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Part 2: How I met my first love.
Posted by MasterPete

How I met my first love.

Part 2

...As this is part 2 lets have a quick re-cap.   I had lost a job, Traveled to London trying to find a job backstage,  Slept rough for two night, decided to go back to Northampton and  on the third day met a guy in a cottage(public toilet) who wanted to take me home for dinner and I assume a better place to have a shag.

In the cottage we had been wanking each other for a little before he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place.  By this time in my life I was not so green as to not know the dangers and also to get to judge others.  Maybe I should have said sorry but no.  However I had a feeling that I am sure we have all had before.  When our feelings override  our brain.  On top of that I was cold and tired  and so agreed.   So we got our selfs decent.  He said he would leave first and wait for me under the bridge at the railings overlooking the Thames, opposite the exit.   As I left the toilets I could I could tell he was making it look as if he was waiting for his friend(me) to catch up with him.  Even in the 80's people had to make meeting look as "straight" as they could.  Any touching would be carefully choreographed to make it look as though it was just a couple of straight guys.  Often I have thought that in fact I think straight guys touched more in pubic than gay guys, because gay guys were so worried about being caught.     

Anyway we met back up and started walking to the tube station at Waterloo, Later I was to learn that he did not want to be waiting around for the bus because he thought I might get cold feet.   I can't remember saying much mostly things about traveling, "have you a travel card for zone 2?" he asked.  As it so happened I had.  Very early on I made it a key part of my life to always have the ability to travel and a travel card was always the first thing to buy when I when to London.   Did I ask? "where do you live?", not sure but I remember him saying it was one tube ride and a bus.  I thought a long way but it can't be that far as it's in zone 2 and I had nothing better to do.  So it was a tube to Oval and a bus from oval to just before Camberwell and a wall up a back street.  To a victorian three 3.5 story house.  "Here we are, it's a house share. There's two couples one other single guy and me".  "Come in you can put your coat there...." pointing to the hooks in the hall ".... and the sitting room's through here."  We had already sorted that I was cool about cannabis and so it came as no shock when I said "and I recognize that smell".  "Yes" as he put the kettle on for coffee saying "You want some? the gear is on the table there."  O "I'v never rolled one but I'll try"  I made a right mess of it and he re-rolled one.  As we smoked and drank coffee he asked "You want a bath?...I'll run one for you then after we can go to the bed room".  

The bathroom was half way down a story at the back of the house and his bedroom was on the second floor at the front.   While your having a soak I'll get a towel and a robe for you.   After 10mins or so he came in the bathroom, it was almost as if we had been living together for months we seem to have become comfortable with each other.  He put the towel and the robe on a rail and sat on the edge of the bath and with rolled up sleeves and a joint in his lips he lent forward to the soap and wash cloth and started soaping up my back.  That was when I found out I really love my back touched and rubbed.  "you like that"  "yes", his hand soaping and washing off with the cloth and going my front and down to my cock but as much as I was hard it was just a bath.  Then he dried his hand, took the joint and put it in my lips.  Then started to wash each leg lifting them out of the water, soaping them up and gently putting them back down.  Doing it again to do each foot.  He then dried his hands again and took the joint, one final drag before stubbing it out in an ash tray.  Holding the towel up I got out and he rapped me in the towel and started to dry me.  I had not thought of this as being a Sub/Dom thing it was just how it went.  Putting the robe on and slippers I followed him up to his bedroom.  A large room at the front of the house with two bay windows.  The electric fire had been on and so the room was warm.  He took me to the bed and sat me on the edge.  The robe fell open and he knelt between my legs running his hands over my body and this time moving to my now very hard cock.  Holding the base his head went down and lips round my cock warm but not too wet.  After a little time sucking my cock he stopped and rolled another joint.  He tock two or three puffs before handing me it saying "this is all yours" then as I started smoking he when't back to my cock.

I ended up staying the week.  It turned out that he was on holiday and had to back to work the next week.  So I decided to go back to Northampton on the Monday morning.  For the next 2 months I would spend my weekends leaving Northampton on the Friday and returning on the Monday but it looks like I'm going to have to extend this to a part 3.

To be or Not to be (a bastard)
Posted by MasterPete

So you see a profile and you feel you want to see if the boy/slave/fag will engage with.  Well it may be simple thing if your (a bastard) you just send "get on your knees fag scum and serve ME!".  Then they replay "Yes Sir" That was easy and lets face it, it's easy because that's who you are and that's all good and fine.   But they may not say anything at all or they may replay with something like "do you get much by sending messages like that" and the point is you may have missed out one the best boy/slave/fag there has ever been.  

So as a more flexable and understanding Master you may say something like "I have seen your profile and you look like I could use you serving me."  Then they replay with "Yes Sir" That was easy and lets face it, it's easy because that's who you are and that's all good and fine.  But then.................and you have missed out of the best boy/slave/fag there has ever been.

You see some of us can be both understanding and a bastard depending on the boy/slave/fag and so this is the question; To be or Not to be (A Bastard) and the answer I have is be one or the other but if your a boy/slave/fag understand that just because the hot man you see sends a message in terms that you don't like it may be that all you have to do is replay in the way you do like and he may be the best Master you have ever had.  This is a two way street come on fags step up.  


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