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Fantasy vs small steps
Posted by JakeMiller3

  Now and then a sub will reach out, obviously in the throes of being horny(we can spot it quickly) (yes, masters do that too), saying he wants his life destroyed, wants to give up all his bank accounts, wants to live in a cellar 24/7…you get the drift.  It doesn’t happen on this site much, really, but I think there are still good lessons. 

   These desires may be real; I’m in no way dismissing them. But any master with experience will tell you that these subs with intense, extreme desires rarely actually submit or do anything. So they live in this constant state of frustration. 

   So the point I’d like to make, that can be extrapolated to other bdsm or findom situations, is to let go of the big enchilada dream for awhile and learn to take some smaller steps. All of us no matter our position, have things to learn. Teach yourself to submit to something less scary and extreme. Find a master you click with and trust him. You can then progress to those bigger things. You never know, you may actually then end up fulfilling your desires. 

    Be honest with yourself, you will never jump off that cliff(and you probably shouldn’t). Don’t spend your life standing there at the edge. Find some rope, or a master, and start lowering yourself down. Find your destination that way. 

What makes MasterMister truly amazing!
Posted by nakeleyo

1. He is incredibly hot and great looking

It was his great look that really caught my attention when I first saw his profile online. And meeting him in person makes me realized even more that he is such a perfect human being. He has really smooth skin, amazing soft hair, incredible eyes that make me so weak to look at him. His chest is so sexy that I just want to bow down at while resting next to him. He has great ass that I secretly kept looking at when I walked behind him. His hands are so perfect that make me feel so safe and protected under his guidance. His feet are so powerful that I can kiss and lick for hours. And of course, his dick is huge and strong that I am truly incredibly lucky to have it in my mouth and in my ass. I am so lucky enough to have him breed inside my ass. He is the first and the only guy to do that. Since the very first day I met him online, I've only jerked off because of him literally for over one year already. Even after jerking off, for a short time, I will start thinking about him again. He is just extremely good looking and I've been jerking off at least 2 times a day now because of him. I have even jerked off for 4 times in a day looking at his pictures. And literally, I've stopped having sex with other guys because of him.

2. He has high EQ (emotional quality)

For over one year being owned by him, I really don't recall anytime that he's angry or emotional. I can confidently say that we never had any fights or disagreements, just different opinion in certain matters. When you don't let your emotion control you, you are the one in control of the people around you. Our mind is such a powerful thing that it either controls us or we control it. This is something not easy to do but he does it so well. I am the type of person whose emotion gets triggered easily by unpleasant people or situation but by spending time with him, he slowly helps me improve to become a better person. I really admire this side of him that it's very rare for you to find in people. And because of his capability in this, he easily controls me. I've had fights and arguments with my past masters but with him, I'm just not capable at all to do this because I have my utmost respect for him all the time. I am always calm and peaceful around him. Even if one day he's angry at me, I'll just be on my knees, look down and apologize to him. I've read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and he is such a perfect example of someone who is powerful enough to control his mind and emotion. 

3. Money doesn't control him

I always believe that you control your slaves when you don't let money control you. Otherwise, your slaves are the ones who control you. Even in life, you're a slave when you let money control you. If he has made a decision, you cannot change that with money. If he decides to put me in chastity, that means I will remain in chastity and no amount of tributes will change his mind to release me. I remember serving other masters in the past, it was so easy to change their mind by offering them money but it's totally not the case with him. He is also a very smart and intelligent person. He has very stable financial status. He's not doing this for money, he's doing this because he's just powerful. I've been badly impacted financially because of this global pandemic but instead of making it worst for me, he has been helping me a lot to control this urge by maintaining a minimum weekly tribute. He has all kind of power to make me send him so much money but he never does that. Despite me wanting to send more, he declines many times because he understands my situation. He also made me completely stopped serving random masters which had put me in serious financial struggle in the past. I suffer emotionally by not being able to tribute him more but he has said many times when my condition is better then I can tribute him more. He trusts me and he believes in me. And with all my heart and my soul, I promise him that time will come one day. I am doing my best to fix my situation and he is my main motivator not to lose hope and to keep fighting. And one of my biggest dreams now is to be out of this financial struggle to be able to give him all my salary every month!

4. He is very funny and very fun to be with

Talking to him is very fun and enjoyable. Many times he makes me laugh. I really love his sense of humor. Because of our different time zone, I always have to wake up early morning to text him or to have a video call with him. Imagine feeling sleepy in a very early morning and someone makes a joke that you suddenly laugh and feel fresh. I love how he sees things in life. I was weak and insecure about the uncertainties of our relationship but he always tells me to enjoy our present and to live in the moment. And because of this, I am now enjoying our relationship so much and I can never be happier. I feel that this relationship is so fulfilling and even believe that a dom/sub relationship is much more meaningful than a romantic relationship. Seriously, I just want to be with him right now because spending time with him makes me feel like there's no problem in my life that I cannot face.

5. He is a decent human being

He is such a polite person with great and decent manners. He shows that he values and appreciates my sacrifices and efforts to serve and to please him. This is not a romantic relationship but he's always happy to reward my servitude with romantic things because he knows they're important and meaningful to me. Despite being the Master, he never insults me or belittles me. He does it just when we're having fun but outside that, he respects me as a fellow human being. To me, what makes someone a truly respectable Master is not by being arrogant or so full of himself but by being naturally confident and and always secure about himself. I know there are many different kind of masters out there but he's just the one that I had been looking for, for so many years. We just match so well with each other. People say kindness is not power but I totally disagree because it was his kindness that has made me become so loyal and devoted to him. After all, we are all human beings with feelings and emotions. When we feel valued, cared and appreciated, that makes us so happy and when we're so happy, we just want to do everything for that person!

Posted by SoS

Now and then, I get that feeling of desperation, where the urge to send my Owner's money is so intense that it overwhelms everything else. It's usually after a period of being ordered to NOT send anything, no gifts, no tributes, no games played, or anything at all allowed.

One aspect of Findom which is very powerful and greatly under-estimated is the control. Financial Domination, not simply by receiving money/tips handed over, but by controlling it - as if the Master owns or uses an ATM, and decides himself when it is used and when it is not used.

It is the ownership of an income and bank account of his property, with all the responsibility that comes with that. Understanding how much money goes into it, and how much is sensible to withdraw. It is the owner of the ATM account where he decides when it is used, and how much is withdrawn, or how it is withdrawn; it is not for the ATM to decide.

In contrast to that are the Masters who withdraw as much money as they can from an ATM, then he gets a message saying his card has been cancelled and the ATM is out of action and inaccessible to him or anyone else for the next few months (deletes from the site). That is where greed controls the Master, and his irresponsibility shows he actually has no control.

We all recognise when this occurs on the site.

A responsibly controlled ATM is lucky and should always be grateful when used, with a view to long term and steady use, where the Master's greed is satisfied with a consistent and steady flow of his money. 

For me, this is a safer place, although can be deeply frustrating when the natural instinct to function for my owner is raised high. The denial to function, which can be for weeks, is a real demonstration of my Owner's power and control over his money and the ATM that holds it. It demonstrates the deeper purpose of Findom in the relationship - subordination and domination, where the money is a tool within that dynamic.

It's something which fills me with admiration and respect for him, and make me very proud to be his property.

What Makes an Alpha?
Posted by TBMaster

I got to thinking about this question the other night. So many guys around the scene dubbing themselves as Alphas, but what does that really mean? What *truly* makes some people Alphas and others betas/omegas? 

My 2 cents: Alpha is an energy. A way of being. An undeniable power that can’t be learned. An innate ability to make subordinates approach with an equal mix of fear and respect without having to say a word (or stick up a middle finger for that matter). A quiet confidence that lures inferiors no matter how much they want to resist. 

Having muscles doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you muscular. 

Having a huge cock doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you hung. 

Berating subs with insults and degradation without consent doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you a bully. 

I’ve used & owned faggots with muscular, Greek godlike physiques and faggots with dicks bigger than any self-proclaimed Alpha I’ve ever seen, and they kneel at My feet and worship Me because they know its where they belong & what I deserve. 

Sound off in the comments if you wanna share your thoughts. 

Life Ruination Text Trigger. You will never change.
Posted by wealthdepleter

Tributes → loser feeling reinforced         

  ↑                                              ↓

gets horny  ←  swears to quit findom

You’ve wasted your life as a wank machine. Tributing men and binging clips. Don’t worry, this time won’t be different. Enjoy your relapse. You lurk. You relapse. You deactivate for 2 days then repeat. This endless cycle should be getting tiring but the adrenaline rush is so addictive you need more. 

Now you crave more thrill and more danger. If you’re reading this, give up. If you could beat this you would have never relapsed. Unzipping and rubbing the throbbing ache in your pants while your checkings is wiped feels right. Your defeated cock is too weak to say no to and too limp to say yes to normal sex. Poor bitch, your life is over. The wasted kids liquidated on your stomach is a reminder that findom has warped you into a fist fucking loser cash machine. I'm not the reason you biologically imbalanced freaks chase an irrational high of masochism. Whatever happened in your childhood is responsible for that. I'm just here to reap the financial benefits of all the bullying, abuse, and neglect you went through. 

Morals have no place in Findom. I will break hearts, tear apart families, f***e poverty, interrupt income and just laugh at your damaged past. Your problem, My profit. I'm not here for negotiations or therapy. I'm simply here to take advantage of an easy situation. "Never again”. You've repeated it so many times it's lost all meaning. It must be painful, being so stupid. Lying to yourself over and over. Your only real option is simple, admit your defeat and watch as I pick apart your life's work.

You don't get out. You never get to quit. You only get to hate yourself more as I personally oversee your demise. Don't forget to keep stroking, those few minutes of fleeting bliss are the only escape you get from this nightmare. Your only reward for sending is the feeling of nothingness and being forgotten. Five seconds of pleasure when you flush your beta spunk away. Then you're just left with a lifetime of poverty and regret. You're still gonna send because you're an addict. You’re just another disposable brain dead failure. Scamming you while you goon your brains out as your wallet gets lighter. After I’ve milked you dry, you will shoot out your load to a block screen. Another babycock loser will just replace you instantly. No one cares about your existence. You are a nobody, a stroke puppet, jerking in a dark room to strangers. Nobody is ever going to look at you so just get use to sexual frustration and loneliness. Hurry into my DMs with that pumped up jizzdick to get your handsex sessions pumping hard. Squirt your nutgunk out in defeat. I will drain everything, bankrupt you then just block you. Starve your family just for a quick fap session with me.

10 Tips for subs New to OwnedFags
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

10 Tips for subs New to OwnedFags

I recently wrote a similar piece for new Masters. 

This one is specifically for submissives new to the site. Read up & enjoy.

Feel free to DM if anything below is unclear.

If you approach Me inquiring about this article, I won’t presume you want to serve Me.

Note: some Alphas will disagree. Ultimately, submission is about serving your Alpha.

So do what they want first and foremost. This is simply a basic set of guidelines.

I’m well aware of the similarities to the Alpha version; it’s meant to be a converse piece.

1. Read the rules.

Read the website rules. Read about kink, about D/s ownership.

Read up on findom.

If your Alpha commands a kink or task you don’t know: ask about it. Learn about it.

Don’t play dumb. It’s see-through.

Everyone starts somewhere. You are born with the purpose to worship your Superiors.

Thrive in that purpose exuberantly, within the guidelines set for this community.

The only tribute allowed here are those sent with OwnedFags tips. No other tribute methods allowed. Period.

2. Do not waste time.

I almost put this first (but reading the rules is truly critical).

Simply put: don’t waste an Alpha’s time. Don’t waste anyone’s time.

Can Alphas be pushy or talkative too? Of course. That’s not an excuse.

It’s important to get to know each O/other. That’s not an excuse.

As a sub, the onus is on you to be useful and earn an Alpha’s presence. Always.

Send before speaking, even if only a beer (which represents 50 tips or £5).

If an Alpha reaches out, don’t drag on the conversation. Serve, or decline.

Here is a short list of common excuses that signal to an Alpha a sub is time wasting:

* Scared to serve because a past Alpha mistreated or manipulated them.

* Unsure how all this works, so needs you to explain every little spoon-fed detail.

* Leads the chat with their own desires, especially time-intensive ones like cam or real-time.

* Wishes they could serve, but has to ask their other Master offsite.

* Wants to get to know you, then after a short exchange, vanishes once time to serve.

* Would definitely tribute, except their jobless or a student, so don’t have the money.

Which leads quite naturally to:

3. Tribute. 99.9% of dynamics will require it.

There are Alphas who dominate without requiring tribute. It’s an extreme rarity.

More so, you should still be offering them gifts to show gratitude.

So tribute. Be useful. Be proactive. 

Every day, your sacrifice restarts. There is no entitlement. There is no earned credit.

Be clear what you can afford. Then push yourself to the very edge of that limit, for Him.

Findom is about power exchange through currency transfer. Much like bondage is through mobility transfer.

It's just another vector for a submissive to surrender to its Dominant, whether in session or lasting servitude.

For almost every Alpha —especially this website’s community— it’s essential.

Submission is sacrifice. Sacrifice hurts. That’s the point. And it’s clearest with tribute.

4. Communicate.

If tribute is the heart of submission, communication is the brain.

Have a request? Tell your Master.

Found a new limit? Tell Him.

Feeling regret, guilt, sadness, worry from sub drop? Share it.

Feeling horny, eager, masochistic, desperate? He will use it.

Not interested in an Alpha’s DM? Tell them by declining politely.

Do not ghost. Do not leave an Alpha on read. Be better.

Learn how your Alpha likes to be referred to. Use it.

Does He want certain words in ALL CAPS, or Capital Case, or $tylized perhaps?

Do the little things (on top of the fundementals).

I have yet to encounter an instance that cannot be solved with tribute and communication. 

Sometimes only one is needed. Often some combination of the two.

5. Respect every Alpha. That doesn’t mean be boring.

D/s is a simple acronym to portray that every Dominant is above any given sub.

As such, owned, new, seasoned, cynical, or otherwise: respect every Alpha.

That means be courteous in chat. Reply in DMs.

A simple “Sorry [Sir/Boss/Master/God] but I am not interested. Have a good day.” goes a long way. 

That doesn’t mean you always have to tiptoe around Alphas, or feel scared to engage.

Chat with Us. We may poke fun. We may taunt. That’s part of the D/s community.

It will teach you about the Alpha mind, and about yourself. 

An Alpha is usually more generous with an amusing slave than a vapid cunt.

6. There are many types of subs. Know what you are.

There are owned subs who live to serve their one true Master.

There are owned sluts who are loyal to a Master, but serve many.

The Master knows this, and sometimes even encourages it.

There are community/session whores who serve freely, to all.

Some subs like the games here. Others enjoy camming. Some love tasks.

Some subs fuck their Alphas non-stop. Some live at the glory hole.

Others are straight & married to women. Others are asexual.

Subs clean apartments. Subs get filmed tied up in dungeons.

Kink is a massive spectrum. For every sub, exists an Alpha.

If you’re completely new to BDSM, take a kink quiz online.

Once you know what you want, and what you are:

7. Express your wants & limits clearly.

Lasting submission begins with finding the right fit.

Many Alphas reach out to new slaves.

Verify your account.

Complete your profile.

If you just took the aforementioned quiz, post the results to your profile.

Add as much *concise* detail as possible. No one wants to read a brick of text.

Be clear about the type of Alpha or dynamic you enjoy.

Be clear about any limits, experience, and considerations you have.

If you’re stuck, go to the Slave Market and observe the top slaves’ profiles.

Do not copy them. 

Use them as a reference to construct your own original thoughts.

8. You will fail. Learn from it.

I’ve seen spectacular fuckups from subs.

And smaller day-to-day mistakes.

This might be an innocent hiccough, or a willful blunder.

Either way. To revisit #2, the best apology is said with tribute.

Then own your failure, and explain to your Alpha you know what went wrong.

Moreover, explain how you will improve, and grow.

Then commit to that growth, and do not repeat your mistake.

9. Building dynamics takes time.

For every Alpha you crave, there will be others that demand your servitude.

For every Alpha you serve, there will be others you crave.

For the Alpha who owns you, you may want to also serve others.

I cannot speak to numbers here. 

I’ve never discussed this with My subs to know how many Alphas reach out. 

It’s a part of being a useful sub. It’s appealing to other Alphas to see a slave serve its Master.

So, be useful, and be prepared for it to be noticed.

10. It isn't a competition.

It's easy to get caught up in the points. The Pantheon & slave market positions.

I've been guilty of it as an Alpha, as I'm sure many others are on both sides.

Submission (and domination) is about the intimacy & thrill of power exchange.

Finding the right Alpha for you isn’t just about W/who’s on top (pun intended).

Is success attractive? Obviously. Does it signal a certain experience? Generally.

Are those in the Pantheon top 25 on here regularly, and actively? Almost always.

Use points as a general indicator, not as an ultimate measure. 

I know lasting ownerships for Dominants who aren’t “famous” here.

And I know subs who serve sublimely but aren’t top of the slave market.

As much in finding your Alpha(s) as in measuring your own success serving them. 

If your Master is pleased, you will know. 

If your Master is displeased, you will definitely know.

Celebrate other subs’ serving Him well. That’s the point. Don’t be jealous.

Those are your beta brothers, serving your Alpha: his desires fulfilled.

That’s all that matters.

Obvious bonus: The reality is unique to you and your Alpha (and have fun).

This article is a general guideline: you should serve, obey, and listen to your Master(s).

As I’ve said: kink is vast. The same goes for ownership, session play, and everything in-between.

If you aren’t happy, tell your Alpha. If he is unhappy, do all you can to learn why (if unclear).

Then fix it. If it doesn’t work, He can remove you from His stable, or you can leave yourself.

Don’t delete your account. This place isn’t nearly as scary as it seems. It’s a beautiful community.

Stick around, and remember:

Submission is between you and Him. Everything else here is secondary.

This isn’t a place for friction or frustration. It’s about pleasure.

Finding pleasure in pleasing your Master.


Posted by SoS

Something i wonder about Masters is - who does actually get sexually aroused by receiving tributes from fags?

 Maybe you don't. But if you do, what is it about it that turns you on?


Which of these is You? 

There may be more than one that applies to You. 

You may have other reasons that aren't included here. Please mention them.

1. I get heavily sexually turned on by the power of it.

2. I get a bit sexually turned on by the power of it.  

3. I get sexually stimulated from being worshipped through cash, but not in a massive way.

4) I do it simply because I'm a superior Alpha. I get a buzz from it, but it's not sexual.

5) It's fun and I enjoy it, but it's just an interest I have. It's not sexual for me.

6) It's a way to make some money from fags, nothing more. 

Sacrifice and isolation
Posted by coloslutty

In some ways it seems the experienced cashfag is well-positioned to get through the current situation perhaps with less difficulty than others or even than many masters. (I know not everyone is having the same experience right now and some are much worse off than others.  I speak only for my own experience.)

Sacrifice for the greater good.  Service over self.  Going without for a period of time.  These all come naturally for a fag.  Curtailing certain activities, following directions, modifying typical behaviors - good subs have lots of practice in all of these.

Self-isolation has even provided an opportunity to keep my fagdick locked up while on lockdown.  And with some extra time to spend i am also able to spend more cash on masters.  Because this time has not been as difficult for me as it might for others without experience in these practices, i recognize a special responsibility to do even more to make Doms (and others) comfortable and do my part to support everyone.

The cashr*pe
Posted by FitFinDom

A Slave asked me to browse his latest photo collection after a RT session – pics of him on his knees, bound, with his wallet in his mouth and his Master's rock-hard cock looming over him.

I took control of his screen on TeamViewer and explored the folder of images ... Then I realised the l Fool left his OwnedFags window open. I drained his a entire bank of tips, all while while he begged me not  to.

Then, three nights ago, he asked me to browse his new photo collection. The fag had even restocked his tips.

So eager to serve.

Affection as ownership
Posted by delta

Ownership is usually associated with humiliation, aggression, derogatory approaches, and unfair authority. If this is such a widely accepted idea is because it works very well for many. And that's cool. But I recently had a different experience. I owned a slave who not only wanted to serve me but also to find protection and affection. He loved me because I was everything to him but also because I treated him with affection. Affection made him docile, loyal, like a little innocent dog. He lost his will, he devoted himself to me with love. He knew he was mine and he served me with so much pleasure and joy... He wanted to be in my arms and feel that I protected him. I was everything to him. Being owned was his most important achievement. Ownership was the most important form of affection to my beloved slave. 


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