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10 Tips for Masters Who Are New to OwnedFags

My blogs are typically about submission. How to serve better etc.

This one is specifically for Masters new to the site. Read up & enjoy.

Feel free to DM if anything below is unclear.

1. Read the rules.

Read the website rules. Read about kink, about D/s ownership.

Read up on findom.

If you're going to try a new kink a sub proposes. Study it. Ask other Alphas.

Everyone starts somewhere. You are given the power to govern a slave's body, mind, and wallet.

Wield that power responsibly, within the guidelines set for this community.

The only tribute allowed here are those sent with OwnedFags tips. No other tribute methods allowed. Period.

2. It takes longer than you realize.

For every useful sub, there are 20 timewasting pretenders.

For every lasting sub, it takes 20 who are fleetingly useful.

So if you're a math guy: that's roughly a 0.25% ownership rate on every sub interaction you have.

Lots of empty-handed, empty-headed strokers. The truly servile sluts are few & far between.

3. Don't do it for the money.

Ultimately, no one is here for the money (or shouldn't be). It's a fun byproduct of a kink: findom.

Findom is about power exchange through currency transfer. Much like bondage is through mobility transfer.

It's just another vector for a submissive to surrender to its Dominant, whether in session or lasting servitude.

If you need money, get a job or sell items. Desperate Alphas are always see-through, and fail. Just truth.

4. Build relationships with other Alphas.

Focus on the other Dominants here. Chat with them. Learn without being clingy about it.

Some, like myself, occasionally whore out their owned fags.

Especially at first, do not DM any slave here that has a lock; that is officially owned. Never.

If that slave reaches out, message the Alpha first.

Once you create a rapport with the Alpha, learn which owned sluts are allowed to & choose to chat, then do so.

Ultimately, conduct yourself so that you are earning the respect of your Alpha peers first and foremost. Always.

5. Find your style.

Emulation is natural. As with any craft, there will be those you look up to.

Take care not to let emulation become imitation. No one likes a copycat.

Find your original voice within the aspects of others you admire.

Ultimately, the most successful Alphas here are such because they are true to themselves.

For instance, I'm a soft-spoken Master. At times, I get harsh, but it's not My innate voice.

I know that, and I stick to it. Others do the opposite. It's about range & authenticity.

6. Build your brand.

A fair bit of domination is marketing. Content is king, engagement is queen, context is god.

Post as often as you can (without spamming). Find a cadence that works.

Few subs are attracted to empty profiles. Post pics. Make vids. Write blogs. Chat publicly.

Engage with others' posts and content, esp Alphas. Care about this community; not just yourself.

7. Set limits, and respect others’.

Not every sub will be a match with you. Maybe you hate piss play; piss pigs won't align with your style.

Maybe you want to solely focus on findom. Maybe findom is secondary to you.

Many subs focus on real-time meets, and even within that types of meets (eg dungeon play).

Be clear about your desires, your dislikes, and focus on those with whom your dynamic could line up.

8. Recognize the toll this takes.

Drop is real. The defeat, deflation, or other such blues felt in kink.

It can be sub drop following a heavy drain or kink session.

it can be Alpha drop after 15 timewasters exhaust you mentally.

Maybe your personal life is impacting your motivation to dominate, or create content.

Be mindful of the weight of your work here.

Yes, dominance is effortless.

But domination is hard work. And acknowledging that is crucial to lasting success.

Take days off. Communicate them to your slaves. The real ones will understand.

Likewise, sometimes subs need to step away. Not all Alphas accept that, but it is equally normal.

9. It isn't a competition.

It's easy to get caught up in the points. The Pantheon & slave market positions.

I've been guilty of it, as I'm sure many others are.

Domination (and submission) are about the intimacy & thrill of power exchange.

Owning a fag is about fulfilling Your Alpha desires together, through their sacrifice & your domination.

Each dynamic is unique. It's own singular bond. No two subs should compete, even serving the same Master.

And no two Masters should compete, because I'll never be Garboss, SkinbossDan, or Fidelio.

They have their styles, their successes, their subs. I have Mine. That's a great thing.

It's the range of kink, and domination.

10. Have fun with it.

I've learned so much about myself through domination.

How sadistic I can be. How compassionate I am.

If you aren't here to enjoy yourself, and create enjoyment for others (even with pain or struggle)

Then you're likely here for the wrong reasons.

Consider this an extensions of "don't do it for the money".


How to fully control Your sub in 9 steps

1:  You  need to get into his head.

-Learn his fantasies and what turns him on.  Use this information against him and to Your advantage.

-Find out what humiliates him, and to what level.

-Make him show his loyalty to You regularly. Reward him, even if it’s just with positive attention when he does show loyalty.

- Aside from family, close friends and work, give him 0% privacy.  Don’t hide this process from him, make him partake in handing it over to you in ways that demonstrate how he is “losing the privacy.”  

-Make him need You for everything.  Point out how You help him, how You guide him, and how You accept the negative things about him.

- h******s, especially while they are resting can help transfer messages, ideas and ideals about You deep into their faggot head.


2:  Punish him often for everything, no exceptions!

- Don’t let him get away with anything!  When You let your sub get away with something. You are telling him that You don’t care for him and that what he did was ok.

- You can Spank, paddle, or whip him.

- Humiliate him past what is easy for him.

- Long term bondage. 

- Corner time.

- Food restrictions.

- Writing standards/lines.

- Write a book report or essay.

- Ground him/take away privileges.

- Wash his mouth out with soap.

- Make him do anything he hates.

- Get creative and make the punishment match the crime.

- Never use separation or the threat of leaving/ending Your control over him as a punishment.  That is counterproductive to the end goal (trust and service) and is detrimental to the faggot.



3:  Routinely discipline him.  This is different than punishment.

- Spank him once a week, just because You can, not too hard, not too soft.

-Humiliate him often.

- 5-10 minuets of corner time a day can do wonders for him, like a sub’s meditation.

- If he is stressed, give him a break and put him in some comfy bondage for a while.  You may or may not want to integrate impact play with this.  For lots of subs, some pain can really help elevate their mode for the rest of the day or longer.

- Routine discipline will save You time and energy in the long run.  You will have to punish him less as a result.

- Taking care of You can be part of his discipline.  Have him do Your laundry, cleaning, etc. 





4:  On some level, even if it’s small, keep Your sub horny for You.

- Talk sexy to him.

-Sexualize non sexual things/activities You are interested in. He will see whatever it is You’ve sexualized as such and be more interested/eager to engage.

- Have Your sub do some or all of Your body grooming. This can be Your baths, Your nails, shaving, trimming, waxing, etc.

- Scare him by telling him when and what You’re going to do to him in the near future.  Always follow through.

- Send him text messages with orders to do something sexual.

- Make him give You orgasms.  This is different from sex.  This is a service.

- Let him rest on You to smell You as You watch TV or read.

- Give him underwear/items of Yours to smell as he sleeps.

- h******s, especially while Your sub sleeps can help with this too.


5:  Control Your own feelings of guilt.

-      Your sub needs You to be strong “with” him.  You may, and in most long term cases, should, show vulnerabilities in Yourself for other aspects of Your life. However, when it comes to him and Your control over him, be firm!

-      Some meanness and cruelty will be needed from time to time to help break Your sub down, or to keep him broken down.

-Your sub may not want everything You give him/ do to him, but he needs it, or most of it at least.

-      Letting Your sub get away with insubordinate behavior because You feel guilty adequately and severely addressing it is weak.  You need to control that shit.

-      Sub faggots need a real man who is close to them to guide them.  Sometimes real men need to show the fag that they are inferior.  This can’t always be done by talking.  And if it is done my talking, the talking can’t be politically correct/kind.

-      Humiliation/breaking him down, teaching him to serve long term, these are all things he needs.  You are filling his needs.

-      Remember, You both need to be happy.  But happiness comes from different places for different people.  If there is communication, and Your sub has communicated that he needs this life to be happy, then You are doing him a service and loving him by breaking him down and controlling him.

-      A good sub is hard to find. Don’t let the guilt of giving him what he needs stop You from doing so. What he needs may be overwhelming for him and he may break. If he does be there for him.



6: Humiliate/degrade/break him down on some level daily, some days more than others.

- Have him wear a small butt-plug for a time, wifi enabled if possible.

- Have him be naked or close to it, around You and or Your friends.

- Make him wear a collar or other symbol of inferiority.

- Make him wear a chastity device sometimes.

- Teach him “tricks” like sit, how to drop to his knees to kiss Your crotch, etc.  In public or with friends randomly call out a trick every now then. Make sure Your sub does this flawlessly without hesitation.

- Make him masturbate for You.

- Slap him in the face.

- Spit on him.

- Treat him as an inferior in public.  (Ex: he carries all bags, opens doors, eats Your leftovers, holds Your drinks, ties Your shoes  etc.)

- Make him eat his own cum sometimes.

- Talk down to him in front of others


7: Rearrange his life/time to better serve/please You.  Make sure this does not interfere with his time with loved ones or work.

- If You want to change his body to Your liking, do so.  Control his workouts, diet etc.  Make sure and be realistic with this one.

- Make sure he is available during some of Your leisure time each week so he will be able to serve You during those times.

- Put him on a resting schedule.  Lots of fags are not able to adequately manage their sleep times.  The better rested he is, the better he will serve You.

- Go through his closet/things and throw away/put away any clothing You don’t like him to be wearing.

- Sign him up to learn new tasks or prefect tasks/skills that will help You.  (Ex: massage classes, cooking classes, pet care, etc.)

- Change his grooming habits to Your liking.




8: Help Your sub be grateful for everything he has.  Make sure You are at the top of that list.  One great way to do this is to deny him things.  Yep, it’s time to say “No.”  Subs need boundaries, and saying “No” is a great way to help them with those boundaries.

- You can take away certain foods, comforts, leisure time, sex, masturbation, etc.

- Make him show his gratitude to You often.  Often, faggots will show this to You in their own way. But, most faggots will need some help/instruction on exactly how to show their gratitude to You.

- Make him explain why he deserves something. If he can’t explain why well enough. Then take it from him.

- You can take things/items from him that You know he does not need, but likes.  (Make sure he can afford for You to take them and that they are not of an additional value such as sentimental etc.)  Let him know from time to time that You enjoy something that You took from him.   By taking things away from him, You are in a sense rewarding him when You give them back. Also, nothing he has is his forever. You may need to re-take things and privileges away from him periodically so he knows they are a privilege and not a right.  Think of it like taking a food bowl away from a dog.  Your sub needs be docile enough that You can take his food bowl away from him as he is eating. He will not make a fuss and patiently wait until the food is returned

- Offer him a reward of getting to have something back. Make what you give him back relevant to what You make him do to earn it back. 




9:  None of these actions will work without real trust.

- If Your sub is Your partner, let him know how much his sub-ass completes You and Your power.

-  If Your sub is not Your partner, make sure You two are real friends, or at least care for one another on a deep level.  Let him know that You appreciate how his inferiority completes you.  The more You two know about and do with each other, the more thoroughly You can control him.

-Part of trust on the sub’s side is trusting that You will follow through when You say You are going to do something to him or are going to make him do something.  Follow through always!

 -  When a sub fully trusts You, he can submit to You his mind and privacy. This Lets You go in and re-arrange/manage his life.

- Subs need constant reassurance.  Let him know that no matter what, he is Yours.  If a quality sub feels disposable, he will look for another Dom who appreciates his surrender.

- If Your life is getting too hard for a bit or You need help with something, trust that Your sub will be able to take over for You and act in Your best interest until You are back in shape.  Giving subs this responsibility will either make him feel trusted and good, or upset that You are not actively controlling him 100% of the time.  If he gets upset and does not step up and take over for You, then drop him like a hot potato.

-Talk to Your sub often.  Ask him how he is feeling, and let him honestly know how You are feeling on anything and everything.




Please note:

 Do not ever deny him from being with core friends or family.  In fact, you need to encourage that.  Make sure he understands that the happiness that comes from being with them is “second” to the happiness that he brings them. Make him understand that if he pulls away from loved ones while he is under Your control, his loved ones will suffer. Inevitably, this will be very good for him.  Now, for Your own piece of mind, make sure that his bonds grow with his family and core friends.  A sub without a support group is a liability.  If things go sour between you two, and Your sub has transitioned over the past few years to serve You in every way, then he will be devastatingly lost when his submission to You ends.  That is not a humane thing to do with a sub.  As a Dom, it is Your job to guide the sub.  Most subs will get lost in their submission to their Dom.  This is a beautiful thing.  But with that comes responsibility for the Dom.  You not only need to be thinking in Your best interest, but Your sub’s best interest too.  This includes his mental health both with You, and during the transition if and when you two separate. 



Important: The following is a list of things to control a sub only. Please do not implement these ideas if You do not care about and are not committed to Your sub.  This list is not all inclusive of how to treat Your sub. This list leaves out the important kind necessities that Your sub needs such as reassurance, love, respect, being protected, allowed to be protective of You etc.  These ideas are for a long term 24/7 arrangements, not a scene.  Not everything will apply in every case, and there may be things on the list that will not work for You.

How to spot a time waster
In this blog I will provide a list of ways to spot a time waster in order to help new doms make money and expel these wastes of space. A BDSM time waster is someone that pays you for your services then cancels the transaction or strings you along thinking they will eventually pay you but never do. I just want to provide my list of tips because I feel time watsers they have a sense and can tell when a dom is new and tend to hone in on him. They screw over this poor new dom who is just trying to break through. So if I can just help a few new doms avoid time wasters I will be so happy. 

1. Profile names. Do avoid profiles that have the name Paypig, Pig, or Findomloser, Humanatmmachine, do not trust them. In my experience just when someone puts pig or cashcow in their name they are fake. If for example you are on twitter look at what he has tweeted and if he is constantly tweeting things about tributing his Master but there is no link to the Masters profile, the Master doesn't exist. 

2. So I have been conned by time wasters in the past that say they are into teamviewer wallet fucks. So I thought fair enough they get turned on by the loss of their control over their computer, so I saw the logic. So I use to buy loads of stuff off my wishlist only to find the next day they had been canceled. In my experience subs that like teamviewer are fake. What you should do before you session with one these guys is say ok will send me 100 tips and anything extra we can do on teamviewer. If he says no I only enjoy being rinsed on teamviewer, he is a time waster. At the end of the day if he is prepared to spend "100's" on you but will not cough up a tenner in tips then that is a definite red flag. 

3. If a slave professes to be into financial domination and calls himself a pay pig etc etc and he says he enjoys being rinsed, wallet fucked, stuff like that, he is a liar. I have only had an experience with a couple of genuine financial slaves and these people never use terms such as paypig, or wallet fuck. What they will do is they will tribute you for no reason. They will randomly buy you something off your wish list. That is a financial submissive. Not someone in live chat that proclaims they want to be wallet fucked or rinsed etc etc. Actions speak louder than words. 

I hope this can help you.


I punished my slave for sending tips
This might sound unusual to some, but I'm sure most of you will understand. 

Since this slave started serving me, he's showed nothing but absolute loyalty, commitment and devotion. Before he met me, he was serving random master after random master, looking for the right one for him, to the point that he ended up in a dangerous financial situation. Besides, this corona pandemic is seriously affecting his business. So I accepted him as my own slave and helped him control his impulses. I forbid any tribute beyond his weekly tax and set a maximum of one gift from my wishlist per month, with a maximum value of €30. I did this to protect him and make sure that he will be able to serve for a long time.

Yesterday, he disobeyed me for the first time. While I was taking a nap, he came to OF and sent me a gift. Under normal circumstances, that would have put a smile on my face, but these are not normal circumstances. He says he did it because he got jealous seeing that other slaves had been sending me gifts, which I understand, but there's no excuse for disobedience. 

Starting today, he's locked until further notice. I've locked him in the past just for fun, but this is different.  Not being allowed to cum for a while will give him time to reflect on what he did. It could be for a day, a week, a month... uncertainty adds another layer of suffering.

Being a master means having power over someone, but that power comes with responsability. Even though punishment can be unpleasant, it's for his own good. I'm sure this will make our relationship even stronger.

Cashfag pay raise

Even though i'm an unworthy faggot, i recently was given a promotion at work accompanied by an undeserved pay raise(rise). 

i've blogged before about how payday can be difficult for a cashfag -- seeing that bank account go up, and feeling the urge to dispose of it by sending as much as reasonably possible to better men.  What goes up must come down, and all that.  Well, an increase in salary would only make things worse!  The selfless fag wants none of that for himself. 

The solution was clear and easy: send 100% of the increased income to masters.  If a fag was able to survive sustainably and serve superiors comfortably before the pay raise, then the fag doesn't need to keep any of the raise and can send all of it away. 

Knowing that the increased pay would be tributed to superiors, i was motivated to negotiate for an even higher salary.  Since it was all destined for Alphas, it would be wrong of me not to ask for more, if more could be given.  To my surprise, though the negotiation was tough, they accepted my counteroffer.  i was proud to accept the higher salary and to try hard to find more opportunities to submit it all to deserving masters. 

The essence of this site
It happens more and more often fags approach Me saying how hot and sexy I look and stuff like that and then when I talk about tributing they candidly admit: oh sorry Sir am not into fin dom, i am here just because Men are hot.... well I find that SO disrespectful and undermining the real spirit of this site.... others think of tributes as a sort of fee to pay to then be able to tell Masters what to do when and how... a totally wrong approach to fin dom for Me.... just accept the rules of the game, be here to fully enjoy the experience and submit happily or go wanking elsewhere useless timewasters!
10 Tips for subs New to OwnedFags

10 Tips for subs New to OwnedFags

I recently wrote a similar piece for new Masters. 

This one is specifically for submissives new to the site. Read up & enjoy.

Feel free to DM if anything below is unclear.

If you approach Me inquiring about this article, I won’t presume you want to serve Me.

Note: some Alphas will disagree. Ultimately, submission is about serving your Alpha.

So do what they want first and foremost. This is simply a basic set of guidelines.

I’m well aware of the similarities to the Alpha version; it’s meant to be a converse piece.

1. Read the rules.

Read the website rules. Read about kink, about D/s ownership.

Read up on findom.

If your Alpha commands a kink or task you don’t know: ask about it. Learn about it.

Don’t play dumb. It’s see-through.

Everyone starts somewhere. You are born with the purpose to worship your Superiors.

Thrive in that purpose exuberantly, within the guidelines set for this community.

The only tribute allowed here are those sent with OwnedFags tips. No other tribute methods allowed. Period.

2. Do not waste time.

I almost put this first (but reading the rules is truly critical).

Simply put: don’t waste an Alpha’s time. Don’t waste anyone’s time.

Can Alphas be pushy or talkative too? Of course. That’s not an excuse.

It’s important to get to know each O/other. That’s not an excuse.

As a sub, the onus is on you to be useful and earn an Alpha’s presence. Always.

Send before speaking, even if only a beer (which represents 50 tips or £5).

If an Alpha reaches out, don’t drag on the conversation. Serve, or decline.

Here is a short list of common excuses that signal to an Alpha a sub is time wasting:

* Scared to serve because a past Alpha mistreated or manipulated them.

* Unsure how all this works, so needs you to explain every little spoon-fed detail.

* Leads the chat with their own desires, especially time-intensive ones like cam or real-time.

* Wishes they could serve, but has to ask their other Master offsite.

* Wants to get to know you, then after a short exchange, vanishes once time to serve.

* Would definitely tribute, except their jobless or a student, so don’t have the money.

Which leads quite naturally to:

3. Tribute. 99.9% of dynamics will require it.

There are Alphas who dominate without requiring tribute. It’s an extreme rarity.

More so, you should still be offering them gifts to show gratitude.

So tribute. Be useful. Be proactive. 

Every day, your sacrifice restarts. There is no entitlement. There is no earned credit.

Be clear what you can afford. Then push yourself to the very edge of that limit, for Him.

Findom is about power exchange through currency transfer. Much like bondage is through mobility transfer.

It's just another vector for a submissive to surrender to its Dominant, whether in session or lasting servitude.

For almost every Alpha —especially this website’s community— it’s essential.

Submission is sacrifice. Sacrifice hurts. That’s the point. And it’s clearest with tribute.

4. Communicate.

If tribute is the heart of submission, communication is the brain.

Have a request? Tell your Master.

Found a new limit? Tell Him.

Feeling regret, guilt, sadness, worry from sub drop? Share it.

Feeling horny, eager, masochistic, desperate? He will use it.

Not interested in an Alpha’s DM? Tell them by declining politely.

Do not ghost. Do not leave an Alpha on read. Be better.

Learn how your Alpha likes to be referred to. Use it.

Does He want certain words in ALL CAPS, or Capital Case, or $tylized perhaps?

Do the little things (on top of the fundementals).

I have yet to encounter an instance that cannot be solved with tribute and communication. 

Sometimes only one is needed. Often some combination of the two.

5. Respect every Alpha. That doesn’t mean be boring.

D/s is a simple acronym to portray that every Dominant is above any given sub.

As such, owned, new, seasoned, cynical, or otherwise: respect every Alpha.

That means be courteous in chat. Reply in DMs.

A simple “Sorry [Sir/Boss/Master/God] but I am not interested. Have a good day.” goes a long way. 

That doesn’t mean you always have to tiptoe around Alphas, or feel scared to engage.

Chat with Us. We may poke fun. We may taunt. That’s part of the D/s community.

It will teach you about the Alpha mind, and about yourself. 

An Alpha is usually more generous with an amusing slave than a vapid cunt.

6. There are many types of subs. Know what you are.

There are owned subs who live to serve their one true Master.

There are owned sluts who are loyal to a Master, but serve many.

The Master knows this, and sometimes even encourages it.

There are community/session whores who serve freely, to all.

Some subs like the games here. Others enjoy camming. Some love tasks.

Some subs fuck their Alphas non-stop. Some live at the glory hole.

Others are straight & married to women. Others are asexual.

Subs clean apartments. Subs get filmed tied up in dungeons.

Kink is a massive spectrum. For every sub, exists an Alpha.

If you’re completely new to BDSM, take a kink quiz online.

Once you know what you want, and what you are:

7. Express your wants & limits clearly.

Lasting submission begins with finding the right fit.

Many Alphas reach out to new slaves.

Verify your account.

Complete your profile.

If you just took the aforementioned quiz, post the results to your profile.

Add as much *concise* detail as possible. No one wants to read a brick of text.

Be clear about the type of Alpha or dynamic you enjoy.

Be clear about any limits, experience, and considerations you have.

If you’re stuck, go to the Slave Market and observe the top slaves’ profiles.

Do not copy them. 

Use them as a reference to construct your own original thoughts.

8. You will fail. Learn from it.

I’ve seen spectacular fuckups from subs.

And smaller day-to-day mistakes.

This might be an innocent hiccough, or a willful blunder.

Either way. To revisit #2, the best apology is said with tribute.

Then own your failure, and explain to your Alpha you know what went wrong.

Moreover, explain how you will improve, and grow.

Then commit to that growth, and do not repeat your mistake.

9. Building dynamics takes time.

For every Alpha you crave, there will be others that demand your servitude.

For every Alpha you serve, there will be others you crave.

For the Alpha who owns you, you may want to also serve others.

I cannot speak to numbers here. 

I’ve never discussed this with My subs to know how many Alphas reach out. 

It’s a part of being a useful sub. It’s appealing to other Alphas to see a slave serve its Master.

So, be useful, and be prepared for it to be noticed.

10. It isn't a competition.

It's easy to get caught up in the points. The Pantheon & slave market positions.

I've been guilty of it as an Alpha, as I'm sure many others are on both sides.

Submission (and domination) is about the intimacy & thrill of power exchange.

Finding the right Alpha for you isn’t just about W/who’s on top (pun intended).

Is success attractive? Obviously. Does it signal a certain experience? Generally.

Are those in the Pantheon top 25 on here regularly, and actively? Almost always.

Use points as a general indicator, not as an ultimate measure. 

I know lasting ownerships for Dominants who aren’t “famous” here.

And I know subs who serve sublimely but aren’t top of the slave market.

As much in finding your Alpha(s) as in measuring your own success serving them. 

If your Master is pleased, you will know. 

If your Master is displeased, you will definitely know.

Celebrate other subs’ serving Him well. That’s the point. Don’t be jealous.

Those are your beta brothers, serving your Alpha: his desires fulfilled.

That’s all that matters.

Obvious bonus: The reality is unique to you and your Alpha (and have fun).

This article is a general guideline: you should serve, obey, and listen to your Master(s).

As I’ve said: kink is vast. The same goes for ownership, session play, and everything in-between.

If you aren’t happy, tell your Alpha. If he is unhappy, do all you can to learn why (if unclear).

Then fix it. If it doesn’t work, He can remove you from His stable, or you can leave yourself.

Don’t delete your account. This place isn’t nearly as scary as it seems. It’s a beautiful community.

Stick around, and remember:

Submission is between you and Him. Everything else here is secondary.

This isn’t a place for friction or frustration. It’s about pleasure.

Finding pleasure in pleasing your Master.


My first findom experience

I haven’t always been conscious of my dominant nature. I’ve always been a top and had high self-esteem, but I didn’t get into BDSM until I was 26 years old. It’s funny, because the first time I drained a fag was before that, and before I learned that findom was a thing.

I was a 23 years old guy in my last year of university. I was looking for some casual sex in a chatroom just to have something to do on a Sunday afternoon. Someone with the username “CajeroHumano” (HumanATM in Spanish) approached me and made me a very interesting offer. He wanted to meet me at a public place, preferably a cafe, and hand over cash while I made fun of him. Of course, I was suspicious. I had been offered money in exchange for sex before, but who would pay someone to laugh at them? Oh boy, if only I had known… 

In the end, I agreed to meet him. After all, I had nothing better to do and he lived in my area, so if he was trying to fool me, I wouldn’t waste much time. We exchanged pics so we would recognize each other. He looked like a pretty regular guy, probably in his early 30’s, not handsome, not ugly. We agreed to meet in a cafe 10 minutes from my apartment. He was already there when I arrived. He was a bit older and less thin than his pic, but there was something that told me that he was serious: his eyes. That look of fear and eagerness that I’ve become so familiar with. I sit next to him and he opened his wallet, hands trembling a bit. I said something in the line of “are you really that pathetic that you’re gonna give me your money for making fun of you?”. He didn’t answer, didn’t even nod. He just gave me a 20€ bill.

I kept humiliating him and receiving cash for the next 10 minutes, a fast drain with a result of 80 euros in my wallet and zero in his. When I was done, I just smirked at him and left the place, leaving him there to process what had just happened.

It’s such a hot memory, but I sometimes forget to count it as a findom experience because at that time I didn’t know what it was. I just thought about sharing it with you to have some fun during this lockdown, so if you want to share your first experience as a financial dominant/submissive, I’ll be happy to read it. And, hey, CajeroHumano, if you’re reading this, hit my inbox. I’d love to empty your wallet again.

A strong person (found on tumblr)
In many cases, a submissive is just a strong person looking for someone stronger.

We often talk about subs and faggots as weak creatures who are taken and used indiscriminately by powerful Men. 
But actual submission involves incredible amounts of personal strength. The ability to set aside one’s own ego in order to serve even in difficult situations is very difficult, and often requires a lot of training. The peaceable, fulfilling fruits at the end of that journey are satisfying, but the road to get there is arduous and fraught with fear and insecurities. A fag must work hard to face down everything in order to be not only pleasing to Men, but also pleasing to themselves.
This is why I’m always preaching to faggots to have enough self-respect to turn away from abusive Alphas. The strength a faggot shows in order to submit to a Man is worth too much to be treated harshly or with disrespect.
If you gather enough strength to submit to a Man, make sure he is a Man worthy of such worship. A Man who will treasure such a powerful gift of submission!

From: fagsworshipalphas on tumblr.
I'm sad to say I did not come up with this thought but I had to share it with you all.

7 deadly sins of findom (Master's perspective)
Like many Masters higher up the Pantheon, new masters often message me for advice. I'm usually happy to give some pointers unless I'm really busy. Makes me laugh really. I've not even been doing Findom for a year. To be truthful, after trying a few 'strategies' when I first joined, I've given up on that, and just try to approach it in the way that feels right to me. I'm still new to this, And I am not scared to admit when a slave tells me they've been into cash slavery for 15 years, I feel in awe and a bit intimidated.

So I've tried to learn along the way, by the mistakes I've made. And the mistakes I go on to keep making. 

This is just my thoughts. I’ve fallen guilty of these. Lots of times. I don’t always practice what I preach.


In early civilisation men were expected to work hard and contribute to society. Failure to do this was looked on as a sin.

A lazy Master just lumbers across the corridors of life. Never knowing really what he wants, so all doors of opportunity seem shut in his face. As men we must utilise whatever we have - whether it’s our mind, bodies, or both, to make sure we give the best of ourselves and push those doors open.


A CashMaster should be strong, confident and a bit conceited. But loving yourself too much is weak. Don’t say you’re the dogs bollocks - show and be you’re the dogs bollocks. And remember, as Master’s you’re only ever as good as the slaves who are serving you.


A deep-rooted trait in every Master. We don’t like to see another Master better off than us. Forever looking at the Masters getting more than us, more tributes, bigger tributes, bigger stables can be powerful though. Let that envy burn calmly within. Use it as your fuel to aim to emulate their success and get what you want.


Anger is easy. But getting angry with the right people, to the right extent, for the right reason and in the right way. That’s fucking nearly impossible.

Most of us have probably fallen guilty to road rage. That fucking fury that comes over you as a driver when someone else breaks the rules, and then arrogantly speeds off in the distance as we’re left behind. Our instinct as men is to get even. In that tidal-wave of rage we have one single though - to get the better of the other guy.

Some fags will let you down. Always. Some of your fellow Masters will piss you off. Always. Do you want to waste time getting even? Or accept, like you, they aren’t perfect either and put your energy into something more productive.


Gluttony. That damn hunger in the pit of your stomach that sometimes won't piss off. It drives us to eat more than we need, simply because it's there. As Masters we can have that same hunger for slaves. We want them, or want to try to get them, just because they're there.

But be realistic. Spread your attention across a realistic number of targets. The best slaves will be in higher demand. So if you're taking too long to get in touch, keeping the connection going, I guarantee some other fucker isn't. Same applies for owning fags. Unless you are super-organised, have endless time, having too many fags in your stable is a one-way destination for failure. Maybe you want a revolving door. I don't. 


Men are beings of pleasure. We like to feel good. But all of us can sometimes in that search for pleasure take it too far, and end up in situations or scenarios that aren’t right for us.

Know your limits, know what you’re into, and stay clear of anything that doesn’t feel right. 


The original and deadliest sin. Greed drives men. Greed makes us want more of everything. Greed exists in all of us. 

For a Master that feeling of greed can be incredibly horny. We revel in it by pushing faggots further. Wanting more. Stretching their limits….and often going so far we lose the slave. Slamming on the breaks of greed occasionally is powerful.

Enjoy greed more, and make sure we don’t make it our Master….