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You want more.
Posted by MasterPete

I was on this site the other day in the chat window, someone was saying how they hate people (Master) who drop in sometimes. Say hi and then expect tribute, then you don't see them for weeks and sometimes months.

Well that sounds like something to get upset about (not) but hay on there you go. 

Yes I get the point and I might be guilty of a little of this but look, it's a two way street.   You see I am like most people I get board.  If you keep tempting me, in this case with tributs/gifts then I am less likely to get board and more likely to make some input that may or may not keep/get you hot for more.

You see faggot, for me the "F-U" finger, is just that.  F-U I don't need this or do it for you so you need to put the work in if you want me to give a............

Keep well Master and faggot$ get serving and you know it's good for you and the right thing to do.
BDSM essentials
Posted by BryceDavid

To subs reading this, have you ever felt at times you were in another world while in a submissive state? Do you make decisions you normally wouldn’t make as you’re being dominated/fucked over? Did you spend more then you intended to, did you give out sensitive information, or perhaps did you let a man black out your computer screen because you “weren’t thinking clearly?”  This is totally normal because financial domination is a form of BDSM as subs do other “abnormal” things with non findom BDSM.   The correct term for this state of mind is “Subspace.” The ability to reach TRUE subspace is not the same thing as sniffing and sending.

When the average person thinks of Bondage of any kind the first thing that comes to mind is blind folds, leather, whips, chains, paddles, and rope. The power transfer of your life source coming from your wallet is a MENTAL form of bondage rather then physical. Subspace to many feels like you are almost hypnotized. Some say they feel like they are in a trance after staring at a pendulum. Many have a hard time reaching subspace when they crave to submit, which is where things like poppers or other drugs come into play. A truly skilled dominant can push a submissive into subspace without any substance if he or she knows what they are doing.  With Findom, I sometimes like to mix physical BDSM with Findom rather then alone. For example torturing their balls, twisting their nipples, a spiked chastity device, or whatever comes to my mind. In BDSM its easier to get into someone's mind into subspace when mixing pain and pleasure.

When you mix pain and pleasure, your adrenal glands naturally release something called epinephrine (a hormone and neurotransmitter) as your brain releases endorphins from the pleasure you are feeling. During intense stress (doesn’t have to be bad stress) and high tension your adrenals can also release something called enkephalins, and enkephalins are very important to understand among these other natural brain chemicals. Enkephalins bind/attach to your opioid receptors during pain as an automatic response as a natural pain killer. Despite feeling some pain or being reminded of mental anguish as you’re being manipulated, your brain will release endorphins as you are “getting off” on losing control or being humiliated. And SOMETIMES if you know the submissive well enough, you can get their brain to release enkephalins without physical pain but it’s not that easy. In findom its much harder to activate opioid receptors naturally as the bondage is more mental. This is why i**********n comes into play and can be useful. Intense fear from things like dangerous thrills, blackmail, or info extraction can certainly trigger enkephalins to be released as an automatic response. A skilled dominant will be able to travel through someone’s mind like a long corridor and knowing which doors to enter. Many of my slaves are curious as to some of the questions I ask them, and each time I reassure them I have a reason for everything. :-)

When You combine enkephalins, endorphins, and epinephrine the chemical combination creates a mild MDA or Morphine like effect. This is why pain can go away during the state of subspace. I’ve had old ancient slaves with spinal issues crawl on the floor feeling nothing at all as I manipulate their thinking as they are under my “spell.” Those opioid receptors combined with the rush of endorphins is literally like you just took a narcotic. And these brain chemicals create a unique effect, as its not just them all being present at once. The temporary altered brain chemistry can truly render one’s logic completely out the door! Subspace for some is like Heroin for the mind.. as many of the problems that bother you go away for a short while, nothing else matters but where your mind is focused in the world of subspace. When you feel that “urge” to get fucked over you remember those pleasurable feelings at times when you are feeling bored or at an emotional low. Subspace becomes a coping mechanism that you become hooked on, like staring at a book and hearing nothing as others call your name.

Like a young one walking near the top of the stairs, they aren’t aware they can be hurt themselves if they fall. In subspace, a sub trusting a “non compassionate” dominant may be hurt beyond the realms of what they intended to happen let alone their limits. It’s up to the responsibility of the dominant to check in on a human level if he/she feels that the session/playtime will harm the individual. Its also wise to check in on how your sub is feeling not just for moral reasons, but for the sake of long term dynamics. For example, if the submissive loses control and starts acting out on serious actions that could be detrimental in anyway, the dominant can expect a looming “Drop” when subspace has ended. A skilled master who knows what their doing does their best to make sure Drops don’t happen. And remember, A happy slave is a loyal slave.

June's Findom Donation!
Posted by texsupreme

As stated on my profile, I donate 50% of my income from findom to charity. Why do I make this commitment? Because I want you to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I don't need your cash. It's not paying my mortgage. It's not covering my student loans (jk I don't have any). I take your cash for one reason: it gets me off. Plan and simple. So I give some of what I earn away, because that's how little your fagcash means to me.

For the month of June, I will be donating 50% of my income to the Central Texas Food Bank ( Anyone--master or faggot--who sends me confirmation of a gift of at least $10USD (or the equivalent in your local currency) to the the Central Texas Food Bank or to a food bank in your area dated during the month of June 2020 will receive a free dick pic from me. 

Happy draining, everyone!

Update 4th May 2020
Posted by Lancashirebigboss

Morning all!

Yet another week of lockdown woes  Sax arrived and getting used to playing again. Just as well as the powers supply in my PC blew yesterday. Hopefully replacement is this week but can use mobile for the site and Laptop for Skype so can still be active. 

Many thanks for the lottery win, my second win on site. Once available I will add the full amount to the community fundraiser. 

A lot of less fortunate families need the help of those who can. On my social media last week I posted that if anyone was in dire need of anything to let me know. The response has been high and for those in genuine need of food etc I have been able to help. 

Keep safe you lot and if anyone just needs to chat my skype is always open. 

Weekly Update 27/4/2020
Posted by Lancashirebigboss

Strange week of high and lows.

Had to say goodbye to someone very close (covid but had bad health anyway, TBH blessing in disguise)

A couple of new fags joining me offsite and one of them very eagerly buying me a saxophone to help take some time up during this lockdown. For those interested it is a used Yamaha and is being delivered this week. The other is doing well but not yet serving financially as out of work. Quite local so I have him running quick errands (mainly dropping off cigs and booze while socially distancing)

One of my Take aways reopened this week and has made more in three days than it did the week before christmas so very happy at that, need to make sure they have enough stock next week as run out of most things with 2 hours to go.

How much longer this lockdown lasts is yet to be confirmed but I have noticed an increased amount of traffic on the road outside and a lot of other small business reopen mainly with a delivery only service.

Keep strong, safe and sane. Remember your local businesses, they are being hit very hard at the moment and need you to help keep them going. Mine is fine because i dont dodge taxes haha.

If anyone needs a chat, Master or slave, fetish related or just for social interaction feel free to DM me or ask for my skype. Mental health is just as important as serving and being served!

Peace out!


Helping the NHS
Posted by Lancashirebigboss

Good Morning All.

3 days ago, a group in our town decided to start a local fundraiser for having a number of fun days for NHS staff and other key workers when all this is over. the general idea is based around several activities and a BBQ happening for them to enjoy and activities to keep their kids busy too if they want a day off from parenting. So far in a few days we have managed to raise £140 (20 of that is off some members here). Any money raised that does not get spent on the day will be donated 50/50 between the NHS and a local hospice.

If anyone wants to know more or wants to donated please get in touch with me by email, skype or DM.

My Partner works for the NHS and is a hero in my eyes.

Treatment of my fag

After a long day I return home after being in full leather all day, I release my slave from its cage. My naked collared human ashtray at my feet, licking my boots, i grab its collar and lock on the heavy leash. I take my 8x80 Asylum cigar and fire it up, hauling hard producing lots of heavy gar smoke and thick ash. I spit in its mouth and I f***e him to eat my ash. Then i put my gloved fingers in its mouth, I f***e him to take all of my big leather clad hand inside making it gag, I look at it with my devil’s smile holding the cigar between my teeth. I f***e it to inhale my thick gar smoke, I put some ash on my boot and i push its head with my other boot to lick it off.

While I enjoy my cigar I look at this fucking slave licking the dirty sole of my boots, telling it “faster, I want the sole perfectly clean in 10 minutes otherwise I will turn your ass into a striped red flag with my thick leather paddle”, while it’s licking, I grab the leash tight and I shovel in its mouth a big piece of ash.

It cannot finish to clean my boots on time, so i grab it from the leash and I drag it on the couch bending it over the armrest. Its trying to move but I  place my left boot on his neck to block it, i take out my thick leather paddle firmly in my gloved hand and I begin to punish it. I let it count how many times I strike it while I haul on my cigar, As soon as i have some thick ash I f***e it to eat it, it’s ass now looks like a raspberry. It’s crying, I hold its head and feed my thick gar smoke inside its mouth, I spit in its mouth, I unzip my leather breeches and take out my thick erect dick with my 8mm PA and I f***e it to take it all, feeling it deep in its throat holding its head by the ears. Every time I hear it gag I slap it very hard, it has to learn how to please me.

Ever searching for The One.. (Part 3)
Posted by nakeleyo

One of my 2020 new year's resolution is to completely stop being a cash slave. I want to start giving myself a chance to find a genuine relationship. Someone who can dominate me and someone who can love me and care about me at the same time. When I was in London and Berlin in December, I went to some kinky or bdsm bars and I had so much fun there. I got to serve several guys there without them expecting money at all. I remember talking to another slave who strongly adviced me to look for masters in the right place. Places like these bars or Re-con. This kind of Masters, they do exist.

Unfortunately, in the very first month of 2020, I already failed my resolution terribly. I went back to Dominants, I created a new profile and I started looking for masters to serve. I had not logged in to this site for a couple of years and my previous account had been inactive. I ended up serving like 4 to 5 different random masters online and paid them hundreds of dollars, euros and pounds.

I was extremely disappointed with my inability to stop this or at least to control myself. I am not rich, I am actually struggling financially with my business going slow since last year. I regret it but the damage has been done. I also found the site Dominants to be toxic with a lot of men who are just insecure about their masculinity. I was cheated by one master who made me pay a lot of money and simply asked me to fuck off. I couldn't do anything because I paid with Amazon gift cards. So I stopped going to the site again. I continued serving few of them that I liked occasionally through Skype.

One evening around end of February, I was feeling bored and I just logged in again to Dominants to have a look. As I scrolled down the timeline, suddenly a picture of a new Master there caught my attention. I instantly clicked like on it. Then I opened his profile, he's from Spain. I looked at his other pictures and commented in one of them. It was a picture of him standing with magnificent view of the sole of his foot and how much I wish I was down there looking up to him. I added him on Skype and I felt very keen to talk to him and to serve him. There's just something with his look that made me feel so drawn to him!

If I remember correctly, it was late at night my time when he responded to my Skype message. I thought he must be expecting for some tributes for me to talk to him but no he did not ask for it at all. It was a nice start of conversation, warm and friendly. As usual, I tried my luck asking him if he would be ok to show his cam for verification and instantly he said yes. I thought it would be just a short cam just to show himself but instead it was a genuine cam time and he did not ask for any tributes at all. Seeing him on cam gave me a beautiful feeling, not just because he's a really good looking guy but because he genuinely wanted to talk. After that I continued chatting with him and naturally I asked for his permission for me to send my first tribute. He accepted that only via Amazon gift card. I kinda understand that he wanted to build trust first. I sent a small tribute and it felt really nice and no I did not even hope for him to use me on cam but I really wanted to get to know this Master more. 

The next day I contacted him again. There's something about him that I really like and that is his genuineness. I felt he's not doing this for money but he's naturally into dominating and findom is just one of the ways. And the fact that he's bisexual made me even more interested to get to know him more. I have nothing against straight masters but I always prefer to serve gay or bisexual masters. And he's generous and sincere in spending time to talk with me and to get to know me too without expecting tributes. I was the one who naturally felt the need to send him another gift card

Few days after that, he let me serve him on cam. I wasn't sure what he's into so I just let him guide the session. It was really amazing to be on my knees naked looking up to him on cam. He smiled a lot and he didn't insult me or degrade me. His smile really made me feel weak and helpless. I used to enjoy being verbally abused or degraded but ironically, I felt really nice or even better serving someone as nice and kind like him. Think of him like a good hearted boss in a company which everyone respects and loves. The boss that loves and cares about you. Don't you want to give your all to this boss? I felt he was invading my heart with his warm personality and sincere kindness.

I was drawn to him so much that I wanted to plan a trip to Spain to meet him and to serve him but he said it's still too early for that. He wanted more time to build this relationship. He was right, what was I thinking? I just met this guy for like less than a week and I got so crazy already to travel thousand of miles to meet him? But I wasn't crazy actually, from my years of experience in serving, I knew he's really different. He's committed and he's sincere about building a long term connection and relationship. I had a strong feeling that something good was going to develop here. 

I shared with him about my journey and I told him I needed someone to save me. And I needed him to be the one to save me and to protect me. I needed him to guide me to be completely loyal to him and to make me serve only him and nobody else. I felt his kindness really deserves that. I told him I was ready to be his slave and to stop serving others. He made me sign a contract and he also introduced me to this amazing site Ownedfags which I immediately joined his stable and I sent him some tips. I am proud to be the first to join his stable here. (Thank you so much to MasterofAll for building this website!)

He gave me some instructions to follow. I must say his name 3 times every morning when I wake up and I must say a prayer given by him every night and I must jerk off every day only by looking at his picture. I realized he wanted me to build that addiction to him. And I did all these from the very first day I was given these instructions. To my surprise, my interest to serve others slowly disappear. And he's been talking to me everyday and not even a single day we didn't speak to each other. I would lie if I said I wasn't worried I would fail this but he constantly guides me and he really helps me to focus and the thought of disappointing him makes me feel sad and guilty.

Eventually he agreed to have me travelling there to meet him and immediately I booked my return flight tickets to Madrid to be there middle of March. He agreed to spend a weekend with me at his city in Spain which is around 4 hours by train from Madrid. I was so excited to get the chance to meet and serve him for the first time. 

The first 2 weeks of March, we continued talking everyday. He let me serve him on cam again and it was pure amazing. I've stopped tributing others. I sent him more gift cards and I also made two gift orders from his Amazon wishlist. I was able to say no to some masters that contacted me to serve them. As time goes by throughout March, as we all know the coronavirus started to hit more and more countries especially in Europe. Spain is one of those that is hardly hit. I remember in the beginning of the month, he told me he was worried that it's gonna get worst in Spain because the government didn't do much. 

As what he predicted, it became true and Spain was placed under complete lockdown a week before my trip. My country was also placed under lockdown. I was devastated that I had to cancel and postpone my trip. I wanted to just go and secretly wish to be locked down with him. He was very sweet to say that if I got stucked in Spain, he would not leave me alone but he would be there to help me. Eventually I realized I cannot be selfish and I decided not to go for the sake of his safety and my safety. I also had to stay in my country because I have a business to take care of, I have a team here that needs me. As how great he is as my leader, I must do the same for my team. 

This lockdown somehow becomes a blessing in disguise. We end up spending time a lot everyday talking to each other. We talk about many things from personal stories, music, movies, video games, world issues, coronavirus and many others. He shares with me some of his favourite songs and one of them is Off to the Races by Lana Del Rey which I have been listening to religiously. I love the song!

Every morning he will be the first person I'll talk to and every night he'll be the last person I'll talk to. I think about him everyday and I'll miss him when he's not online. I think I'm really in love with him and it's amazing that he accepts and appreciates the feeling. And he cares about me too. He knows about the situation of my business due to this coronavirus so he put me under strict rule that I'm not allowed to tribute him more than my weekly tribute. At one point he even wanted me to stop tributing until my situation gets back to normal but I insisted to him that I will manage my weekly tribute and I will not and I cannot stop that no matter how much I am struggling. He genuinely cares about his slaves. For the past many years, I've never met any masters like him.

One time I surprised him by sending him a gift here at Ownedfags. I also got jealous seeing other slaves sending him gifts and I wanted to do the same. He appreciated that but he said I broke his rule which was no other tributes other than my weekly tribute. I was put under chastity for 5 days for breaking his rule and it was truly a lesson of obedience as I got so weak and helpless. He genuinely cares to help me with my financial situation. This punishment has made me became more attached to him and it has grown our relationship stronger that I can never disobey him again. 

He also forbids me to have sex with others and that my body only belongs to him to use. My mind, my heart, my soul and my body belong to him only. He has made my loyalty to him became so strong to the point that despite our long distance, I will feel extremely guilty to meet other guys even just to have light fun. There was one time a guy on Grindr wanted to have fun with me. I was completely honest to my Master and I declined it because my Master did not allow that.

It has been more than a month now I've been serving him and I've completely stopped serving others. Not just that, I've literally stopped jerking off to guys other than him, I've stopped having sex with others literally and a devotion and loyalty like this never happened in my life before. 

He's really an amazing Master, he gives me time and space to grow. He's a true Master, a great leader and motivator, he literally saved me, he changed me and for the first time in my life I am able to be completely loyal to a Master and to my surprise it's his kindness and care that make me become loyal, devoted and committed to him. He helps make me realized that just because I happen to be gay and submissive, it doesn't make me less human than others. He teaches me to value myself and to have self respect. He wants this to be fun and enjoyable for both of us and this is how this relationship will continue to grow strongly!

And here I am down on my knees giving my utmost respect, dedication, commitment, devotion and loyalty to my one and only MasterMister as I kiss his feet and hug him as a sign of my true appreciation and gratification to him. I no longer search for the one because He is The One, MasterMister is The One! Thank you so much MasterMister for releasing me from my insignificant existence, for giving me sense to my life and for being my reason to live! You are my King, my Lord, my God from this day until my last day! 

Fuck it, I love you MasterMister, I really do!

Ever searching for The One.. (Part 2)
Posted by nakeleyo

In 2014, while serving my British master online, I also met a master from Canada from the same site, Dominants. I found it more interesting serving him because he's a bisexual guy. There was several times on cam that he showed me his dick and we even jerked off together cam to cam while I was on my knees and he was just sitting like a boss. 

When I was planning my trip to London to meet and serve my British master, I was also planning a trip to US and Canada. After the concert in London, the next day I flew to New York and I took a bus to go to Montreal to meet him. I booked for 2 nights stay in a nice expensive hotel to spend time with him. That evening, he came and met me at the hotel. It was my birthday's eve and I wanted to spend time with him. He brought me to a nice restaurant for dinner. It was really nice to get to know him and it was indeed a lovely evening. He then went back to the hotel with me and it was like in heaven when he started letting me serve him. He was lying on the king sized bed and asked me to be on my knees at the edge of the bed and let me kiss and lick his feet. 

Then later he asked me to join him to the bathroom. He stood in the bathtub and asked me to come inside and stay on my knees facing him. He stroked his dick and then asked me to give him a blowjob. He spit on his dick and asked me to continue sucking. I got so weak that on my knees I hugged his waist as a sign of appreciation. Then I politely asked him if I could kiss him. He gently grabbed my face and kissed me slowly. He then cum and let me swallow it. We then had a shower together. It was one of the most beautiful feeling I ever had in my life.

Then we both went to sleep. It was nice to get to cuddle with him. It was short but it was really nice. The next day was my birthday. I wanted to spend the day exploring Montreal with him but he said he had to leave but he would come back in the evening. I just couldn't go out without him so I just waited in the hotel room for him to come back. But he never came back, he didn't respond to my calls, he didn't respond to my messages and he just disappeared. I was heartbroken and I realized I fell in love with him. I never had experience being in love and I was naive and immature at that time so I was hurt easily and to be far away from home alone made it even worst.

I decided to check out from the hotel to move to a cheaper accommodation. I was devastated that I even cried when I was checking out. The hotel staff was kind enough to ask me if I was ok and I said I'll be ok. I stayed in Montreal for few more days hoping he would eventually reply me and that I would get to meet him again but he only texted me once telling me his grandmother passed away and he had to be with his family. I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth but I felt that I needed to leave Montreal so I took a bus to go to Toronto. I spent several days there before crossing the border back to US via Niagara Falls. It was breathtaking to get to see Niagara Falls and at that time I've felt much better. 

With my passion in travelling, I told myself to focus on that. After Niagara Falls, I took a long journey with Amtrak train from Buffalo to go to Chicago. I stopped in Battle Creek to spend a night there. There were many masters at that time in Michigan so I got to meet 2 of them to serve in person. They were just some random masters that I've known online. In Chicago, I met another slave that I've met online too. He was a very kind and helpful guy. He brought me to some gay bars and clubs and it was really nice to exchange stories with another guy who understands this feeling and desire.

My first trip to US and Canada turned out to be one of the best trips I ever had. I went back to New York to catch my flight back to London. I spent and celebrated new year in London. I tried to meet again my British master and his friend but they insisted that they didn't want to meet anymore. They said I was being manipulative. At that time, I realized that for some masters, it's not just about money but they really expect loyalty and failure to be loyal will result in complete dismissal. I wasn't loyal, I couldn't be loyal, I was a slut. 

To prove my point even more, I met another master from Germany on my last day in London before going back home. He was in London for some work trips. I've known him from a Yahoo group several years ago and served him occasionally online. He was very dominant and I was extremely curious to get to serve him in person. He came to my hotel and asked me to keep myself on my knees wearing nothing but just my boxer before he entered the room. He wanted me to always look down and he expected no eye contact. 

He asked me to put my head inside the toilet bowl and he flushed it so the water flowed all over my head. He then asked me to crawl to him. I accidentally looked up because I wanted to see his very handsome face so he slapped my face left and right continuously. He then asked me to take off my boxer and to be naked. He laughed and he played my dick with his shoes. He also asked me to lick the soles of his shoes. I wasn't sure if it was safe to do that but I was so weak that I did it anyway. He let me serve him for merely 30 minutes, he took the money and he just left without letting me cum. The rule was I must stay on my knees all the time until he left the room. I was extremely helpless!

Overall, it was a month trip and yes all of these meetings were planned in advanced with all these masters. It's one of the craziest trips I ever had that I went crazy wanting to serve in person so badly. The damage was huge as I just couldn't control myself. 

After that, for several years, I continued serving online mainly these 3 masters (British, Canadian, German) as my long term masters that I gave my commitment to at irregular time period. I occasionally served other new masters online but I wasn't committed to them. Many times I tried to quit but I always came back again and again. I also planned more trips to meet them again. I met the Canadian master for the second time in Montreal. It was a beautiful one week spending time with him and staying at his place. But around half year after that, I quit serving him after he barely responded to my messages. Sometimes I just sent him my monthly tribute without any interaction with him. I then found out from him that he already have a girlfriend. I was happy for him, he wanted me to continue serving but I decided it was time for me to move on. 

I met and served the British master quite a number of times. My last meeting with him was in 2017, I had it planned that it would be the last one and I wanted to stop. I cut off my communication with him after the meeting without saying anything. I realized this has put me in financial struggle and I really needed to stop. End of 2018, I found his Instagram and I sent him a message. He was surprised to hear from me again. I thought he would be angry but instead he said it was nice to hear from me again. I tried to meet him again but it just never worked out. One time I cancelled the plan while another time, he cancelled the plan. Last December, I travelled all the way to London to meet and serve him again only for him to just cancel it. I even tributed him in advance that he never bother to give it back. So I can say it's just not meant to be anymore and it's over between us. He's also married and has 2 kids now.

Despite me wanting to stop, an addiction is still an addiction. I ended up giving my focus and commitment to the German master. I sent him weekly tributes and met and served him in person in total 7 times. It was on and off within the period of several years. I quit serving him several times but when I came back to him, he would punish me with a high amount of penalty to get back to him. I was weak and desperate so I paid him. 

I continued to struggle financially to please him. He literally looked at me as merely a slave who exists just for his pleasure only. Meeting him, there was never a chance to have a friendly conversation with him. It was hot but in a long run, I felt sad and lonely until I reached a breaking point last year in December (the same trip I planned to meet my British master) to have the courage to finally stop serving him! I felt I was badly abused financially as his expectation was too high to meet. He's a wealthy person and he doesn't need the money but he just extremely enjoys the power and to see the struggle and sacrifice to give him money. He was really exploiting my fear and weakness to sending him too much money!

I really didn't enjoy my last meeting with him. I wanted to leave during the session but I was scared to do so. I ended up paying him a lot of money doing things that I didn't enjoy anymore. I regret it, I felt I should have just left but I didn't and it was too late already. A week after that I sent him a long email that I could not and I wouldn't continue serving him anymore. I need to start to seriously take care of my financial situation. And he of course didn't give a fuck about me quitting. He did wish me the best though.

To be continued (part 3 will be the last one)


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