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Alpha Male Superiority
Which is your favourite part of the website? The chat room, the main feed or the personal profiles?

For me, it's the Pantheon. There's nothing hotter than a pack of Alpha Males, strutting their stuff and jostling for the limelight. The natural x-factor that many of them display is an incredible turn on for me. It reminds me of the gaping chasm that lies between Alpha and beta. That huge gap that's impossible to cross. 

After that it would be the main feed. The casual assumption of inviolable superiority despite the fact that it goes against what modern society says. This is something you see in the way the Masters speak. Boldly taking what they believe is theirs to take without so much as the blink of an eye. 

What makes MasterMister truly amazing!
1. He is incredibly hot and great looking

It was his great look that really caught my attention when I first saw his profile online. And meeting him in person makes me realized even more that he is such a perfect human being. He has really smooth skin, amazing soft hair, incredible eyes that make me so weak to look at him. His chest is so sexy that I just want to bow down at while resting next to him. He has great ass that I secretly kept looking at when I walked behind him. His hands are so perfect that make me feel so safe and protected under his guidance. His feet are so powerful that I can kiss and lick for hours. And of course, his dick is huge and strong that I am truly incredibly lucky to have it in my mouth and in my ass. I am so lucky enough to have him breed inside my ass. He is the first and the only guy to do that. Since the very first day I met him online, I've only jerked off because of him literally for over one year already. Even after jerking off, for a short time, I will start thinking about him again. He is just extremely good looking and I've been jerking off at least 2 times a day now because of him. I have even jerked off for 4 times in a day looking at his pictures. And literally, I've stopped having sex with other guys because of him.

2. He has high EQ (emotional quality)

For over one year being owned by him, I really don't recall anytime that he's angry or emotional. I can confidently say that we never had any fights or disagreements, just different opinion in certain matters. When you don't let your emotion control you, you are the one in control of the people around you. Our mind is such a powerful thing that it either controls us or we control it. This is something not easy to do but he does it so well. I am the type of person whose emotion gets triggered easily by unpleasant people or situation but by spending time with him, he slowly helps me improve to become a better person. I really admire this side of him that it's very rare for you to find in people. And because of his capability in this, he easily controls me. I've had fights and arguments with my past masters but with him, I'm just not capable at all to do this because I have my utmost respect for him all the time. I am always calm and peaceful around him. Even if one day he's angry at me, I'll just be on my knees, look down and apologize to him. I've read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and he is such a perfect example of someone who is powerful enough to control his mind and emotion. 

3. Money doesn't control him

I always believe that you control your slaves when you don't let money control you. Otherwise, your slaves are the ones who control you. Even in life, you're a slave when you let money control you. If he has made a decision, you cannot change that with money. If he decides to put me in chastity, that means I will remain in chastity and no amount of tributes will change his mind to release me. I remember serving other masters in the past, it was so easy to change their mind by offering them money but it's totally not the case with him. He is also a very smart and intelligent person. He has very stable financial status. He's not doing this for money, he's doing this because he's just powerful. I've been badly impacted financially because of this global pandemic but instead of making it worst for me, he has been helping me a lot to control this urge by maintaining a minimum weekly tribute. He has all kind of power to make me send him so much money but he never does that. Despite me wanting to send more, he declines many times because he understands my situation. He also made me completely stopped serving random masters which had put me in serious financial struggle in the past. I suffer emotionally by not being able to tribute him more but he has said many times when my condition is better then I can tribute him more. He trusts me and he believes in me. And with all my heart and my soul, I promise him that time will come one day. I am doing my best to fix my situation and he is my main motivator not to lose hope and to keep fighting. And one of my biggest dreams now is to be out of this financial struggle to be able to give him all my salary every month!

4. He is very funny and very fun to be with

Talking to him is very fun and enjoyable. Many times he makes me laugh. I really love his sense of humor. Because of our different time zone, I always have to wake up early morning to text him or to have a video call with him. Imagine feeling sleepy in a very early morning and someone makes a joke that you suddenly laugh and feel fresh. I love how he sees things in life. I was weak and insecure about the uncertainties of our relationship but he always tells me to enjoy our present and to live in the moment. And because of this, I am now enjoying our relationship so much and I can never be happier. I feel that this relationship is so fulfilling and even believe that a dom/sub relationship is much more meaningful than a romantic relationship. Seriously, I just want to be with him right now because spending time with him makes me feel like there's no problem in my life that I cannot face.

5. He is a decent human being

He is such a polite person with great and decent manners. He shows that he values and appreciates my sacrifices and efforts to serve and to please him. This is not a romantic relationship but he's always happy to reward my servitude with romantic things because he knows they're important and meaningful to me. Despite being the Master, he never insults me or belittles me. He does it just when we're having fun but outside that, he respects me as a fellow human being. To me, what makes someone a truly respectable Master is not by being arrogant or so full of himself but by being naturally confident and and always secure about himself. I know there are many different kind of masters out there but he's just the one that I had been looking for, for so many years. We just match so well with each other. People say kindness is not power but I totally disagree because it was his kindness that has made me become so loyal and devoted to him. After all, we are all human beings with feelings and emotions. When we feel valued, cared and appreciated, that makes us so happy and when we're so happy, we just want to do everything for that person!

SouthernScum / lowlifekunt

Truly broken beyond words I’m so saddened to say southern scum / lowlifekunt is no longer with us he was one of the finest to ever step foot on this scene not just my boi ... 

but a friend of more then 6 years

 I have no words 

See you on the other side 


New Years

Resolutions get the most attention at the new year, but it's also a great time to look back and take stock of the year that's ending.  This won't be a post about all that went wrong in 2020; you can find that elsewhere.  Here's my experience of 2020 as a cashfag:

I served more Doms in 2020 than in any year before.

I sent Doms more cash in 2020 than in any year before.

My dick was locked in chastity more in 2020 than in any year before.

My balls took more abuse in 2020 than in any year before.

When macroeconomic circumstances changed and fags could serve less than before, I recommitted myself to being the best fag I could be and continued to serve more in the face of adversity.

I serviced less cock in 2020 than in any adult year before, but that's to be expected for the sake of public health.

In the midst of so much sadness and difficulty, there's so much to be grateful for.

Looking forward:

The change of the calendar to 2021 won't suddenly solve everything.  It's easy to say 2021 will be better than 2020 but it will take all of our collective actions striving to make it so.  And i'm ready to do my part.  In 2021 I resolve to be the best slutty faggot i can be by tributing more than ever before and continuing to find news ways to submit and make others' lives better.  i hope y/You all have a very Happy New Year!

Teaching fags
A is for Ass. A faggot must always be prepared to sniff, eat and lick a Man’s ass — whether it’s clean or dirty, smooth or hairy, dry or sweaty. As a faggot, it’s your duty to be a human asswipe wherever and whenever your services are needed.
B is for Balls. A faggot never neglects a Man’s balls. Fresh from a shower or ripe and sweaty after days without a shower, His sack is your snack.
C is for Cum. Cum is the staple of the faggot diet. Your primary source for sustenance, therefore, should always be seed. It is your lifeblood. Down your throat or in your ass, you need a constant supply of cock snot and must be willing to do whatever it takes to get fed.
D is for Dick. A faggot exists to service and worship dick. Never forget it. His dick is your deity.
E is for Enema. Unless otherwise instructed by his Master, a faggot always must keep his hole in pristine condition: clean, shaved and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.
F is for Feet. Figuratively and literally, faggots live at the feet of real Men. At your Master’s feet, therefore, is where you belong. Furthermore, it’s your duty as a faggot to worship Men’s feet. Stinky, sweaty, dirty, bare, socked — it doesn’t matter. When you’re so commanded, you are to lick, sniff and suck your Master’s feet.
G is for Gangbang. Faggots are ideal for sharing. Even if you belong to just one Master, therefore, you must be mentally and physically prepared to be passed around among Men, who will bond over the experience of sharing your holes.
H is for Hole. Every faggot has two holes, both of which were designed to be used and abused by Men. It is not up to the faggot which hole is used; a Man may choose to occupy — and, if He so desires, ruin — whatever hole He pleases.
I is for Inspection. Faggots are subject to frequent and thorough inspections by Men, who have the right to ensure their faggot meets their standards both physically and mentally. You must be prepared to have every inch of your body examined and prodded during an inspection, and — at the discretion of the Man who is inspecting you — to either thank Him if you receive a passing grade, or to commit yourself to making whatever improvements He deems necessary if you receive a failing grade.
J is for Jerking Off. When they are being used, faggots are not permitted to pleasure themselves, unless given permission to do so by the Man they’re servicing. This includes jerking their fag-dick and cumming; a faggot is not allowed to do either without prior permission.
K is for Kneeling. A faggot’s default position is on his knees. Unless ordered otherwise, a faggot should never stand or sit in the presence of a Man; he should always kneel.
L is for Licking. A faggot must get used to licking, because he will do a lot of it. He will lick his Master’s cock and balls, for instance. He will lick his Master’s ripe shit hole. He will lick his Master’s feet. He will lick up spilled spit, piss and cum from the floor. He may even be required to lick the shit and piss stains from toilets.
M is for Masochism. Faggots are masochistic by nature. They enjoy being used, degraded and abused. It is their place in life. If you’re going to be a practicing faggot, you must get used to the idea that you are less than a Man — perhaps even less than human — and will be treated as such.
N is for Nipples. A faggot must recognize that His Master’s nipples are centers of pleasure, and deserve to be licked and sucked for his Master’s enjoyment. Likewise, he must recognize that his own nipples are centers of pain, and will be used for training or during punishment if so desired by his Master.
O is for Obedience. As a faggot, it’s your duty to obey Men. When they tell you to do something — no matter how humiliating, scary, gross, etc. — you do it. End of story. In the event that you do not obey, you should be ready and willing to receive appropriate punishment for your disobedience, which might range from spanking to solitary confinement to chastity, or anything in between.
P is for Poppers. Many Men love using poppered-up pigs. If your Master is one of them, you must open your nose and inhale from his little brown bottle whenever he presents it. It is your duty to please him, so if he tells you to sniff, you had better sniff long, hard and deep.
Q is for Quiet. A good faggot expresses appreciation to the Men he services with verbal thanks and moans of pleasure. However, there comes a time when every Man demands that a faggot simply shut up and take it. During these times, it’s your duty as a faggot to remain quiet — and to be gagged if you fail to do so.
R is for Restraints. Faggots often must be bound and restrained in order to be of maximum use to the Men they service. As a faggot, therefore, you must not object when your Master breaks out the rope, handcuffs and chains. If He needs you to be immobilized so that He may make optimal use of your fag holes, you must submit. He knows what’s best.
S is for Service. Faggots must have a servant’s heart. Service and enslavement are in your faggot nature; embrace them.
T is for Toilet. “Faggot” is a synonym for “toilet.” As a faggot, therefore, your holes must be available for Men to use as they would any other toilet. That is, as a receptacle for spit, piss, cum, snot, farts and perhaps even shit. Not every Man will choose to use His faggot this way, but if you’re to be a true faggot you must resign yourself to your role as a waste receptacle. If a Man’s body produces it, it is His right to dispose of it in you.
U is for Underwear. Unless otherwise instructed, faggots are not allowed to wear underwear — or any clothes, for that matter — in the presence of Men, as their holes must be as available and as accessible as possible. The only exception is a jockstrap; because it does not block access to a faggot’s cunt, a jockstrap is an acceptable fag uniform.
V is for Vibrator. As a faggot, your hole should be constantly occupied. When it is not filled with cock, then, it should be occupied by a vibrator or another anal toy — a dildo, perhaps, anal beads or a butt plug.
W is for Whore. Faggots are whores. Remember this. If you find yourself feeling ashamed or embarrassed or regretful of your fag activities, remind yourself that you are a whore. The knowledge that you are fulfilling your God-given purpose in life should be comforting, such that you can continue your mission of sexual servitude.
X is for X-ray. Remember that Men have the equivalent of X-ray vision when it comes to spotting pigs and whores. If you’re a faggot, they will see it and they will know it. There is no use pretending to be a real Man, therefore. You might as well give in and accept your true identity as a faggot, because everyone around you already sees it and knows it — even if you yourself are trying to deny it.
Y is for Yes. As in, “Yes, Sir,” which is the only phrase a faggot should know how to say.
Z is for Zoo. It’s no accident that many faggots identify as “pigs,” “otters,” “cubs” and “pups.” If they weren’t so useful to Men out in the real world, faggots would likely be kept in a zoo alongside the real pigs and pups. If you ever feel the urge to talk back to a Man, therefore, or to demand equal treatment from one, stop and remember that you’re really just another animal; the Man is doing what’s good and right by trying to domesticate you so you may live alongside him in society instead of in a zoo.
cashfag $ubmit/remorse Cycle
My Ma$ter was u$ing a sissy fag the other day... u$ing her/it hard, and while we discussed in chat the purposes of a faggot, the sissy was driven to hand over even more tips.

Today, the sissy deleted her account, as is the habit of fags who are in the cycle of $ubmit and remorse.

It is a condition that just about every cash faggot endures. In my own experience and the experience of other cash fags, it's a very common condition, which is frustrating for Masters, and confusing for fags.

The greatest issues with this condition are:

1. selfishness, and the belief that that fag deserves to have luxuries in life from the money he/it earns

2. fear of financial issues

3. the denial of what the faggot is

This condition can last for years, and some faggots enjoy this cycle, getting hyper horny when the natural urges and needs pull him/it back to findom and into a splurge of hard and fast cash/tips $ubmissions. Then the fag retreats and regrets... until the next time.

For many fags, this cycle of $ubmission and regret is the basis of their findom life, and the cycle has become a sort of fetish in itself. These fags will undoubtedly never be broken out of the cycle.

For other fags, it's simply a stage in their development, where the selfish pride and desires for their own luxuries and extras have yet to be cleansed from their mindset.

We need to take into account that there are various types of fags, ranging from confident and assured fags, to the self-loathing fags who see themselves as the inferiors they are.

This is why the condition of the Cycle is complex. Those who hate and are ashamed of what they are, and $ubmit to Masters because they know themselves to be inferiors, are more likely to come out of the Cycle at the other end, finding horniness in their inferiority, fulfilment in their 'fulltime' subordination to Superior Men, and really 'live' it.  These are fags to be envied by others, as the conflict and struggle of the confusion that they endure is shaken off by those who fully accept their status. They reach a stage of fulfilment in their sacrifices to Men, beyond just the moment of sacrifice itself.

Shaking off that Cycle of $ubmission and remorse is a liberation for a cashfag. All cashfags know what they/we are, and that it is something for life. But, the majority of fags fight it, and continue to struggle with it. Society's conditioning gets in the way, making us believe that we all are deserving and equal. That, of course, is a social fabrication which doesn't exist in reality. But, it fools many fags.

In my own case, my Master has managed to break this Cycle in me, and now i feel a real sense of change and liberation as a loser and cashfag, as a way of life. It takes a good, genuine and insightful Master to help a fag to break away from the Cycle and embrace the reality.

I'm sure that other fags here have their own stories about this, and it would be interesting if you'd tell us about it. 

Some may disagree with my analysis. Or you may be able to add to it. This is just my own observations and personal understanding, right or wrong.

Two-way street
This week I had "the talk" with a cashsub who needed to move on.  he's been a quiet, relatively consistent reimbursement type. I tend to cycle through some subs for things like lunch, and he was always quite joyous when it was his turn.

Until he wasn't.  I don't know exactly what changed, but My part in this is to make sure he understands I'm supporting his decision, that he has a safe place should he desire to return, and that I will miss him.  he leaves knowing (his words) his small sacrifices were enjoyed and appreciated. 

I've always believed a sub must feel *right when serving, and if that's Me- great.  If not, that's ok too.

A strong person (found on tumblr)
In many cases, a submissive is just a strong person looking for someone stronger.

We often talk about subs and faggots as weak creatures who are taken and used indiscriminately by powerful Men. 
But actual submission involves incredible amounts of personal strength. The ability to set aside one’s own ego in order to serve even in difficult situations is very difficult, and often requires a lot of training. The peaceable, fulfilling fruits at the end of that journey are satisfying, but the road to get there is arduous and fraught with fear and insecurities. A fag must work hard to face down everything in order to be not only pleasing to Men, but also pleasing to themselves.
This is why I’m always preaching to faggots to have enough self-respect to turn away from abusive Alphas. The strength a faggot shows in order to submit to a Man is worth too much to be treated harshly or with disrespect.
If you gather enough strength to submit to a Man, make sure he is a Man worthy of such worship. A Man who will treasure such a powerful gift of submission!

From: fagsworshipalphas on tumblr.
I'm sad to say I did not come up with this thought but I had to share it with you all.

So I have been thinking about "transactional" FinDom relationships recently.  I've seen CashMasters who demand payment for views of their mega-muscled body (with raised middle finger, of course.) I've seen cashfags who are clearly only interested in those types of Masters.

And plenty of U/us out there are seeking in-person service, usually highly sexual, with some cash or gifts thrown in. 

Each one of U/us has something valued that creates a type of transaction in what W/we seek.  I'm not much interested in sexual fantasy or pics with cash thrown in.  In My perfect world, I have cash slaves who want/need the mentor/advice-giver type.  My transactional interest is in being a sounding board.   I love receiving tips/tributes, after those convos, especially when it just "happens."  Nothing better than awaking to new tips. 

Transactions.  We all have something.

Masters, Respect & Owned Fag$
So I have been on here for just over 4 weeks now and I have major respect for a majority of Masters on here being TRUE ALPHAS but also respecting other masters bar one that i had a bad experience with, I tried a few websites out and the masters seemed to treat others with total disrespect and when you stand up to them you end up getting banned, I have come to the conclusion these are not true Masters but undercover faggots due to the bitchyness i faced and them not understanding when you have it out with a master (being both ALPHA MALES) there is no point in arguing. But here every master shows each other respect, no one gets jealous or nasty, In fact if you talk to most masters you can share new ideas. 

Yes there are a few fake faggots which i am learning very quick how to spot these, but those that are real I enjoy being powerful and abusing them either through tasks or taking tributes, some faggots just don't understand how horny we feel from taking their/our money and using them, I have never cum so much after getting my first tribute from here, reminded me of school when i used to rob other lads money and got hard doing it. 

So yea a short blog for now. But BIGGG UPP to the creator of this site and all Masters