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Help me start branching out
Posted by Nicholas81

Hello there everyone! 

I’m Nicholas and I’m new to this sort of thing. Because of that, I don’t have many supplies or toys to take pictures with. I can’t wait to start making content and attracting a perfect group of slaves to boss around, but if you want to see that, then you’ll have to prove that you’ll invest in me. So, if you want to see more of me and my virgin body, why don’t you send tips my way so I can know if I need to start buying things hm? 

Masters Happy Hour!
Posted by clements

I always like to hear about the talk of Happy Hour here which benefits the slave with more tips to give to their master which does also benefit the Master due to the fact that means they get more tips from the slave that took advantage of that along with the weekends of getting extra 10% on any tips bought.

For Masters, its always happy hour as long as a sub is tipping, virtual gifts, games that benefit them that the sub plays, or other ways of findom including the virtual draining of a sub's money in the bank to be done using software that the master can take control over the subs screen which I know of a few software that this is great for, done in person at a bank, in person draining the sub of the cash in its wallet and/or gift cards, online gift cards or other virtual ways, and even gifts that are not cash such as a car, home, along with many and many more things.

It is also, still happy hour for us Masters even if it is not draining a sub but getting a in person message by them, licking/worshiping muscles/feet/other body parties, having the sub cook for their master, sub cleaning masters home, doing other chores.

I have never done such but sometimes a master might have a live in sub or date/marry their sub so they own them as a sub but also as their partner and the fun never ends in these two cases then.

Make that money subs for your Master as they own you and the money you earn for them. 

My First Master Experience in the world of Master/Slave
Posted by clements

My first experience as a master was 16 years ago!

I do not remember how it came about to meet each other but the slave that, IT was begging me to be his master. I did not know anything about Slave/Master/Financial Domination (findom). He told me to come to his home and park my car at his home. Then go into his home and make him come with me nude to drive to top of mountain and then make his get out of the car and take his car and phone along with anything else in there as mine and to plan for someone to come pick up my car so I would have two cars then. I do not know how that guy got home with no phone and was nude but he did. 

Anyways, I did a good bit of that but honestly, I could not get myself to take his car so drove back to his home and dropped it off and then got back into mine and drove off. However, I know he made it home as he called me a week later made that I did not take the car using his phone I left in his car and his keys in his house. 

What can I say, I chickened out but I was young, scared, and new. For someone new to it, that was extreme and would of went totally as planed if I did that now but it took some getting used too. I did not understand it at the time but it would of been a long term findom if I did 100% what he asked me to do so that died that off because of that.

Until this year (2020) it has been offline so new to the online side but I am learning to appreciate that fact I can do it online and offline still so why not.

Posted by SimMagus


•39yo Dom Man

•Genius Level IQ

•Educated, Successful Professional

•Hypnotist – experienced in hypnotherapy and stage h******s

•Experienced owner of online and in-person slaves

•Dark Personality

•Selfish but Sane



•serious about serving

•over 18

•weak willed

•easily manipulated


•int0xic8ting Alpha presence

•mental domination

•hypn0s1s and brainwashing

•slave training

•give slaves satisfaction and fulfilment

•instill slaves life with meaning

•use, abuse, and objectification


•know you place



•full attention



Reluctance and Deference
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

by DorianTheAlpha

Reluctance. The creeping hesitation that paralyzes you between taking the leap of faith, and staying stuck in sad frustration. It occurs in all of U/us, but especially in the frail frightened minds of beta boys. New arrivals worry that they do not belong. Experienced senders worry they've gone too far, or for too long, that they should finally leave the scene. There is always a voice in the back of your mind telling you not to. That voice is why I am writing this post today.

Deference. It is a word you almost never hear in kink. Submission, worship, sacrifice, tribute, selflessness, obedience, eager, pathetic, humiliating... of all the descriptors that float around this community, you seldom hear of deference. Why is that? Well, it's an uncommon word, but it so concisely captures how a sub should behave. It is *the* word, if I were to pick only one. If subs should strive for a single trait, it would be deference. So what does it mean? Respect, politeness — yes. Submissive obedience as well. Acquiescence. It is deferring to your Superior, in a noun. It is the embodiment of your Alpha knowing what is best, always. It is the sub trusting its Master.

All too often, and expectedly so, subs will stutter and say, "I'm not sure", "I don't know if I can", and so many other same-sounding apprehensions. Now, don't get Me wrong, you can say whatever you wish to say. But know that in this reticence, you show your Alpha that you do not trust Him, and His vast experience. So, the next time these demons creep up when your Alpha is pushing you within your established limits...

Let go of your reluctance, and trust the latter instead.

Be better. Be different. Be deferent.

what are my rights as a cash fag
Posted by Babbydick4daddy

So I recently needed up in a terrible financial situation and I might don’t know what the flight thing to do is. I’ve been a cash fag for over two years now and I found a master I like that treated me very well and we got along great and I started to fall for him thinking he would actually fuck me and that is a big deal because having a .5 inch dick soft means I am to shy most of the times to try . Anyways longer story short I fell for this master and he wanted more and more control . I gave him passwords to my gmail and to ****** and to my bank application . He monitored me at first but never did he take anything . I continued falling for him and he told me he wanted to meet in person and all that and I didn’t really trust him but I started to think he might be serious . I wanted it to be true. One day not long ago he asked me if he could have access to my computer using teamviewer and I said yes but I had a feeling he was going to take money so i said please don’t take everything I need some money I have bills and so on . Well he didn’t take everything not that time . I did give more than I could afford but I waited it out until I got more money and yes I was afraid I’d lose my health insurance and my credit took a huge hit but I was ok and I felt like I could recover . I hen told him that while it was super hot to give up control I would not be able to do it unless he was ok with me asking for money back . He said it would turn him on for me to beg for money . I guess he didn’t say he would give it but I do remember him saying he would if I was good . I let him do this again and Again but the last time he did it he took more than I was able to afford and he got super angry when he saw that I gave a little bit to someone else as well and decided to not give anything back . Basically I sent over 15 grand in the last he last 90
Days to him and 1.5 grand went to
Someone else and I was blown away that he would take so much and leave me with minus 800 dollars I. My account and not give anything back. I think he v******d our agreement and I tried to ask him for help but he won’t speak to me and was angry that I gave someone else money. I am not sure if I will calm the bank and try and get them to reverse the charges because I don’t want to screw him over either but I am with out a car and I have nothing no money for food for bills no money for a car and I had to turn the rental in . I am so broke and I am so angry and he refuses to talk to me and he said he would give me a grand back but he hasn’t and even if he did it would not do much . What should I do please send me
An email
Story time Masters and maggots...
Posted by Broady

My American cash fag showed up at my gym AGAIN...Such disrespect..I kiced him hard in the ass. ...jumped in his car .Broady..screamed DRIVE TO YOUR BANK MOTHERFUCKER ..He said...yes..yes..Master.  ..Master mad at his maggot?..I slapped him on the face 3 or 4 times..While attempted to pull my hand away..He tried to smell me..Slapped again..At his bank..I tell him to drain his savngs account..He turned within seconds..He says..Master is going to smile?...I dont..I screamed ...BACK TO MY CAR..YOU DISGUST ME...He says ..anything Master...Slap me hard again Master?...I don't...Took me back. ...wanted to suxk my cock..Was told you dont get SHIT...I took a five dollar bill rolled it up...wiped my arm pits with it and threw it in his face...While exiting the car...Slave searched for that bill and was smelling it like a rose..Got in my car and booked out of there...$ 535 American...Master Broady

Slave auctions?
Posted by 2XU

I am not sure how, but would it be nice to have slave auctions on OF? 

I am thinking that owned slaves can be rented out by their MAster, and free slaves join. 

MAsters will be able to rent/buy slave fora period of time, knowing that the slave will serve well.

The slaves for rent will be displayed. 

I am a slave, way to stupid to create a perfect solution to this idea, but maybe some MAsters like the idea? 

Worship Me Song (I made it up, Fags)
Posted by clements

Don't get me wrong

I'm a God-fearing Christian man

But if being a master was a religion, then damn

I don't know what I'd do

Yeah, I might have to worship that religion

I might have to sing master praise

I might have to go to church, yeah

Every single night and day

Yeah, I might have to hit my knees

'Cause you lay it on me like the truth

And you love me like hallelujah

I might have to worship that religion

Yeah, I might have to worship  that religion

I might have to worship  that religion (I might have to worship  that religion)

And I ain't saying you can walk on water

Or that you can turn it into wine

But, slut, it feels like a miracle

That you're my bitch

Under the Weather
Posted by GRatedMaster

So I barely made it back from vacation when I caught a bug of some sort.  I felt it coming on My last 2 days of holiday.  Not a great way to start a weekend.

I know I'm  under the weather when I have lots of time on My hands, but zero desire to do anything with it.  I woke up just now around 4a local time, and have been exploring more around OF, but I'm just not in the mood to engage with potential cashfags or subs.  Just don't feel up to it.

I have a lot on My plate most days of the week.  I'll swing by later today after I get some more rest, see if I am up for any.  

Did I say how much I hate being sick?  I'm not good at it!  Lol


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