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Ever searching for The One.. (Part 1)
Posted by nakeleyo

I have been having this submissive feeling since I was as young as 10 years old which is also around the same time that I discovered that I liked boys. I remember I fantasised a lot about being bullied in school and wanting to go down on my knees to clean the school shoes of some of the boys that I liked. Coming from a religious family, I suppressed not just the feeling of being submissive but also of being gay. Only until after I graduated and started working, I started to explore this online. The urge was so strong and I was so curious to explore. I was surprised to know that I was not alone in this and there are many people who are into the same thing. And I was so happy to know that dominant guys do actually exist. 

I think it was in 2007 when I discovered this master and slave scene. I remember a site called Mastersjustice to be among the first sites that I signed up for. In the beginning I didn't know that I had to pay until I first approached one of the masters there and he just said to me, "Well, you know what to do to serve." I was surprised to know that I had to pay to be humiliated? I was like "Is this for real?" I was reluctant to do that but I was so desperate to serve that I eventually created my online payment platform to be able to pay.

I don't even remember who the first guy was that I served but I remember paying him with Amazon gift card because I did not want to reveal my real name. I was super discrete that time that I had to cover my whole face when I went on cam. The feeling was amazing and liberating but I felt so guilty after I cum. I said to myself I would never do this again!

But as we all know, that urge came back again and again, I went deeper and I started to serve several different Masters. I remember one day I went to work and I had this intense feeling of happiness. I felt I was being myself and it felt so good to be able to satisfy that desire. This was indeed the beginning of me discovering this findom scene. At that time I felt I paid it for the service. It didn't turn me on. I paid because I needed to serve. I was not a cash slave.

I went into this further for several years. I've been cheated several times in which I paid and the masters just went offline and disappeared. It was very disappointing especially when I didn't earn my income in their currency which was a lot of money for me. I also eventually got the courage to show my face on cam because it wasn't fun to serve by covering my face. Unfortunately, I got blackmailed by few masters who took screenshot or recorded my cam session and threatened to publish it online if I didn't pay more. I got so scared and I didn't know what to do but I was lucky that I got help from some other slaves telling me to just ignore them. That's what I did and luckily nothing happened.

I remember serving several Masters from US and Europe mainly. At that time Yahoo Messenger was very famous in this scene. I discovered many Yahoo groups about different Masters and contacted those that I liked. I paid them and served them on cam. 

In 2010, I went to Europe for the first time. I ended up meeting one guy in Amsterdam from one of the escort sites. I called his number and I was so nervous to arrange the meeting  but I desperately needed to experience this in person after doing it online for several years. He said he's good in dominating so I went to his place. I remember walking alone at night to find his place and I felt like everyone was watching me. I didn't enjoy serving him because I felt it was like acting. I ended up just kissing and cuddling with him and then I cum while he hug me on his bed. It felt good but leaving his place, I felt so guilty paying for this. I said to myself again I would stop doing this!

But then I planned another trip and this time to Singapore and I met another escort there. I found his profile online and I contacted him. He's from Australia but he travelled a lot to do this. We exchanged several emails before meeting in person. That experience was really amazing. He knew how to do this and he was naturally dominant. And it was nice that he asked me out in the middle of the night to have some food and we had some nice conversation.

I continued serving random masters online. Early 2014, I discovered another site called Dominants. That's where I met my first long term master. He's from UK. At that time I wasn't committed to him yet. I served him several times then I asked him if he would accept me to meet and serve him in person. He said yes. I was so excited so I booked a trip to London in December also for a concert there. I bought 2 tickets to also go to the concert together with him.

Unfortunately my flight was delayed and I arrived in London quite late in the evening. This made him so frustrated that he simply cancelled the meeting plan. I was supposed to meet him on my first day of arrival. It was a terrible feeling to travel thousand of miles with a very high desire to serve only to be cancelled just like that for something that is beyond my control. I literally begged him hard to meet me the next day but he said he had to work. I was so crushed and extremely disappointed to the point that I got angry at him. He felt bad about it so he allowed me to serve his friend. I met him and his friend in a cafe and paid for their lunch. He had to go back to work after that so his friend came to my hotel room. This was another amazing experience that I had in serving and it was my first time serving a straight guy in person. 

My master eventually also redeemed himself by coming to my hotel the next day and let me serve him only for 30 minutes before he went to work. He was really amazing too. I remember him spitting on his feet and he asked me to lick it. It was pure feeling of intense joy. He then allowed me to cum on my knees at the edge of the bed looking up to him laying on the bed. He didn't want to see it and after I cum he did not allow me to move and he just left the hotel room. That night was the concert but he couldn't join which got me sad. He said he had been having some family issue and that's why the whole plan was fucked up from the first day. 

I ended up trying to serve both of them at different times. His friend reported this to  him. This made my original master pissed off as he wanted me to be completely loyal only to him. The agreement when he allowed me to serve his friend was that one time only. Eventually they both just dumped me because they were very good friends and they didn't want to turn on each other just for a slave.

Going back to my country, I contacted my original master again and I apologized to him. I begged him to accept me back and I promised him I would be loyal. He agreed to accept me back and that's the beginning of me giving him my commitment by sending him monthly tribute. Being a slut myself, I couldn't help it but to still serve other masters behind his back. I did travel to London again several times and in total I met and served him in person for 5 times in which one time was at his house and he allowed me to stay overnight in which he chained my neck to his toilet bowl and I literally slept the whole night inside his bathroom.

Throughout the same year of 2014, I met another master from Canada from the same site. He's a bisexual guy and I started serving him online. He's the first master that I fell in love with after meeting him in person in Montreal that eventually got me hurt and in pain. He disappeared on my birthday..

To be continued..

When is Fag Tax Day ?

Everyday = Fag Tax Day 

Pay up fags !!!

When and how do you like paying your taxes slaves ? The desire to work  hard to give it up to your masters and alpha males should be your top priority.

Your wallet drained , pockets emptied and you feeling grateful to give it to your king , that Alpha  , that Boss.

 Do you get in debt , max your credit cards , to ensure your master is taken care of ? Do you surrender all and is fully committed? 

Parental Control
Posted by diaperslave

This diaper faggot believes sacrifice and suffering is required, even if a Master is not directly involved. Today it discovered a great way to enforce its suffering by putting together a few different applications. As a diaper faggot, it wants to be treated as an adult-boy - treated as a diapered 13 year old, though also an adult. Essentially, whichever age results in a worse outcome for it should be the result. Punishment generally occurs as an adult, but c******n have more restrictions, like bedtime and especially parental controls. Boys should not have unfettered access to a computer or the internet - adult websites should be blocked, and computer usage limited in time, which parental control software performs.

Its an amazing feeling seeing the popup that it only has 5 more minutes, or that a website is blocked, knowing that its only reason is to make it sacrifice. It doesn't benefit anyone, but the faggot has to stop whatever it was doing, even though there may be hours left in the day. Since it likely has admin rights or the admin password to its computer, it is too easy to uninstall the software at that moment, allowing it to continue using the computer, but depriving it of the sacrifice it needs to be fulfilled.

Today it installed Qustodio, which very effectively blocks sites based on rules, as well as applications. To take care of the admin problem, it created a c***d account without admin rights, and used a random password generator to create a long password it couldn't remember. After appropriately locking down Qustodio - it went with full block on all sites, except, a line typing site online Masters use to waste its time with menial task, often for hours. It sucks for the faggot, but thats what it is supposed to do, while Master gets pleasure knowing He made it suffer without any effort.

Using the password above, it copied it to change both the admin password and the Qustodio password, and the password itself is uploaded to, commonly used as a keyholding service for chastity. After deleting the password locally and starting the emlalock timer, it no longer controls the computer until the timer expires and it can recover the password. Only the locked down c***d account is usable, with the highly restrictive rules. It tries launching a browser, but all sites are blocked - except for Its self-imposed restrictions worked, and it cant do anything, other than type. It set itself up for 2 hours of typing and started, eagerly hitting the first key as if this would be fun.

Needless to say, the typing was long, boring, and tedious. For 2 hours it typed, unable to take a break for more than 10 seconds or additional lines would be added. Mistakes added lines, and incurred a financial penalty that encouraged it to go slower and waste more time. In the end, it paid Master $40 for mistakes and thanking Him for the drudgery. It questioned why it would pay to do tedious labor; why would it rush to type lines for hours; and why would it want to be locked down with parental control. But as faggot do, after a short break, all it could hope for was to do it again - sacrifice and suffering is the faggots goal.

Students? Hah.
Posted by DomDude

A disproportionate number of "full time students" seem to be into findom.. Some advice: If you're actually a student, maybe look at another fetish. If not, stop being a lying fag, it helps no one, including you. As in my last post, if you're just being greedy you ARE NOT A SUB. Go find a place for your fetish and stop wasting everyone's time!! It annoys the Masters and honestly isn't fair to the actual subs here. LYING TO MASTERS IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA. Take the advice, piggies

Posted by DomDude

Been away from the scene for a bit, partially due to fakes on both sides. I don't get it, either be a sub or don't, ladies. You'll be much more fulfilled if you just embrace your nature as a true sub and give in. None of this whiny bullshit. I come across so many "subs" who are just greedy bottoms. That's not the same thing. If you call yourself a sub and you're at all worried about what you want vs what a Master wants, you're not a real sub. That doesn't include things like setting healthy boundaries, safety is important.
Christmas Gifts
Posted by coloslutty

Some years I get some nice gifts for Christmas.  But this year, I didn't make a wish list, so I didn't get many things and got more cash instead.  It seems like as I (and my relatives) get older, the amounts get higher. And I've resolved to tribute all my Christmas cash to Masters.

Grandma wanted me to spend her cash gift on something special and not just put it in a savings account.  So I'll spend it on special cashmasters!

Apology: How To
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

by DorianTheAlpha

Newcomers and seasoned subs alike... every pet makes mistakes.

It might be a simple slip-up, or a catastrophic failure. 

The next time you misstep in your submission to an Alpha,

follow these steps to find your way back into their best graces.

How to apologize in findom:

1. Send.

2. Admit your mistake, earnestly.

3. Correct the problem to avoid recurrence.

4. If forgiven, thank your Master profusely.

If that doesn't work, repeat. Chances are you didn't do step 1 quite enough.

Best of luck My little pets.

I may be a bottom, but I'm still master!
Posted by PrettyOddMaster

Hello slaves and fags! 

This is going to be an introductory post to welcome me to the community and to say a big hello! Hello!

Let's get into business. As your master, I will expect my slaves to be honest, lovely and affectionate. I want nothing more than to treat my slaves like the perfect pets they are. Loyal only to me, worshiping only me, and thinking of no one but me.

I will reward you with treats from your lovely master, in the form of pictures, videos or face to face meets. I enjoy cuddling my pets, and each of you will be treated accordingly. 

I enjoy good food and good movies, I like art and museums, and of course I enjoy clothes! 

If you want to be my slave, you know what to do ;)

Toodles <3

November Update
Posted by GRatedMaster

Can't believe it's already November!  This has definitely been a busy season.  Bur not really from My online interactions.

I'm typing this note from a shiny new MacBook being funded by a terrific cashsub.  he's become very special to Me and I treasure his service.  he knows who he is and I'll just say that he is yang to My yin in this unique and interesting scene we find O/ourselves in.

I've never been one of those people Who lives on Twitter or Facebook or any social media.  I browse, find things to "like" and make occasional comments, but I'm not driven by a need to post often.  My blogging history here is definitely an example of that!  LOL.  But this is where W/we all meet and get to know each other,  And the people who do the hard work to put up and maintain a site like this- they deserve a lot of credit, because their work allows U/us to have a place to interact.  Or not, if a Master isn't your cup of tea.  I'm quite content interacting with fewer cash subs who are more My style anyway. 

So here's to a good month ahead and to a lot of great interactions with those W/who resonate!

The Luxury of Being Dominated
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

by DorianTheAlpha

There is a strange, skewed perspective of domination, in particular financial domination. Many slaves will approach to lead with their kinks. They will tell you all about what turns them on, what their hard limits are, their past injustices and why that makes them unable to trust the ever-perilous threat of Masters that mistreat them.

A common refrain is: "you want Me to send Sir? But W/we've barely spoken."

Now, I will always speak to curious souls. Some slaves are new. Some are unaware of how to approach. Some are just timid. But if after a short exchange, there's little sign they intend to tip, tribute, or otherwise strive to please Me, then I demand it. And generally, this is when the pretenders vanish. Every. Single. Time.

This post is for you, pretenders. The liars, the beggars, the toxic vile vermin that infect the purity of findom.

You do not get to own a Ferrari to pay for it when you like. You don't get to wear a Patek and send them a check when it suits you. You don't move into a seaside mansion and put off your mortgage indefinitely.

Serving an Alpha isn't just a luxury: it is the ultimate luxury. Financial submission is a gift an Alpha gives you.

Sending Me the money that is rightfully Mine *is* your reward, slave.

So, let U/us here and now stamp out the fallacy that you deserve attention from a Superior Male because of any of the following:

- Uncertainty or curiosity

- Insecurity or past wounds

- Prior mistreatment

- Lack of finances / having being ruined

- Lack of interest in findom

- Servitude to another Master

- The list goes on...

As a slave, you are responsible to educate yourself about findom.

As a slave, you are expected to be able to serve financially, unless your Master explicitly states otherwise.

As a slave, you are required to please your Master first and foremost, however He chooses.

As a slave, you are accountable to understand that your Master allows you the blissful gift of His existence.

As a slave, you are indebted to your Alpha merely by the virtue of serving him. Tribute merits nothing.

As a slave, you are property. It is your choice to be a slave; and it is your purpose as such to be His property.

Understand the choices you make, and adhere to your commitments. Both you and He are allowed your limits. Findom is a choice. When you make it, do not flake and do not flounder. Follow through.

Let us end on a constructive note: follow these guidelines to please your Alpha, and live truthfully in submission.

1. Do not say that you will send. Send, and then say that you have. Act first, then speak.

2. Do not approach an Alpha leading with your interests. He is above you. Pleasing him is all that matters. Do so, and maybe he will reward you by considering your own interests. That is the true nature of submission to Another.

3. Do not victimize yourself. There will always be those who hold exception with this post. Slaves here have done so to My words in the past. This is not ironclad; it is a guide. Follow it, or ignore it and resign yourself to the sad lie that you are actually a "slave" — you are the opposite. 

I recognize part of this post are strongly worded. Findom is a place of strong words, and emotions. If you are offended by this, you are likely guilty of what it puts forth. If You are nodding along, you likely know what I'm talking about, and have suffered through your fair share of vermin too.

Be better, for Him. 

For Me.


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