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Is it permissible for a fag to object to its time being wasted?
Posted by humbled

It is not my intention to ruffle any feathers with this.

Most Dom/Master profiles on here - maybe 70 -  80%? - reference a disdain for time wasters. Understandable. Time wasting subs are apparently pretty common, and no Superior deserves that.

If permitted, I would like to express a similar sentiment for time wasters who are Doms - specifically, Doms who pull you into chat on another platform and immediately start trashing this site. And then, of course, demand that you use another platform to pay them.

Sirs - I'm on here because this is the site I chose, not just to meet Superiors, but also to pay them. I load money on here - both because I have to be on a budget for this, and because I value the protections this site offers me as a faggot when paying Superiors.

Asking me to chat with you elsewhere and then badmouthing the means which with you found me is poor form.

Please don't do it.

Apologies to any Doms who are offended by this, my hope is that it will be something most of us can agree on.

My new idea to serve Masters even more The 10£ Thursday!
Posted by enslaved


Short summary for happy and entertained Masters and slaves! At least from my personal experiences,

Monday is tribute day; Master decides how much, where and  how to tribute. No Master?Ask an Alpha  you fancy for a tribute opportunity. 

Lucky slaves who were kindly given a debt contract usually pay a part every monday but that is Master to decide.

Tuesday is rest day! This is needed to keep the fun of submission going on. Not to get bored and for both Masters and slaves to have a think on how to make things even  greater  and better for you two..

Which brins us to Wednesday. .

A play day for slaves to sneak in Master(s) wish list & buy a small (or big) something for the Master or Masters you like. See my blog post about wish list Wednesday (on my profile).

Friday is known fagtax.

Time for a new tribute occasion; I am launching: the 10£ Thursday!

A day, we slaves will choose one or more Masters we fancy and send him (or them) a 10£ gift (or 100 tips), Easy and fun.

Tributing  every day is not what makes a good slave.

It is not the frequency nor the amount that make a good helpful, useful and faithful slave.

I truly think a good slave and a good Master will depend on what you look for, what you like, how you get along together, how everyone behaves and what kind of dom/sub relation you will build up together.

But then, tributing everyday or very regularly is fun and hot! Why do without?  At least, if you can afford it and if and you want this!

My opinion: It doesn’t have to be big! Many small tributes or targets on  regular basis are just as exciting and effective. The important thing being to show  submission and devotion.

So far then my new idea & way for an extra tribute occasionw hich I think is can be nice and fun for both Masters andlaves but that is up to you,

This, as my previous tributing games & ways were created to please and entertain Master as well as all Masters and slaves on the site

Many verified Masters without a slave and many single slaves! I like those games and different habits of tributing on weekly basis because it is giving all Masters the occasion to be tributed and it gives all slaves the opportunity and fun to tribute one or several Masters without getting engaged,

have fun,



An unexpected find….
Posted by BikerSubUk

I’ve been on this site for a while now and had some great fun, I’ve met some lovely people but someone I met recently compelled me to sit and write a blog to mark the occasion. This is my storey of that encounter such as it is: 

If you’re looking for a shouty aggressive agro Dom there are far better choices, take your money and get some quick thrills with many of the other Masters out there and you’ll have a great time. 

If you’re looking for someone completely different then keep reading. I randomly started chatting to Master Trigger a number of weeks ago and was surprised at how quickly we clicked. Days went past with the chat getting better and better and he got me to relax and open up to him. We had great banter, he gave me some amazing advice and before long was helping me understand some of the struggles I am dealing with as a cash sub. 

The conversation is engaging, the advice is exemplary and the support he’s given me has been really valuable. Master Trigger deeply understands the mindset of a sub, the mechanics of sustainable findom and is a hugely clever individual, he could outsmart me in a second. The single most impressive point I’m here to make is that he’s not once asked me for a single tribute and has genuinely made himself available to help me out as a fellow findom enthusiast. 

I’ve actually brought him a couple of beers purely because I value you his help so much, purely out of gratitude and respect!

I could see myself developing things further with him in time but it’s so nice to find a Dom who’s interest is the kink over the cash. They say it’s what we do, not what we have that makes us who we are, I could not think of more fitting words. 

Posted by servus

Sometimes i wish there was a dungeon for Masters. i respect all of them even if i serve mostly one, but there is one kind i really hate: poachers. Those i think would be appropriately described as "the most vile of creatures on Owned Fags" and as such, they would deserve a MoA offered all-inclusive lodging in the dungeon.

MoA has gone through a lot of efforts to make it clear what ownership means, but still some "Masters" would try to approach owned slaves in the hope of being served, sometimes even insulting the Owner and trying to lower Him in the eyes of the slave. This is absolutely unacceptable.

I am lucky to be owned by a very generous Owner who is not jealous, and who allows me to serve His friends as well as some other Masters whom i feel inclined to. The only limit is i am not allowed to serve a few Masters who have been offensive to Him or hurtful to one of my slave brothers in the past. This DNS ("do not serve") list is very short (3 Masters at the moment if i am counting well). As such i often pay small tributes or gifts to other Masters as Sir Coinnigh, Sir youngswimmerboy or MoA Himself can witness, but i never do it in the back of my Owner and He fully approves of it. It also doesn't mean i would serve a Master i am not inclined to, except if my Master ordered it of course.

I posted what i thought was a clear warning on my profile months ago stating that i didn't want to be approached by poachers, and that i would take appropriate actions, but this doesn't seem to be enough, maybe because some Masters are so full of themselves that they believe it doesn't apply to them, or just because they don't read profiles, whatever...

So from now on this is how i will deal with poachers who contact me:
- first time i will answer them politely i am not interested in serving them and remind them i am owned (at this stage i would not consider them as poachers)
- if they insist, which makes them poachers, i will ignore them
- if they still insist (for instance by sending me targets) i will let it publicly known they are poachers by posting a negative comment on their profile
- if they go on i will report them to MoA.

The only reason i don't report them sooner is i think MoA has a much better use for His time improving the site than dealing with such scums and i don't want to bother Him unnecessarily.
How to spot a time waster
Posted by Knoxx

In this blog I will provide a list of ways to spot a time waster in order to help new doms make money and expel these wastes of space. A BDSM time waster is someone that pays you for your services then cancels the transaction or strings you along thinking they will eventually pay you but never do. I just want to provide my list of tips because I feel time watsers they have a sense and can tell when a dom is new and tend to hone in on him. They screw over this poor new dom who is just trying to break through. So if I can just help a few new doms avoid time wasters I will be so happy. 

1. Profile names. Do avoid profiles that have the name Paypig, Pig, or Findomloser, Humanatmmachine, do not trust them. In my experience just when someone puts pig or cashcow in their name they are fake. If for example you are on twitter look at what he has tweeted and if he is constantly tweeting things about tributing his Master but there is no link to the Masters profile, the Master doesn't exist. 

2. So I have been conned by time wasters in the past that say they are into teamviewer wallet fucks. So I thought fair enough they get turned on by the loss of their control over their computer, so I saw the logic. So I use to buy loads of stuff off my wishlist only to find the next day they had been canceled. In my experience subs that like teamviewer are fake. What you should do before you session with one these guys is say ok will send me 100 tips and anything extra we can do on teamviewer. If he says no I only enjoy being rinsed on teamviewer, he is a time waster. At the end of the day if he is prepared to spend "100's" on you but will not cough up a tenner in tips then that is a definite red flag. 

3. If a slave professes to be into financial domination and calls himself a pay pig etc etc and he says he enjoys being rinsed, wallet fucked, stuff like that, he is a liar. I have only had an experience with a couple of genuine financial slaves and these people never use terms such as paypig, or wallet fuck. What they will do is they will tribute you for no reason. They will randomly buy you something off your wish list. That is a financial submissive. Not someone in live chat that proclaims they want to be wallet fucked or rinsed etc etc. Actions speak louder than words. 

I hope this can help you.


Sustainable Sending
Posted by subcorey

A message inspired by an earnest discussion among several fags in chat.

Sustainable sending simply means sending what you can afford to send. A straightforward notion yet quite difficult for many finsubs to master. It is the key to long lasting servitude and financial stability. A concept drilled into me years ago by the first Dom I served that I always keep top of mind is: a broke fag is a useless fag.

What cash slave hasn’t stroked to the idea of a massive drain? Dropping hundreds or thousands in a single ruinous session. It can be arousing beyond measure, yet it can leave you feeling broken and resentful. At its worst it results in slaves deleting profiles and ghosting their Masters.

Too often fags are guided by the little cocklet between their legs, which can lead to bad decisions. While  you should always strive to please your Master, both in tribute and in other ways; you need to play the long game. How best can you serve Him sustainably over time? Aim for years of service, not just a few weeks of mindless stroking.

Take the time to figure out what you can actually afford to send. It can seemingly take the fun out of it, but coming up with a budget will help keep you from overdoing it. There will always be slaves who can send more than you, that’s just a fact. Focus on what you are able to affordably send rather than trying to compete with those with deeper pockets.

Even seasoned subs can fall prey to sending more than they should. When it happens it's imperative that you communicate to your Master that you will need a period of recovery. If He is a wise Dom He will understand, if not then it’s time to move on. Smart Masters will want to cultivate a lasting relationship, not drain you into oblivion then hang you out to dry.

The best Masters know how to guide their fags in sending sustainably. There are always those who will push a slave past its limits, but it's still up to the slave to inform the Master that they can’t afford to send more. We're all adults here, both the Master and the slave share responsibility. The slave not to oversend and the Master not to ruin the slave.

Now that doesn’t mean you should waste a Dom’s time simply to pinch some pennies. Don’t accept targets you can’t complete. Don’t promise more than you can send. If you're having trouble managing your sending, try asking your Master to require permission to send to help keep you grounded. If you can’t send more until your next pay, ask how else you can please Him. True submission and servitude extends beyond tip counts.

Be the best fag that you can be for them, but do it sustainably so you can continue to do so for years to come. The Masters may be in control, but that doesn’t mean you can abrogate your own responsibility to keep your head above water.

A concise vademecum for new Masters
Posted by cynic

Fill in your profile, remembering to imbue it with superiority, and disdain for all life forms other than Masters. Please don't forget to mention that you don't need money but you want it because it rightly belongs to you only.

Post the compulsory middle finger photo. Better if you manage to get your feet in, and bonus points if you are doing something very dexterous with the other middle finger, such as spinning a basketball or peeling a pineapple (holding your phone doesn't count).

Boast that you are God or God-like or a second cousin once removed of Satan's.

Start messaging random slaves informing them that a new supernatural being is in their midst.

When you get messages, complimenting you on your appearance or on the words of wisdom contained in you profile, do not say thank-you but just answer asking for a tribute: now!

Get in a fight with another Master at the earliest opportunity to prove your masculinity and superiority but avoid turning it into a drama: only fags do drama.

Go into the chat room and make a statement which enforces the natural order, I don't know something like "fags don't have brains"... be creative. You are the brainbox. remember?

When you realise that there are far more Master than tributing slaves, try poaching one or two. Don't forget the Hollandaise sauce.

Set targets for random slaves... someone will be stupid or weak enough to accept it. And when they complete it, remember to never ever acknowledge it or - heaven forbid ! - thank them.

Play hot and cold with your slaves... ignore them or disappear for a while. It is guaranteed to drive them wild and make them loosen their purses' strings.

10 Tips for Masters Who Are New to OwnedFags
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

My blogs are typically about submission. How to serve better etc.

This one is specifically for Masters new to the site. Read up & enjoy.

Feel free to DM if anything below is unclear.

1. Read the rules.

Read the website rules. Read about kink, about D/s ownership.

Read up on findom.

If you're going to try a new kink a sub proposes. Study it. Ask other Alphas.

Everyone starts somewhere. You are given the power to govern a slave's body, mind, and wallet.

Wield that power responsibly, within the guidelines set for this community.

The only tribute allowed here are those sent with OwnedFags tips. No other tribute methods allowed. Period.

2. It takes longer than you realize.

For every useful sub, there are 20 timewasting pretenders.

For every lasting sub, it takes 20 who are fleetingly useful.

So if you're a math guy: that's roughly a 0.25% ownership rate on every sub interaction you have.

Lots of empty-handed, empty-headed strokers. The truly servile sluts are few & far between.

3. Don't do it for the money.

Ultimately, no one is here for the money (or shouldn't be). It's a fun byproduct of a kink: findom.

Findom is about power exchange through currency transfer. Much like bondage is through mobility transfer.

It's just another vector for a submissive to surrender to its Dominant, whether in session or lasting servitude.

If you need money, get a job or sell items. Desperate Alphas are always see-through, and fail. Just truth.

4. Build relationships with other Alphas.

Focus on the other Dominants here. Chat with them. Learn without being clingy about it.

Some, like myself, occasionally whore out their owned fags.

Especially at first, do not DM any slave here that has a lock; that is officially owned. Never.

If that slave reaches out, message the Alpha first.

Once you create a rapport with the Alpha, learn which owned sluts are allowed to & choose to chat, then do so.

Ultimately, conduct yourself so that you are earning the respect of your Alpha peers first and foremost. Always.

5. Find your style.

Emulation is natural. As with any craft, there will be those you look up to.

Take care not to let emulation become imitation. No one likes a copycat.

Find your original voice within the aspects of others you admire.

Ultimately, the most successful Alphas here are such because they are true to themselves.

For instance, I'm a soft-spoken Master. At times, I get harsh, but it's not My innate voice.

I know that, and I stick to it. Others do the opposite. It's about range & authenticity.

6. Build your brand.

A fair bit of domination is marketing. Content is king, engagement is queen, context is god.

Post as often as you can (without spamming). Find a cadence that works.

Few subs are attracted to empty profiles. Post pics. Make vids. Write blogs. Chat publicly.

Engage with others' posts and content, esp Alphas. Care about this community; not just yourself.

7. Set limits, and respect others’.

Not every sub will be a match with you. Maybe you hate piss play; piss pigs won't align with your style.

Maybe you want to solely focus on findom. Maybe findom is secondary to you.

Many subs focus on real-time meets, and even within that types of meets (eg dungeon play).

Be clear about your desires, your dislikes, and focus on those with whom your dynamic could line up.

8. Recognize the toll this takes.

Drop is real. The defeat, deflation, or other such blues felt in kink.

It can be sub drop following a heavy drain or kink session.

it can be Alpha drop after 15 timewasters exhaust you mentally.

Maybe your personal life is impacting your motivation to dominate, or create content.

Be mindful of the weight of your work here.

Yes, dominance is effortless.

But domination is hard work. And acknowledging that is crucial to lasting success.

Take days off. Communicate them to your slaves. The real ones will understand.

Likewise, sometimes subs need to step away. Not all Alphas accept that, but it is equally normal.

9. It isn't a competition.

It's easy to get caught up in the points. The Pantheon & slave market positions.

I've been guilty of it, as I'm sure many others are.

Domination (and submission) are about the intimacy & thrill of power exchange.

Owning a fag is about fulfilling Your Alpha desires together, through their sacrifice & your domination.

Each dynamic is unique. It's own singular bond. No two subs should compete, even serving the same Master.

And no two Masters should compete, because I'll never be Garboss, SkinbossDan, or Fidelio.

They have their styles, their successes, their subs. I have Mine. That's a great thing.

It's the range of kink, and domination.

10. Have fun with it.

I've learned so much about myself through domination.

How sadistic I can be. How compassionate I am.

If you aren't here to enjoy yourself, and create enjoyment for others (even with pain or struggle)

Then you're likely here for the wrong reasons.

Consider this an extensions of "don't do it for the money".


2022 Q1/Q2 update
Posted by MasterOfAll

Hi everyone,

This blog is a bit of an update on what you can expect for the last part of Q1 and going into Q2 of 2022.

There is quite a lot here so please come back to the blog if you do not have time to read it all now.

1) Adult material

I recently ran a poll on the site asking for your views on if adult material is essential to the site, and how people would feel if it was removed. The results were that about two thirds of people wouldn’t be bothered and one third of people felt it would damage their experience.

I have taken some time to think about these results and have also looked more into what the new UK laws coming into effect (Online Safety Bill 2022) would mean for the site.

Taking everything into account, I have decided that for the good of the site adult material WILL be removed in the coming months. Adult material WILL still be allowed to be shared via PM; we cannot have anything public though.

Removing adult material will mean we will not have to comply with the new age verification procedures, but also it will also mean other benefits outlined below.

2) Identity verification only for withdrawing Tips

Removal of adult material will mean users will not have to verify their identity to upload content as they currently do. Users will still need to complete these steps to withdraw Tips though in order to comply with money laundering laws.

3) New payment methods

Removal of adult material will open the site up to other payment method possibilities. One of the reasons we have so few at the moment is that a lot of payment providers will not work with adult sites, and those that do will take a huge cut and also put other restrictions on the site such as filtering certain words.

We will be partnering with REVOLUT in order to add further payment processing abilities to the site, these will include card payments, payments via REVOLUT pay, payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

REVOLUT will become our preferred payment provider for card payments as they only charge a 1% fee + 20p to process; as opposed to the almost 14% that Verotel currently charge us.

Having these MUCH cheaper processing fees means we can then lower other fees such as the Tip withdrawal fee. More on that in the coming months.

4) Less aggressive word filter

As stated before, not having adult material will release us from certain obligations, this will mean a less aggressive word filter, making for a better, more natural experience for all.

5) Site name change

The world has changed a lot since 2013 when the site was first set up, and honestly, not much thought was given to the name when it was. I understand (from people telling me) that ‘fag’ is not really a word that some people are comfortable with, and it has put some people off of joining.

We will be undergoing a name change and a soft re-launch of the site going into Q2. All user data and accounts will remain as they are, it is just the name that will be changing along with some new visual enhancements.

More information will be given closer to the rebrand.

These are the biggest changes to come and I feel they are a positive step for the site. More options, cheaper fees and a site more focused on Findom and Ownership than before.

Please provide your thoughts in the comments, I understand some people may not be happy with these changes, and that’s fine, but please be respectful and try to see the bigger picture before commenting.

I really believe that these changes will allow the site to grow bigger and faster than before and I am actually quite excited to see what possibilities are opened up by them.


Faggot 101 - #1: On Doubt and Hiding
Posted by LordCumalot

Almost every faggot, whether it is owned or whoring around, whether its new to the scene of has been around for ages, wether its a cashfag or a fuckhole, has its weak moments. Every faggot comes to a point, where it doubts what its doing is right. And where it feels like hiding from its Alpha(s), running away, backing off.

And that is alright. Even the BEST and most SUBMISSIVE cunt is still a human being. And every cunt is entitled to take its emotions seriously. Even more, the fact that a fuckhole reflects upon what it is doing, and what its role in life IS, is an important part of being a faggot and an (owned) slave!

So, what to do in these weak moments? How to deal with a situation that can (and most likely WILL) deeply affect your relationship with your Master, Owner, Alpha or God?


If a fag is feeling overwhelmed or scared, it shouldn't just try to ignore those sentiments. Even if that might be a helpful copingmechanism in that specific moment, it WILL come back to haunt you later. Then, with an even stronger urge to run away!


The best way to deal with these situations is to talk to your Master! A GOOD Master shows interest in his faggots, and wants them to feel as safe and heard(!) as possible. A GOOD master will allow you to work it through, and find a way that works for you both. Only THEN will you be able to become the best cunt you can be!

Talk to your Alpha! Tell him about your doubts, your weakness, accept the fact that you're struggeling and share your feelings. Only then, your Master will be able to walk you through it


Last but not least, you should make sure to NEVER rush any decisions in a time of weakness. If a cunt runs away, hides and doesn't respond to messages, a Master is probably NOT happy about this behaviour. Take your time, tell your Master you need some time to think, and DON'T rush any decisions. 

A deep, intense and long-lasting faggot-Alpha relationship should be based on trust, communication and mutual(!) respect. So trust in your Master to support you in times of struggle!

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