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SImple task for eager-to-please fags and slaves - just requires y...
Too many of you fags and slaves say you crave to be useful to a Master. So I'm giving you the opportunity to prove yourself useful using only your time and save me a tedious task.

I'm having trouble locating my favourite cigars and I have just one left in my humidor...

Asylum Cigars 13 - 80 x 8 Authentic Corojo (for mornings)


Asylum Cigars 13 - 80 x 8 Classic (for evenings)

Buying from US isn't really an option because of the high custom taxes and a lot of the sites I used in Europe either are out-of-stock (and have been for some time), or don't ship to the UK because of fucking Brexit I assume.

Your task: locate me a site that I can buy from (not in US, ideally Europe). I'm also keen to try a JFR Lunatic if you can find me one of them too.

Cheers, GB

Silent Submission: A Findom Short
Silent Submission, A Findom Short

I round the corner... and it's frozen. Locking eyes, overcome by the sheer presence. Their mind melts into Me. Then and there, innately: submission. Nothing more than a gaze. Overwhelmed by the moment, silent steps take us to a nearby ATM. Only the wind's whistle cuts the quiet, until buttons begin to click. The machine’s wheels sputter hundreds from a slot into kneeling hands... then into Mine. A knowing grin glows against a newly-lit cigar as I feel the grip of domination take hold. Counting out as it's handed to Me, a thick and burning ash builds. Smoke billows around us as the machine slows. Silence once more. Submissive lips kiss each leather boot as a pitiful tongue cleans them carefully in desperate gratitude. Through the toe caps, I can feel the trembling in each lick. Stolid, I tower over My new property. It’s all so easy. Effortless. And as I ash into a begging gaping mouth, I turn to go with thousands anew. In the distance, the faintest whimpering... “Thank you, Master.” 

Just as every Alpha deserves. 

Bring it to life, betas.

To be or Not to be (a bastard)
So you see a profile and you feel you want to see if the boy/slave/fag will engage with.  Well it may be simple thing if your (a bastard) you just send "get on your knees fag scum and serve ME!".  Then they replay "Yes Sir" That was easy and lets face it, it's easy because that's who you are and that's all good and fine.   But they may not say anything at all or they may replay with something like "do you get much by sending messages like that" and the point is you may have missed out one the best boy/slave/fag there has ever been.  

So as a more flexable and understanding Master you may say something like "I have seen your profile and you look like I could use you serving me."  Then they replay with "Yes Sir" That was easy and lets face it, it's easy because that's who you are and that's all good and fine.  But then.................and you have missed out of the best boy/slave/fag there has ever been.

You see some of us can be both understanding and a bastard depending on the boy/slave/fag and so this is the question; To be or Not to be (A Bastard) and the answer I have is be one or the other but if your a boy/slave/fag understand that just because the hot man you see sends a message in terms that you don't like it may be that all you have to do is replay in the way you do like and he may be the best Master you have ever had.  This is a two way street come on fags step up.  
Finding The One: Becoming owned by Master Dorian
When i talked first to Master Dorian i felt something different than the other Masters. I felt his power over me. With simple words he has the power to dominate you and take what he wants without single hesitation. He got easily in my head and i felt an addiction to his domination. I tribute everything as he asks for. Then i was selfish and decided to ask him to do things for him so was punished. The put me in the dungeon twice and i left his stable. How stupid i was! Few days later, and after talking to other masters, i noticed that it was my loss! I felt that something is missing and it was obviously, his presence! I wanted to be humiliated, to pay him what i earn and go serve him as he decide... so i texted him and he forgave me and taught me that i have a long road to take in order to get rid of my selfishness. He explained that i have to be his obedient slave no matter what and that he owes me nothing. Of course i decided to submit to Master Dorian because he’s The One, The Alpha i always dreamed of and the only Master that is dominant by nature. After all i started to serve him again and again because his feet is where i should be and my walled is what he owns.
I’m looking forward to serve him more and more not only online but also in person. His power makes me crave for more and more, he’s addictive and he’s great in what he does. I meditate about him and see him as my superior, strong and unbeatable... I’ll never be selfish again and i’ll only serve the Masters he want me to serve... my bank account is under his control... and so i am.