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Looking for NYC Based Faggots To Clean Apartment Bathrooms of Thr...
Posted by Baphomet

Looking for maid faggot to clean the shared bathrooms of three alpha doms. Brooklyn based. 

Two toilets and a shower, all used regularly by three alpha men. Jock straps, underwear, piss, hair and cum. All for you to clean up. We're looking for eager faggots who will readily take care of the bathrooms, all the while taking abuse from the three of us. Hope you like it messy. 

 Think you can handle it? Message me on here, or look in my profile for Skype and Kik contact info. $erious inquirie$ only. No time wasters.

Minor confusion
Posted by MSteele135

There are certain fag slaves that both irritate and confuse me. They know they crave service, they beg for exposure and humiliation. And yet they try to wriggle out of it.

What's the worst about this? They are mentally hurting themselves with no need. Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem in stomping a faggots clit, punching the bitch, rinsing it and turning it into its true sissy self...

However I see no need for the cunts to suffer the pain of trying to disobey when they can serve with pleasure

Handsome New Black Master Here for New Slave
Posted by Jonescarter70

I'm a new Master on this and want a cash slave or any other slave that want a young strong and handsome black master. I got just what you white pussy boys need; my BBC.

I got the type of cash dick that will throw your white sissy ass into cock-shock and leave you weak in the damn knees.

Speaking of knees, I’ll have your ass on them, ready to submit and ready to suck a brotha’s dick up. How’s that sound for a life? You want to be that submissive white cock pig for me, don’t you boy. I know you do but you better get yourself ready to earn that place at my feet, under my big black cash cock. Also, I welcome black sissy too.

Why I told LockedSlaveBoi to exit my stable...
Posted by Broady

Several weeks ago I recieved a called from a women from Grand Junction Colorado claiming she worked for the National Weather Service...She asked..Who am I speaking to?...I answered Broady....She stated she must h ave had the wrong number..Days later this same women called me..She stated she was Jason's mother..She was concerned that he was on owned fags and knew I was his Master...She started getting upset..I told her to talk to her son...After this took place..He went no show..for weeks ..not answering my emails...Last week..he was coming on and talking to other Masters without my knowledge..When I called him on it..He begged for forgiveness...I gave him CONSEQUENCES for his slutty behavior and he continued his nasty ways. When I told him to leave my stable ..he freaked..I informed that his mother had called me and that she knew of his actions..Told him to leave the site..Watch out for this motherfucker..he's a complete waste of time....Broat
Master Broady's first jerk off video on Owned
Posted by Broady

I felt that I needed to show the faggots how virile Broady truly was...While working myself up to cum, I think about two things..First, how I like to be angry before a fuck...I think about coming home to my naked slave scrubbing my toilet..I pick it up off of the floor and throw him over my shoulder..I throw him on my bed..I f***e his face in my gamey pits..He licks them dry..Next, I sit on his chest and f***e my hairy cock..down his throat..As he chokes. I stick it in deeper..I did this same thing to a sissy boy for years who lived down the road from me..Then in one move..I turn the slave is on his stomach..I go in dry and fuck him... ripping his hole..I usually fuck until I fall resting..pinning the faggot with my weight to the mattress...If he moves..I slap his face..He stays in place until I'M DONE WITH HIM ..GOD DAMN IT...The second image I think about is a generous slave being sooo unselfish..He drains his account to honor me..Makes me cum EVERY TIME....Broady
Fag Training
Posted by suncubfag

As many of You know by now, i have been released by Master Beardeddom and am now a free fag.  The decision to set me free was not an easy one for my Master to make but He did it in the best interest of this fag.  Outside circumstances have limited His time on the site and He no longer felt that He could provide the proper training that this fag requires and deserves.  As a fag, i fully respect His decision and admire His fortitude for my welfare and training.  This has left me in a state of both excitement and apprehension.  Although i will miss the security and guidance He provided, i look forward to meeting New Masters and am confident that the new experiences that await me will help to further my training and help to improve my performance as a dutiful fag.  That said, i will be taking **** steps and moving at my own steady pace as i enter these uncharted waters.  Recently, i have received many requests and invitations from both Masters and fags alike.  While i greatly appreciate all of this support and attention, please bear with me as i move forward in the next phase of my growth and development.  There will be plenty of time (and tips) for all of You!  Also, regardless of who i serve and tribute, Master Beardeddom will always have a special place in my life and in my heart as He was and always will be my #1 Master!  i wish Him all the best and will never stop supporting Him whether i serve in His stable or not.  Please continue to respect Him and His decisions.  As for me, i am ready to step forward into the abyss that is my future and see where this next phase of my growth and training take me!  i thank each and every one of You in advance for Your support and guidance as this new chapter of my training starts to unfold.  Now, let the games begin!
Slaves, Masters and Liars
Posted by RawPower

Let's say you own a slave. Let's say that you put a lot of work into getting to know the slave, his quirks and kinks and fetishes. Let's say the slave has a blackmail fetish and sends you all kinds of incriminating personal information.

For a short while, he $erves decently but nothing spectacular. Then he drops a bombshell; he has been diagnosed with cancer and has had to leave his job and be hospitalised and can no longer afford to $erve. If you're a hard bastard, you expose the cunt anyway since that's the agreement that you had; he pays or he gets exposed. All the slave's idea; he begged for it.

But if you're me, you go easy on the slave. I've had a proper loyal $ub get REAL cancer before, and it was a serious and scary for him, and because I'm a caring MA$TER, what I want more than anything is for my subs to be healthy and happy in their $ervice. So I let this slave take a break from $erving after sharing the news. I even checked on him periodically with no expectations, just to see if he was getting better. Once or twice I let him worship my feet for free. Just trying to be a nice guy.

The slave goes quiet. But before long he is back on the scene. Though he is clearly listed as your property, he chases after any Master with a dick between his legs and two sweaty feet for him to sniff. Telling them he has somehow unilaterally decided he is "no longer owned," with zero discussion with you about that.

How awkward and embarrassing, right? And funny enough, the slave is telling all the others all the exact same things that he told you -- "I worship only your feet, they are my world, I want to be controlled by them, yadda yadda yadda." The typical behaviour of a certain type of disingenuous sub.

It's become pretty clear the "cancer" was just a lie to get out of $erving without being exposed. Fake cancers and other lies are common among a certain class of subs, I've learned by now. And of course there are different types of Masters too—and that is shown in their responses when the disloyal, owned slave chases them. There are those with integrity who rebuff him—and there are those that are quick as a whip in handing over their Skype addresses to the slave.

So what would you do? On the one hand, an owned slave acting like a moronic subhuman whore is embarrassing to the Master. On the other hand, I don't feel like the slave should get away with its behaviour without some sort of punishment. Why should I release it for free—it should either pay Me as I have demanded, or it should pay the site the fee required to be released. But the slave isn't here to $erve—it's here to waste Men's time. So bear that in mind if it is pursuing you!
How to make Money for your Dom.
Posted by Knoxx

Serving is a sacrifice, you work and we play. That is the deal right? Right. 

If you want to play with the big boys, you better find a way to scrounge up some extra cash or else your broke ass is getting threw in the trash. This is how you should be spending your free time( Hopefully you can afford to PAY attention.) 

Get on Craigslist- Find some miscellaneous jobs. Help a blind person cross the road or suck off some guys in the parking lot of Tesco. 

Online surveys- Super tedious. Pays pennies per hour. A good punishment. You can cash out in Amazon giftcards to spend on your Dom/Masters wishlist. 

*********- Men home alone> gay> Put up some sexy pictures, wait for the phone to ring and say in your most seductive voice: "I will do ANYTHING, Mister!" 

Sell your organs- Your Kidneys are worth around £7000. This is on the black market of course. You only need one to live...

Recycle- Collect cans and bottles and practice being homeless, it is best to start doing it now. 

Become a Billboard- Get a branded tattoo on your body. It worked for some single mother in Utah. She tattooed an online casinos URL on her forehead and got paid $10000. 

Become a test subject for clinical trials- It is better to experiment on YOU than it is on innocent animals. Search online or craigslist. 

Sell your *****-  It is used to treat diseases like haemophilia and autoimmune diseases. You can get up anywhere to £100. It is a tiered system, so you will make more the second time. Luckily you are probably a virgin and will not be disqualified for STD's. 

Sell your prize possessions- Ebay, yard sale, gumtree. Sell your stuff, you don't need stuff when your Dom wants stuff. 

Make a Meth lab- I don't care.

Bonus- If you are an University student with a .edu address, you automatically get a FREE Amazon prime subscription. No more bitching about being a broke student, here is your break, right here.  

What to do with Masters who turned out to have an intense submiss...
Posted by jschartrand

There isn't anything new in what i'll write on here, but I feel like it's a subject we don't talk much often and we should.

We all know it exist and we all know many Masters have a submissive side, it's a fun game and sometimes it's fun to explore, or yeah, it is possible to admit that some other Masters feel greater and it could be fun to see how things were with Him at the upper hand.

So yeah, basically, i've encounter one of those Master who, after less than hour after our first real chat, was litteraly begging to be mine and owned and all.

Things were going quite well and he was quite all in, saying everything will be for me and he was entirely devoted and such.

Time has pass since then (not that much, a week or so) and we haven't spoke that much either. And i've learn on the way that he had a tendacy to be high during conversations (that would probably explain his HIGH level of obedience).

But yeah, during our last conversation he just stopped being obedient and decided that he was no longer submissive. That's alright, he probably jerked off (chastity is more important than we think). Or he realised it wasn't what he like the most. It's easy to imagine the feeling, so i was ok with it, but a bit sad to see his submissive side disappear. 

The main problem though is that he start acting like a jerk so-called Master trying to take back the upper hand. Trying to make me submit and make me think that i was belonging to him and all. And as much as i was getting angrier at his attempts to prove he was a bigger man (which was quite funny too i must admit), as much i was getting confused on what to do about that.

Do i let him go? Nah he'll probably crawl back for more.

But do i expose him or punish him? Because yeah i've got so many compromising pictures of him showing his submissive side and his loyalty and obedience to me that blackmail would be easy, almost too easy.

So what? Do I wait to see how he'll act next or do i continue the war he has started?

Fellow Master, fellow slaves, what are your thoughts? Your help might determine the next step in this adventure.

(Silly fag couldn't even write JS properly, ah drugs..)

Month of Dom
Posted by dommyg93

Lots of complaints flying around the site lately, mostly referring to masters being rude to fags, and not enough actual participation/sharing. My Month of Dom© is supposed to be an effort to combat that, to be involved on the site without necessarily being about the money and to refocus on why we're all here... the master/slave fetish isn't just about paying up. It's about being personable with fags and about fags wanting to get to know a master more. I think if all masters took a page out of my book and we had a chat room where we could forget the CAPSLOCK and the demands, this site would be much more welcoming to the right kind of people. That's my thought anyways... and since I don't think it's gonna happen on its own, I'm gonna do my part. My plan is to leave the site sometime in the next month or so, unless things change. I've got some thinking to do, but in the meantime I'm gonna be genuine and involved and give it a final go. I hope all the guys on here appreciate my posts/pics, and also just get along better. I hate seeing fags get scared off the site, and I hate seeing masters always on here for the wrong reasons. Let's all just get along better.


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