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I stand next to you. Your hands tremble as they poise to insert your bank card. You look at Me.

"Is this what you want." I say. But you know it's not a question.

"Yes, BearMaster." It's a whisper, but resolute. You shove the card quickly into the machine.

"Say the numbers loudly as you enter them. So others can hear."

You punch in your PIN. "ONE. THREE. THREE. SEVEN." Your voice is impressively loud. A few heads turn.

"How much will you withdraw?" I ask, with an edge to my voice.

"The maximum allowed, SIR."

"Fucking right, cash faggot. The maximum."

"YES SIR." Your knees start to wobble.

"You can't stop yourself, can you, fag?"

"No Sir."


You press the button for Easy Withdrawal, which automatically takes out the full daily limit.

You look into My eyes. You hand over My money.

You shake and need to hold yourself up against the ATM. I know that you have just cum in your pants.

I laugh. "What time is it, $lave?"

You look at your watch. "It's 23:58, Sir."

"What happens in two minutes, fag?"

"We do this all over again, SIR."

"That's right, bitch." Take out your card.

As your ATM card is ejected, I look down at the wet spot on your pants and laugh again.

You place your card right in front of the slot to be inserted into the ATM again, and try to breathe deeply and relax, as you wait for my next command.
BearMaster Mar 13 '15 · Comments: 4 · Tags: atm, cash slavery, pure submission
This stuff is like vampirism.

I've dealt with boys and slaves that get addicted to cash service, but no one warns you that cash mastery could be addictive as well.

Had a hot chat with a boy last night, he wanted to serve someone and I've been craving and apprehensive about getting into demanding cash service for my own reasons.  However my libido made short work of that inhibition last night, I was horny as a coyote sniffing out a bitch in heat.  I wanted to play, and no one was on anywhere. I was ready to go, come on, bring in the pigs, I want my bacon, but my yahoo list was dead and gray, the chatrooms were all empty.  Fuck!

Then this boy is on, we had talked before and he ended up serving me very nicely.  Little bits, 25 credits in little tributes, like a line of morsels on a conveyor belt, all I had to do was reach out and grab each one.  Gripping it tight like a sub's balls in my gloved hand.  He tributed again and again, and I loved it.  

He blew his load and was very happy...but I wanted more.  I bid him a good night, we'll play tomorrow, but I wanted more and I wanted it now.  I had to calm down, get a hold of myself.  Like a Wolf looking for a juicy young buck to tear into, I was hungry.  I got off my computer and went to bed, working out a load to my favorite thoughts, blew a nice one after edging myself so much with the boy...but something was amiss...

...I'm still hungry.

Zageden Sep 26 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: cash master, cash play, domination, domination , submission, cash slave, addicted

There is now a new feature which I though was long overdue - ownership badges.


Since this site is called Owned Fags, it makes sense to be able to show who you own, or who you're owned by.


Slaves can now buy these badges by going to their Masters profile, from there you should click 'Buy Ownership Badge'


The badges are QR Codes. We chose QR codes as they're becoming increasingly popular and they're very easy to share. The codes contain your Masters profile link, so slaves should share these to get more slaves for their Master.


The codes also look like barcodes, which I thought was apt, because being owned means you're essentially your Masters property, and a barcode shows this.


Please let me have any feedback you can think of, or let me know if you come across any problems.



Masterofall Sep 13 '13 · Comments: 4 · Tags: ownership, badges, owned
Come on guys. Hit me with them. Any requests for stuff to be added/changed whatever. 

This is a site for you guys, I want to get it right. 

Comment below. 

Masterofall Jun 21 '13 · Comments: 4

From today new guild lines are in place for content that is uploaded to the site.

These guide lines must be followed for any new content that is submitted. Over the next week old content that does not fit these guide lines will also be removed.

I have put these in place to ensure that Owned Fags stays true to the nature of the site and that any content uploaded is of good quality.

These guide lines may change over time.

The guide lines will be accessible from multiple points on the site over the next few days, for now you can read them below:



The content that you upload to Owned Fags must not break our Terms & Conditions.

You must not upload anything that features illegal content or implies illegal activity.

Content that you upload must have been created by you. That means that any images or videos must have been taken by you or feature you and any blogs etc. must have been written by you.

Do not upload the same content multiple times.

Content must revolve around the theme of Financial Domination or the Master and slave lifestyle. Note - heavy BDSM, scat and other content that would be considered 'hardcore' is not allowed. There are specialist sites for that.

If your content is removed you must not upload it again. Repeatedly uploading removed content may result in your profile being suspended or removed.


Must feature you or have been taken by you.

If you are uploading images of clothing tributes you must be wearing them.

If you're uploading a screen shot you must blank out any personally identifying information.

You are not allowed to upload images of financial transactions from banned payment systems.

Must not feature other website addresses or personal contact details.

Cartoon images are not allowed.


Must feature you or have been taken by you.

Must have a full and accurate description and title.

Must not feature other website addresses or personal contact details.

Comments & Blogs

Must be written in English.

Masterofall Jul 7 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: guide lines, site rules, content

I’m blogging about this since it seems many of you need a refresher, or simply lack training to begin with. I see too many fags trying to skate by on mediocrity and not properly serving, putting themselves ahead of their masters, making excuses for their lackluster behavior. It comes down to one concept – these fags are starting to think that they have the same rights as everyone else. This was never the case and I’m setting the record straight right now. Every master reading this will agree, and I’m spelling it out for all of you in the way that only I, a veteran master of the highest quality, properly can.

Fags do not have the right to:

Think independently: naturally, fags only think with one head, the sad thing between their legs. Sex-related thoughts drive everything they do on this site and in many areas of their real lives. Can you honestly trust a submissive disgusting faggot to make rational decisions and think big-picture about their lives? Do they trust themselves to? No. They want us to do it for them, because they know they can’t. Why would you try and foster independent thought in a fagslave, when that road only leads to ruin? Nothing good comes out of that, because they are incapable. Fags need to have everything decided for them. They never had the right to independent thought in the first place. A fag tries to tell you what it is going to do, or what it thinks is a good idea, and you put a stop to it right there, unless it’s something that benefits you in every way. Many of the things it comes up with on its own are short-sighted, strictly sex-themed, don't actually benefit you in a tangible way, or are trivial. It's best that they are prevented from even entertaining those thoughts in the first place.

Pleasure themselves without permission: Fags are demented sex addicts and cannot control themselves – allowing them to pleasure themselves without permission and strict supervision allows them to reinforce and strengthen their bizarre fetishes and leads them to more brazen and whore-ish behavior later on. They become desperate sluts, seeking any kind of attention from anyone who will acknowledge their existence, which could lead to disobedience and “cheating”. When you control a faggot’s orgasms, whether it be in chastity devices or otherwise, you have it by the balls and under lock and key. The reason so many homos need chastity is because it is an extreme measure, literally locking their privates away and denying them the ability to indulge themselves. They lack the self control and decency, and literally have to be locked up to save themselves from their own afflictions. As mentioned before, we must be the ones to dictate where, when, and how – thinking independently can lead to pleasuring themselves without permission and this cannot be allowed to happen. When you allow a horny faggot to proceed unchecked, you open Pandora's box and this is completely intolerable.

Talk to anyone you don’t approve of: As mentioned above, fags become brazen and whore-ish, with no limits to their attention seeking behavior. This can lead to talking to other masters you don’t approve of or who have not met yet. Often fags will talk to these people when you are not around, because you are not there, and they are horny and bored, because you have not kept it busy enough or your control hasn’t been quite potent enough to keep it from trying to get whatever it can from anyone who will acknowledge them. These fags can often bait other masters, trying to get something from them, stringing them along, especially the newbie ones who don’t know what they are doing. These fags know they are not allowed to serve other people, but they are horny, desperate, and bored nonetheless, so they will sit there and chit chat and lead an inexperienced master along, giving him the impression that he might get the fag to serve him when in reality the fag will likely not ever do it, or will do it in a secretive way and begin cheating, just to get it’s fagstick off. Fags must be controlled in such a way that it knows exactly what kind of interaction with the community it is allowed to have, and what it is not. This must be clearly spelled out for the faggot along with the consequences of disobedience. Never forget how desperate and pathetic these things are. You give them an inch, they will take ten miles, or try to exploit a loophole and get attention in a way that you did not expressly forbid, but didn’t necessarily allow either. These are gray areas which must be clarified for it.

Whine, bitch, complain, blame, otherwise moan: Some fags are bitter, have had masters screw them over in the past, or are frustrated by the lack of effort or disengagement they see on the part of the masters in this scene, and are just trying to get something simple yet never quite manage to get it. These fags have attitude problems and have forgotten that it is not your fault that they have had shitty experiences, and will become passive aggressive, whiny, and begin complaining, blaming, or finding reasons to jab at you or assume that you are just like everyone else. They will not give you the benefit of the doubt because they are bitter and disappointed, jaded, and are often trollish and inflammatory in general. They have approached you because they feel you can change their minds or give them something that others could not. At no point should a faggot feel comfortable to whine at you, blame, complain, or otherwise moan about what you do or why you do it, especially before it has given you a chance to show how you are not what they have previously experienced and have not given you a chance to fully experience your particular brand of domination. Bitterness and annoyance, and frustration on the faggot’s part will contribute to its attitude problems and issues, which are not your fault. It has never met you before so how can it honestly make up its mind about you and judge? It has no leg to stand on here, and you must remind it of that. Unless you go against what you said you would do, or expressly make a promise to it that you later break or do not make good on, you can do no wrong and you are perfect, like Me. Faggots must remember that we are always perfect and always right, infinitely superior in every way, and will tolerate no whining or complaining. A faggot must take its emotional baggage and unpack it on its own, and deal with it to become a better slave, because that has nothing to do with you.

That's it for Part 1 - stay tuned for more coming soon!


MasterKM Oct 7 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: fag's rights, master training, proper control, crushing fags, findom scene

I logged onto skype to see that a loyal little bitch of mine, had purchased an electric dog collar and a gas mask for me to use at my disposal. I was instantly excited to cause this loser some pain and take some of its hard earned cash, The electric dog collar has a remote! One push of a button and the faggot gets it.

First of all I have the pathetic fuck send me £40, he of course thanked me after sending.

I call the slave soon after and its sitting eagerly awaiting its master, the little fuck shows me a brand new unopened box with a dog training shock collar sealed inside, he’d saved it unopened because he knew I’d make the best use out of it. Save the gas mask for later I thought, I was too excited to shock the faggot bitch.

The faggot was a scared little bitch, so to start I made the cunt attach the shock collar to its weak excuse for a bicep, I then instruct the faggot to take the lid off its poppers and begin to sniff, deep breaths, big deep breaths, all the way in, all the way out every, single, time.

I make the cunt hold the remote above its head, I count down from 5,4,3,2,1 the faggot presses the button as instructed by me, the shock causes it to squeal like a little fucking bitch as the poppers have it weak, dizzy and craving more of my power, in the call it says to me  "The remote is better off in your hands sir", of course it fucking is! Lucky for this slave he lives close by…I arrange to meet the fuckwit near me in 2 hours time.

I get into the faggots car to be greeted with a packet of cigarettes, of course these will be used to amuse me and abuse the bitch very, very soon. I instruct the fuckwit to drive 5 minutes away to a secluded field.

The cunt is commanded to sniff its poppers and hand over £160 for the privilege of being in my presence, now it’s time for the faggot to get its collar on, and this time it won’t be on it’s fucking arm! It will be going straight round its neck.

After a brief struggle adjusting the collar on the faggots fat ass neck it’s back to the poppers for the cunt, sniff the fuck away.

Lid back on and I press that fucking button, the fucking faggot squealed again, much fucking better around its fat neck.

I order the cunt out of the car and into the muddy, wet, dark field.

I immediately command it to get on its hands and knees like a faggot dog. I walk 10 paces in front of the fuck and start treating it like the bitch it is.. “Here boy”

It crawls like a desperate little cunt on command, I shock the fuckwit and it falls rolling onto it’s back and screaming in pain, I lean over the bitch and grab it’s face making it recite whos bitch it is, “YOUR BITCH SIR” the faggot screams.

The faggot is made to sniff it’s poppers, 15 big sniffs for master, each one a deep breath. This cunt is fucked, made to crawl again. I’m 10 paces away again and counting down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and the faggot gets shocked again

This is far too much fun. What a fucking loser. After making the little faggot dog play dead a few times and shocking it every time, I kept walking the fuckwit around and shocking him repeatedly.

I eventually allow it to crawl all the way over to me and instruct it to lick my muddy black dm boots clean, the cunt puts its tongue flat all over my boots and licks away as commanded.

I push the faggot onto its back an press the sole of my boot into it’s face, mud all over the cunts face and licking away, mouth open for air as I smother it’s face with my boot.

The bullied little cunt is screaming enough master - enough master, I grab the cunt by its ear and face and make it realise whose bitch it is.

As I am smoking my cigarette I pull the cunts jumper up and burn it’s spine, the cunt screams. I take my belt off and lash the fucker, screaming little faggot.

I take great satisfaction as I watch the slave crawl all the way back to the car, shocking it once more, laughing as it falls over trying to get under the gate into this field, enough of the collar now.

In the car, gas mask on, poppers up. I allow the cunt the honour of seeing it’s masters godly arms and abs, the slave is instructed to stare at master and sniff,  10 at a time, properly, like a good little faggot slave.

I light another cigarette, the cunt is made to feel pain from it’s master, I take a few pulls then put it out on its faggot arm, only to be re lit and burnt over and over again, the faggot squealing in pain every, single, time. Keep sniffing bitchboy.

It’s a weak little fucking mess at this point. I take off my belt, then proceed to heat up the buckle with my lighter whilst making the faggot sniff HARD, then when I deem the buckle hot enough it goes directly onto the cunts arm again, branding the fuckwit, a nice little reminder for it to always remember its master. After some more poppers for the faggot, I then have the faggot thank me and I go on my way, the faggot will never forget this session.


There's now a new mobile friendly main menu.

Nothing exciting but a little bit closer to a fully mobile site.

Masterofall Jan 7 · Comments: 3 · Tags: features, site
So another year down, another year of progress, and what a great year it's been.

The site has changed radically, not just in terms of look but also in the culture.

It hasn't been all good though!

I've had to deal with things such as card fraud, members threatening to kill each other, people making multiple profiles to scam people, personal threats to myself, threats of legal action from other payment providers - to name a few!

We got through it though and there has been a lot of good stuff along the way:

We introduced the content guidelines to make sure that OF only has the highest quality original content out of any other fetish site, we made the site mobile friendly so users can still join in while on the go, we had a massive change to the theme of the site making things more accessible and easier to navigate, we launched the new Syphon game, provided security via SSL, added the slave availability feature, added location search, added bank transfer for Tip withdrawals, added introduction videos and added the shout feature.

Quite a list.

On top of those updates there have also been other various little improvements to make the site more enjoyable.

As of writing this we're also up to 999 verified members, the highest we have ever had.

The site has paid out over £30,000 in Tip payments to Masters - a figure I never expected to reach so quickly, which I think shows just how well we're doing here at creating a site that people enjoy and trust using.

I have big plans for OF in 2016, as well as launching some little side ventures to compliment this place. It's going to be big, it's going to be fun, we're going to get this site out there and draw in the crowds.

Thank you for supporting the site over 2015 and I hope to still see your faces around at the end of next year too.

MoA x

Masterofall Dec 31 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: features, site, 2015, new year
In this blog I will provide a list of ways to spot a time waster in order to help new doms make money and expel these wastes of space. A BDSM time waster is someone that pays you for your services then cancels the transaction or strings you along thinking they will eventually pay you but never do. I just want to provide my list of tips because I feel time watsers they have a sense and can tell when a dom is new and tend to hone in on him. They screw over this poor new dom who is just trying to break through. So if I can just help a few new doms avoid time wasters I will be so happy. 

1. Profile names. Do avoid profiles that have the name Paypig, Pig, or Findomloser, Humanatmmachine, do not trust them. In my experience just when someone puts pig or cashcow in their name they are fake. If for example you are on twitter look at what he has tweeted and if he is constantly tweeting things about tributing his Master but there is no link to the Masters profile, the Master doesn't exist. 

2. So I have been conned by time wasters in the past that say they are into teamviewer wallet fucks. So I thought fair enough they get turned on by the loss of their control over their computer, so I saw the logic. So I use to buy loads of stuff off my wishlist only to find the next day they had been canceled. In my experience subs that like teamviewer are fake. What you should do before you session with one these guys is say ok will send me 100 tips and anything extra we can do on teamviewer. If he says no I only enjoy being rinsed on teamviewer, he is a time waster. At the end of the day if he is prepared to spend "100's" on you but will not cough up a tenner in tips then that is a definite red flag. 

3. If a slave professes to be into financial domination and calls himself a pay pig etc etc and he says he enjoys being rinsed, wallet fucked, stuff like that, he is a liar. I have only had an experience with a couple of genuine financial slaves and these people never use terms such as paypig, or wallet fuck. What they will do is they will tribute you for no reason. They will randomly buy you something off your wish list. That is a financial submissive. Not someone in live chat that proclaims they want to be wallet fucked or rinsed etc etc. Actions speak louder than words. 

I hope this can help you.


Knoxx Mar 4 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: master, master , sub
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