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I received a sickening text on Saturday night from a Dominant
Posted by Cracka33

Last Saturday evening, I received an offensive text from a well respected and long standing Dominant on Ownedfags and it was sick and disgusting.  Everyone is entitled to their private and public opinions but this has to be called out right now. When I showed my Owners the text, they were absolutely fuming and I'm glad that they didn't have the Dominant's home address.

I won't name the Offender because this blog isn't to start a war.  It's been created to educate and open your minds but please read on and have a serious think about the words that I've typed.

I'm a very passionate slave who loves, worships, respects and cares for the Gods that I am close to of any skin colour.  I also hope that I'm a good example of what a slave should be. What I am not is someone who stands by and does nothing when I see our African Friends being called "Scammers" and "Goons" based on right-wing assumptions and a bad rotten brush that tarnishes anyone and everything good in an uneducated, biased and blinkered holder's eyes. 

You want to throw bricks and insults at anyone - throw them at me and then you'll feel my wrath and it won't be friendly! I won't stand for anyone being insulted on assumptions, rumours, hearsay and media misinformation and I'll call every one of those offenders out too! Hear me roar when your arses get kicked off Ownedfags and your Tips taken off you.

I have video chatted with most of our African friends through WhatsApp and I couldn't meet a better class of NON-RACIST, warm, unbiased, chilled out and friendly people.  Their smiles are huge and infectious and if you're feeling down, just given them a call to brighten yourselves up. They may have very little money and resources in their countries but what they give back is so much more than what we have in our current lives. They have jobs, they have families, they have friends and they have exactly the same dreams and aspirations as every one of us. If I win the lottery big time, I know exactly who my winnings are going to be given to.

During my video chats with them, I've said hello to shopkeepers, their work colleagues (NOT in a Scammer call centre!) and their beautiful friends. I've been taken along dark roads where the only street lighting they have are passing car headlamps or lights outside shops and houses. I've been inside their homes, their gyms, their drinking establishments, their gardens and their friends' homes.  Not once have I been asked or ordered to give them any financial tributes or aid before, during and after those video chats and not one of them has even chatted to me from a dinghy which has just landed on the Kent coast either!

I've also heard the murmurs of some of the Offender's inner circle of Dominant friends wishing our African friends weren't on here.  Ownedfags is a brilliant website and shouldn't be used for any political or racist views.  It's a great website where we can learn from each other and enjoy the fun at the same time.  It's an international website and It's not whites-only so get over it.  Those views are so 1500's. 

Here's a little history lesson. It was the Whites who introduced slavery.  It was the Whites who introduced racism and it was the Whites who introduced the apartheid in South Africa which lasted for 46 years!  Do you want me to go on about the Whites' historical and continuous path of hatred, discrimination, division and destruction all over the world?

Some of these inner circle Dominants have strongly expressed interest in owning me.  Well - I've got news for you.  I'll never be owned by a Racist!

That's my rant over but if you're wondering why our African friends are on Ownedfags, why don't you just simply ask them instead of assuming the worse. Please talk with them and not to them. They are beautiful, they are amazing, they are protective of me and whether you like it or not, I will always have their backs!

I have always been a people pleaser.
Posted by SpiraledJames

I truly enjoy providing satisfaction to others. So throughout the years, I found myself looking at Dom/sub kinks. From bondage to hypn o, pup play to humiliation  – it was a heck of an anonymous, virtual ride. But as fun as they could be, something was missing. It was all still abstract, somehow irreverent, and yet transient by nature. I craved something more real. I didn’t know anyone else that was into these things, especially as I was brought up in a conservative community, so I was left to my own devices to delve deeper.

After years of exploring, trying different kinks and interests, I discovered Findom – it was a kink that I never even considered previously. Upon coming across some random videos on Pornhub of an unnamed Master, I found the thrill of giving up such control beyond standard BDSM exciting, adventurous and, most of all, HOT. It was a fetish community I had to try or at least test to see if it was for me.

sub-story (pun intended) – Surprisingly, or not, I actually enjoyed being picked on by the hot guys in school when I was younger (although at the time I was confused as to why I enjoyed it so much). From superglue pranks and classroom teasing to taking my money in the playground. The range of tricks they pulled was pretty big. Albeit I hated and despised the verbal abuse and homophobic comments, the pranks and money grabbing parts were actually fun for me. I just never told them.

Unsure where to begin, I fell upon a different subscription site and signed up to a few different Alphas to get a vibe of who would suit and what works best. It was a BIG learning curve and I began to grasp very quickly as to what my limits were and what I hoped to get out of being a good sub. But most of all, how much I truly wanted to serve a Master who honoured consent, communication whilst being embroiled in the fun, yet encouraging me to cater to his every whim. 

Not too long after I joined that site, I found Boss (SimX). I think what drew me to him was that he was keen to build a long term connection with his subs rather than wanting to use a sub in an unsustainable way and then ghost. Yet taking my money at will (in a manageable fashion) and humiliating me through out-of-the-box challenges was His game. And I love games. I love silly. Boss offered all of that. He directed me to OwnedFags and I haven’t looked back. He created a mutually beneficial Master/slave relationship; I give him the control, he gives me the pleasure of appeasing him. It is the most satisfying thing to indulge in and a true thrill to allow Findom (among other kinks) to envelop me whilst I embrace being Boss' slave, and attempting to be a good one at that, with every ounce of my being. 

Every kink is to be celebrated, not judged. Every Master/slave connection is unique and not to be boxed. There shouldn't be one rule that fits all as long as the terms work for all parties. Embrace the community, rather than abuse it. The LGBT community have spent centuries being boxed into societal constructs, resulting in judgement and persecution. We can finally see the light and do as we please (for the most part).

Do not be a dick who pushes us back into the dark ages. 

My Time with master SimMagus
Posted by Newtoy23

On June 5th I joined this website as way to explore myself and what I enjoy. It wasn't long after I joined that I was contacted by my owner and God, SimMagus. Unlike most messages that I received he was kind and respectful, but also straight to the point about what we wanted out of my potential service. We immediately got talking about each others turn-ons and my initial boundaries. On top of this he also acted as someone I could trust and talk to if needed. All of this combined with his skill in h******s and brainwashing, is what makes me respect and want to serve him so much. I would do anything for my master right now.

Every night I open up my folder on my computer that holds all the pictures and audio files master has sent me and, by his orders, conduct a ten minutes session of worship while I masturbate over the thought of one day being able to serve him in person.   

My motivations; why I am deserving
Posted by Dirty_Dilf

I've been here about a week - spoken with some great fellow masters, as well as some intelligent, generous, cashfags. A few of them have asked why I am here, and the generic 'because I am superior' is true, I am also deserving of your hard earned cash.

It's quite simple; I live my life for the benefit of others. In my family and social circle, I was always the one that would be on hand to patch things up, to make things right, and to restore the peace. Families and friendships have fuck ups, and me, being the sensible and emotionally grown up one, sorted it all out. 

Then, just over seven years ago, when I was 36, my father died within a week of having a massive stroke. My families world, and mine, was blown apart. I hit rock bottom, and 6 months later, I was in therapy. I was suffering from PTSD and self-harming. Slowly, we healed, got through it, but I changed after that. I am not the person I was. Four years ago, one of my brothers died, acute a*****l poisoning. Once again, I was left supporting the family, this time more mindful of my needs, but still being the strong one. We waited over two years for an inquest - the longest of my life. After that inquest, I crashed, again, PTSD back, rock bottom. Slowly, with support of others, I got to who I am, and made a life changing decision. 

I decided to ditch my career path as it was then, and retrain. I am working my way through my counselling degree, whilst also studying various courses to support that. My pledge and vow is that when qualified, I will donate 33% of my time to pro bono work, either agencies or private, in order to allow those in need to get help quickly. My main areas of work will be Men's Mental Health, Grief, and Sexual and Gender Identity. 

I already volunteer and counsel for free, run support groups for men suffering from bereavement, and am an advocate for men's mental health. My desire is that the world is a beautiful place, and we are better off being in it that leaving it too soon. We are here to enjoy life, not to be burdened by our minds, to die slowly on the inside.

On top of that, I look after an infirm relative and work a day job. Some of you will have seen the crazy hours I do. 

I am not here demanding your money - simply putting across that I give my time and effort to helping other's become the best they can, to live life. I work for them. Hard. Simply put, this is WHY I am worthy of your money - to get back from society, a society of those who recognise that they aren't deserving of what they have, and we, as a group of superiors, do. I deserve to have the income and comforts that I don't get because I work for the greater good of society.

Remember that, when you see I am online - I accept any tribute, big or small. Remember tho, I am NOT a push over, this doesn't make me soft. I am a dominant, hung, filthy, strong master, who has the ability to develop a deep psychological connection with you, to protect you, and to guide you in the journey.

Some may say I have divulged too much here - I believe in a two way, transparent street. My naturally dominant, superior nature, combined with my knowledge that I am deserving, has created what I am here, a CashMaster

Every slaves demon
Posted by DaddyRich

The will to serve, endure pain and humiliation is every slaves dream. The master knows it all. Mankind has evolved from knowing what is natural role is, from being a Dom/ Top/Master to a sub/bottom/slave.

The demons of men has helped in the realization of this thus making mankind crave darkness even more as it has brought heavy desires unimaginable and has soothing balm for all aspirations from mild SM to no limits SM. Every slave must embrace it's demon's and all fears will disappear thereby giving it a new birth to be reborn again as a pig that will NEVER hold back once it's MASTER gives it an order or task to fulfil. 

Slave's, bring all tips now to DADDY RICH. every slave owned must crawl back to it's Owner and should gratitude for it's worthless meaningless life made worthy and meaningful by it's Master and Owner

Faggot, why are you here?
Posted by DaddyAnimo

I want to learn more about what brought you faggots here. Tell me, or talk amongst yourselves.

The posts I’m seeing so far indicate excitement over being owned and drained. But it feels surface level. You need to delve deeply into the psychology of why you’re here and why you’re a faggot to fully appreciate being owned and drained.
Maybe you understand your dynamic and who you are, but if you don’t, message me. Helping you name and fully access your faggotry and dispelling any other illusions you’re confused by is one of my greater Alpha strengths. You exist for Our pleasure. I enjoy fucking my faggots’ minds just as much as using their bodies as my personal hole.

So, tell me: why are you here? Why do you think your instincts brought you here?

Crisis - Charity Cycling Fundraiser
Posted by SimX

Posting this with MOA's blessing -

I am doing a virtual (indoor bike) cycling tour from the Isle of Man to the south of France to try and raise money for Crisis ( a charity that helps people get back on their feet with work, homes, dependencies and anything else. It's a good cause, but particularly during this pandemic -

 'Towards the second wave of the pandemic, there have been bigger increases from people who are experiencing homelessness for the first time, people who have been furloughed and those who are newly unemployed.'

Homeless people are also much more likely to develop pre-existing conditions that would make Covid much more dangerous that it is even now.

p.s Out of respect for the platform we are on, if you want/are able to please donate with OF tips and put 'crisis' in the note, as soon as I am able to I will reimburse the cash donation through JustGiving on your behalf and DM you a screenshot (will not be immediate, but i wont/can't do a bunk with the tips anyway!)

Last year I had a conversation with a recently-made homeless man, who made me feel very vulnerable (more detail on the link) and i think it's particularly poignant considering the fetish we all practice, the power of finances and the 'risk' to recognise how easily you can lose a foothold- and the slippery slope to homelessness that has very few ways out, and also learn about the help available to us or others we may know.

Plus i've gotten to be a fat bastard over a year of lockdowns so the accountability will be great! If anyone else wants to 'ride-along' or do something similar, the kit i will be using is a Wattbike Atom bike and the app Zwift which replicates 'true to life' inclines and resistance (so it's not gonna be much easier than actually doing it lol) - also using an apple watch, Strava for distances and keeping track of distance using a great app called MyMission- but all you really need is a bike and Mymission. 

I'll be posting regular updates on the JustGiving page!

Many Thanks!

My ideal slave
Posted by muscledad4cash

My ideal slave. I have been taking some time out to think about what I require for my slave.

These are my conclusions.
As a slave you will take piss/spit, be sniffing licking my armpits, have slaps, humiliation, degradation, abuse, verbal, light pain/torture, being taught your place, CP, CBT, chastity, collars dog leash, be treated like a dog, face sitting, stomping, caning/whipping, spanking, bondage with candle wax dripping on your balls. Finally you will be solvent and very generous to your master.
Posted by GRatedMaster

So I have been thinking about "transactional" FinDom relationships recently.  I've seen CashMasters who demand payment for views of their mega-muscled body (with raised middle finger, of course.) I've seen cashfags who are clearly only interested in those types of Masters.

And plenty of U/us out there are seeking in-person service, usually highly sexual, with some cash or gifts thrown in. 

Each one of U/us has something valued that creates a type of transaction in what W/we seek.  I'm not much interested in sexual fantasy or pics with cash thrown in.  In My perfect world, I have cash slaves who want/need the mentor/advice-giver type.  My transactional interest is in being a sounding board.   I love receiving tips/tributes, after those convos, especially when it just "happens."  Nothing better than awaking to new tips. 

Transactions.  We all have something.

Masters, Respect & Owned Fag$
Posted by BritishChavMaster

So I have been on here for just over 4 weeks now and I have major respect for a majority of Masters on here being TRUE ALPHAS but also respecting other masters bar one that i had a bad experience with, I tried a few websites out and the masters seemed to treat others with total disrespect and when you stand up to them you end up getting banned, I have come to the conclusion these are not true Masters but undercover faggots due to the bitchyness i faced and them not understanding when you have it out with a master (being both ALPHA MALES) there is no point in arguing. But here every master shows each other respect, no one gets jealous or nasty, In fact if you talk to most masters you can share new ideas. 

Yes there are a few fake faggots which i am learning very quick how to spot these, but those that are real I enjoy being powerful and abusing them either through tasks or taking tributes, some faggots just don't understand how horny we feel from taking their/our money and using them, I have never cum so much after getting my first tribute from here, reminded me of school when i used to rob other lads money and got hard doing it. 

So yea a short blog for now. But BIGGG UPP to the creator of this site and all Masters


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