Chastity Cage, Handcuffs, and a Spanking to Remember from StraightPoliceman's blog

Saturday night I was having mates over at my place for a couple beers before we were heading out to celebrate a female friend's birthday.  But before going out I got the urge to abuse my slave.  I texted him and told him I was coming over to be ready.

When I arrived at his apartment I made him strip and then proceeded to put a chastity cage on his tiny boy cock.  His cock is so small it didn't even reach the end of the cage.  He complained and whined the whole time and told me it was uncomfortable and hurt him.  I told him to shut the fuck up because I didn't give a shit.  

After that I grabbed his arms behind his back and cuffed him tight.  I then sat on his couch, swung him over my knees, and began to tear his ass up.  I spanked him even harder than I had the time before.  I was actively trying to make red hand prints on his flabby fag ass.  After I had given him what I figured was more than enough spanks I gave him one more and then threw him off of me.

 As I was getting up off the couch, I laughed at my slave and shook the chastity cage to cause him a little pain before I left, when all of a sudden the fucker was leaking precum all over my hand. I said "what the fuck? Is this your precum?" to which he answered yes sir.  I slapped him in the face, made him lick it off my fingers, and told him he better not let it happen again.  

Then I pushed him to his knees and bent him over the couch to admire my handy work.  I took pictures so all my fellow Masters could appreciate my work and all the Slaves on here could be jealous it wasn't done to them.

After I was done taking my pictures, I scoffed at him.  I called him a "Faggot Bitch" and left him on his knees and walked out the door.

***Feel free to leave me comments and suggestions for how I should abuse my bitchass slave next!  Cheers!

Sep 27 '15
Thank you!
Oct 4 '19
Lucky faggot indeed Sir
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