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Call me Sir

Master of the day May 16.   I have been a Master for more than 25 years now and have had some really good experiences. For me it's not a game. It's my way of living.  And now I am contemplating wether I should share some of my events in writing. 

Being a true and open Master means my friends and colleagues know me as the true Me. 

Some colleagues have also learned that if they ask about my night before they will get a full reply.

This is an excellent site for me. I have a lot of fun with findom and it fits my ideas of Master slave relations, but it is also just a part of all that that I am. 

My main goals are real meetings and training of a slave to become a total slave for my pleasures . 

A sexslave, workslave, cashslave, painslave, totally exposed for me, under total control of me, trained by me and molded into my idea of the perfect total slave. 

Looking for those few gems of a slave I take my time and enjoy the journey. 

I already found a good few and I am  very proud of them but got time for a couple more. 

Let me know if slave thinks it's up for the task. Up on my standard. And we'll talk 


Helping the NHS

Good Morning All.

3 days ago, a group in our town decided to start a local fundraiser for having a number of fun days for NHS staff and other key workers when all this is over. the general idea is based around several activities and a BBQ happening for them to enjoy and activities to keep their kids busy too if they want a day off from parenting. So far in a few days we have managed to raise £140 (20 of that is off some members here). Any money raised that does not get spent on the day will be donated 50/50 between the NHS and a local hospice.

If anyone wants to know more or wants to donated please get in touch with me by email, skype or DM.

My Partner works for the NHS and is a hero in my eyes.

SLAVE wants to be CONTROLLED in a TPE arrangement


masterskinYESTERDAY WAS APPROACHED BY LAD ONLINE WHO WANTS TO BE TRANSFORMED TOTALLY INTO A SKIN. Some rubber sub in east London - says he wants a TPE and total control house him for the master benefit.
He starts of by ******* 40**** to me for a pair of bleachers, then after an hour of conversation *** pals *200 for a pair of boots.
Then he asks me to take more control and offers his bank details but I tell him to give me his ***Pal account logon and password
He did right away - I took a bit more - he is gonna be one great slave..................... edited as the BOT thought I was suggesting you guys do something other than TIPS

Slave is gonna be padlocked into boots for 3 weeks - keys will be sent once the boots are worn in! Daily photos have been demanded and should start 3 weeks from nowdaily foots will be posted here

Is Corona affecting Masters' income?

i was wondering if Corona was having an impact on Masters' income and if so how?

i am not sure on what effect to expect: on the one hand, i can understand it would turn slaves focus out of serving, on the other hand, when a slave is quarantined, or just deprived of social events, i would expect him to turn to his main addiction to change his mind.

i was thinking, maybe it is both: first slaves tribute less, then they get used to the restrictions (and bored) and they tribute more.

Of course if that's the case it may be smoothed for successful Masters who have slaves all over the World, since the epidemic is not at the same stage everywhere.

Any insights?

SImple task for eager-to-please fags and slaves - just requires y...
Too many of you fags and slaves say you crave to be useful to a Master. So I'm giving you the opportunity to prove yourself useful using only your time and save me a tedious task.

I'm having trouble locating my favourite cigars and I have just one left in my humidor...

Asylum Cigars 13 - 80 x 8 Authentic Corojo (for mornings)


Asylum Cigars 13 - 80 x 8 Classic (for evenings)

Buying from US isn't really an option because of the high custom taxes and a lot of the sites I used in Europe either are out-of-stock (and have been for some time), or don't ship to the UK because of fucking Brexit I assume.

Your task: locate me a site that I can buy from (not in US, ideally Europe). I'm also keen to try a JFR Lunatic if you can find me one of them too.

Cheers, GB

There is not one “right way”
My view is that there is variety in the way masters and subs feel about findom. Aside from the “givens” such as no scamming, no faking, no stealing, no harming, no time wasting....there is room, for instance for various “styles” of Masters (for lack of a better term. Hopefully the style is genuine). The main thing is that subs and masters find someone they match up with. <br /><br />
I bring this up because I tire of bitchy people complaining about masters/subs because they don’t like that person’s way. Why do that? Find the person you match up with. Let the others find each other. You are not the arbiter of what is right. Why disparage? It’s like if you like dark hair guys and don’t like blonds, and then went around dissing all the blonds For being blonds lol. Just find your dark hair and STFU. Don’t be rude. <br /><br />
Now, again, I’m not talking about bad behavior. That can be called out. I’m talking about criticizing something that’s not up your alley. <br /><br />
Variety is the spice of life. <br /><br />
I will say that this doesn’t happen much here, which is great. But we see it other places. Why all the bitchiness? It’s not attractive, at least not to me. There’s an insight into my likes for subs reading this. Serve, $erve, don’t be a complainer, concentrate on yourself (and your Master). Be fun, be respectful, let people be themselves as long as they are acting in good faith. <br /><br />
And yes it goes both ways.<br /><br />
In a nutshell: It’s all about finding a good match or connection. When it’s not there, it doesn’t mean someone is wrong. They are just wrong for you.
Alpha vs Fag … why does it have to be one or the other?

Ok so on the surface the answer seems obvious, a person is either dominant or submissive. While that may be the case for some, there are some of us that have both sides to our personality.

The fetish world (as a whole) is tailored towards the notion that ‘you must be the Alpha or the bitch’ which often leaves those who would identify as more versatile feeling isolated in certain fetish communities.

In the world of FinDom this isolation is felt more greatly. For those reading this that identify as Gay, remember the torment you put yourselves through first coming to terms with the fact that you ‘liked boys in the way you are meant to like girls.’ Then going through the endless internal battles as to whether you could tell your friends your family, and then finally the moment of truth the coming out.

For most of us we chose when to come out for others they were outed and the pain and rejection that can sometimes cause stays with a person forever.

But what has this got to do with FinDom I hear you say. Well the truth is the feelings are the same. For a switch, the desire to serve someone they see as worthy of it is the same for anyone who is a slave/fag/submissive (whatever you wish to call them) yet that is just one small part of their personality. The other side is that of the Master, the part which desires to be worshiped, that gets off on having their own slave serve them and show them they deserve to be treated with such reverence and respect.

Internally a switch has to go through an emotional battle when it comes to joining sites that demand one role or the other, as they are never truly happy in just the single role there is always that voice in the back of the head whispering about how much they need the other part of them, either the salve side wanting to serve or the Alpha side demanding  they be treated as such and acknowledged as superior in their own right.

Everyone has their own opinion on this and that is fine everyone is different; but ask yourself how you would feel if part of you was always denied always restrained never able to be who you truly are. The fetish world is there to cater to those who have desires which ‘normal’ society think odd or strange, so why do we as members of that community act like those on the outside who hate us for being different?

Serving at a distance
I remarked in my last blog about some of the ways a sub/slave can be controlled at a distance. This topic fascinates me (though there's nothing quite like real-time boot service, let me tell you).  

One of my favourite quotes is from Orwell, in Nineteen-Eighty-Four, which really sums things up well:

“How does one man assert his power over another, Winston?“

Winston thought. “By making him suffer”, he said.

“Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing. 

There are few better descriptions of the power exchange dynamic in BDSM.  The distinctive of BDSM is that that power exchange is - or should be -  consensual and voluntary.  That makes it all the better.  

Kink Glossary - Submissive Types
This is a brief description of the different types of Submissives that can be found on this site:

Faggot: Lowest of the low. Faggots are those who crave degradation, humiliation and usually seek out and thrive with Sadists. They neither deserve or should receive any form of respect or compassion.

Sub: Probably as high as you can get on the pecking order is a Submissive. They are subservient and tend to dabble in areas best with Dominants. These people have limits and safe words that they are more likely to use than any other on this list.

Slave: Usually owned and similar in ways to a Sub. A Slave works best with Masters. They are to be trained until their Masters whims and desires are obeyed without a second thought.

Pig: In one word "Filth". Pigs get on best with other Pigs which can be either Dominant or Submissive. These people love acts such as Watersports, Scat, Mud and even some forms of Humiliation.

Pup: Speaks for itself. This type love obedience and training, but can crave attention and affection. Not necessarily into sexual acts or Bondage. Pups thrive best with Handlers.

Next blog will cover what I call the Greeks. 

My ideal slave
My ideal slave. I have been taking some time out to think about what I require for my slave.

These are my conclusions.
As a slave you will take piss/spit, be sniffing licking my armpits, have slaps, humiliation, degradation, abuse, verbal, light pain/torture, being taught your place, CP, CBT, chastity, collars dog leash, be treated like a dog, face sitting, stomping, caning/whipping, spanking, bondage with candle wax dripping on your balls. Finally you will be solvent and very generous to your master.