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A fag’s Berlin: Collar

This post is part 2 of a 5 part series. 


Nearly everything SIR DCCashMaster has brought fits me. A couple of pairs of uniform pants go back in His suitcase but pretty much everything else is the right size. I can’t believe how I look in a full leather uniform. It’s an intensely sexual feeling, seeing myself in the mirror. And I can’t stop checking out my arse in the Northbound Leather trousers.

The basketweave leather belt needs a new buckle, so after we’ve packed most things up, SIR tells me to put on the Corcoran combat boots, the Rubio Leather shorts with lace-up sides and the Priape leather tank top. We’re headed to a place around the corner that does repairs. It will be the first time I’ve been outside in public, during the day, in fetish gear. I’ve seen a few other leather guys outside already, but I’m still nervous.

We leave the apartment and call the elevator. A guy gets out of it when it arrives and clearly notices my outfit. I hold my nerve. Standing just behind SIR’s shoulder, where He’s trained me to be, gives me some comfort. This Man is in charge and I don’t need to think right now.

We arrive at the ground floor and step outside. I concentrate on my training and shut out the other feelings. A few steps onto the street SIR stops me. He turns me to face Him and motions for me to kneel. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I trust Him, so I comply.

He reaches into His pocket. Pulls out a blue and black chainmail collar. And a padlock. Some part of me realises what’s happening and I bow my head but I haven’t fully processed it yet. He lays the chain around my neck and my dick twitches and my heart thumps as He clicks the padlock shut. Here was the physical symbol of His ownership. Suddenly I am a locked boy. His boy.

I look up and He smiles down at me. On my knees at His feet, on the street outside this apartment block. He says something to me but my mind is racing too fast to take it in. This is beyond my fantasies. Suddenly this is very, very real.

Wanting to Change
So I saw an interesting post today from a sub, asking both Cash Masters and cash slaves if they would *want to change if that was possible.  

It got Me to thinking about switches, and bi guys, and the garden variety "versatile" gentlemen. Clearly there are people who enjoy variety.  And bi guys sometimes get ostracized, especially among more mature members of the community.  Which isn't fair, of course.  I may not get it, but it's not My place to tell someone he can't possibly enjoy intimacy with either men or women.

So while I know in the very fibers of my My being that being a Dom, being a Master is Who I am, and while I really respect and appreciate subs and cash slaves, I could never be one.  But if there are guys who enjoy both draining *and tributing, and it "feels" right, then more power to them.

Oh, and for cashslaves, only tribute the Master(s) Who resonate within you.  Even if you tip One you later decide not to continue with, it was good at the time, and no regrets about your path.

Why I serve DCCashMaster

I’m straining in my cage as I write this, a nice reminder of the control I’ve surrendered to SIR over the last weeks and months. This time I’ve been locked for almost two weeks and I’m constantly horny and drifting in and out of sub space.

We originally connected on Twitter. When SIR was planning His trip to London for Fetish Week I gave Him some local information about a couple of hotels. Closer to His arrival date He asked me if I was into realtime cash meets, and I told Him that I wasn’t as I was trying to leave findom, which was true at the time.

I first met SIR in person during Fetish Week when He needed a prop (me) for a photo shoot. After that I saw Him again at the rubber party the following night. We acknowledged each other, but I wasn’t sure if He would want to use me that night.

Later that night night He approached me and I felt my pulse quicken. I was immediately on my best behaviour. I wanted to impress Him. We spoke, He gave me some ground rules, and then took me to the darkroom.

There He took control of me utterly. He treated me like a whore and I loved every moment. He spat on my face, I choked on His dick, He offered my holes to Men I hadn’t laid eyes on. It was further and deeper than I’d ever let a Dom take me before, and I didn’t want it to end. I was grateful to this Man for giving me such an intensely sexual and submissive experience, for giving me permission and freedom to live my truly slutty, faggy self.

With experiences like these, even when lost in the depths of sub space, I need to keep a handle on what is happening and to keep checking in with myself to make sure I’m ok with what’s going on. SIR proved himself a very experienced Dom, and seemed to know this instinctively. He checked in with me regularly, making sure I was handling everything ok and not retreating inwards. When I did start to freak out, I felt like I could tell Him, and He immediately paused the action, took me to stand in a cooler area of the club, got me some water and stayed with me until I was ready to continue.

That could have been it. SIR flew back to DC at the end of the week. But after He left the idea of Him kept rattling around in my head. I’d find my thoughts drifting back to Him and the release I experienced serving Him whenever I had a quiet moment. We were still occasionally in contact, but He was concentrating on boys who were actively serving.

I found myself edging but denying myself orgasm, drifting back into delicious subspace more and more often, reliving that night. I could still hear Him saying “all the way down, every time”, still feel the bruises on my lips from pressing them against His heavy, metal cockring, His dick stretching my throat, trying not to gag. Remembering how the Men He offered me to thanked Him or commented on my performance while ignoring me entirely.

Eventually I had no choice. I had to serve this Man, if He would let me. The only release I was going to get was through making Him happy. The feelings of submission and gratitude were too strong to resist and I messaged Him. A short while later I had the choice of three different receipts to reimburse, all for gear He had bought in London.

Feelings were running high. I had backed away from findom after finding myself tributing some unworthy “Doms” during a period where I hadn’t been feeling great about myself. Part of me was battling to stay away, to not be vulnerable, but as SIR put it, “a submissive heart and mind never quits”.

I chose the receipt that had a pair of shorts that I had seen and really liked. The total was about the same as I had been planning to spend on a new chastity cage. It felt right to forego something for me in order to serve SIR.

The feeling of hitting send was a rush. A high I hadn’t felt for a long time. It felt good to be back where I belong, in the service of a worthy MASTER.

Since then, SIR has guided me gradually deeper into His service. There have been a few ups and downs, I have disappointed Him a couple of times, but learning to please someone is never easy. It takes time and SIR has been very patient with me as I’ve learnt more about what is or isn’t allowed, and how best to please Him.

I’m sure I have plenty more to learn on that front, but I have a great teacher and I’m looking forward to the lessons.

How to spot a time-wasting faggot

The issue of ‘time-wasting faggots’ came up in chat. I’ve certainly fallen victim to them. A lot in the begginning. 

Here’s a few classic hall-marks of a time-waster. Not all time-wasting faggots will show these traits, but if you spot a few of them, and are engaging in endless messages that don’t seem to go anywhere, chances are you’ve found a time-leech. Remove it immediately.

When you look at profiles:

(1) They’re in the newsfeed lots. Commenting on any Master’s pictures or updates, but never / rarely actually serving.

(2) They have low slave-points (will often have some to give a veneer of service)

(3) If they specifically say not a cash-whore, if this is what you are after, move on

When you talk to them:

(1) They’re into extreme blackmail fetishes, which seem unduly complicated and make little / no sense. 

(2) They stress their need to worship and serve and be owned. But they have a reason why they can’t do it just now.

(3) They’re generally over-enthusiastic in their approach; the decent faggots are polite, respectful and restrained until they know you better.

However, I do need to balance it out with:

(1) No two fags are the same, the best judge of whether it’s a time-waster is you

(2) Some faggots are shy, want to suss a master out first

(3) Most of the faggots on here are good and decent. And have joined this site for the right reasons.Just because they don't want to serve me, or you, doesn't mean they don't want to serve. But the chemistry has to be right. 

Concentrate on those faggots you can build a connection with, and it's mutually rewarding.

Remote controlled fags
The internet allows so much scope for controlling fags.  Some people imagine there's not much you can do as a Cyber Master beyond a bit of verbal. But how wrong they are.

* Financial Domination is an obvious one.  Whether it's handing over cash or handing over control of a bank account, there's real actual financial pain possible without being in the same room as the fag.

* Remote control chastity.  The key to the device can be locked in a box controlled by a bluetooth padlock.  The fag may have the box, but there's no way it's getting the key without the Master's say so.  

* Remote control butt plugs.  Sub has to put it in, but then its arse is under remote control.

* Online cameras.  Fag's house becomes the big brother house.  Master can set all kinds of rules....

* Amazon Alexa.  "Drop in" allows instant access to someone else's Echo -- voice call and microphones.  Speak and hear what's going on.  Great in combination with the cameras.

* Tracking apps.  Use the fag's phone as a tracking device.  Endless possibilities.

I fucking love technology.  I fucking love control.

A Masters Work
In chat today, an interesting topic came up. Basically, it centered on what a fags responsibilities are toward the man it serves or is owned by, and what, if anything, the Master/Owner owes the fag. Being a man with a strong philosophical bent, I couldn't help but want to devote a blog entry to my own particular viewpoint on the subject.<br />
<br />
Now, before I start, let me emphatically state that these opinions are strictly my own concerning how I choose to operate. I am a firm believer that EVERY real man, master, and owner has the absolute right to interact with his fags in any way he chooses and that his superiority is subject to the judgment of no-one but himself. That's what being a Rank 1 male is all about and he has the right to expect that those fags who serve him perform as he wishes for the duration of his ownership. Men, Masters, and Owners, come in all flavors, as do fags, and as long as the combination works then it is 100% right. My methods may be as foreign to some as theirs are to me but all are worth of respect.<br />
<br />
In my view, though a Master's need to control, use, abuse, and drain fags of cash is the perfect counterpoint to a fags need to be humiliated, degraded, and freely give of its body and wallet, it is not a totally one-sided dynamic. Granted the man holds the power and the fag is simply an object for his pleasure and profit, but that doesn't mean, to me at least, that the fag does all the work while the man simply relaxes and plays. For my part, I expend a considerable amount of time and effort when not operating directly with a fag to ensure that those times which I do are more productive.<br />
<br />
For example: as entertaining as spending time using and abusing a fag is, doing so all day every day is not really practical. So, I hit upon the idea of giving my fags weekly assignments that are separate from any other use I may have for them. Mostly these assignments are fairly mundane, but at other times they are rather complex and comprised of many parts. I deliver the assignment at the same time every week, explaining what it consists of, and outline the time the fag has to complete it (sometimes one day, sometimes a whole week), and detail the penalties for any variance for what was required and/or complete failure to achieve the stated goal. The penalties, as a rule, are financial and can, at times, be quite expensive. If a fag does a good job, and thereby owes no payment, I still reap the benefit of the control I have demonstrated over my property. I will not actually praise the fag beyond a 'good boy' but will at times offer it some small reward, all of which helps further deepen the bond of the dynamic. Should a fag fail utterly, or be fined for any type of non-compliance, then it has to pay promptly, after all, I did my part in designing the assignment and the fag must do its part one way or another. If the fag chooses to succeed or fail at the assignment doesn't really matter in the end, because I am rewarded either way and the fag is as well, according to its own level of chosen performance. It is a perfect balance of mutual effort.<br />
<br />
The point I am trying to make (rather badly I feel) is that I, as a fag-Owner, don't just sit back, relax, and constantly make demands. I expend effort to develop creative ways of putting my fag to use and it, in turn, expends effort to fulfill those duties. Let's face it you can't walk up to any ATM (the non-fag variety), hold out your hand, and get money handed to you; you have to go to the effort of getting out your card, punching in your PIN, and entering an amount. Likewise, fag-ATMs are the same way, you have to present the right trigger (the card/assignment), drive home your right to do so (the PIN/your attention), and then extract your reward (the cash or compliance). In this way, The superiority of the Master/Owner is maintained and furthered while the inferiority of the fag is deepened. A mutual reward/benefit dynamic; the fag gets pleasure from the service and the Master/Owner gets the pleasure of the control and finances of his fag. Just as it should be.<br />
<br />
Some Masters/Owners like to use, abuse, and cash-**** their fags just because they can, and some fags like to be used, abused, and cash-fucked just because they crave it, all without any deeper connection. There is certainly nothing wrong with that as long as it works for both sides. I totally understand that fact. However, it is not something that really works for me personally. Though it's definitely a pain at times, I rather enjoy the creativity of developing new and interesting ways to use a fag beyond just saying 'send me money now'. In my experience, the dynamic of absolute take vs. absolute give, gets tiresome after a while and soon vanishes. My constantly engaging with my fag on some level, via regular contact via text, email, chat, or whatever, assigning specific responsibilities and exacting penalties, keeps the dynamic fresh and interesting and leads to longevity which is vastly more satisfying and ultimately reaps more rewards. I also find that when those occasions occur when face-to-face contact is possible and the physical side of the use and abuse can be explored (as well as the financial accompaniment) the fag can submit to, and endure, much, much, more of those things I enjoy doing to it.<br />
<br />
I'm not sure any of this will make any sense to anyone but me. My explanations are often difficult to interpret because what forms in my mind does not always translate well when I attempt to type it out. Plus, it isn't something that can be fully or accurately explained in just one short missive. But, for those who get the general idea, great. For those who don't, or just don't agree, that's great too. There are more than enough faggots in the world for us to all find those that suit and can serve our individual needs. To all Masters/Owners: my respect always. To all faggots: serve until it hurts.<br />
Want Ownership?


⦁ First of all I will expect you to show me you're serious before we meet. Speak to me on skype or by email, when you approach me be ready to tribute and express your full desire to be owned by me to begin the conversation.

⦁ If you manage to please me well enough during our first online encounter (or any following online encounters) and I deem you are well suited, then we will arrange to meet and begin ownership. You must understand the need to prove yourself online with cash tributes before being allowed the chance to meet, those that cannot grasp this will never meet me.

⦁ Prior to meeting, you will go through all financial information with Master. Monthly earnings and all outgoings will be discussed and I also expect to know of any and all assets you own.

⦁ Master will decide what the slaves monthly tax will be depending on earnings. Then the slave will send a deposit online and then bring the remaining amount in cash on the day of the first meet.

⦁ Each following month the slave will have the full amount in cash for its Master as a recurring process.

⦁ After taking the monthly tax and using you at the start of the month, there will be another 6 - 8 meetings per month for me to use you however I see fit based on the slave. This could include use as a human punchbag, corporal punishment, human furniture, spittoon, boot cleaner, foot worshipper, ashtray, pet and plenty more.

⦁ Master will be in contact via phone/text/skype on a regular basis.


⦁ Address me as Master or GOD at all times
⦁ Be obedient, obey and comply with everything you are told to do without hesitation.
⦁ You will be given instructions on how to greet me before meeting, follow them to a tee.

Do not waste masters time, only serious slaves need apply, you should have read and understood everything written here already.

Good luck.

Be clear about what you want.
You/faggot, know what; I'm not stupid. When I see a faggot showing interest or I see a faggot I'm interested in, what do I do?   I lick on it's profile and read it, I look at the photo's and videos, I read the feedback.   Then I scroll down and look at some of the things that faggot has done and liked or commented on.   I take note of what I find.  If I find "only do real meets" I understand that and would not order you serve me as/in cyber.   If on the other hand I see you serving/gifting others on here then I know you do, do cyber.  Don't take me for stupid thinking "I'll just say I don't do cyber."  I'v seen you do it so I know you do it.  If however you don't want to do it with me, I'm a big boy. I can take some one saying "Sorry Sir you just don't do it for me, I wish you well"  Yes I may be upset for all of 5mins but so what I get up again.   So be honest about what you want.

I have responded to 3 message from a faggot.  One of the messages read; "HI Sir. I love how blunt and brutal you are to fags like me. Makes me feel like I have no choice but to comply Sir".  So I checked it's profile and scand some of the things it done.  That included sending gifts/tribute to other Masters and nothing in his profile said it did not like/do cyber.  So how do you think I replayed?  Of cause I demanded service.  You guess what replay I gote;   "sorry Sir I only serve people I meet for real".    Well OK I don't have a problem with faggots only serving people that meat for real.  Thats OK.  What I have a problem with is;  Did the fag really think I did not look at it's past actions.  Did the fag think I did not look at it's profile.  Dose the fag think I am a fool.   It would appear it dose not have two brain cells to rub together.  What it should have said was.  "Sorry Sir, with respect I don't feel you do it for me."  Or they should put in there profile that they only serve in real meetings.  Yes I know, no faggot wants to say that but from my view it's better for a faggot to be honest.

Attractiveness, Age, Weight

When deciding on a slave, do you every consider any qualities other then his need to serve? Are you in any way stimulated by his looks. Is their anytime you may ask a slave to change his body to please you? Would you ask a slave to gain weight or lose weight? I guess I want to ask how much control do you have over his body and what you do with?

Would you consider taking  some time to please answer in order of priority, attractiveness, age and weight, when you consider to take a slave to train for lifetime owner ship. 

True slaves and wannabes
True slaves understand their place. They know being beneath a true Master's thumb is something to be honored and celebrated. Since true slaves are beta..they crave everything associated with a true Alpha Master. Wannabe slaves are made up of two types..The first wants to monopolize a Master's precious time without giving a tribute or service. The second example joins a stable within an hour...They get high on ownership..As quickly as they commit and join your stable..they leave. New Masters would be wise to learn these two slave types...either that or waste your time with time wasting wannabes.... Master Broady