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Three orgasms for a woman.
Posted by MasterPete

The last blog took place in 1989 in this one we'll jumping from 1989 to 1999.

At the age of 33 I done a few things that in hindsight I would not have done but I have no regrets well maybe one or two but there for an other time.  My now I had had 2 full time loves a hole string of one night stands and blowjobs a few d*****n bi-sexual encounters but never a woman when I was sober.  Well this is the story of the day that changed.  My first time with a woman when sober, how ever still as kinky as many of my other encounters.  

Three years before my second love had left me and for the first time after I was 21, I was living allown and was loving the freedom that brings even though it had taken a long time to get used to that.  I had my own flat, my own friends and a job I liked.  I had my hobby including CB radio (yes I'm a sad geek), electronics, photography(I had friends help me DIY my bathroom so I could use it as a darkroom for my B&W photography).  The block of flats I was in was set-aside for single people and so there was a lot of time in each others flats all fairly normal stuff, most of the people in the block of 89 flats where straight, some gay and as far as I know a transexual that passed as a woman very well, all be it quite tall at 5.10.  What was nice was that we where all out to each other.  Mind you as I think you may all know by know I was never in.    

I had meet this one guy(straight) who was in to CB and one day we where having a coffee in his flat and chatting over the CB to some mates.  A couple of nights before I had shared some d***k stories with him.  Any way he turned to be and said "a friend of mine will be online soon, if I remember you might be up for some kink? with a woman?"   Well what should I say but "OK I'm up for most things".  My CB mate told me that he had been talking about me to his mate who asked him if he would ask me if I would be up for a 3 some with his wife.  WTF why do this things fall into my lap LOL,  my friend said he could arrange it over the CB for "when?"  "Next Sunday", "He wants you to do some kinky stuff............." but you'll find out what was said as this blog go's on.

Sunday morning, spent cleaning up the house and making sure I had the handcuffs chins and blindfold and small light cat of 9 ready.   The plan was that at 3 I would leave the door unlocked and be waiting in the sitting room for the couple to arrive.  The husband that I meat before hand to have a drink and get to know a little, was going to blindfold his wife before they came in the flat and lead her to a chair in the bed room where she would be chained to the chair. The husband would then come to the sitting room and I would have half an hour to play with the wife.

Well 3 o'clock  came and I was in the sittingroom with the door to my flat open.  The husband came in got the blindfold, put it on his wife and lead her in then I heard the chains being locked and he come into the room.  He put a finger to his lips in a sign to say be quart. He whispered to me that his wife had asked that I don't speak,   Of cause I agreed to this.  He then said right you have 30mins maybe longer.

I when into the bedroom and there was his wife changed to the chair legs apart wearing cream lace and silk, very slim almost boy like with blond short hair and small be well formed breasts.  I started from her back with some gentle kissing round the neck and a kiss, only one on the mouth.  This was a limit that had been agreed on, no kissing on the mouth, strange I know.  I broke that limit because I felt it only right, you can't have sex without kissing.  Then gently kissing over the breasts and down to her navel.  At the same time gently working her nipples.  The I stand up and walk round her picking up the whip and started running the tails over her body, gently whipping her breasts, legs getting harder and loving the sharp intake of breath.  After a little bed she says "can you put me on the bed?"  So I relice her from the chair and take her to the bed.  I had anchor points on the legs of the bed so was able to easily spread eagle her. and gave her another kiss and put the cat back to work.  "please use you teeth", I lay on top of her and start to gently nibble all around here breasts and nipples, she nods down and I take the meaning and start moving my teeth down here body to her navel and she nods more.  "My clit" she almost panted. This was all a first, for me but the kink of the situation must have masked my nervousness at this.  It's a little like being d***k, I know my lips, tong and teeth found the spot and if the moaning was anything to go by I defo hit the spot a number of times.  Any way I am unsure of how long it was but I heard her husband open the bedroom door.  We had agreed that would be the single for me to wank and come over her tits.   Then I  left her anchored to the bed and left the room, when to the sitting room while her husband undid her and they both left the apartment.  That night I wanked of two, three or more times thinking about it.

I would have loved to do it gain and did get a phone call from the husband once to give me a message from his wife that I was the first Man ever to give her three orgasms at one time.  Why they never came back I don't know.  All I can say is maybe it was a one off thing for them.  I will close this blog by saying it gave me a lot of confidence.

FFS: Communicate
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

FFS Communicate

by DorianTheAlpha

This may be the most self-evident blog ever written, and yet: here goes.

I often say there’s very little that communication & tribute cannot together solve.

The funny thing is: if you can’t tribute, what’s the very first thing to do?

Communicate that.

Communicate what you can & cannot do.

Communicate who or what you are, and are not.

Notably, communicate if you’re into realtime, online, or both.

List the kinks you like on your profile.

Don’t list kinks you don’t like (you’d be surprised how often this happens).

Communicate with your Master.

Communicate with other slaves.

Communicate with MoA via the Contact Us section (constructively).

If a limit is breached, say so to your Alpha.

If a kink feels unexplored or sidelined, bring it up.

If a change in your personal life happens, share it.

If you’re simply feeling down, or horny: be clear about it.

If you want more tasks, targets, or simply more chat — it’s a word away.

Now speaking up doesn’t mean whining, complaining, rudeness, or petulance.

The best communication is selfless, humble, concise, and human.

Banter, jokes, cheeky fun, vanilla conversation all make lasting M/s well, last.

Now obviously some matters are sensitive, and we aren’t all the same.

Some of us are quiet, to the point. Other less so, case in point yours truly.

We won’t all say it in the same way. That’s what’s great about this place.

But holding back, lying by omission, being vague or playing dumb,

Worst of all ignoring something altogether… just don’t. Be better.

For fuck’s sake: communicate.

My name is not actually Dorian, but I do approve this message.

Oh and pop into the chat if you like, or don’t. But it’s good fun.

LOCKTOBER! A post for slaves and owned fags
Posted by fagbelowyou

Hey fellow fags and subs,  

its that time of year again! The most wonderful time of year to show your stable owner what kind of faggot you are: Locktober.


For those unfamiliar, Locktober is the time of year when you, either physically or mentally, refrain from cumming and turn over any claim to getting sexual pleasure from that little piece of useless meat between your legs. Cages and other chastity devices are great if you have them, but this can still be done without.


Why is this such a great way to demonstrate what kind of fag you are? Lets count the ways:


  1. Sexual gratification is the primary right of Alphas, not fags. Sure there are times and situations when some fags are allowed to cum, and this can be a great tool for reward and as a way to build loyalty. But we all know, when you are in service to your Alpha, the focus is on Him and His sexual gratification and is of the highest order. This is one of the first lessons a fag learns, and if you have to be told at this point to get your hand off your clit when pleasing your Master, then you're not a fag you’re a power bottom. There's the door.
  2. It keeps you in heat. You can't cum fag? Aww man, that's gotta suck. I bet you're horny as hell, aren't you? You probably can't think straight and you need to nut to clear your head. Too bad. Now take that energy and focus where it belongs: on your Master. Alphas love being worshiped and when horny fags become fixated on serving and pleasing their superiors, it pleases them to see how desperate you are to please them. Just a warning though, remember your place. Alphas usually have no problems telling fags to back off and give them space, but even Alphas shouldn’t be bothered and harassed. Its hard to manage when you're obsesses, but try and navigate it.
  3. You're gonna struggle. A whole month without cumming? That means a whole lot of restless nights and middle of the night hard ons and daily morning wood. You're gonna soap yourself just a little bit too long in the shower. But almost every Alpha enjoys seeing His fags struggle and suffer. If He asks, tell Him how much you're struggling. You're pretty much guaranteed to see either an evil smirk spread across his face, or a cold unsympathetic comment that that's just par for the course for being a faggot. 
  4. Don't forget your obligation to give your cash to your Master. Sure being locked up is what the month is about, but that doesn’t replace your duty to be your Sir's cashfag. 


This wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, just some thoughts to kick off this month of owned chastity. Feel free to add comments below with other reasons why. The bottom line though is that most of these reasons help to reinforce your role and place as a faggot. 

P.S. Thank you Master Jake Miller 3 for owning me and showing me what a sissy faggot i am. It's an honor to lock up my clit for you this month.

Frustrations and advice from a relatively new member
Posted by Irishboss95

Frustrations I’ve found since becoming an online master vary a lot... these frustrations can oddly become quite positive and I find it quite surprising that things change and flip so quickly on here. My slaves have always been very dedicated in life and most certainly know their place, however, I’ve found that keeping a leash on them here always poses quite unusual difficulties. Slaves evidently need to know their place, however, they can’t ever get to understand what that place is if they are handed targets fives messages in or are demanded of things without adequate time. Communication and establishing a connection is fundamental for any master slave relationship. Now I’m not speaking up for them, just some of the mistakes I’ve made since coming on here.

I really like the community and feel that both masters and slaves give really good advice although some to be honest are just totally unreasonable and you’ll always have people like that.

Main advice to new masters:

Calm yourself and form connections with slaves

Don’t immediately think all slaves want you, they’re really fucking different believe me

Read a profile before you message, don’t just jump the gun and ignore that they have a master

Advice to slaves:

Try and give new masters more chance, they could be a great fit for you, just may be getting used to it

Don’t test patience too often it can result in lots of unfortunate things

Be obedient above all else, remember you are slutty little slave, don’t ever for get that

Posted by coloslutty

One of the measures of our lives is milestones.

When a Master first gets to know me, He often asks about key milestones in my life's history.  "When did you first know you were a fag?" "When did you first get into findom?" "What was it like the first time you submitted to someone?"  Or the difficult one: "How many Doms have you served?" Even though i am reasonably picky and don't serve everyone who seeks my submission, i still find it difficult to count up how many cashmasters i've served over the last few years. 

Others are more interested in present-day metrics.  "How much do you make?" "How many Masters do you serve?" "Have you worshipped today?"

While looking back and taking stock of today are helpful exercises, i also like to set forward-looking milestones to strive toward.  For example, each year i strive to tribute more than i did the previous year.  Fortunately it has been a pretty good year for me in that sense and i have already set a new personal record. Having just summed up my tributes to date, the next milestone i will soon hit is to achieve five digits of service in a calendar year.  Other numeric goals can help too.  Sometimes i might set a goal for how many men i will try to get cashfucked by in a day or in a weekend.  Combo goals increase the challenge. Whatever the amount, whatever the number, continuous improvement is the main goal.

Lending an Ear. A small chat to make you feel better, maybe even ...
Posted by Lancashirebigboss

As most of you have seen, I have been openly asking anyone who needs to chat to contact me on Skype. I feel I can now share why I have been doing this and what is currently happening within my community.

In February this year, I was driving back to the office from a meeting in Manchester. As I came off the Motorway and onto the Dual Carriageway, A shape dropped from a bridge, right onto the windshield of a car 3 in front of mine. It was a student from a local school. This was the Fourth young person (3 of which were male) to commit suicide off this bridge. Of course, traffic stopped. people came and gawped at the incident and the young man. Myself and another motorist went to see if there was anything we could do from a first aid perspective. Sadly it was too late for the young man but quite a lot of people were suffering from shock. The police and ambulance where quick to the scene and obviously traffic was held for some time while the Emergency services did what they needed to.

I still see this young mans face and went to the funeral service to pay my respects.

As part of my role with work, I communicate with local Schools and shortly after the incident I was having a brew with one of the councilling team that had been working with students in the aftermath. She told me that the reason he had chose to take his life was due to a relationship with another male. He could not tell his family. I was shocked that this still happens in the UK and that they felt there was nobody to talk to.

As a college we have opened up a service to the community, involving councillors, volunteers and members of the emergency services to have confidential chats with anyone who wants to talk. This is open to anyone in the community and the view of the team as a whole is if we save one life, we have succeeded.

I am writing this to ask all of you. If you are mentally sound enough to deal with it, open yourselfs to others to chat. It does make a difference.

Thanks for reading. Fancy a chat? my Skype is always open.

Sacrifice and isolation
Posted by coloslutty

In some ways it seems the experienced cashfag is well-positioned to get through the current situation perhaps with less difficulty than others or even than many masters. (I know not everyone is having the same experience right now and some are much worse off than others.  I speak only for my own experience.)

Sacrifice for the greater good.  Service over self.  Going without for a period of time.  These all come naturally for a fag.  Curtailing certain activities, following directions, modifying typical behaviors - good subs have lots of practice in all of these.

Self-isolation has even provided an opportunity to keep my fagdick locked up while on lockdown.  And with some extra time to spend i am also able to spend more cash on masters.  Because this time has not been as difficult for me as it might for others without experience in these practices, i recognize a special responsibility to do even more to make Doms (and others) comfortable and do my part to support everyone.

Punishment or funishment
Posted by Garboss82

As a fag when you think about punishment, what are you thinking? Are you thinking about something that makes you suffer, or something that turns you on? Possibly both if I know some of you...

Let’s face it, most fags and slaves have a desire for interaction, like cropping, humiliation, being trampled etc etc. The list is limited only by your Master’s imaginations. But is this really punishment, if you want it?

No: is the answer. That’s why it’s ‘funishment‘. It may teach you a mild lesson but if you enjoy even part of it, then it’s not really serving as a deterrent...

If a fag or slave truly fucks me off: is truly disobedient, disloyal or goes too far testing my authority, I will punish them by ignoring them a good long while or complete dismissal.
Remote controlled fags
Posted by docMboot

The internet allows so much scope for controlling fags.  Some people imagine there's not much you can do as a Cyber Master beyond a bit of verbal. But how wrong they are.

* Financial Domination is an obvious one.  Whether it's handing over cash or handing over control of a bank account, there's real actual financial pain possible without being in the same room as the fag.

* Remote control chastity.  The key to the device can be locked in a box controlled by a bluetooth padlock.  The fag may have the box, but there's no way it's getting the key without the Master's say so.  

* Remote control butt plugs.  Sub has to put it in, but then its arse is under remote control.

* Online cameras.  Fag's house becomes the big brother house.  Master can set all kinds of rules....

* Amazon Alexa.  "Drop in" allows instant access to someone else's Echo -- voice call and microphones.  Speak and hear what's going on.  Great in combination with the cameras.

* Tracking apps.  Use the fag's phone as a tracking device.  Endless possibilities.

I fucking love technology.  I fucking love control.


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