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Cashfag pay raise

Even though i'm an unworthy faggot, i recently was given a promotion at work accompanied by an undeserved pay raise(rise). 

i've blogged before about how payday can be difficult for a cashfag -- seeing that bank account go up, and feeling the urge to dispose of it by sending as much as reasonably possible to better men.  What goes up must come down, and all that.  Well, an increase in salary would only make things worse!  The selfless fag wants none of that for himself. 

The solution was clear and easy: send 100% of the increased income to masters.  If a fag was able to survive sustainably and serve superiors comfortably before the pay raise, then the fag doesn't need to keep any of the raise and can send all of it away. 

Knowing that the increased pay would be tributed to superiors, i was motivated to negotiate for an even higher salary.  Since it was all destined for Alphas, it would be wrong of me not to ask for more, if more could be given.  To my surprise, though the negotiation was tough, they accepted my counteroffer.  i was proud to accept the higher salary and to try hard to find more opportunities to submit it all to deserving masters. 

The Nature of Worth

I hadn’t planned to write this, but a conversation today with one of my fag brothers compelled me to.

Findom is HARD, especially so on owned slaves. While the session sluts get off and move on, those of us who live the life every day from morning to night know what this means. The sheer emotions involved in devoting everything we have to one Man can be overwhelming.

When I hear one of my brothers say that they feel worthless because they feel inadequate it saddens me. Worth is in the eye of the beholder. For an owned slave worth is the value your Master places in you. Not just in the money you send, but in your devotion and submission to Him. You are more than a dollar sign, a real Master understands that. If He doesn’t then it’s time to move on, because frankly you deserve better.

The term ‘worthless’ is a loaded one in this kink. Many of us get off on it as an aspect of humiliation, but it is simply a word to express that we are below the real Men. It doesn’t mean you lack value. What you need to remember is that a real Master cherishes His property. A real Master understands what your sacrifice means. A real Master understands the need for sustainability and pacing.

I wish OwnedFags had a segregated space for slaves to talk freely and openly. These are just some of the concerns and hardships we all face. I am always here to talk things through with any of my fellow slaves, feel free to DM me here, or we can even talk offsite if that is more comfortable for you. I’m sure many of my great brothers and sisters feel the same way. Reach out to us, we’re here for you. Don’t carry such burdens alone.

7 deadly sins of findom (Master's perspective)
Like many Masters higher up the Pantheon, new masters often message me for advice. I'm usually happy to give some pointers unless I'm really busy. Makes me laugh really. I've not even been doing Findom for a year. To be truthful, after trying a few 'strategies' when I first joined, I've given up on that, and just try to approach it in the way that feels right to me. I'm still new to this, And I am not scared to admit when a slave tells me they've been into cash slavery for 15 years, I feel in awe and a bit intimidated.

So I've tried to learn along the way, by the mistakes I've made. And the mistakes I go on to keep making. 

This is just my thoughts. I’ve fallen guilty of these. Lots of times. I don’t always practice what I preach.


In early civilisation men were expected to work hard and contribute to society. Failure to do this was looked on as a sin.

A lazy Master just lumbers across the corridors of life. Never knowing really what he wants, so all doors of opportunity seem shut in his face. As men we must utilise whatever we have - whether it’s our mind, bodies, or both, to make sure we give the best of ourselves and push those doors open.


A CashMaster should be strong, confident and a bit conceited. But loving yourself too much is weak. Don’t say you’re the dogs bollocks - show and be you’re the dogs bollocks. And remember, as Master’s you’re only ever as good as the slaves who are serving you.


A deep-rooted trait in every Master. We don’t like to see another Master better off than us. Forever looking at the Masters getting more than us, more tributes, bigger tributes, bigger stables can be powerful though. Let that envy burn calmly within. Use it as your fuel to aim to emulate their success and get what you want.


Anger is easy. But getting angry with the right people, to the right extent, for the right reason and in the right way. That’s fucking nearly impossible.

Most of us have probably fallen guilty to road rage. That fucking fury that comes over you as a driver when someone else breaks the rules, and then arrogantly speeds off in the distance as we’re left behind. Our instinct as men is to get even. In that tidal-wave of rage we have one single though - to get the better of the other guy.

Some fags will let you down. Always. Some of your fellow Masters will piss you off. Always. Do you want to waste time getting even? Or accept, like you, they aren’t perfect either and put your energy into something more productive.


Gluttony. That damn hunger in the pit of your stomach that sometimes won't piss off. It drives us to eat more than we need, simply because it's there. As Masters we can have that same hunger for slaves. We want them, or want to try to get them, just because they're there.

But be realistic. Spread your attention across a realistic number of targets. The best slaves will be in higher demand. So if you're taking too long to get in touch, keeping the connection going, I guarantee some other fucker isn't. Same applies for owning fags. Unless you are super-organised, have endless time, having too many fags in your stable is a one-way destination for failure. Maybe you want a revolving door. I don't. 


Men are beings of pleasure. We like to feel good. But all of us can sometimes in that search for pleasure take it too far, and end up in situations or scenarios that aren’t right for us.

Know your limits, know what you’re into, and stay clear of anything that doesn’t feel right. 


The original and deadliest sin. Greed drives men. Greed makes us want more of everything. Greed exists in all of us. 

For a Master that feeling of greed can be incredibly horny. We revel in it by pushing faggots further. Wanting more. Stretching their limits….and often going so far we lose the slave. Slamming on the breaks of greed occasionally is powerful.

Enjoy greed more, and make sure we don’t make it our Master….

Sustainable Sending

A message inspired by an earnest discussion among several fags in chat.

Sustainable sending simply means sending what you can afford to send. A straightforward notion yet quite difficult for many finsubs to master. It is the key to long lasting servitude and financial stability. A concept drilled into me years ago by the first Dom I served that I always keep top of mind is: a broke fag is a useless fag.

What cash slave hasn’t stroked to the idea of a massive drain? Dropping hundreds or thousands in a single ruinous session. Yes it can be arousing beyond measure, but it can leave you feeling broken and resentful. At its worst it results in slaves deleting profiles and ghosting their Masters.

Too often fags are guided by the little cocklet between their legs, which can lead to bad decisions. While yes you should always strive to please your Master, both in tribute and other ways; you need to play the long game. How best can you serve Him sustainably over time? Aim for years of service, not just a few weeks of jerking.

Take the time to figure out what you can actually afford to send. Yes it can seemingly take the fun out of it, but coming up with a budget will help keep you from overdoing it. There will always be slaves who can send more than you, that’s just a fact. Focus on what you are able to affordably send rather than trying to compete with those with deeper pockets.

Even seasoned subs can fall prey to sending more than they should. When it happens it is imperative that you communicate to your Master that you will need a period of recovery. If He is a wise Dom He will understand, if not then it’s time to move on. Smart Masters will want to cultivate a lasting relationship, not drain you into oblivion then hang you out to dry.

The best Masters know how to guide their fags in sending sustainably. Yes there are always those who will push a slave past its limits, but it is still up to the slave to inform the Master that they can’t afford to send more. We are all adults here, both the Master and the slave share responsibility. The slave not to oversend and the Master not to ruin the slave.

Now that doesn’t mean you should waste a Dom’s time simply to pinch some pennies. Don’t accept targets you can’t complete. Don’t promise more than you can send. If you're having trouble managing your sending, try asking your Master to require permission to send to help keep you grounded. If you can’t send any more until your next pay ask how else you can please Him. True submission and servitude extends beyond tip counts.

Be the best fag that you can be for them, but do it sustainably so you can continue to do so for years to come. The Masters may be in control, but that doesn’t mean you can abrogate your own responsibility to keep your head above water.

Fuckface - past, present and the future.
As it's almost the end of a year and even the end of a decade, the two Powerful Black Gods, who own Fuckface, have decided that it's time to severe all ties of the past and look forward to a great future.  We all hope that 2021 will be a good year and the start of much brighter decade too for everyone.  

After having signed Contracts of Ownership in late 2019, having pleased The Boss (one of the Powerful Black Gods) and his straight Black God friends during several Saturday evenings in early 2020 and, of course having served Black Muscle God (the other Powerful Black God) many times too, the Powerful Black Gods felt it was time for Fuckface to be truly "blacked".

At 11.59 pm on 31 December 2020, the Powerful Black Gods will remove the name "Fuckface" (a name given to Fuckface by a previous Powerful White God) and Fuckface will be given a new name to start on 1 January 2021.  

The Powerful Black Gods want to see Fuckface under tighter control but still be available to assist other Powerful Gods and to still be allowed to befriend other faggots too. 

From today, Fuckface will indulge everyone on Ownedfags to photos and videos of what Fuckface has been doing over the past few years.  Fuckface aims to change these every day and then from 1 January 2021, all those photos and videos will be forgotten about, never posted again, and new photos and videos will be made and posted.  

Besides being owned by the Powerful Black Gods, this website has been an absolute "god send" for every faggot and every Powerful God this year and it's definitely become Fuckface's second home.  

Thank you to MasterofAll for creating this fantastic website. Thank you to Master Relentless (aka HouseofSlaves) and to SkinBossDan, two extremely powerful and influential Gods who have shaped this faggot over the past few years and made  IT into what IT has become, thank you to the many other Powerful Gods who have done the same to Fuckface, and thank you to everyone on this site for being a great community, and for helping it to become, in Fuckface's eyes, the best financial domination website, and the best domination website, the internet has ever seen.  

Let's make 2021 a really good year and for now, Fuckface and the Powerful Black Gods, hope that you enjoy the upcoming videos and photos of Fuckface's journey.

The Meaning of Ownership


When a sub joins a Master's stable, they become owned. The Master can read the sub's messages, chat logs, see their tip totals and who they've sent to. The Master can throw the sub in the dungeon at their sole discretion, and control their block list. It involves surrender of control, trust, and a mutual understanding of the power dynamic at play. It is intense. It is earned. It is the height of submission. The summit of sacrifice. Some Masters own several subs. Some only own a few. Some choose never to grant that supreme privilege to a sub, for whatever their reason. When a sub proves worthy to carry their Master’s name, they become an extension of their Dominant. They represent them. An owned sub is held to a higher standard, expected to behave with a certain decorum to all Alphas, not just their Keeper. 

When I see ownership happen in the first hour of joining this site… I can’t help but feel it cheapens the point of it all. Now, sometimes you 'just know'. That's fair. But that is few and far between.

I say this not to scoff at other styles of domination or submission; the last thing we need is more in-fighting. I say it as a suggestion to the Masters here: let subs explore, take this in, find their footing. If you are interested in a sub, you can still establish commitment from them without jumping into ownership prematurely. An easy stepping stone is adding to a sub's profile that they are serving a certain Alpha exclusively in the hopes of becoming owned. A clear and concise way to signal to all their intent, while still valuing the sanctity of ownership. I wrote about this in the feed directly not long ago, to a few thoughtful replies. And I'll say again as I did then: we don't need more features, we don't need more safe spaces (that's just my opinion here, I know others disagree). We need all of us to respect the quality of real, fun, meaningful M/s over toxic cash grabbing. And I say that as a Master who's primarily into findom (or has been historically put: the cash collector). If you disagree with me: feel free to say so below (with civility). Let's keep this place great.


Stable for new slaves
In the last weeks there was often the discussion about why so many slaves leave OF after a short time and​ if slaves join a stable too quickly. 

I have begun to think about this and will write my personal thoughts - how often it could be wrong for other people, but this should be for thinking about and maybe we can have a discussion about diffferent opinions - please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment field.

Most of the slaves want a Master who​ takes care of him, gives his life a meaning, gives him orders to fullfill and set rules - help him to make his and the life of his Master better.  

If a slave joined OF first time - they are new victims for all the slave-hunting Masters there - you have 10-20 Masters who want you to serve him, set you targets with more and more​ gifts or tips -​ a few of them have not even the deceny to write to you first before they set you a target.​ ​ 

Many of the slaves are really overwhelmed by all of this - some don´t know they can say no to a target, some don´t know how to respectfully say they don´t want to serve that Master - some completely loose control of all of this.  

Many of the slaves are burnt out within a short time and leave OF for this reason - others seek the protection of a Master and join his stable.​ ​ ​ 

Most new slaves dont know what it really means to join a stable - made the same mistake by my first try here - they are now secure from most of the other Masters and have only to concentrate on​ their new Master - but after joining a stable you go from a hundred to zero messages if you have started with more messages than you can read, to, if you are lucky, some from your Master.  

If you're lucky to find the right Master after this short time, he will take care of you and look after how you feel, he will support you and will always be there for you - if not, you are only his ATM and he will only contact you if he think he needs more money - you will be alone with this new situation and nobody will take care of you as you are a owned slave​ and most Master​ respect this and will not contact you. 

I know - many slaves know their Master previously from other sites and come to OF only for their Master (as me), many are lucky to find the perfect matching Master in a short time, but many find out after time they are not lucky - it is hard for them to leave a stable they once joined voluntarily - they must say if they were wrong with their decision or​ other people will think they are too weak for this Master, or they don't want their Master to look weak for loosing a slave.​ 

So, maybe it will help to have a trial period for 2 weeks or so to prove you're a​ good match or not, after this both could decide they will continue or it will automatically finish. (don´t know how this technical would go and how difficult it is to make) - this two weeks could be a "stable light" with lesser restrictions, maybe in this time you could make a mentorship with an experienced slave or a experienced Master the Master trusts. 

I think this could help to made new slaves stay longer on OF, maybe it would be better if more Masters would have the chance to look if a new slave is compatible with them and maybe more Masters would try to be a careful Master to their new slaves.​ 

After these two weeks, both should know what the other wants and each real Master will then set limits and restrictions for his slave as he wants and how he thinks it would work for both. 

I know - this is a FinDom site and many would think they are not here to take care of worthless slaves or cunts, many slaves don't want a caring Master, but they want a hard Master who dominates them and make them into submissive pieces of shit from the beginning - if both want this it would be possible too - the trial period should only be for knowing better what the other really wants - if both know this from beginning they should make what they want.

And a second time - many thanks to SoS for being my lector and translate my thoughts in readable english and for the support of my Master.

What do you want?
This may be a repeat of some other posts but I am fed up with getting:

Some of you will take this as a winge and some will see it for what it is; An reaction to the interactions I have had in the last three years.

There are good faggots, bad faggots and the ones that are the most frustrating.

The good faggots, are the ones that react.  I post a blog and I get a comment, I get asked if I'm doing more, I get sent a privat message that inspires me to tell me (yes faggot that was in your message), the faggot that sends tribute because maybe worship, thanks or ?   So fare in my interactions these, I don't need more than two hands to count them on.

Then you get the ones that start, messages, replays 20 or more then nothing not a word.  No expiation no reply, you leave me with out a resign why, how to deal with you?   Whats the point I try a faw messages to see if you respond and then move on but you are the most fucked up of them all.  One word wrong or said in the wrong way and poof up in a puff of smoke. 

Then the worst of them all:
Messages just saying "I am interested."  Or "I want to serve you".

Because would sort of replay are you expecting?  I don't know.  Some of you have been winging that your called degrading names but do you say that when all you send is one of the above messages? No.

If your sent a replay that says "I want you to come and clean my house." you may replay with "Yes Sir" but then what, you make no plains or want me to spell out every little thing.

If you say "I am an ATM" in your profile and I say "Tribute then boy" you don't send a message saying "Please Sir I am looking for a connection first."  instead youirst  winge in a blog about Masters that think it's all about money and demand it first off.

It is never your fault for not knowing what you want, or being so weak to ask but then strong in telling us we got you wrong.   Of cause it may be my fault and maybe I don't have the body you want, or the big cock, arms chest, but if that is all you look for in the even you will be said and lonely.

So I have added this to my profile.

A Master that enjoys all aspects of cashdom and BDSM.   If you approach me with just "Sir I want to serve." then it is likely you will get a replay you don't want.  It will ether be too polite or too "You fucking faggot, what do you want?", It's a two way street, say what you want, "Please Sir treat me kindly" or "Please Sir I'm just a fucking faggot" and I will respond in kind.
Being a slave AND a moderator
Being a slave AND a moderator

Preliminary note: this only reflects my opinion, and my fellow moderators might have a different one. I invite them to discuss it in the comments to this blog then, i am very interested in knowing what they think of it especially subjeffie and BotyomBear. Other comments are welcome as well of course.

Being a moderator is not an easy task, especially a chat moderator. Keeping your head cold and not abusing your mod powers when it would be so easy to do so requires some temperance. Being a slave moderator is even more difficult as some Masters might get angry at being given orders by a slave (which is perfectly understandable). They should stop seeing the slave as a slave but see him as a moderator, but that's easier said than done, especially when you are in a hot discussion.

That's the reason i rarely moderate the chat. i mostly moderate the pics, to relieve MoA from the burden and i leave the chat moderation to Master mods. However when no Master mod is present, or none of Them can moderate (for instance if They are involved in the conflict), i will not hesitate and take my responsibilities.

Here are a few guidelines i have in that case, and i would not be surprised if even Master mods would find them good:

1°) i am not a mommy trying to separate her bickering kids. You are all 18+ (at least that's what you said when you registered on OF) so you are supposed to act like adults. If you have a problem with another member, discuss it with them in DM, don't come to me to decide who is right and who is not. i will not take sides. Or rather i will always take the same side: the side of OF.
That means i don't care about the reasons of the conflict, but i will do my best to preserve the chatroom as a peaceful and friendly place. If you disturb it, you can expect me to tell you to stop. If you don't you can expect me to ban you.

This goes for everybody, Master or slave, friend or not. i would even ban my Owner if needed. That might earn me some dungeon (He is very intelligent and hopefully He would not do worse than that like booting me from His stable), but i would do it anyway.

i must admit i would probably not ban MoA since He could overrule me anyway ;-)

2°) When i speak as a mod and tell you to stop doing something, i am not opening a debate. If you don't comply, you are banned. This is not a discussion, this is an order (I know Masters won't like this word, but that's what it is). Usually it is pretty obvious when i am speaking as a mod because my tone is very different from the one i usually have in the chat, but if you find that's needed, i can use some typing effects like typing in bold or in red or whatever. We can discuss that but that would be better if that was a common rule for all mods.

3°) I can be wrong sometimes, and if you think so, feel free to discuss it with me but in DMs, not in the chat. If you think i am abusing my powers and you no longer want to speak to me, feel free to complain to MoA, i will accept His judgement without causing any trouble, but once again, not in the chat.

OF is not a democracy where we discuss and vote on issues in the chat. We are here as guests of MoA, and when you are a guest, you don't shit on the carpet. If you don't like something in the site, discuss it with Him, but His rules apply, and the chat is no place to criticize them (unless He calls for a debate of course but usually He doesn't do so in the chat). You are free to leave if you cannot find an agreement with Him, and He is free to stop welcoming you as His guest if your company is not to His liking.

4°) Even if i ban you, that doesn't mean i have become your deadly enemy. That just means i think you need to take a step back and reflect on what i just told you. The discussion is welcome in DMs, and we can become very good friends if we can reach a common agreement.

5°) i never ban permanently. Personally i think that should be MoA's privilege. If a recidivist is going too far again, i can ban him for 24 h and that gives me plenty of time to request his permanent ban to MoA.

How to Grow in Submission: Saving, Earning, Selling, Sending.

by DorianTheAlpha

Now, I will preface in saying this is My opinion, though one I know it is shared across hundreds of Superiors. That said, you may well find a Master that views submission differently than I describe here. If so, I weep for you because you'll never know the bliss of true sacrifice to serve your Master's pleasure.

Let's begin by listing off the excuses so many pretenders enjoy bleating to Masters Who've heard these tired lines a thousand times before:

- i am student/jobless right now, but i can serve You in other ways.

- i want to send to You, but i need to trust You first.

- i might be open to sending, but financial domination is not My primrary kink.

- i was mistreated by a previous Alpha, i need to recover before i can worship You.

- i have no money to send, but i can be Your promo/task slave.

If this is you: you are the worst kind of wasted space in findom and kink as a whole. These aren't reasons; they're excuses. Do better. Redefine yourself to serve His pleasure first and solely.

There are countless others, equally transparent, equally boring, equally self-branding "block me: i'm a waste of time".

This article is meant as instruction, and as motivation. Like all habits, starting with a few easy steps will lead to  undertaking the harder ones. In time, you can be the best slave you can be by incorporating all of these and more. Internalize the spirit of these habits to truly devote the entirety of yourself to your Master.

1. Work harder, smarter, longer. 

Secure a raise or bonus? That portion goes to your Master. Great night of tips? Those are Alpha's. Win a payout, lottery, jackpot, raffle, contest? Guess whose: your Owner, silly pet. Get a second job, or third, gigging: Uber, tutoring. Suck cock if you can get paid for guzzling cum in your Master's name. Be creative, and proactive.

2. Cut back on luxuries and indulgences. 

Don't buy meals out. Meal prep, and make that coffee/tea at home. Skip the steak, and eat chicken or beans. Fast intermittently if your health allows it. Drink less, or not at all. Only Alpha Men consume fine spirits; you get hooch if anything. Forget about tobacco, weed, parties: they are revelries for Superior Males. Designer labels, latest tech, new toys of any kind... these have no place in a cash slave's world.

3. Simplify your lifestyle.

Forget the Uber: walk, bike or commute. Don't bother with a flagship smartphone when a budget model will do. Take cold showers and reduce your heating/AC to send your Master those savings. Workout? Cancel that gym membership, and go train outside. Sell your appliances and wash your dishes and/or clothes by hand. Which leads Me too...

4. Sell your valuables.

Collectibles: magazines, comic books, video games, watches, vintage items, etc. Jewelry, needless gadgets, vehicles, sex toys (looking at you sissies). Anything you are guilty of from #2, sell — that's a simple starting point. What feels more right: you owning $1,000+ of superficial goods you could do without, or placing that cash into your Master's powerful hands, where it belongs?

I have likely missed ideas here. What matters is starting small, being accountable to improve through sacrifice, communicating your commitments to your Master, and most or all: sending as soon as you have cash to do so. The longer your Master's money stays with you, the lazier you are being, slave.

Read, act, send. Or pretend that you are already doing "enough" for your Alpha, as if that is even possible.

We always deserve more...