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About „timewasters“

I want to talk about a topic today that’s on my mind these days.

Let’s talk about „timewasters“ , everyone will agree, that in findom there are a few timewasters.

But now comes the point .. there are not as much timewasters as masters think... 

... I often hear ohh here are so much timewaster slaves ... NO THIS IS NOT TRUE!Just because they slave doesn’t pay that doesn’t mean he’s a timewaster!
You must know how to trigger a slave , how to use him PROPERLY!And this separates the Masters from the wannabe masters ...

A true master knows how to treat a slave, how to melt him and how to drain him. It doesn’t work like those wannabe masters think. 
Findom is not „Slave pay me „ 
It’s so much more ...

The New World
So now that The World Has Changed, it's got Me to thinking about the side of My life reflected on this site. TBH, I haven't spent a lot of time with it, because, well, other things just seemed more important.

I still go in to My workplace, one of the relatively few who do, so My typical days remain similar. I just pick drive-through locations for lunch now to minimize contact. It does make getting something healthy to eat a bit more difficult. And then the other day, a regular sub did what he always does, which made that day's lunch even better. 

That experience got Me to thinking overall about My place in this "interest" which has always been fairly different than most.  So many people are seeing their lives upended and need all the support and good luck they can get.  I've never been much interested in creating debt from a sub anyway, so that makes it even more important now for Me to ensure any sub who engages with Me is truly doing OK, mentally, physically, and of course emotionally.  

Another regular sub had a health issue which was scary, but I did My best to make sure he knew he was not alone, that someone cared, and I'm pleased to say he's now doing well.  Not one iota of FinDom during any of those conversations either, which is how it should be, IMHO.

So, we will see where The New World will take all of us, but I hope in the end that we'll become better people as a result of all this. I'm sure ready to try.

A little compassion goes a long way

As we all know FinDom is one of if not the most awkward fetish to get right as there are so many competing agendas at work and that’s fine, many other fetishes are the same in that respect, the Dominate role has one agenda while the submissive partner often has another when things go well they complement each other perfectly.

However, FinDom, seems to be the one that causes the most tension. Handing over your hard-earned cash to another is a huge deal. Whether you consciously know or see it, the emotional rollercoaster that is going on inside the person handing it over is unbelievable.

Speaking with ‘Fags’ on other sites when they mention they into FinDom and refer to this site, lately and all to often they seem to get very aggressive and angry, seems they have had a bad experience and all feel pressurised beyond healthy means getting swept up and then leaving the site as they cant cope, things seem too out of control for them etc. The most common reason I hear though is the ‘GIMME GIMME GIMME’ but no chat. A lot of them are very new and still unsure the chat side would help to guide them. (with the 2nd most common reason being lying about things I mean come-on guys we're all adults here do we really need to make up things and go behind peoples backs.) 

As some of you know my ‘b**y’ brother died suddenly just before Christmas so my own emotions are rather heightened right now, as a result of this I can see it clearly from their point of view. Everyone has their own idea of what they are looking for on here and that is fine. When you find it, the connection will be there and genuine and I wish to use this to thank MasterJO and TWCB in particular but there are also others on here (and you know who you are) that without you I wouldn’t have made it through the last few weeks as I have.

So, my final point here is that before you act like a ‘See You Next Tuesday’ towards someone on here just remember you cannot see them you don’t know what they are going through, take the time to talk and who knows, you may end up getting more out of it. Afterall respect works both ways, Doms if your Fag respects you they will go above and beyond what you 'ask' and Fags if your Dom respects you, you will know it and they will be there for you in the way you need them to be when you need them.

Defining Submission and Servitude
It's been a while since I've posted something here. Today, we're discussing submission and servitude.

First, let's define them:

Submission: the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a Superior F*rce or to the will or authority of Another.
Servitude: the state of being a slave or completely subject to Someone more powerful.

Now, there are plenty of kink spaces. In them, you can explore deviant bottom acts, without serving submissively.

If you are here, you are here to serve. Look at the website name. Read its description. 

This is about pleasing Alpha Masters.

When you act entitled, whine, complain, lie, run, and cheat: you are not submissive. 

Nor are you servile. No, you're just vile.

Submissive servitude is very simple, but it is not easy. Simple and easy are not the same thing.

It is simple in that if you follow a single maxim, you will thrive: please your Master, always.

It is not easy, because after the first rush fades, you have a choice: regress to selfish stupidity, or flourish.

A recent failure of Mine is now in the dungeon for a second time. Hopefully, it will read this and learn. Doubtful.

To My better pets, and the useful submissives other Alphas here own proudly: continue.

It's a simple definition, yet not easy to manifest. But when it does come to be: submissive servitude is bliss.

Responsibility in Domination & Submission

by DorianTheAlpha

This will be a far less prescriptive post.

It is nothing more than thinking aloud.

This post is about findom dynamics, and its impact on a sub. When brash, brazen and sometimes tactless Alphas demand excess, especially from new accounts or new to findom as a whole: they flee. Sometimes that is ghosting, and all too often full account deletion never to return. I'll be the first to admit, I'm guilty of this, especially in My early days as an Alpha. Now as you read this, a natural rebuke is: "if the pussy can't handle Me, then they shouldn't be here." And yes, as Alphas, subs will never know they countless trolls, timewasters, and other toxic trash We endure. And likewise, it is a sub's respsonsibility to hold themselves accountable: understand what is expected before engaging. After all, you wouldn't enter a boxing match without a parry or a punch, but I digress.

So, where is the line between sustainable domination, and negligent cashgrabbing? It is not a set boundary. Some slaves have much to sacrifice and years of experience. For many others, this might be their very first exposure to sociosexual deviance. Even with study & fervour there's still so much you can only learn: sending, submitting, obeying, deferring to a Superior... experiencing findom first-hand.

Alphas constantly hear the same refrain from subs. Something to the effect of, "But Sir, My last experience with findom, an Alpha asked for [insert large number in the sub's opinion] and then ignored Me/blocked Me." Now, they're often telling the truth. Evidently, others lie for attention. Here many Alphas either dial up their chest-puffing demands, or dispose/block the new sub right then and there. 

So here lie the chasm. On on hand, earnest new subs get bulldozed by greedy Alphas who'd rather bark & bite than conjure any real sense of a findom dynamic. And equally if not more so, subs who will lie, cheat, whine and wallow without ever intending to truly serve. In this sea of mistreament from both sides, how does O/one navigate the vitriol?

Now this boils down quite simply: waste is dime a dozen. Great Masters & subs are a precious rarity.

My question becomes: how as an Alpha do you challenge yourself to avoid or overcome this (obviously this excludes consensual humiliation etc)? And more importantly, to the subs reading this, particularly new faces: I know you may have been used, even discarded before. What you don't know is an Alphas scars always run deeper. We deal with more trash than a landfill. So your wound-licking falls on deaf ears. Does this mean you deserve to be railroaded again? No. But does it entitle you to different standards? Even less so. How can you too can overcome these pitfalls?

Toxicity is universal. Alphas will set targets for subs owned by others, and mistreat subs who then leave the scene for good in shame or disgust. Many slaves more will fail targets, timewaste, cheat on their exclusive Alphas, so on and so on. A corny ending perhaps, but let's simply all... be better.

As an Alpha, know the difference between push your slave to thrive, and push your slave to leave.

As a submissive, know that your past & predilections do not warrant your failures or misconduct.

Cheers to all, and thanks for reading. Stay powerful Gents.

This is the first of a few installments meant to give fags a glimpse of how I think, what “makes me tick”. Perhaps I care too much about semantics but I will posit the following:

A fagtax is a tax the fag pays for being a fag. It reminds the fag it is beneath, automatically, because it is a fag. It can be appropriate, and hot. But it is, at its core, about the fag.
A tribute is about the Master. A fag (or anyone) giving freely because of who the Master is; it’s about the Master.
One is about humiliation, the other about worship. I like both, and I like humiliating a fag as much as the next Master does. But ultimately, if you want to please me, make sure it’s about me, not about you. Call me an egoist, but you’ll get farther, and more from me, by genuinely worshipping me. Look at it another way: constantly talking about how inferior you are to everyone, while it could be true, puts me in a large group of people who then, by default, are above you. It’s all relative to you.
Whereas tributing and talking about me being above you because of WHO I AM is elevating me, which of course is right and proper. That is my favorite route.
Of course, a combination of these can be great. Haha.
Last thought on the matter: for me, it’s analogous to an aspect of sexual hookups. There are guys, bottoms, fags, who want to be used constantly, by anyone and everyone. That can be a bit hot, but it’s about the bottom, in a way, and just about sex. Whereas when a bottom, fag, wants to be used BY ME, that is about power. My power.
I may humiliate you. I may love doing it, with certain fags. I do like it. But in the end, make it about me, in a genuine way, and you’ll be glad you did. I know I will be.
How to Grow in Submission: Saving, Earning, Selling, Sending.

by DorianTheAlpha

Now, I will preface in saying this is My opinion, though one I know it is shared across hundreds of Superiors. That said, you may well find a Master that views submission differently than I describe here. If so, I weep for you because you'll never know the bliss of true sacrifice to serve your Master's pleasure.

Let's begin by listing off the excuses so many pretenders enjoy bleating to Masters Who've heard these tired lines a thousand times before:

- i am student/jobless right now, but i can serve You in other ways.

- i want to send to You, but i need to trust You first.

- i might be open to sending, but financial domination is not My primrary kink.

- i was mistreated by a previous Alpha, i need to recover before i can worship You.

- i have no money to send, but i can be Your promo/task slave.

If this is you: you are the worst kind of wasted space in findom and kink as a whole. These aren't reasons; they're excuses. Do better. Redefine yourself to serve His pleasure first and solely.

There are countless others, equally transparent, equally boring, equally self-branding "block me: i'm a waste of time".

This article is meant as instruction, and as motivation. Like all habits, starting with a few easy steps will lead to  undertaking the harder ones. In time, you can be the best slave you can be by incorporating all of these and more. Internalize the spirit of these habits to truly devote the entirety of yourself to your Master.

1. Work harder, smarter, longer. 

Secure a raise or bonus? That portion goes to your Master. Great night of tips? Those are Alpha's. Win a payout, lottery, jackpot, raffle, contest? Guess whose: your Owner, silly pet. Get a second job, or third, gigging: Uber, tutoring. Suck cock if you can get paid for guzzling cum in your Master's name. Be creative, and proactive.

2. Cut back on luxuries and indulgences. 

Don't buy meals out. Meal prep, and make that coffee/tea at home. Skip the steak, and eat chicken or beans. Fast intermittently if your health allows it. Drink less, or not at all. Only Alpha Men consume fine spirits; you get hooch if anything. Forget about tobacco, weed, parties: they are revelries for Superior Males. Designer labels, latest tech, new toys of any kind... these have no place in a cash slave's world.

3. Simplify your lifestyle.

Forget the Uber: walk, bike or commute. Don't bother with a flagship smartphone when a budget model will do. Take cold showers and reduce your heating/AC to send your Master those savings. Workout? Cancel that gym membership, and go train outside. Sell your appliances and wash your dishes and/or clothes by hand. Which leads Me too...

4. Sell your valuables.

Collectibles: magazines, comic books, video games, watches, vintage items, etc. Jewelry, needless gadgets, vehicles, sex toys (looking at you sissies). Anything you are guilty of from #2, sell — that's a simple starting point. What feels more right: you owning $1,000+ of superficial goods you could do without, or placing that cash into your Master's powerful hands, where it belongs?

I have likely missed ideas here. What matters is starting small, being accountable to improve through sacrifice, communicating your commitments to your Master, and most or all: sending as soon as you have cash to do so. The longer your Master's money stays with you, the lazier you are being, slave.

Read, act, send. Or pretend that you are already doing "enough" for your Alpha, as if that is even possible.

We always deserve more...

The Little Things of the Daily Cashfag Life

Obviously fags make major changes in attitude, sacrifices in finances, and physical actions in order to accept their place.  I also marvel at all the little, daily things that have become habit as I've fully accepted my position in life as a fag:

I always ensure I have some cash in my wallet in case a master requires some of it.I keep my sex toys clean in case I am ordered to use one at a moment's notice.When driving, I yield to men who want to merge into my lane.

I hold doors open for everyone. Entering the restaurant for breakfast yesterday, I held the door open for a man arriving behind me, so that he could go ahead of me in line.

In the restroom, I always select the smallest, shortest urinal, to leave the normal ones for superiors. 

Some days I make sure to sit down to urinate in stalls instead, to remember my place, or when locked.

My phone stays nearby so that I can answer messages when I am free.

My wardrobe is more diverse to better suit the needs of different men.

In trying to become a better fag, I have grown more more polite, more selfless, more prepared, more giving, and more grateful.

What other little, daily things do you do that remind you of your place?

Kink Glossary - Humiliation

Okay so its been a while since my last blog. My reasons are my own and don’t expect an apology for it. I’m gonna go for a popular past time and subject tonight. Humiliation

Everyone knows this subject either as a provider or victim of it. But those of you who are new to it here’s a rundown of the basics.

Verbal -This is the most versatile and basic of Humiliation. This is the insults, the belittling degradation, the screaming, the profanity etc. But for those in the know its also the way to remind people of their rightful place in the order of things. Alpha, Boss and Sir when reinforced into someone helps to remind them your superior to them. Likewise Slave, Boi, and Faggot can be used to remind them they’re less than you a good cunt and bitch thrown in for good measure doesn’t hurt but remember verbal humiliation can be/mean so much more when used right.

Clothing – Lets be fair the first one that usually comes to mind is usually sissyfication. Put them in women’s underwear/clothing and emasculate them. But don’t forget there’s more fun to have beyond that. Try putting them in a nappy and turning them into something weak and helpless. This humiliation doesn’t even have to include clothes. Strip them naked and bare and make them even more exposed to you and your abuse. Give them a uniform (domestic/prison) and reinforce that they serve/obey you when they have that uniform on. Remind them of it every time.

Animal – Here’s a fun one. Indoors or outdoors treating them like an animal is great. And it’s even easier if you have a pet. Lock them in a cage, make them eat pet food, have them tied up to a tree in the woods. Let them beg for your attention and let them know when they’ve done something wrong just like you would any other animal. Treat them like a pig and throw them in the mud, ride them like a horse and hit them with that whip when they’re too slow. If your into harsh discipline and humiliation give them a shock of electro to keep them in line with a nice shock collar.

Toilet/Object – The only one I’ve combined because whilst a toilet is an object its such a wonderful humiliation tool it had to have a special mention. Those that love the piss, shit (you know who you are) and the other dirty bodily functions so much to you a broken toilet is an opportunity to serve a guy in ways few will. Just make sure you get flushed in the toilet when your done and need to clean off. Of course you still have the other more standard object rolls of footstool, doormat and ashtray. Make sure your ready for a guys feet at all times.  If his boots need cleaning get that tongue out. If they need putting up then get yourself over their so he can rest them on you. And when he’s ready with his cig get yourself over to him. NOW!!!

Deprivation – Those with someone loyal and obedient will know this one and use it to great effect. The biggest and most humiliating thing you can deprive someone of his freedom, or more specifically freedom of choice. Chastity is common one in this area with the key holder in control until he either begs or pays for release (or maybe both). Don’t forget though this can tie in with other humiliation. Tell him what he can wear during the day, what he can eat and when to go to the toilet etc. Never limit yourself when you can limit someone else instead. 

Task - Clean up, kneel, go wait for me here etc. Tasks are the humiliation by obedience they underpin the majority of humiliations. They require authority to deliver and loyalty and obedience to submit to. But remember this they show respect when completed and disrespect when failed or poorly done.

Worship – Finally another obvious one, and quite a popular choice for those new to the site. Boots, feet and socks are the first choice for pics and worship. Simple, plain and the lowest point you can serve someone (it’s all about your status). If your lucky you can work your way up to his pits or maybe even arse or dick or dick if your lucky. Of course the main purpose of this site is financial worship so don’t forget it. It’s the only worship that matters. 

One last note, if you want to prolong the humiliation add photo and video footage to the above. Make sure that the memory and feeling is constantly reinforced and maybe you could move onto a bit of blackmail

An Intetesting Question
I was recently asked by someone if I hated faggots. The short answer is 'no'. However, it's an answer that can't be answered simply and so I decided to post the more correct explanation here.

In my philosophy, I see humanity (and I use that term loosely is divided into four basic ranks; Men, Women, faggots, and Others. As with any such labeling system there are in-between distinctions that can be made, of course, but as I'm trying to keep this fairly short I'll stick to these four ranks.

RANK ONE: It is probably no surprise that those Masters on this site fall into this rank. In essence it is the rank containing all dominant, superior males. Rank one men are confident in their own natural superiority, live by their own unique principles, and don't really give a damn what anyone else thinks about that fact. If something gratifies or benefits a rank one man, he does not hesitate in taking it and using it in whatever way he chooses with no thought of regret.

RANK TWO: In this level I place superior females. Rank two women are, in ways, similar to rank one males with one exception; no matter their own power they understand that they rank below a superior male and behave accordingly. Due to the nature of this site there is little reason to waste much time discussing this rank.

RANK THREE: This is the rank where I place faggots. I am definitely not speaking about gay men in general (see below) but those gay males who have learned, or can be taught, to accept and embrace their position in the scheme of things; namely to be used as the toys of rank one men. Faggots crave the attention of real men and are more than willing to do anything required of them to serve such superior beings. A faggot will accept and surrender to any mental, emotional, psychological, physical, use or abuse that a rank one male subjects them to, and gladly surrender all they are and all they have to ensure such use and abuse continues. A faggot seeks absolutely nothing in return, not even a kind word, because they realize that their entire self-worth is nothing but a shadow based upon its usefulness to the man it serves.

RANK FOUR: Here is the rank of the general, societal mob. Though members, both male and female, gay and straight, compose the majority of the population they are still the lowest members of the human race. Those in rank four believe in ideals that do not, and never will, exist. They are delusional in the fact that just because they think as one and act as one that they that somehow makes them not only right but makes the rank one, two, and three members wrong. This is the rank of the common denominator which either denies or tries to stamp out any deviation from the so-called 'norm'. Those in rank four have lives that are an illusion because they usually spend most of their time sticking their noses into the lives of the ranks above them and therefore don't really live themselves. They are narrow-minded, judgmental, and think they are the top of the heap because the climb on the backs of others out of fear of standing on their own two feet. There are some good, decent people stuck in rank four, but they hide in the shadows from fear of being seen as different in any way. Most gay males fall in this rank because, in my experience, they are the most pretentious and self-righteous of the lot, followed by those that label themselves the religious right.

Now, to return to the original point, no, I don't 'hate' faggots. I save my hate for those in rank four. Don't make the mistake though that I 'like' faggots. When it comes to faggots it is safe to say that my attitude is one of begrudging respect due to the fact that they understand who and what they are and accept the role they were meant to fulfill. In other words, faggots are useful, and provide us rank one men a canvas to use and abuse for our own benefit and enjoyment. And, as our inferiors, faggots willingly submit to the heavy prices we demand of them for the sheer pleasure of being allowed to serve in their assigned capacities. I can't hate a creature that is willing to submit to me on every level and provides such an entertaining outlet for all of my controlling, abusive, violent, kinky, and perverse desires.