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The 10 Commandments of Financial Domination
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

I often share different versions of these as a guide to slaves who fall under My spell, new to financial domination. Already here, plenty of sad little souls have asked Me for free domination...

To that end, read the below and follow each point with fervent diligence.

Do so, and you will thrive in findom, pleasing Me and/or even the strictest Master outright:

The 10 Findom Commandments:

1. Send. Tribute financially to your Master.

2. Submit. Master's pleasure is your sole purpose.

3. Sacrifice. Save, work more, sell things... to send more.

4. Obey. Do as your Master says, promptly & completely.

4. Be selfless. Void of ego: your orgasms & kinks are meaningless.

5. Speak with clarity, consistency, and creativity.

6. Represent your Master well in the findom community.

7. Own your failures. Learn fast, & make no excuses.

8. Serve only your Master, unless He tells you explicitly otherwise.

9. Celebrate your Master's other successes: there is no place for jealousy.

10. Be clear in your limits, then push yourself to expand them.

Submission begins with selflessness
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

It interesting given My newness on this website. There seems to be so many "submissives" who open dialogues with their wants, their kinks, their terms and demands. And so, let U/us discuss today the most fundamental tenet of submission:


For Myself and Many here, being an Alpha is a natural state of dominance, domination, supremacy, and control in pursuit of Our pleasures. That is the nature of being an Alpha and Cashmaster. In contrast, so many submissives here are entitled. Not partially; entirely entitled. Maybe that's a generational cause, or some nurtured symptom of this specific community here. Whatever the reason, it is fallacious, toxic, and simply wrong.

A submissive aims to please his Master. A good submissive pleases his Master, consistently. A great submissive knows how to please his Master and does so without being told, consistently. An outstanding submissive takes that proactive knowledge to find new ways of pleasing his Master without his Master having to lift a finger. Growth in submission that blossoms over time as B/both explore in their D/s power dynamic.

And so, to conclude, a small tip for any slaves seeking to approach Dominants here, especially Findoms such as Myself. Tip first. Then speak, selflessly. Lead with action, then profess submissive intention. I wager you would be hard pressed to find an Alpha here who disagrees. This is basic stuff, pets. Do better, and rightfully put your Alpha first. 


Selflessness: The Backbone of True Submission
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

If you have stumbled upon this piece searching for smut, or cheap thrills, you should stop reading now.

If you are here because you are searching for something more... stay. Read on.

The momentary rush of being condescended, or humiliated, will always have a home in kink.

It is a superficial pursuit, and that's okay. But these things grow old in time. They go stale. And true submissives will yearn for more. 

Because ultimately, you are still simply serving yourself. It is easy enough to put forth the narrative: "But He told me to do so, humiliating myself was for His enjoyment." Perhaps that's true, but it's hardly the whole truth...

True submission, My sweet pets, begins when you put your Master's pleasure first. When symbiotically, your pleasure becomes woven into Theirs. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of financial domination.

Money forms the basis for exchange. The most powerful exchange there is. Financial domination is the purest form of submission, because it is the surrender of financial power to your Superior. To those who have never sent a true financial tribute. Try it. A gift without condition or consequence. Press send, and feel that rush... in time every other kink will feel like a distant memory.

To the sweet pets who read this as curiosity flutters your heart: approach Me. Speak to Me. I will guide you... until all you crave is to send to Me again, yet more. Approach, tribute, and be willingly to selflessly learn.

Tribute begets selflessness... and in that, you will find true submission, to Me.

Comfort, Luxury and Practicality
Posted by GRatedMaster

So I was chatting today with a cashsub and sharing experiences from a vacation: a Guy's Out trip to enjoy friendship, reconnect, and just relax.

While regaling the stories, it struck Me that this was a perfect combination of comfort and luxury experiences, without being outrageously expensive.

Now,  all My cashsubs know what I use their funds for, and most are always properly thankful and respectful. It dawned on Me I'm also showing respect, by living My best life without being wasteful.  It's like I'm being "eco" friendly in this unique world.  LOL

The Journey of a fag
Posted by fetishboi69

Hello Masters and fags

It has been a while since it has written a blog or even been active on this site. But the last few days speaking with Master Jo it has come to realise just how much I need this. It has been a long journey to accept its place as a fag and one which it is still working on. But it has been such an honour to hear Master Jo praise this fag saying that it seems so much more devoted now. 

It has fewer worries and is more open to service including cash slavery abd sissification which in the past has been a struggle. Master Jo had successfully gotten into this fags head again and made it all seem right. Thank you Master Jo. 

It hopes to grow and develop to become the best fag it can be. 

Fag MJWT10 humiliated in the woods
Posted by MJWT10

My great owner, Master GarBoss, ordered it to create  a blog of its service to Alpha men in the nearby woods.

It wore its cage last week and offered its service to an Alpha who grabbed its useless junk and demanded to see it, once stripped he punched the cage and laughed at it and walked away saying he wanted a proper man to serve him

Last Thursday it was in the wood again and saw two Alpha's chatting, it went to secluded part in the bushes and knelt down. The Alphas followed, they didn't speak to it, just puled their hard cocks out and grabbed the back of its head, once they had bother cocks f****d into its mouth, they again ignored it, played with each others tits and kissed each other. The only time they took any interest in it was when they were near to shoot their loads and held its head in place making it to swallow. Once finished they zipped up and walked away. It thanked them and stayed on its knees only they had left. They completely ignored it throughout. The humiliation on both times it made it feel good and just how a faggot should be treated by Alpha's it felt it had served as best at it could but to an Alpha not good enough!

There is a lot to learn but kneeling, showing respect and thanking Alpha's for any tiny bit of humiliation a faggot receives is a good start!     

Target Due Notifications
Posted by coloslutty

i used to be annoyed by the notification that pops up when a fag has a target that is coming due within two days.  It can't be dismissed.  You may read the notification, and it'll go away briefly, but then it will re-light to remind you not to make the big mistake of failing to honor a promise.  A fag can try to ignore it, when knowing full well that the target will be fulfilled in the next 48 hours, but the little light is there, never extinguishing all day.

Now, i love it.

It's like the little voice in the fag mind that keeps repeating itself.  It's symbolic of the endless reminder of one's place and one's duty.

Send, sub.

Serve, slave.

Sacrifice, slut.

Submit, faggot.

Discovering my Dominance
Posted by twinkmasterni

With only being into the kink and fetish scene for the last few years I have played around a lot, heading to london and once to berlin for full fetish/kink events and just general play. 

It was late 2017 when I found my dominance completely, it was at a club in London where I saw this older guy sitting on his knees. We kept making eyes at each other, I could tell in his eyes he was begging me to come over. So over I walk, i knew he wanted it, needed it, gagged for it. "It" being, my pleasure. You could see him wanting to worship me and see my every need met. It was this night that I loved dominating this older guy, twinkmasterni was born that night. 

Since it has been a fun filled journey for both me and many a fag. 

Learning The True Meaning of Dominating
Posted by GingerMaster

I didn't truly understand what it meant to be a master until my very early 20s. Sure I'd been rough with some of my previous boyfriends- I'd always been top and the bottoms always like it when you pound their pussy a little bit harder then they were expecting, but I never knew the true power I had over men until I started using faggots. It started with an older man I used to fuck on my way home from college, it started off normal- he one day expressed a desire to worship my feet. 'Hell, if it'll make him happy' I thought. It was the last time I ever thought about making a fag happy. Seeing that pig worshipping my dirty feet, sniffing and licking the grime from between my toes caused something to click within me. I was an alpha male, pigs like the one in front of me were put here to service my needs. So I started to take control of his life. Our sessions became steadily less and less about him. I made him sign a slave contract and cum on it to seal it. From then on the fridge was always stocked full of my favourite beer, the cigarettes I smoked were always available (and his mouth served as my ashtray). I got bolder, I began researching findom- realizing that this was the ultimate forfeit of power for faggots. I started bringing him to ATM's to drain him. As much as he'd whine and complain I could always see his cock leaking as he did it. 

I was finally where I always deserved to be, a true alpha master reaping the benefits of pig slaves.

Words of wisdom
Posted by Centigrade

 Words of wisdom for all you unwashed, filthy fucks and degenerates 

I'm going to explain to you what slavery actually is and should look like, since many of you have forgotten. Slavery is knowing that you are irrelevant and have no characteristics worth mentioning other than ones that can be useful to Me. Slavery is being thoughtful, both doing things that I would want you to do and paying without being made or practically punched in the face first.

Slavery is maintaining a cautious, respectful, deferring demeanor at all times, never being too casual or speaking out of turn. Actual slaves are careful to maintain that respect level, knowing that the master is not some commodity here to get their sticks off, but a Superior to be thoughtfully worshipped at all times. Actual slaves are not selfishly thinking of what they can get a master to say or do so that they can then touch themselves. Slaves need to care more. We are more important than you, and are deserving of all your $ and attention, and if you aren't living for us, you're not living at all. We reject you and toss you aside because you don't understand these rules, which are very simple. Many of you are like the feminists, acting like selfish cunts, antagonizing and attempting to challenge Real Men and Masters, being inflammatory and annoying, in a desperate attempt to be won over or overpowered by us. What you don't understand is that we don't have time for that shit, and if you don't come to us appreciatively, ready to obey, respectfully, and with your pride tossed aside, you just aren't going to get anywhere.

With actual men (not stupid hipsters and faggots) the only option that leads anywhere is to bow to us first, and then try to get what you need bit by bit, never straying from the above rules. A master will give you the opportunity to be the depraved faggot shit-smear you always knew you were, and you will have a great experience, but too many of you never get there because you make that initial first mistake of not coming to us bowing, but coming to us as selfish cunts who are trivializing this, shopping around, back-talking, not taking the appropriate level of interest, not doing your research, and approaching it just all wrong.

Fix that. Your life will be changed for the better and masters all over will benefit - we will feel like letting you in and giving you a chance to serve if we feel properly respected and that you have taken the appropriate level of interest and do so respectfully at all times. 

I can already hear your worthless objection, the one you cling to to vainly try to defend your disgusting behavior.

"well how do we know if the master is worth paying? how do I know he's any good?" 

You have a good idea of what you need as a faggot, what you need to feel and what experience you need to have. Adding everyone and interviewing any guy that looks halfway promising or has made vague reference in the past to something that appeals to you is NOT the answer. You waste everyone's time this way and come off as a flighty, worthless piece of shit that has no place on a master's skype or YM. That space is reserved for a real fucking slave, not you. Space is at a premium, and you are wasting it when you fuck around like this. Instead of feeling the urgency of needing to get off right this second and adding anyone who looks semi OK, actually take the time to cruise the profiles and watch people for a while. Get a feel for the master's style and how he interacts with others and you will get a good idea of what kind of fit he would be with you just from that. If you haven't been following him for a while, you have no business adding him, because you are very likely a waste of space and he is going to want that five minutes back that you wasted, which you cannot reimburse him for. You were dishonest and didn't do your due diligence, and that's not his fault. Do not ask questions that his profile contains the answers to. Read. Talk to other slaves who have interacted with him and ask them what he is like - there is no rule against that. If you haven't done your homework and have a good idea what to expect, you are telling us that you want to be rejected and thrown out, because you don't care enough to even look at basic information that would determine compatibility, and that's disrespectful and rude. Cut yourself for every time you have done this, because it's just not OK faggots. Your failures to do the above consistently do not put a responsibility on the master to make up for it.

Since you have forgotten what slavery actually is, I'll spell it out for you:

We spend our time doing important master stuff, doing what only we can do, putting you to good use, taxing you for a long list of reasons, but at the top of the list, getting cash from you simply for existing and being this awesome and alpha. You are a joke, we are Gods, everyone knows this, and freely accepts it. You have your job in life, to be a statistic and spend your time working for us at your crap jobs that you hate, and do so knowing that we will benefit more than you from your own labor, while we do less and less of the things that chumps and faggots like you can do.

Is the slavery you engage in online or in real time like this? If not, you're doing it wrong, and are probably too focused on yourself, jacking off, and doing so disrespectfully. Some of you are straight up scum and shouldn't even be in this scene, totally incapable of anything that a master would actually value. Most of you are selfish cunts, but there are some great ones out there who embody what real slavery is, and they know who they are. They inspired Me to write this blog as yet another training manual. It amazes Me how many people get into this scene and have no idea why they are here or what they are doing - it's lucky you have Me to guide you, as usual! G


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