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What Makes an Alpha?
Posted by TBMaster

I got to thinking about this question the other night. So many guys around the scene dubbing themselves as Alphas, but what does that really mean? What *truly* makes some people Alphas and others betas/omegas? 

My 2 cents: Alpha is an energy. A way of being. An undeniable power that can’t be learned. An innate ability to make subordinates approach with an equal mix of fear and respect without having to say a word (or stick up a middle finger for that matter). A quiet confidence that lures inferiors no matter how much they want to resist. 

Having muscles doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you muscular. 

Having a huge cock doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you hung. 

Berating subs with insults and degradation without consent doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you a bully. 

I’ve used & owned faggots with muscular, Greek godlike physiques and faggots with dicks bigger than any self-proclaimed Alpha I’ve ever seen, and they kneel at My feet and worship Me because they know its where they belong & what I deserve. 

Sound off in the comments if you wanna share your thoughts. 

The Meaning of Ownership
Posted by DorianTheAlpha


When a sub joins a Master's stable, they become owned. The Master can read the sub's messages, chat logs, see their tip totals and who they've sent to. The Master can throw the sub in the dungeon at their sole discretion, and control their block list. It involves surrender of control, trust, and a mutual understanding of the power dynamic at play. It is intense. It is earned. It is the height of submission. The summit of sacrifice. Some Masters own several subs. Some only own a few. Some choose never to grant that supreme privilege to a sub, for whatever their reason. When a sub proves worthy to carry their Master’s name, they become an extension of their Dominant. They represent them. An owned sub is held to a higher standard, expected to behave with a certain decorum to all Alphas, not just their Keeper. 

When I see ownership happen in the first hour of joining this site… I can’t help but feel it cheapens the point of it all. Now, sometimes you 'just know'. That's fair. But that is few and far between.

I say this not to scoff at other styles of domination or submission; the last thing we need is more in-fighting. I say it as a suggestion to the Masters here: let subs explore, take this in, find their footing. If you are interested in a sub, you can still establish commitment from them without jumping into ownership prematurely. An easy stepping stone is adding to a sub's profile that they are serving a certain Alpha exclusively in the hopes of becoming owned. A clear and concise way to signal to all their intent, while still valuing the sanctity of ownership. I wrote about this in the feed directly not long ago, to a few thoughtful replies. And I'll say again as I did then: we don't need more features, we don't need more safe spaces (that's just my opinion here, I know others disagree). We need all of us to respect the quality of real, fun, meaningful M/s over toxic cash grabbing. And I say that as a Master who's primarily into findom (or has been historically put: the cash collector). If you disagree with me: feel free to say so below (with civility). Let's keep this place great.


Stable for new slaves
Posted by chubbyvie1

In the last weeks there was often the discussion about why so many slaves leave OF after a short time and​ if slaves join a stable too quickly. 

I have begun to think about this and will write my personal thoughts - how often it could be wrong for other people, but this should be for thinking about and maybe we can have a discussion about diffferent opinions - please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment field.

Most of the slaves want a Master who​ takes care of him, gives his life a meaning, gives him orders to fullfill and set rules - help him to make his and the life of his Master better.  

If a slave joined OF first time - they are new victims for all the slave-hunting Masters there - you have 10-20 Masters who want you to serve him, set you targets with more and more​ gifts or tips -​ a few of them have not even the deceny to write to you first before they set you a target.​ ​ 

Many of the slaves are really overwhelmed by all of this - some don´t know they can say no to a target, some don´t know how to respectfully say they don´t want to serve that Master - some completely loose control of all of this.  

Many of the slaves are burnt out within a short time and leave OF for this reason - others seek the protection of a Master and join his stable.​ ​ ​ 

Most new slaves dont know what it really means to join a stable - made the same mistake by my first try here - they are now secure from most of the other Masters and have only to concentrate on​ their new Master - but after joining a stable you go from a hundred to zero messages if you have started with more messages than you can read, to, if you are lucky, some from your Master.  

If you're lucky to find the right Master after this short time, he will take care of you and look after how you feel, he will support you and will always be there for you - if not, you are only his ATM and he will only contact you if he think he needs more money - you will be alone with this new situation and nobody will take care of you as you are a owned slave​ and most Master​ respect this and will not contact you. 

I know - many slaves know their Master previously from other sites and come to OF only for their Master (as me), many are lucky to find the perfect matching Master in a short time, but many find out after time they are not lucky - it is hard for them to leave a stable they once joined voluntarily - they must say if they were wrong with their decision or​ other people will think they are too weak for this Master, or they don't want their Master to look weak for loosing a slave.​ 

So, maybe it will help to have a trial period for 2 weeks or so to prove you're a​ good match or not, after this both could decide they will continue or it will automatically finish. (don´t know how this technical would go and how difficult it is to make) - this two weeks could be a "stable light" with lesser restrictions, maybe in this time you could make a mentorship with an experienced slave or a experienced Master the Master trusts. 

I think this could help to made new slaves stay longer on OF, maybe it would be better if more Masters would have the chance to look if a new slave is compatible with them and maybe more Masters would try to be a careful Master to their new slaves.​ 

After these two weeks, both should know what the other wants and each real Master will then set limits and restrictions for his slave as he wants and how he thinks it would work for both. 

I know - this is a FinDom site and many would think they are not here to take care of worthless slaves or cunts, many slaves don't want a caring Master, but they want a hard Master who dominates them and make them into submissive pieces of shit from the beginning - if both want this it would be possible too - the trial period should only be for knowing better what the other really wants - if both know this from beginning they should make what they want.

And a second time - many thanks to SoS for being my lector and translate my thoughts in readable english and for the support of my Master.

What do you want?
Posted by MasterPete

This may be a repeat of some other posts but I am fed up with getting:

Some of you will take this as a winge and some will see it for what it is; An reaction to the interactions I have had in the last three years.

There are good faggots, bad faggots and the ones that are the most frustrating.

The good faggots, are the ones that react.  I post a blog and I get a comment, I get asked if I'm doing more, I get sent a privat message that inspires me to tell me (yes faggot that was in your message), the faggot that sends tribute because maybe worship, thanks or ?   So fare in my interactions these, I don't need more than two hands to count them on.

Then you get the ones that start, messages, replays 20 or more then nothing not a word.  No expiation no reply, you leave me with out a resign why, how to deal with you?   Whats the point I try a faw messages to see if you respond and then move on but you are the most fucked up of them all.  One word wrong or said in the wrong way and poof up in a puff of smoke. 

Then the worst of them all:
Messages just saying "I am interested."  Or "I want to serve you".

Because would sort of replay are you expecting?  I don't know.  Some of you have been winging that your called degrading names but do you say that when all you send is one of the above messages? No.

If your sent a replay that says "I want you to come and clean my house." you may replay with "Yes Sir" but then what, you make no plains or want me to spell out every little thing.

If you say "I am an ATM" in your profile and I say "Tribute then boy" you don't send a message saying "Please Sir I am looking for a connection first."  instead youirst  winge in a blog about Masters that think it's all about money and demand it first off.

It is never your fault for not knowing what you want, or being so weak to ask but then strong in telling us we got you wrong.   Of cause it may be my fault and maybe I don't have the body you want, or the big cock, arms chest, but if that is all you look for in the even you will be said and lonely.

So I have added this to my profile.

A Master that enjoys all aspects of cashdom and BDSM.   If you approach me with just "Sir I want to serve." then it is likely you will get a replay you don't want.  It will ether be too polite or too "You fucking faggot, what do you want?", It's a two way street, say what you want, "Please Sir treat me kindly" or "Please Sir I'm just a fucking faggot" and I will respond in kind.
The Tussle (A Brighter, Briefer Twilight)
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

by DorianTheAlpha

At the behest of our most dear MOA, a fictional short (given my non-fiction at best gets mixed reviews)...

Some stories begin about a quiet girl, moving to a small rainy town. Vampires hide in plain sight. Tribal werewolves are stolid custodians of the land for generations long since passed. Love and lust fuel conflict and calamity, where the only thing more powerful than fleeting life is love's immortality. This is not that shitty story. No, this tells a far more gripping tale... one of obedience, of struggle, and of two owned fags quarrelling on command.

It all begin in the dead of the night. A man, some say more than that, had been out at the pub. It'd been a long day in a longer year, and the evening's end whispered. Though he spends his day working, he couldn't help but drift back to it for a quick chat. Sure enough, some light banter was afoot. A sissy and a tame fag were exchanging pleasantries. The banality of it all simply did not suit the Supreme. He stepped in swiftly, "Sos. Subcorey. The two of you will duel. I want to know whom among these lowly bottoms would be the top. Amuse the Master of all." The soft music that wandered through the café's dim lit air stumbled to a halt as the vinyl's needle fell out of the groove. The barback, a long-time member of the café by the name coloslutty, stopped breathless as he wiped the countertops. 

MOA's voice boomed, "All the tables to the wall. I want a space in the middle. Time for some fun..."

The two slaves knew what was to come next. Sheepishly, they stripped down to the nude. The café snickered with laughter in anticipation. In the corner, stood a brooding figure, chomping a thick, long, dark cigar. Clad in leather, only two steely eyes cut their way across the room. He gave MOA a nod. No more was needed. In the other corner, a headless figure sat, with his pen floating across the page. He seemed to be noting the events at hand. He too gave MOA that same knowing nod.

Permissions set. There would... a tussle. The naked fags stood just a few paces apart. The café tense with eager excitement.

Seconds of silence felt like hours. An entire room of baited breaths... and then, "Begin!" MOA sternly shouted.

With a feral pounce, sissy lunged beneath corey's lumbering arm, to quickly take his back. Regardless of being lowly slaves, watching two men wiggle and writhe in struggle had the whole room in heat... whispers of approval quickly turned to bellowing cheers, save the two respective owners who watched on in silence. The sissy clung the corey's buxom chest, but the Canadian faggot used every ounce of his heft to shake off the dainty damsel. Losing no time, the slut leapt back at corey, wrestling face to face, their lips just inches apart. Seeming half dance, half distress both fags' little cocks quickly began to twitch. Despite the hunger to win, it was obvious everyone in the room was savouring the ecstasy at play. With a burly toss, corey picked up the sissy and tossed her to the floor, landing on top of her. That heavy stomach pressed down on her delicate frame, but her lithe limbs kept his control at bay. Mounted, the little whore seemed almost wanting the thick fag to press down upon her, but she knew she needed to win for her Master. A quick twist of corey's dicklet, and he squealed in agony... quickly MOA stated, "I'll allow it."

With corey's tiny cock in the slut's hand, she knew that leverage would be her only way to victory. A barreling leg struck away the sissy's grasp, and corey crawled back up to his knees. Sweat began to sprinkle the floor. Two alabaster bodies glistening as the sheer endurance of tussling began to set in... Sheepishly, the sissy ambled forward toward corey gasping for air. In reply, corey hardly managed to defend her assault. The only body parts clearly still at the ready were their puny cocklets, now leaking precum across the café floor mixing in with the many droplets of sweat...

Through the crowd, came a mountain of a man. Strangely, he was naked wearing only a pendant on a string. A piercing sapphire amulet with cyan and white rings.

MOA ceased the fighting, "Stop. Chub stands before us. Chub... say what you must."

The towering titan spoke, "Why not bumper cars instead?"

And then they played bumper cars and neither won. The end.

Posted by DorianTheAlpha

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m sorry.

My last blog was careless.

It’s not worth losing friendships, so I deleted it.

To those upset, I am your equal & admirer.

Feel free to reach out if you felt slighted, but yet to voice it.

Now a comment remarked I danced around a slave in My post.

So, to Aaron258: know that I enjoy your presence here & meant no offence.

Who doesn’t love a good wedding planner, after all?

To MoA & all those who commented, I appreciate you challenging My words.

There’s no one right way to enjoy this place.

I gravely misspoke in trying to express a personal view, and it came off dickish.

Mea culpa. 


Being a slave AND a moderator
Posted by servus

Being a slave AND a moderator

Preliminary note: this only reflects my opinion, and my fellow moderators might have a different one. I invite them to discuss it in the comments to this blog then, i am very interested in knowing what they think of it especially subjeffie and BotyomBear. Other comments are welcome as well of course.

Being a moderator is not an easy task, especially a chat moderator. Keeping your head cold and not abusing your mod powers when it would be so easy to do so requires some temperance. Being a slave moderator is even more difficult as some Masters might get angry at being given orders by a slave (which is perfectly understandable). They should stop seeing the slave as a slave but see him as a moderator, but that's easier said than done, especially when you are in a hot discussion.

That's the reason i rarely moderate the chat. i mostly moderate the pics, to relieve MoA from the burden and i leave the chat moderation to Master mods. However when no Master mod is present, or none of Them can moderate (for instance if They are involved in the conflict), i will not hesitate and take my responsibilities.

Here are a few guidelines i have in that case, and i would not be surprised if even Master mods would find them good:

1°) i am not a mommy trying to separate her bickering kids. You are all 18+ (at least that's what you said when you registered on OF) so you are supposed to act like adults. If you have a problem with another member, discuss it with them in DM, don't come to me to decide who is right and who is not. i will not take sides. Or rather i will always take the same side: the side of OF.
That means i don't care about the reasons of the conflict, but i will do my best to preserve the chatroom as a peaceful and friendly place. If you disturb it, you can expect me to tell you to stop. If you don't you can expect me to ban you.

This goes for everybody, Master or slave, friend or not. i would even ban my Owner if needed. That might earn me some dungeon (He is very intelligent and hopefully He would not do worse than that like booting me from His stable), but i would do it anyway.

i must admit i would probably not ban MoA since He could overrule me anyway ;-)

2°) When i speak as a mod and tell you to stop doing something, i am not opening a debate. If you don't comply, you are banned. This is not a discussion, this is an order (I know Masters won't like this word, but that's what it is). Usually it is pretty obvious when i am speaking as a mod because my tone is very different from the one i usually have in the chat, but if you find that's needed, i can use some typing effects like typing in bold or in red or whatever. We can discuss that but that would be better if that was a common rule for all mods.

3°) I can be wrong sometimes, and if you think so, feel free to discuss it with me but in DMs, not in the chat. If you think i am abusing my powers and you no longer want to speak to me, feel free to complain to MoA, i will accept His judgement without causing any trouble, but once again, not in the chat.

OF is not a democracy where we discuss and vote on issues in the chat. We are here as guests of MoA, and when you are a guest, you don't shit on the carpet. If you don't like something in the site, discuss it with Him, but His rules apply, and the chat is no place to criticize them (unless He calls for a debate of course but usually He doesn't do so in the chat). You are free to leave if you cannot find an agreement with Him, and He is free to stop welcoming you as His guest if your company is not to His liking.

4°) Even if i ban you, that doesn't mean i have become your deadly enemy. That just means i think you need to take a step back and reflect on what i just told you. The discussion is welcome in DMs, and we can become very good friends if we can reach a common agreement.

5°) i never ban permanently. Personally i think that should be MoA's privilege. If a recidivist is going too far again, i can ban him for 24 h and that gives me plenty of time to request his permanent ban to MoA.

About „timewasters“
Posted by Flexgod

I want to talk about a topic today that’s on my mind these days.

Let’s talk about „timewasters“ , everyone will agree, that in findom there are a few timewasters.

But now comes the point .. there are not as much timewasters as masters think... 

... I often hear ohh here are so much timewaster slaves ... NO THIS IS NOT TRUE!Just because they slave doesn’t pay that doesn’t mean he’s a timewaster!
You must know how to trigger a slave , how to use him PROPERLY!And this separates the Masters from the wannabe masters ...

A true master knows how to treat a slave, how to melt him and how to drain him. It doesn’t work like those wannabe masters think. 
Findom is not „Slave pay me „ 
It’s so much more ...

A strong person (found on tumblr)
Posted by MasterPete

In many cases, a submissive is just a strong person looking for someone stronger.

We often talk about subs and faggots as weak creatures who are taken and used indiscriminately by powerful Men. 
But actual submission involves incredible amounts of personal strength. The ability to set aside one’s own ego in order to serve even in difficult situations is very difficult, and often requires a lot of training. The peaceable, fulfilling fruits at the end of that journey are satisfying, but the road to get there is arduous and fraught with fear and insecurities. A fag must work hard to face down everything in order to be not only pleasing to Men, but also pleasing to themselves.
This is why I’m always preaching to faggots to have enough self-respect to turn away from abusive Alphas. The strength a faggot shows in order to submit to a Man is worth too much to be treated harshly or with disrespect.
If you gather enough strength to submit to a Man, make sure he is a Man worthy of such worship. A Man who will treasure such a powerful gift of submission!

From: fagsworshipalphas on tumblr.
I'm sad to say I did not come up with this thought but I had to share it with you all.

The essence of this site
Posted by ITALSKIN

It happens more and more often fags approach Me saying how hot and sexy I look and stuff like that and then when I talk about tributing they candidly admit: oh sorry Sir am not into fin dom, i am here just because Men are hot.... well I find that SO disrespectful and undermining the real spirit of this site.... others think of tributes as a sort of fee to pay to then be able to tell Masters what to do when and how... a totally wrong approach to fin dom for Me.... just accept the rules of the game, be here to fully enjoy the experience and submit happily or go wanking elsewhere useless timewasters!


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