A bit of fun

So I decided to create something for a bit of fun, aimed at you slaves who like a bit of danger in your lives ;)

The roulette wheel is a bit of a gamble - just like the real game.

The roulette wheel will select a random percentage of your credits from 10% to 100%.

It will then select a random Master who's on-line and send him those credits. The slaves can if they wish specify a Master, otherwise it will be random.

A post is then added to the news feed showing everyone that you just played.

So if you fancy living dangerously give it a try, I know the Masters here would appreciate it!

Also, if you've got any ideas on how to make the game better I would be glad to hear them - the same as if you've got any ideas for other games!

Play here!

What do the boys want?

So I've been to a few cash play websites, this one being different from the usual masters shouting and screaming at the submissives demanding cash and whatnot (I've only been to three, this one included, not sure where else to look as it's forbidden to speak of other sites on a lot of them), but the one thing I don't see is any boys really stating what they're looking for.

The cash play culture is a bit vague and gray to me right now, I'm not sure what is considered acceptable or expected, but I do know the overly aggressive doms come off as obnoxious to the boys I've talked to.

One thing that I like to know in all aspects of my dominant play is "What does the boy want?"  It gives me a better view as to how to set up my approach and if we have strong common ground, a deeper connection.

So boys, tell me what turns the man into an oinking piggy?  What brings him to his knees, eyes glistening, eager to serve?  What makes his dick hard, dripping with anticipation?  What brings his tongue out, eager to lick my boot?  What drops his pants and raises his ass the fastest?

What do you want, boy?

Tell me, right here, right now.  You already know what I want, so I want to hear what you want.  You will think about this, don't just throw a "I want to serve you, Sir!" up on the reply, be a little selfish, be specific for fuck sake!

I'm giving you some time to come forth and let us all know what makes your dick hard, boy!  I love reading someone's fantasies.  It's really fucking hot!

Site Ideas

Okay, so here is a list of ideas that I've had for the site, what do you think of them, any other suggestions?

1. A list of slaves that have credits, and how much they have. That way there would be no hiding and Masters would know which slaves are the most lucrative.

2. Video chat built into the site. Cam with people on your friends list so you can serve and tribute on the site at the same time, no adding to Skype etc. It should make things easier.

3. Require credits to do things on the site, such as upload photos. This would would mean that slaves would need to buy credits to send to the Masters so that they can do things. Doing this would force slaves to send Masters credits, meaning more money for the Masters ;)

Any other suggestions?

New Feature: Lottery

So, there is a new game that everyone can play from the playroom, or the widget on the main page - LOTTERY

It works like a normal lottery, you buy tickets, that money goes into a pot, the pot is drawn every Sunday at 8PM, and one random player will be sent all those credits.

The more tickets you buy, the more chance you have of winning!

Have fun.

Update to the Pantheon and Slave Market


The way the Pantheon and Slave Market points are calculated for the number of Tips received and the number of Tips purchased (respectively) is going to change.

Rather than points allocated for the number of Tips over the entire length of time the user has been on the site it will be the number of Tips received or purchased in a 4 month period.

Let me explain why.

At the moment a Master and slaves points are calculated from the length of time they have been on the site. That means that a Master who is new will most likely never catch up to a Master who has been on the site two years.

Only taking into account Tips received or TIps purchased in a 4 month period will make the system much fairer to new Masters and slaves.

It will also mean that existing Masters and slaves will actively have to work at keeping their position high.

This update will be rolled out in the next week.

The Dungeon

Okay, so thoughts on how the Dungeon should work.

- Should slaves be able to pay to put themselves in it?

- Should owners of slaves be able to put their slaves in there for free?

- Should slaves be able to buy their freedom?

- Should there be a grace period before a slave can go back into the Dungeon after coming out?

- Should it be an opt in thing so slaves can choose not to be forced into it?

Leave your thoughts below.

About BDSM - About My life.

What is BDSM?

This is one of the question I got asked so many times in the past 3/4 years. It is hard to answer this question, not really because of a lack of knowledge about what BDSM is, but because of the loneliness and the discomfort this questions throws me in. It’s not easy to be remembered each day that your “lifestyle” (it is not a lifestyle, but let’s try to stick to simple words with wide meanings) is odd, far away from what people, especially in the country I am currently living in (Italy).

So let’s start by defying what BDSM is NOT. It’s not a “different way of making kinky sex”. It’s not being “pigs”. It’s not being extreme and following a path of self destruction. It’s not related with doing chems parties, and it’s absolutely NOT related to having Bareback sex. All of this has another definition, which to me is “doing random kinky sex, without using your brain”.

Brain. What a wonderful thing, the brain. Here you have it; “brain” is the first keyword you should consider as part of the kaleidoscopic definition of what BDSM is.
You need other keywords? Trust. Wisdom. Deep connection. Relationship. Love. Pain. Respect. Pride. Honor. Rules. Discipline. Hierarchy. Roles. Love. Love. Did I mention love?

Let’s start from breaking apart BDSM in it’s words: Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism.
Most of the people when confronting the “BDSM topic” have immediately brought to their mind stereotypical images coming from old memories, movies, things people have heard in the back of their minds for ages, where BDSM was associated with “freaks”, “weirdos”, “strange people”, “dangerous people”. And there are many mass media products that have helped creating this prejudice (I would say, this waste ignorance endorsed by the fact that it’s mostly diffused). The point is that those mass media take the “WHAT”, but they don’t show you the “WHY”.

Us human being are very blessed with the gift of a very complex BRAIN. We need WHYs to do the WHATs. And when the WHAT is done without a WHY, then many unpleasant feelings kick in, and therefor, many fast and misaimed assumptions. As an example, the huge diffusion of casual sex in the gay community (but not only in the gay community, though this is another topic). We keep having more and more sex with people we don’t know and we don’t want to get to know, and we need, literally we crave for more and more. And the reason for that is that we are focusing on the WHAT (sex) without enjoying the WHY (connection, perfect chemistry, great attraction, perfect match of what the two people fantasize about, trust in each other, desire of that specific person….).

So, BDSM works when you are ALL, completely IN, with the WHY. The WHAT will follow. But let’s jump a bit back, and try and understand why do we need BDSM and why it truly is inside of everybody… yet most of you don’t know it is inside of you.

Mankind is a nature’s unexpected “wrong turn”. We evolved. We truly evolved a lot. Normally this doesn’t happen. We are possibly the only race in our planet’s history which have survived and evolved so much. But while doing this, a perversion started to happen: we needed to create an artificial society. Most of you will be thinking by now “You need a society”. True. But we already had it. It was the same kind of society each and every relational animal living in Packs had. Think about WOLVES. Think about CHIMPANZEES. Think about LIONS. Think about ELEPHANTS. And I could go on and on. Each relational animal race live in packs and have a strong sense of family, and most of all, of HIERARCHY. The HIERARCHY is there in order to give order, peace and efficiency to the pack.

So in a group of animals, there is a scale of hierarchy that goes from the ALPHA (the most dominant, usually a male, that fought and conquered this title by showing and proving to the pack that He’s worth of what he stands for, that will provide protection, guidance, direction and strength) down to the OMEGA (The most remissive, submissive and in need of helping others of the pack. These elements are by nature the most expendables, but they are by their own choice. They’d do whatever it takes to protect the pack, and spare the ALPHA’s life. Their life has meaning BECAUSE they are useful to the pack). In this delicate balance, there is no A class and B class individual because of their positions in the hierarchy. That is something evil we humans have invented with our artificial society. There is no classism. Everybody have the same importance, but they do have different roles. And respect is one of the main important things in a pack working this way.

So, us mankind we were born the same way. And we still have this instinct inside of us. I’m sure I’m not the first you hear or read talking about “the animal living inside of you”. Each one of us has a beast resting inside of himself; and the best is waiting to be awaken. Of course, one can live a perfectly artificial human life without needing to get in touch with the most honest and natural side of himself. But once you know it is there, once you felt it growling inside of you, it’s very difficult to just keep it at bay. And it’s also painful.

So this is what BDSM is about, at it’s core. Finding your place in the world. Who are you? Are you a Dominant person? Are you a submissive one? Do you feel pleasure in letting other people guiding you and being helpful for those you consider great people? Or do you find it difficult to obey to society, need to change things and have people following your lead, with a strong sense of protection towards those who are loyal to you? Well, in most of the cases, you are both. There is no such thing as 100% Dominant (Dom) or 100% submissive (sub). Each one of us is the distilled result of many things that happened, and keep happening, in our lives. So let’s say who we are in the BDSM hierarchy is 50% natural born (Dom or sub) and 50% made by the life we are living. One can be an extremely Dominant man, leader at work, leader with friends, carrying the weight of being exceptionally intelligent and loved by everybody, and therefor in need to leave that weight down with someone that he feels “higher” than him in the hierarchy. It’s a thing about feeling in balance, and feeling loved for WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

This is what BDSM is.

Of course it goes way further and beyond this, and not everybody is searching for the deepest kind of experience in the BDSM “lifestyle”, which to me and most of the community is the Master/slave relationship. To many people it’s much more about mere Domination and submission within the sheets, and the situation ends when the climax comes, or when the so called “safe word” is spoken. Not to me.

From my original blog, http://www.themenscape.com/about-bdsm-about-my-life/

Why less is often more

Like someone said earlier, it seems that these days everyone is a master. 
Perhaps it's all just dictated by greed and the hope for a quick buck?
Joining in the chat is akin to being in the playground at school with a line of bullies trying to relieve you of your pocket money. 
The volley of gratuitous insults is indeed normally quickly followed by requests for tributes or, as many masters seem to say, what "belongs" (by divine right?) to them (I say: go to the police chaps if that's really so).
So are you really surprised that there are not that many 'fags' around in the chat room?
Why I understand that the scenario can be horny (or I wouldn't be on here), treating everyone with such contempt and disrespect is not even clever. The repeated insults just become white noise.
Without the 'fags', you 'masters' don't have a raison d'être. That's the truth, whether you like it or not.

My First Skype Session with a New Master

I've been owned now for about a week by Jothecalineur and tonight was something great. For this past week he's had me on edge and leaking through very frequent control. Tonight we had a skype session and it was honestly my first of this type. The fact that he's put me at ease to enjoy doing something like this, definitely set the tone. I'm sure if you're into being exposed he can help. But for me to do any cam or video where I show my face and dirty acts, I don't take lightly. Somehow he has earned my trust enough to let loose and have some fun and I did. My faggot clit has been locked up for the entire week and I've been very horny. So tonight was my chance to get some reliefe. He worked my pussy so good with the dildo that I did end up having an faggasom... just meaning I did cum but without my worthless clit having any stimulation... or even coming out of the cage. I definitely enjoyed this session and am properly thankfully for it!
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