shown in their responses when the disloyal, owned slave chases them. There are those with integrity who rebuff him—and there are those that are quick as a whip in handing over their Skype addresses to the slave.

So what would you do? On the one hand, an owned slave acting like a moronic subhuman whore is embarrassing to the Master. On the other hand, I don't feel like the slave should get away with its behaviour without some sort of punishment. Why should I release it for free—it should either pay Me as I have demanded, or it should pay the site the fee required to be released. But the slave isn't here to $erve—it's here to waste Men's time. So bear that in mind if it is pursuing you!
NEW MASTERS GAME IDEA (what do you think masters?)

A new game idea for masters, MASTER VS MASTER is a chat game where we enter a room together and a notice is placed for faggots to join the game on the home screen news feed (owned faggots can't join to make it fair). 


Two masters enter and are given random things to say, i.e what would you tell and do to a fag if he breaks a rule. the master has to write a response and then the faggots vote on the best answer given with tips, they decide how much they like it via how much tips are given, this will help increase the masters position on the pantheon and give the faggots ideas on if they like the particular master well enough to serve and be owned by him in the future.


Masters, Respect & Owned Fag$
So I have been on here for just over 4 weeks now and I have major respect for a majority of Masters on here being TRUE ALPHAS but also respecting other masters bar one that i had a bad experience with, I tried a few websites out and the masters seemed to treat others with total disrespect and when you stand up to them you end up getting banned, I have come to the conclusion these are not true Masters but undercover faggots due to the bitchyness i faced and them not understanding when you have it out with a master (being both ALPHA MALES) there is no point in arguing. But here every master shows each other respect, no one gets jealous or nasty, In fact if you talk to most masters you can share new ideas. 

Yes there are a few fake faggots which i am learning very quick how to spot these, but those that are real I enjoy being powerful and abusing them either through tasks or taking tributes, some faggots just don't understand how horny we feel from taking their/our money and using them, I have never cum so much after getting my first tribute from here, reminded me of school when i used to rob other lads money and got hard doing it. 

So yea a short blog for now. But BIGGG UPP to the creator of this site and all Masters


I love switches. Doms and subs. They are a bit of a prize.

Switches of both sides bring a level of attitude, experience and expectation that can be hard to match. They might be a novice at it but they know what they should be bringing.

Sub switches have it easy. They appeal to the lowest scum who are so debased they are driven to serve those that are hardly above them in the pecking order, lowest of the low. But for their sub ‘master’ they are also an asset to appeal to Masters; to take charge of one is to take charge of both. The sense of hierarchy can be a real buzz for all involved.

Master switches have it much harder in many ways. The first is the absolute need for discretion with those they serve. It cannot be overstated enough that for a Master to serve an Alpha is a big risk - to be discovered would devastate their reputation.

Some find that the Alpha they serve is so fulfilling they can abandon their former Master ways. Some Masters enjoy this public display of asserting their power over another. Others prefer the switch to continue to dom and tithe. Again the sense of hierarchy can be a real buzz for all involved.

A distinction however needs to be made between switches and Masters who also enjoy activities normally associated with subs. I know Masters who like to rim, get fucked and in my case I can also be a masochist as well as a sadist. But these are things the Master is choosing to do, when they want in a way they want because they enjoy it.

So why do Masters switch? In my mind it’s because many in this scene have a real sense of why they are dominant, it’s a core part of their identity. And part of that is a set of rules and characteristics that they live by and subs respond to. However those rules also leave them ‘vulnerable’ when they encounter another who resonates with those rules so strongly that they cannot but submit.

Having been served by switches I’d advise;

  1. Absolute discretion unless they beg to surrender their old ways

  2. Care; it can be a difficult time for the switch

  3. Patience; They can be slow and flakey, scared of what might happen if they fully surrender. They can disappear or block; but generally return sooner or later.

  4. Accept that for some this will be a cyclical phase, it may not last.

And if you’re a Master thinking of switching then pick wisely and in a timely manner - but to deny those urges will not serve you well.

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