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First sight of ugly faggot trany

Some of you would like that I am open about my self and what made me, me.  Most of that was in the 1980's.  Some of you like a little things to be a little newer like the cutting edge SmartPhone that will cost you the same price as my Dad's first house.

So I think this time round it's going to be another newer 1998 blog.

I was living in Northampton and my second lover had walked out on me, while I was working in Newcastle.   I rang him to say when I would be back and he sounded strange but said "I'll have dinner ready my love" but this blog is not about that tail it takes place two years on.  I had moved out of the hose that me an he rented moved in to a flat.  I had found some new friends, a couple I got to know very well, they lived in the same block of flats, we'll fans of Sci-Fi and used to meet in the local pup.  On the way home one week they invited me to the BF's flat for a coffee.  Well what I did not know was she was a pre-op transexual, as we when in to the BF flat she said "I'm going to get changed dear"  When she came back ??? no wig, no boobs, I looked twice "Your.....  sorry I did not know".  I had always known her as ......  any way thats not the story ether.   The point of all this is that they found out that nothing would shock or phase me.  So we talked lots and before you could say "Transexual" it was 4.30 in the morning and we all had to work the next day, bed time.  Any way about two days later I get a phone call, "can you come down, and don't freek out but there's an old tranny locked outside our door. When you come in just give the boobs a squeese and jiggle"........"your OK with that an't you?"  well what was I going to say I think all I could think of was "OK".

The BF's flat was on the ground floor and one with an out side door.  Steps with a rale up to the door.  Well I got outside and was shocked, as I said not much shocks me but thiis site was quite shocking.  At the top of the steps was, amm how can I describe this?  Starting at the feet, 6" stiletto yellow shoes(witch a later found out had a chain around them with a lock, White Tights,  A thigh length black pencil skirt, skin tight yellow jumper, big pearls and a bum length fake fur coat.  Now for the head, do I have to describe that?  Yes!  OK it was an old man with a big gray beard and what's that in it's mouth, a gag with leather strap going under a real bad blond wig.     I recovered my self, have you?  I when up the stares and as the BF told me to I grabbed the fake books.  IT wriggled about a bit (It was not until days later I found out about the pins on the inside of the fake boobs).  I when in and both Fi and her BF was there, we had coffee and chatted as if nothing had happened. Then after coffee the BF said that he should take Janet home.  He when out, unlocked Janet and tock her home as I had a stronger drink with Fifi talking about what had just happened.  Janet was "straight" but was heavy in to humiliation, his ex-wife used to be his mistress but left him as his needs got more and more extreme, she still played sometimes with him but preferred more vanilla time with younger men.  He was in his 70's. 

Thats also when I go to know more about Fi's transformation, it was getting late inn the afternoon and we was going to the Sci-Fi meet at the pub so we left the BF's fat and when to Fi's flat so we could continue chatting as she got ready...........but thats a different story.

As normal this is true.  If appreciate me sharing then you know what to do fag$ 

Three orgasms for a woman.

The last blog took place in 1989 in this one we'll jumping from 1989 to 1999.

At the age of 33 I done a few things that in hindsight I would not have done but I have no regrets well maybe one or two but there for an other time.  My now I had had 2 full time loves a hole string of one night stands and blowjobs a few d*****n bi-sexual encounters but never a woman when I was sober.  Well this is the story of the day that changed.  My first time with a woman when sober, how ever still as kinky as many of my other encounters.  

Three years before my second love had left me and for the first time after I was 21, I was living allown and was loving the freedom that brings even though it had taken a long time to get used to that.  I had my own flat, my own friends and a job I liked.  I had my hobby including CB radio (yes I'm a sad geek), electronics, photography(I had friends help me DIY my bathroom so I could use it as a darkroom for my B&W photography).  The block of flats I was in was set-aside for single people and so there was a lot of time in each others flats all fairly normal stuff, most of the people in the block of 89 flats where straight, some gay and as far as I know a transexual that passed as a woman very well, all be it quite tall at 5.10.  What was nice was that we where all out to each other.  Mind you as I think you may all know by know I was never in.    

I had meet this one guy(straight) who was in to CB and one day we where having a coffee in his flat and chatting over the CB to some mates.  A couple of nights before I had shared some d***k stories with him.  Any way he turned to be and said "a friend of mine will be online soon, if I remember you might be up for some kink? with a woman?"   Well what should I say but "OK I'm up for most things".  My CB mate told me that he had been talking about me to his mate who asked him if he would ask me if I would be up for a 3 some with his wife.  WTF why do this things fall into my lap LOL,  my friend said he could arrange it over the CB for "when?"  "Next Sunday", "He wants you to do some kinky stuff............." but you'll find out what was said as this blog go's on.

Sunday morning, spent cleaning up the house and making sure I had the handcuffs chins and blindfold and small light cat of 9 ready.   The plan was that at 3 I would leave the door unlocked and be waiting in the sitting room for the couple to arrive.  The husband that I meat before hand to have a drink and get to know a little, was going to blindfold his wife before they came in the flat and lead her to a chair in the bed room where she would be chained to the chair. The husband would then come to the sitting room and I would have half an hour to play with the wife.

Well 3 o'clock  came and I was in the sittingroom with the door to my flat open.  The husband came in got the blindfold, put it on his wife and lead her in then I heard the chains being locked and he come into the room.  He put a finger to his lips in a sign to say be quart. He whispered to me that his wife had asked that I don't speak,   Of cause I agreed to this.  He then said right you have 30mins maybe longer.

I when into the bedroom and there was his wife changed to the chair legs apart wearing cream lace and silk, very slim almost boy like with blond short hair and small be well formed breasts.  I started from her back with some gentle kissing round the neck and a kiss, only one on the mouth.  This was a limit that had been agreed on, no kissing on the mouth, strange I know.  I broke that limit because I felt it only right, you can't have sex without kissing.  Then gently kissing over the breasts and down to her navel.  At the same time gently working her nipples.  The I stand up and walk round her picking up the whip and started running the tails over her body, gently whipping her breasts, legs getting harder and loving the sharp intake of breath.  After a little bed she says "can you put me on the bed?"  So I relice her from the chair and take her to the bed.  I had anchor points on the legs of the bed so was able to easily spread eagle her. and gave her another kiss and put the cat back to work.  "please use you teeth", I lay on top of her and start to gently nibble all around here breasts and nipples, she nods down and I take the meaning and start moving my teeth down here body to her navel and she nods more.  "My clit" she almost panted. This was all a first, for me but the kink of the situation must have masked my nervousness at this.  It's a little like being d***k, I know my lips, tong and teeth found the spot and if the moaning was anything to go by I defo hit the spot a number of times.  Any way I am unsure of how long it was but I heard her husband open the bedroom door.  We had agreed that would be the single for me to wank and come over her tits.   Then I  left her anchored to the bed and left the room, when to the sitting room while her husband undid her and they both left the apartment.  That night I wanked of two, three or more times thinking about it.

I would have loved to do it gain and did get a phone call from the husband once to give me a message from his wife that I was the first Man ever to give her three orgasms at one time.  Why they never came back I don't know.  All I can say is maybe it was a one off thing for them.  I will close this blog by saying it gave me a lot of confidence.

What do you want?

This may be a repeat of some other posts but I am fed up with getting:

Some of you will take this as a winge and some will see it for what it is; An reaction to the interactions I have had in the last three years.

There are good faggots, bad faggots and the ones that are the most frustrating.

The good faggots, are the ones that react.  I post a blog and I get a comment, I get asked if I'm doing more, I get sent a privat message that inspires me to tell me (yes faggot that was in your message), the faggot that sends tribute because maybe worship, thanks or ?   So fare in my interactions these, I don't need more than two hands to count them on.

Then you get the ones that start, messages, replays 20 or more then nothing not a word.  No expiation no reply, you leave me with out a resign why, how to deal with you?   Whats the point I try a faw messages to see if you respond and then move on but you are the most fucked up of them all.  One word wrong or said in the wrong way and poof up in a puff of smoke. 

Then the worst of them all:
Messages just saying "I am interested."  Or "I want to serve you".

Because would sort of replay are you expecting?  I don't know.  Some of you have been winging that your called degrading names but do you say that when all you send is one of the above messages? No.

If your sent a replay that says "I want you to come and clean my house." you may replay with "Yes Sir" but then what, you make no plains or want me to spell out every little thing.

If you say "I am an ATM" in your profile and I say "Tribute then boy" you don't send a message saying "Please Sir I am looking for a connection first."  instead youirst  winge in a blog about Masters that think it's all about money and demand it first off.

It is never your fault for not knowing what you want, or being so weak to ask but then strong in telling us we got you wrong.   Of cause it may be my fault and maybe I don't have the body you want, or the big cock, arms chest, but if that is all you look for in the even you will be said and lonely.

So I have added this to my profile.

A Master that enjoys all aspects of cashdom and BDSM.   If you approach me with just "Sir I want to serve." then it is likely you will get a replay you don't want.  It will ether be too polite or too "You fucking faggot, what do you want?", It's a two way street, say what you want, "Please Sir treat me kindly" or "Please Sir I'm just a fucking faggot" and I will respond in kind.

blog A, The hairdressing salon. Part 2

blog A part 2

.......So my head is spinning and as I said not from the drink.  I mean WFT have a just steped on to some 1970's porno set?  Is this even real, people like me don't get to goto such party.  However this was very real.   

Drinks in had and no place to sit people standing in groups chatting, drinking, eating finger food.  No seems to notice the 6 chars with young men in chins in them.  Some people pealing away from the groups and playing with the young men then rejoining the groups, then others doing the same.  One of the young men became free and someone(as it turned out, it was my first love that was with me at the party.  I will interduse you to him in a later blog) pushed my back and said go on it's your turn.  I almost tripped over I was push forward so hard.  You know that when your pushed like that the only thing for it is to go with the flow.  

As I reach the char I turn round and sit sideways on the lap, and put my champagne on the counter.  Now I had both hands free and started running them over the well built chest and around the nipples.  This was when I started to find that I love to tease.  I love to start light and move my fingers round the nipples and over the nipples before getting each one between the thumb and fore finger.  Squeeze and lightly twist then let go and move my fingers getting hold of the nipples again and twisting them again, noting the rise and fall of the chest as the breathing gets deeper and I know I am having an effect.  I wanted to do it again and again getting harder and harder but then I look over and may love nodes to me and I know it's time to stop and pick up my glass and go back to him.

The mood in the room as changed and the videos have stoped.  There's an air of expectation ad the room becomes quirt, almost as if this was rehearsed.  Someone gave one clap and a man in 100% rubber is lead in by a dog lead and collar round his neck.  The woman led him to a column in the room and he was bound to it.  His cock and balls where pocking out and each nipple was exposed the woman walked round and round, back and forth almost like a dance, sometimes swinging a short cat of 9.  It turns out that this is not my first love sort of thing, he whispered to me that he wanted to go after this.  The woman kept swinging the cat and walking back and forth in the high heal boots and shiny rubber.  I did not know it then but it turned out to be E that you will meet in blog B.  Every now and then someone give the man a drink in-between swishes of the cat and some in the room where wanking.  

I could go on but to tell you the truth I can't remember much more it must have been gone 3 at this  point, I was tired and my love wanted to leave.  There is only so much of this one can take and it was all turning in to a bit of a blur.  So much so I don't know how we got home.  

blog A, The hairdressing salon.

Blog  A,

Yes I know I have already posted blog B, but now that makes both A and B posted so I hope your all happy now or at least you will be by the end.

Let me take you back again to 1989, a very good year for hony times in my life.  I was a late starter when it comes to sex.   My first sexual experience was a blowjob on my 20th birthday in a cottage in Northampton but by the end of 1989 at the age of 23 I had had more quick blowjobs, one nights and kinky stuff than any one else I know.  I don't boast when I say, it was a bad day if I had not had at least one mouth round my cock.  However this like all the other blog posts will be about just one of the experiences.

If you know London and news paper history you may have heard of Fleet Street and off Fleet Street you may know of a pub called "The Thunderer", Of cause the name dose not matter nether why it has that name but just so you know, it was because the printing pressies in the building on one side of the pub made such a thunderous noise.  On the other side was a door and you when though the door and up the stars to a hairdressers salon.   Yes I know what fun a hairdressers!, well this was the first party my first love(for another story) and I when to in London.    

So invites been made and we all when to The Thunderer after work(remember I worked back stage in the west end) so we don't get to the pub until just before last orders or maybe it was after I'm not to sure, this pub was well know for lock-ins(a way for pubs to please there regulars and get around the licensing laws. Once the the doors are locked it's a private party and not a pub).  On this night owner said "we'r locking the doors so you should go home now"  Many people leave and those in the know stay.   By now I know it would be an all nighter, we stayed for one or was it two more rounds before asking to be let out to go next door.  The person on the door winked at me as we left not sure if I saw him later or not.  

Opening the next door to go up the hairdressing salon there's a staircase with very camp decor and TV screens (6 of them) going up.  In the day time when the salon was open they displayed hair styles and a like but now! each one was displaying a different porn movie,   The one at the top was the only one that had the sound on. Porn movies all the same sounds that don't sync with the action.  At the top of the stars we turned left in though the main doors.  Well think 70's pink, gold, camp.....and so on, I am sure all of you will be able to fill in the rest.  A glass of Champagne Sir, handed to me by a young man in a french maids outfit.  Not a Anne Summers sex game outfit but a proper one.  Each of the six hairdressing chars had a almost nude you man chained to it and there was 3 other maids milling around.  Can you imagine how my head was spinning and it was not from the drink.  Did things like this happen? No, Yes, YES!!! WTF FUCK this was real.  These are all the thoughts going though my mind.

Well I was going to make this one blog but it's getting very long and I don't want to rush it. 

So end of Part 1 of blog A, Part 2 to come.

blog B (the caneing of a faggot in Greece)

Well I had equal votes for A and for B but one message saying they would like newer rather than old.  So B it is but all that voted for A don't panic it will be next.

This part of the pie that is Master Pete happened one year ago here on the island.  It may not be as long as the others but it is new(ish).

Being on this site and a faw dating sites one of witch used GPS to get distances I sometime get messages for both visiting subs and Masters.  Most of messages come fom people in Athens as my home shows up, as being near or even on the mainland at Athens.  Even though the island is easy to have a day trip to, from Athens most of the time as soon as they find out I live on an island they don't want to make the little effort to come over.  They don't know what there missing out on, because apart from me :-) there are a number of places to visit on the island including the best preserved temple in Greece.

Any way about a year ago I got a message from a sub who showed on the app as being only 3km away (very close) so they must already be on the island.  I recognised the user name as someone I had be chatting to but dose not live here, must be on holiday.   We had chatted abit mostly about CP so I already had a idea as to how I was going to deal with this CP sub.

This is how the conversation went.

Hello Sir, I said I would let you know if I am cumming to Greece.
Yes slave, but looks like your already here.
Yes Sir, I did not know I was coming until the last min, I came with friends and could not contact you until  I got some private time.
So boy you have some privat time now then?
Sir yes Sir my friends are going into town but it's so nice here Sir I told them I wanted to have some alone time here Sir
keeping your fingers crossed that I was at home boy. 
Yes Sir
OK boy, I have some time.  So your friends left you at the temple?, lets have some fun (well fun for me).
Yes please Sir, I'v been a naughty boy.
We will talk once you get here boy.  Do you have transport, you did you come by buss from the town.
Sir we hired bikes,  OK grate because you have 2km to go to get to the private spot I know.
Now shut up, from now on until you leave you will not speak unless I ask you to.  I know you understand I just want to here you say it once.
Yes Sir I understand Sir
Right the road your on winds down the mountain (pine tree covered) towards the sea.  You will take that road and after you pass a clearing you will see a sign to the "Hotel Athina"  Take the next road after that on the left at the bottom there is a parking stop near a large water tank.  Walk behind the tank and you'll get to the rocks that go right down to the sea.  Find a spot there strip naked and lay facedown on the rocks.  Do not life your face you will not look up or at me for any reason, got it?
Yes Sir.
It should only take you about 5 mins to get there.  Turn off your phone and GO NOW boy.

I tock my time and when I got there 10mins later I saw the hire bike, I was half expecting to not see it but it's a easy road to take and a easy place to find but in April nobody is around even thou some of the days like today are warm.  Walking to the rocks I know there was some bushs I could cut some branches from that make good canes, I cut (yes I often have a small knife with me) 3 cains.   As a walked over the rocks I saw the boy laying next to his cloths legs apart exposed as ordered but he started to left his head, "HEAD DOWN BOY"  his head when back down.   It's so nice when you get a complaint faggot/whipping boy.

He had found the stop I had hoped he would a sort of coffin shaped depression in the rocks, witch gave me a place to sit while we talked, Well I ask questions and the boy replayed.  When we started chatting online I had said I would spend some time to get to know him when we met.   I kept this going for about 30 mins all the time he did not look up and then.

Right boy It's time you get what you came for.  I am going to give your ass 20 whacks with a cane.  He did not flinch at that, nice.   I have 3 canes cut fresh today.  One is not so hard, the next is hard and the 3rd will be the most painful.  You get to chose.   Well Sir I won't to say number 1 but I know I should say number 3.  So boy witch one will it be?  Number 2 please Sir.  Good.  Now cout them out boy, 1 Sir, 2 Sir, 3 Sir,  .................10 Ssir , 11 sir,aaa, 12 aaaSir, 13..........  the last one will be full f***e boy ready.  Yes Sir, 20 aachoch....Sir.  You did well boy.  We talked for a little more and I asked, "Is there any thing you want to ask me?"  "Please Sir if I may can I ask to look at you Sir please".  "Boy lisson very carefuly, whan I say and NOT before you will life your head and when I say stop you will lower it again.  Do you understand?"  Yes Sir than you Sir.  As I said this I walked around to his head where I squoted down kneese apart so the boy could see my feet and as he lefted his head would see my legs cratch befor getting to see my face.  OK boy life you head.  I gave him 10 seconds, back down now boy.

I'm going to give you 20 more whacks with the cane boy before I go.  Once I have finished you are to count to 100 then you make get up dreast and leave.  When your counting you will NOT left you head and if you do I will know, you understand?  "Yes Sir"  Good, what cain boy? "Num...b....e.r 3 please Sir"  Good boy, count 1 sir, 2, sir...........20 arrrasir.   

You know he did not life his head as I left. 

Another lose to the lockdown

Don't wary if you wanted to read A or B or Both, they are cumming but first I feel I have to share this.

In the last week I have been having a Private Messages with a faggot saidly seems to be no longer on this site.  He was getting very keen on comming for a tril faggot holiday.  Shared some wishes with me including wantting/needing to be beaten twice a day, being locked in a cupboard for 24 hours with out food with just my boots to clean, after 24 hours being offered food or boots for another 24.  I modified this to be more realistic checking on the faggot every 2 hours and providing water.  Faggots tend to let there fantasies get out of control and I as a Master feel it is my place to keep that in cheek.  This was to be the start of a trial may be leading to becoming permanent.   Yer, yer, yer I'v heard it all before.  Sir I will sign a contract, Sir I will............. and so on. 

Any way IT then asked tell me when and I will book a flight.      I looked at the Greek info on lockdown and found they are not letting any one from the US into Greece.  I sent him a link to the USEmbassy in Greece witch has all the Covid-19 info needed to make plans.  IT sends me just two words "I understand", later I loged in to send a reply and guess what.........Yep you guessed it the account is no more.

Wanker, timewaster, wanker.

Look faggots if you just want stuff to wank over then get lost.  If you want a real connection get over that I am not you Mr Perfect and send a PM.

To Bi or not to Bi

Hi there, well it seems as if it's time for another pice of pie that is Master Pete's life.

It's 1989 and I'm working backstage in one of the theaters in the WestEnd.  I'm not going to change the place and people names to protect people from exposure though a true story.

Getting work backstage is very much about who you know and being in the right place at the right time.  I had got a foot in the door(stage) about a year before and so had all ready made some friends one of witch asked if I wanted to join the team on the show they worked on.  I jumped at the chance as it was a big show.  Any way what your all reading this for is the juicy bit's.  I promise I'm getting there.    The team(grew) was made up of 2 girls, 4 other boys and me.  Working backstage is a very close knit thing, your often relaying on every one knowing what to do at just the right time.  So you tend to get very close and nick names become very common.  I found out that one of the girls had the nick of "Erotica" 😉  There was also a man there that seemed a little camp, call him Mark as it turnd out he was gay.

Any way back to Erotica (E) she was not what you would call a model but quite small, slim,almost but not quite black hear.  We become close friends and in fact her boyfriend got me the next job after the run of the show.  Any way three weeks after starting work Erotica (yes we will find out how she got that name) invited me to a party after the show.   

We left the theater at diffent times and she was at the party before me.  First things first get a drink, work hard, play hard.   I started mingling and seeing if there was any body I know there.  I saw Mark and E but I did not see her boyfriend, witch I thought was strange but a faw more drinks and I was chatting and had forgoten about that.  3 O'clock and we'r very d***k and got to the stage in the party when we'r all sitting around in little groups.  In our little group was E, another Girl(Sue) and her boyfriend, Mark and me.   Then and almost out of the blue E winked at Sue and said to Mark, "So Mark Sue wants to know, what do gay men do in bed?".  Well if we warned so d***k that would have been a red faced moment.  It turns out that  Make was very open about things.  Said"do you really want to know?" Sue said "Yes and I want you to show my boy friend", "go on put your hand on his leg",   Well it's hard for me to not make what comes next corny but I promise it is all true.  At that point E grabs me and for the first time I see E's boyfriend sitting across the room.  He winks and gives a thombs up sign.  E just then kisses me full on, the first kiss from a girl I had. The she pulls a way a bit and points to Mike who has got a bannar from a friut bowl (yes I know corny) and with one had on Sue's boyfriend he takes the peiled banner and takes all runk 6" in his mouth and swallows!!! it.  The hole lot in one go.  E turns back to me and we start skissing she giding my hand over her tits as Sue is saying her boyfriend want's that.  "Yes you do don't you dear and Mark you'll do it).   Well we found what we were sitting on was a sofa bed and desided to pull it out so we could sleep the night.  O you want more?  You want to know if Mark sucked Sue's boyfriends dick and if I ended up going down on E and giving her 2 orgmsams, what about E's boyfriend, was he the one licking my ass? (maybe).  And the frozen pink icecubs in the shape of elephants.  Well we were very d***k and you know how sex clouds the mind, I am not shure I could get it right.  However what I can say is that night I learned why E was called Erotica and how fexible in more ways than one, some people can be when it comes to sex.

I hope you enjoyed and remember it's all true.

P.S.  you faggots stop wanking over this and pay your tribute to thank me for sharing with you.

So where in Greece do you live and why?

Thats the question someone asked and I though I might share with you all the replay.

I live with my partner slave John on a island called Aegina, It takes an hour to get from Athens Airport to the port then an 1.5 by boat.  That the easy part of the Question to answer.  The next part needs a little more info.

The last blog was when I was set whan I was 15 and I am sure there will be more to say between then and now but for the time being .... Fast forword to when I was 35.

By this time I had lots of experience of plain good old fashion sex, and some experience of BDSM London places like the Hoist.  My circle of friends has always been small but the ones I did/do have are all true and I am open with every one even the straight friend.   In fact I met my partner in 2000 at a friends.  I got a e-mail from this friend wanting to know if I wanted to help him with a house guest(slave) as he was busy with his full time slave and had plans, one weekend.  Well me bing me and not to turn down many chances of a sex I agreed to go and help.   So I got on a train(o this is boring) any way I was late so when I got to my friends house, my friend said to go strat to the play room.

In the play room he, the guest(slave) was all ready bound nude to a workout machine.   A note from my friend saying Here he is bound with a butt-plug and ready for you.  IT needs his cock abused.  By genteal because he was circimcised just a month ago.   Well read rag to a bull, I don't think my friend know just how much of a sadist I can be.  Being circumcised my self I know that the cock head will still be sensitive as will where the scar was.  So there he is, my test subject, I start light fingered working out just how sensitive each and every part of his body is. (I use his becayse I had not got in to the "IT" used for faggots and objects).  Then I go to the toy box and start putting clamps and pegs on the body, nippes chest arms and legs but leave the cock free to abuse.  I did not say a word to him on the machine just peged,flicked, clamed his body.  I think he may have been gaged as well.  All the time working up to wanting to hurt that cock and knowing when I take the pegs off thats the worst time.  I start to run my finger nails over his chest and down his belly.  I am sure he would be jumping if he was not bound tigh.  My friend is very good at bondage.  By this time I am horny to give that cock pain and my nails move closer and closer, finaly reaching his cock.  I still have a very light touch.   I am sure he must have relized what I was about to do because his cock was twitching and chest heaving a bit but I was not treating him as a him, he was an IT.  Now I started working on the scar and the exposed sentive cock head.  At this point my aim is pure pain, that is what was going to get me off.  I noticed a rouler and know I was going to ues it.  I know his cock was going to be in pain and bruised and that is what I wanted I was going to get off on this. Almost as if automatic the wooden rouler smacked down hard on his cock head.  He jumpt and I did it again jump, again jump,  I don't know how many hits he got but I did come off with one hand jerking my cock and one hand with the wooden rounuler hitting his.  At that point with spunk flying my friend came back and up to the room.  When when about taking the pegs off, O what sweet pain he jumpt at each one.  We removed the bonds and tock him to the bed to rest.  My friend keps towls and water there to drink and wash.  He thanks us and we left him to recover.  It was 4pm by then and the friends main slave hard started making dinner.  The guest(slave) joind us and we talked a little before I left to go home.  

Opps I still have not answered the question.

Two weeks on he sent me an e-mail wantting to come to me, which he did.  The e-mail said many things but the main one is he was imprest by the workout I gave and wanted to experience such treatment more often.  At the time I replayed OK come, I was not looking for a partner and was think as much as I enjoyed the last session this was going to be a chore but I was very very wrong.

After the secound meeting at my flat we started seeing more and more of eachother.  Things did not go as plained but we where having fun and we started going on holidays together one of witch was this island. We were married in 2006 and hunymoond here, When he got home John said "You know I always wanted to retire to Greece" and I said OK (As I don't have many connections/family in the UK).

There you are now you know.

We are molded from our past.

When I was 15.  On the way home from the shops there was a group of boys known to be hard nuts at school.   I heard them egging one of them on to try and go after me.    I kept on walking but heard one of them on his pushbike ridding up behind me. I know he was going to try and hit me or something.  So as he got close I moved to one side lifted up my fist to face hight and he when smack right into it.  I was surprised his nose did not brake, the f***e he smacked into my fist.  Thinking back my hand must have hurt but I did not notice.    You know what happend then.  I kept walking and never looked back.  We had past some planks of wood that some builders had be using and I heard him picking up some wood.  It turned out to be a pice of 2b1.  He came running up behind me but I still did not turn round.  That takes balls but as a faggot you would not know about that would you.  He was shouting at me to turn round and face him I would not I know that if I did he would swing at me with the wood.  After about 300 yards he called out "Stop please, I'll put the wood down" and I heard the wood drop.  He then said "Stop please I want to shake your hand"  I stopped and turned round.  He was standing there with his hand out striched.  "look man that fucking well took guts to keep fucking walking, I could not have f-ing well done that" He was the sort of boy who put fuck in between most words.  He continued to say "...I an't going fucking hit you, I want to shake your hand" and you know what we did and stayed best mates until he left with his family 3 years after.   After that I know I have the inner strenth to face anything.
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