On the concept of “superiority” from masterzal's blog

Let’s begin by stating what I consider to be a basic principle: superiority is earned, not given.

I would question anyone claiming that asserting dominance over someone else is their “birthright”, or that they were born superior.

There are, of course, social and environmental factors that might have given someone the upper hand, or at least a certain advantage, in the path to earn that status. However, such things do not suffice to claim the title.

There is a reason why competency based interviews exist: writing up the perfect resume is easy, but demonstrating that you have all the right skills to perform well in a role is a different story.

It is similar to someone claiming to be funny: prove it to me, tell me a joke, make me laugh, and only then I shall agree with that statement.

There is of course a certain type of character who may fall victim of what has been referred to as the illusory truth effect: repeat a lie often enough and people will come to believe it.

And even though our actions should not be, for the most part, conditioned by the recognition from others, in this particular case, the power of numbers matters.

Superiority drives momentum, and it is, inevitably, closely related to leadership.

Most of us would recognise the key attributes of a good leader: charisma, confidence, integrity, motivation, authenticity, credibility, creativity, emotional intelligence, gravitas…

Powerful people move masses; not by chance, but because the way they portray themselves appears to be attractive to others, and it is that magnetism what provides the power to influence others.

One might wonder what specific characteristics can be considered attractive, and that would probably be a topic for an entirely different blog.

For some, it comes down to physical appearance, looks, and muscles; others value communication skills and empathy; a few people prioritise intelligence and knowledge; many would argue that the most attractive leaders, the truly superior ones, are those who happen to be the full package… and there is always the hopeless ones for whom a full package is reason enough to follow, submit, and obey.

So if you have made it thus far and read this blog in its entirety, ask your self:

As a slave, are you really serving someone who you admire and respect, someone who motivates you, and that you consider a rightful leader?

As a Master, are you really “superior”, and do you really have traits that separate yourself from the rest? 

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