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cashfag $ubmit/remorse Cycle
My Ma$ter was u$ing a sissy fag the other day... u$ing her/it hard, and while we discussed in chat the purposes of a faggot, the sissy was driven to hand over even more tips.

Today, the sissy deleted her account, as is the habit of fags who are in the cycle of $ubmit and remorse.

It is a condition that just about every cash faggot endures. In my own experience and the experience of other cash fags, it's a very common condition, which is frustrating for Masters, and confusing for fags.

The greatest issues with this condition are:

1. selfishness, and the belief that that fag deserves to have luxuries in life from the money he/it earns

2. fear of financial issues

3. the denial of what the faggot is

This condition can last for years, and some faggots enjoy this cycle, getting hyper horny when the natural urges and needs pull him/it back to findom and into a splurge of hard and fast cash/tips $ubmissions. Then the fag retreats and regrets... until the next time.

For many fags, this cycle of $ubmission and regret is the basis of their findom life, and the cycle has become a sort of fetish in itself. These fags will undoubtedly never be broken out of the cycle.

For other fags, it's simply a stage in their development, where the selfish pride and desires for their own luxuries and extras have yet to be cleansed from their mindset.

We need to take into account that there are various types of fags, ranging from confident and assured fags, to the self-loathing fags who see themselves as the inferiors they are.

This is why the condition of the Cycle is complex. Those who hate and are ashamed of what they are, and $ubmit to Masters because they know themselves to be inferiors, are more likely to come out of the Cycle at the other end, finding horniness in their inferiority, fulfilment in their 'fulltime' subordination to Superior Men, and really 'live' it.  These are fags to be envied by others, as the conflict and struggle of the confusion that they endure is shaken off by those who fully accept their status. They reach a stage of fulfilment in their sacrifices to Men, beyond just the moment of sacrifice itself.

Shaking off that Cycle of $ubmission and remorse is a liberation for a cashfag. All cashfags know what they/we are, and that it is something for life. But, the majority of fags fight it, and continue to struggle with it. Society's conditioning gets in the way, making us believe that we all are deserving and equal. That, of course, is a social fabrication which doesn't exist in reality. But, it fools many fags.

In my own case, my Master has managed to break this Cycle in me, and now i feel a real sense of change and liberation as a loser and cashfag, as a way of life. It takes a good, genuine and insightful Master to help a fag to break away from the Cycle and embrace the reality.

I'm sure that other fags here have their own stories about this, and it would be interesting if you'd tell us about it. 

Some may disagree with my analysis. Or you may be able to add to it. This is just my own observations and personal understanding, right or wrong.

The cashr*pe

A Slave asked me to browse his latest photo collection after a RT session – pics of him on his knees, bound, with his wallet in his mouth and his Master's rock-hard cock looming over him.

I took control of his screen on TeamViewer and explored the folder of images ... Then I realised the l Fool left his OwnedFags window open. I drained his a entire bank of tips, all while while he begged me not  to.

Then, three nights ago, he asked me to browse his new photo collection. The fag had even restocked his tips.

So eager to serve.

Two-way street
This week I had "the talk" with a cashsub who needed to move on.  he's been a quiet, relatively consistent reimbursement type. I tend to cycle through some subs for things like lunch, and he was always quite joyous when it was his turn.

Until he wasn't.  I don't know exactly what changed, but My part in this is to make sure he understands I'm supporting his decision, that he has a safe place should he desire to return, and that I will miss him.  he leaves knowing (his words) his small sacrifices were enjoyed and appreciated. 

I've always believed a sub must feel *right when serving, and if that's Me- great.  If not, that's ok too.

Keeping tabs on submission

As a long-term sustaining cashfag, i find it helpful to take stock every so often of how much i've $ubmitted over the years.  I think back to my initial tributes, which were in requested gifts to real-time masters, not cash.  But those had a cash value to consider.  Then a few years ago as i starting sending cash online, i could write down each tribute and add them all up on a piece of paper.

We've long past the point where my $acrifices would all fit on a sheet of paper, but thankfully modern banking tools make it easier than ever to search and calculate debits that went toward cashfag service.  But i still enjoy the discipline of writing it all out in a journal.  i find it easier to stock and notice trends over time when i calculate it all manually.  This practice of taking stock every now and then has several benefits:

1. It serves as an excellent reminder what a total faggot i am, of course.

2. It brings back good memories of particularly enjoyable tributes.

3. It helps me ensure that i am stretching farther every year with rising annual totals, always pushing myself to do better in being a good slave/sub.

4. Standing in context with the rest of my budget, it helps me notice where i can do more to sacrifice.

5. It helps inspire me to ask for more in my pay raise so that i can send more and continue to become a better cashfag.

So I have been thinking about "transactional" FinDom relationships recently.  I've seen CashMasters who demand payment for views of their mega-muscled body (with raised middle finger, of course.) I've seen cashfags who are clearly only interested in those types of Masters.

And plenty of U/us out there are seeking in-person service, usually highly sexual, with some cash or gifts thrown in. 

Each one of U/us has something valued that creates a type of transaction in what W/we seek.  I'm not much interested in sexual fantasy or pics with cash thrown in.  In My perfect world, I have cash slaves who want/need the mentor/advice-giver type.  My transactional interest is in being a sounding board.   I love receiving tips/tributes, after those convos, especially when it just "happens."  Nothing better than awaking to new tips. 

Transactions.  We all have something.

It walks two paces behind MASTER carrying HIS purchases which it has been honoured to contribute. It loves to watch MASTER’s confident masculine swagger.<br />
MASTER stops at an ATM. This is the moment. MASTER clicks HIS fingers. It puts down the bags and searches for its wallet. MASTER is getting impatient and clicks HIS fingers again. It finds the card and hands it to MASTER. As MASTER inserts the card and punches in the pass code, it gets that blissful feeling of total vulnerability. Everything it is, everything it has is MASTER’s. MASTER accesses the account and checks the balance. HE pauses. Will HE take the lot now or stretch the pleasure out and take more later. It can see that MASTER is hard and its little fag pussy is dripping. MASTER grunts, makes a decision and punches in numbers and the green arrow. It can hear the money being counted and it is weak at the knees. Out comes the cash. MASTER grabs it and hands the card back to HIS fag. HE has left some cash in the account for later.<br />
Without looking round or acknowledging HIS fag, HE walks away. It picks up HIS bags and follows.
Masters, Respect & Owned Fag$
So I have been on here for just over 4 weeks now and I have major respect for a majority of Masters on here being TRUE ALPHAS but also respecting other masters bar one that i had a bad experience with, I tried a few websites out and the masters seemed to treat others with total disrespect and when you stand up to them you end up getting banned, I have come to the conclusion these are not true Masters but undercover faggots due to the bitchyness i faced and them not understanding when you have it out with a master (being both ALPHA MALES) there is no point in arguing. But here every master shows each other respect, no one gets jealous or nasty, In fact if you talk to most masters you can share new ideas. 

Yes there are a few fake faggots which i am learning very quick how to spot these, but those that are real I enjoy being powerful and abusing them either through tasks or taking tributes, some faggots just don't understand how horny we feel from taking their/our money and using them, I have never cum so much after getting my first tribute from here, reminded me of school when i used to rob other lads money and got hard doing it. 

So yea a short blog for now. But BIGGG UPP to the creator of this site and all Masters

Is Findom "real life"?

In a conversation you will sometimes read "in the real world" or "in real life".

It may be that some Masters and fags see Findom as something totally separate from their 'real lives'. It may be just a fetish or a way to try and make some money on the side.

But if it is something you indulge regularly, it is a part of your 'real life'. You may wish to separate it from the rest of your life because of shame or because it's not something you want to associate with who you are 'in reality'. 

For many of us, Findom is very much our 'real life', and is as much a part of it as going to work, shopping, or going out with friends.

When i first met my Master on Twitter, i didn't know what i was looking for, other than to submit to a Real Man. He showed me that he could transform my life in a real way and make my submission to him impact on the rest of my life. Over the past year, He has transformed my life from being a selfish fag to living only on what i need, and he removes the rest of my earnings to his own account.

That is an amazing gift he has given me, enabling me to show genuine submission to his superiority, and emboldening my own sense of my natural inferiority and purpose in life. Through audio files and regular work on me, and encouraging me to be used by other Alpha Men locally, he has helped me to embrace my true self, my degeneracy, and to labour each day for a Man who deserves to have what i earn more than i do. The mental changes have been very real, and my life priorities have been changed. He keeps me safe. He is the most important Man in my life, and he has my 100% trust, obedience and confidence that he wants what right and best for me.

This is "the real world", and everything else in life is effected and influenced by it.

Different Masters and fags approach Findom in different ways, and all those ways are legitimate if that is what they want. However, when you refer to the rest of your life as "the real world", remember that there is nothing more real than Findom and how it impacts on lives.

The last days of lockdown are hopefully getting near

Let’s not pretend it’s been tough. Fucking tough. The first day wasn’t a surprise, because I predicted it. Being locked up sounded easier a few weeks ago then what reality proved. Even the most basic pleasures involving leaving the house are denied. I’ve not been in a pub since 13 March. I’m craving a juicy steak that I didn’t have to fuking cook myself. I miss takeaways. And I fucking hate queuing up to go to the Supermarket.

And I’m sure it’s been tough for you fags and slaves. Not being able to get close to Masters. 

So here’s some tips to help you break the boredom of what willl hopefully be the last few days of lockdown.

1…Prepare your fag holes for use

When lockdown ends, there’ll be Masters needing to make use of your holes for their pleasure. So get acting now to get them in tip-top condition. Grab a dildo (or cucumber, courgette if you don’t have one) and start ploughing them holes deep. Don’t neglect throat training, and just think of exciting a Master the next time you are able to demonstrate your perfect deep throat.

2…Humiliate yourself - or get a Master on here to help you remind your place

This time in isolation may have started tricking your mind into forgetting your purpose. As fags you serve as objects for the pleasure and entertainment of Masters. Use this time even more than normal to entertain and Masters by humiliating and degrading yourself online

3…Revise your profiles

On this site and others, revise and enhance your profiles. Set out more clearly the type of Masters you crave in your whoring lives. Update profile pics and revise wording to make it as compelling as possible.


Be mindful of your financial circumstances and don’t go overboard. But take time to enjoy the simple plea$ures of tributing a Master to please Him. 

My ideal slave
My ideal slave. I have been taking some time out to think about what I require for my slave.

These are my conclusions.
As a slave you will take piss/spit, be sniffing licking my armpits, have slaps, humiliation, degradation, abuse, verbal, light pain/torture, being taught your place, CP, CBT, chastity, collars dog leash, be treated like a dog, face sitting, stomping, caning/whipping, spanking, bondage with candle wax dripping on your balls. Finally you will be solvent and very generous to your master.