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Two feet or Not two feet.

LOL thought I would take a brake from my normal "Life and times of Master Pete" and this time just flow up on observations others have made.

To feet or not to feet,

To smoke or not to smoke,

To finger or not to finger,

To showoff or not to showoff,

These are the questions dear faggot.  Is it nobler to suffer the whining and wingeing of faggots or just to display the "F U Finger", sit back and wait.

The thing is I see lots of faggots and Masters wingeing about  what they call "So called masters" just posting pic of their feet and demanding cash then sitting back.  I find I agree with the wingers that post a pic of the feet and a demand for cash, it does not make a master.   However if you take the amount of cash a master gets/has as a sign of how successful a cashDom is.  Then the ones that get the most are the ones that post the most "F U Finger" or "Feet" photo's.  Of course we can never know what goes on in private but on the surface it appears that the ones that spend the most time, chatting, getting to know and otherwise doing the things faggots say they like/want, are the ones that lose out.

So with that in mind.

F U faggots, pay your tributes to me and there's plenty of feet and boot pics on my profile.

Your Master Pete. 

Being owned and plans.

This is more of a request than a blog.

I respect ownership and have a very strong code that I do not message, use, abuse or demand service from a owned fag.    Sometimes a owned fag says something in public, ether as a public post or in the chatroom and I see that as fair game but I still think twice about if the owner would like my reply or sometimes I will message the owner first.  It's all a matter of respect.

However all respect go's out the window when I have been private messaging a faggot, sometimes with very thought out messages and suddenly the replies stop.    Why did they stop?  I don't know the faggot did not reply to my last message.   Then looking round the site I find out why. 

Faggots if you are applying to be owned by someone else and so want to stop the interactions with me then at least have the manners to say so.  Send a message or a reply saying your wanting to join another Masters stable.

Rant over. 

Part 2: How I met my first love.

How I met my first love.

Part 2

...As this is part 2 lets have a quick re-cap.   I had lost a job, Traveled to London trying to find a job backstage,  Slept rough for two night, decided to go back to Northampton and  on the third day met a guy in a cottage(public toilet) who wanted to take me home for dinner and I assume a better place to have a shag.

In the cottage we had been wanking each other for a little before he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place.  By this time in my life I was not so green as to not know the dangers and also to get to judge others.  Maybe I should have said sorry but no.  However I had a feeling that I am sure we have all had before.  When our feelings override  our brain.  On top of that I was cold and tired  and so agreed.   So we got our selfs decent.  He said he would leave first and wait for me under the bridge at the railings overlooking the Thames, opposite the exit.   As I left the toilets I could I could tell he was making it look as if he was waiting for his friend(me) to catch up with him.  Even in the 80's people had to make meeting look as "straight" as they could.  Any touching would be carefully choreographed to make it look as though it was just a couple of straight guys.  Often I have thought that in fact I think straight guys touched more in pubic than gay guys, because gay guys were so worried about being caught.     

Anyway we met back up and started walking to the tube station at Waterloo, Later I was to learn that he did not want to be waiting around for the bus because he thought I might get cold feet.   I can't remember saying much mostly things about traveling, "have you a travel card for zone 2?" he asked.  As it so happened I had.  Very early on I made it a key part of my life to always have the ability to travel and a travel card was always the first thing to buy when I when to London.   Did I ask? "where do you live?", not sure but I remember him saying it was one tube ride and a bus.  I thought a long way but it can't be that far as it's in zone 2 and I had nothing better to do.  So it was a tube to Oval and a bus from oval to just before Camberwell and a wall up a back street.  To a victorian three 3.5 story house.  "Here we are, it's a house share. There's two couples one other single guy and me".  "Come in you can put your coat there...." pointing to the hooks in the hall ".... and the sitting room's through here."  We had already sorted that I was cool about cannabis and so it came as no shock when I said "and I recognize that smell".  "Yes" as he put the kettle on for coffee saying "You want some? the gear is on the table there."  O "I'v never rolled one but I'll try"  I made a right mess of it and he re-rolled one.  As we smoked and drank coffee he asked "You want a bath?...I'll run one for you then after we can go to the bed room".  

The bathroom was half way down a story at the back of the house and his bedroom was on the second floor at the front.   While your having a soak I'll get a towel and a robe for you.   After 10mins or so he came in the bathroom, it was almost as if we had been living together for months we seem to have become comfortable with each other.  He put the towel and the robe on a rail and sat on the edge of the bath and with rolled up sleeves and a joint in his lips he lent forward to the soap and wash cloth and started soaping up my back.  That was when I found out I really love my back touched and rubbed.  "you like that"  "yes", his hand soaping and washing off with the cloth and going my front and down to my cock but as much as I was hard it was just a bath.  Then he dried his hand, took the joint and put it in my lips.  Then started to wash each leg lifting them out of the water, soaping them up and gently putting them back down.  Doing it again to do each foot.  He then dried his hands again and took the joint, one final drag before stubbing it out in an ash tray.  Holding the towel up I got out and he rapped me in the towel and started to dry me.  I had not thought of this as being a Sub/Dom thing it was just how it went.  Putting the robe on and slippers I followed him up to his bedroom.  A large room at the front of the house with two bay windows.  The electric fire had been on and so the room was warm.  He took me to the bed and sat me on the edge.  The robe fell open and he knelt between my legs running his hands over my body and this time moving to my now very hard cock.  Holding the base his head went down and lips round my cock warm but not too wet.  After a little time sucking my cock he stopped and rolled another joint.  He tock two or three puffs before handing me it saying "this is all yours" then as I started smoking he when't back to my cock.

I ended up staying the week.  It turned out that he was on holiday and had to back to work the next week.  So I decided to go back to Northampton on the Monday morning.  For the next 2 months I would spend my weekends leaving Northampton on the Friday and returning on the Monday but it looks like I'm going to have to extend this to a part 3.

Part 1, How I met my first love.

How I met my first love.

In 1986 at the age of 20 I had left home and had had 3 full time jobs.  The last of witch was working for a small computer company we built, tested, sold and fixed PC's I was a technician.  As much as it was a enjoyable job and sort of thing I did well the Theatre Lighting was my first love.  It was a Monday morning when I turned up for work and there was my boss standing outside the padlocked doors.   Well I can't remember exatly  what was said but it was something like;   "What's......."  "......gone bust...."  "We have to say sorry but the business has been closed,  We managed to get just enough for your final pay and a reference."  "By the way Pete you'll also find a list of my contacts, let them know I sent you and I am sure one of them will find something for you......".

I have always been impulsive, so what did I do?  Got the bus into town, put most of the months pay in the bank and went to the dole office sign-on unemployed(again).   Then I had an impulse to get on a train and go to London, maybe get a job backstage.  I had been going to London each weekend for about 3 years before but never with the idea of looking for work.  I was in a grey wool suit and was going to ??? what, knock on stage doors, jeans and a shirt would have been better for that.   I walked from Euston to the Piccadilly via many stage doors.  If you know that part of London, it's about 2 miles, I have always been a walker and it was common for me to do this walk but this time I knocked on the stage doors.   Well, the day went on, I went to a pub, then to.... and so on.   Found myself at the South Bank in what was Jubilee Gardens(where The London Eye is now).   It was 10pm and I could not get back to Euston for the last train and even if I could I would be going back to resting on a settee in a friends sitting room.  Much more comfortable than my first night resting(ish) rough in London.  Well this was my first night resting rough, the first of two nights.   I won't bore you with two days of ..........  

It was at the end of the 3rd day about 6 o'clock when I had had enough, I decided I would go back to Northampton.  I was at Jubilee Gardens,  You may know that under the rail bridge was a gents toilet, I was cold and grubby so decided to have a wash up before getting on the tube to go to Euston.... Well I went in the cottage (yes I know what one of these is LOL) and went to the sinks and started to take my top clothes off so I could have a good wash.  Looking in the mirror I saw one other man.  He was standing at the urinals.  Slim almost skinny, thinning hear 6'2 I'm only 5'8.  You know your trying to wash under your arms and the man keeps turning to look.  I started to get turned on a bit and so finished washing and got dressed.  Tell me how long can a man stand at the urinals.  The tall man was still looking and I was still getting turned on.   I turned round and as I did I unzipped and started to get my now hard cock out. I went over to the urinals and realized where he was standing he could see if anyone was coming.  We wanked each other for a little and he asked if I wanted to come home with him.  Very bold but we had been there for a long time and I think he had got to the point where if I was going to be a nasty bastard that would have happened a long time ago.  At that point I was cold and tired and thought I would at least get warm.  Also in a way, was it love at first site?

Part two to come.

First sight of ugly faggot trany

Some of you would like that I am open about my self and what made me, me.  Most of that was in the 1980's.  Some of you like a little things to be a little newer like the cutting edge SmartPhone that will cost you the same price as my Dad's first house.

So I think this time round it's going to be another newer 1998 blog.

I was living in Northampton and my second lover had walked out on me, while I was working in Newcastle.   I rang him to say when I would be back and he sounded strange but said "I'll have dinner ready my love" but this blog is not about that tail it takes place two years on.  I had moved out of the hose that me an he rented moved in to a flat.  I had found some new friends, a couple I got to know very well, they lived in the same block of flats, we'll fans of Sci-Fi and used to meet in the local pup.  On the way home one week they invited me to the BF's flat for a coffee.  Well what I did not know was she was a pre-op transexual, as we when in to the BF flat she said "I'm going to get changed dear"  When she came back ??? no wig, no boobs, I looked twice "Your.....  sorry I did not know".  I had always known her as ......  any way thats not the story ether.   The point of all this is that they found out that nothing would shock or phase me.  So we talked lots and before you could say "Transexual" it was 4.30 in the morning and we all had to work the next day, bed time.  Any way about two days later I get a phone call, "can you come down, and don't freek out but there's an old tranny locked outside our door. When you come in just give the boobs a squeese and jiggle"........"your OK with that an't you?"  well what was I going to say I think all I could think of was "OK".

The BF's flat was on the ground floor and one with an out side door.  Steps with a rale up to the door.  Well I got outside and was shocked, as I said not much shocks me but thiis site was quite shocking.  At the top of the steps was, amm how can I describe this?  Starting at the feet, 6" stiletto yellow shoes(witch a later found out had a chain around them with a lock, White Tights,  A thigh length black pencil skirt, skin tight yellow jumper, big pearls and a bum length fake fur coat.  Now for the head, do I have to describe that?  Yes!  OK it was an old man with a big gray beard and what's that in it's mouth, a gag with leather strap going under a real bad blond wig.     I recovered my self, have you?  I when up the stares and as the BF told me to I grabbed the fake books.  IT wriggled about a bit (It was not until days later I found out about the pins on the inside of the fake boobs).  I when in and both Fi and her BF was there, we had coffee and chatted as if nothing had happened. Then after coffee the BF said that he should take Janet home.  He when out, unlocked Janet and tock her home as I had a stronger drink with Fifi talking about what had just happened.  Janet was "straight" but was heavy in to humiliation, his ex-wife used to be his mistress but left him as his needs got more and more extreme, she still played sometimes with him but preferred more vanilla time with younger men.  He was in his 70's. 

Thats also when I go to know more about Fi's transformation, it was getting late inn the afternoon and we was going to the Sci-Fi meet at the pub so we left the BF's fat and when to Fi's flat so we could continue chatting as she got ready...........but thats a different story.

As normal this is true.  If appreciate me sharing then you know what to do fag$ 

Three orgasms for a woman.

The last blog took place in 1989 in this one we'll jumping from 1989 to 1999.

At the age of 33 I done a few things that in hindsight I would not have done but I have no regrets well maybe one or two but there for an other time.  My now I had had 2 full time loves a hole string of one night stands and blowjobs a few d*****n bi-sexual encounters but never a woman when I was sober.  Well this is the story of the day that changed.  My first time with a woman when sober, how ever still as kinky as many of my other encounters.  

Three years before my second love had left me and for the first time after I was 21, I was living allown and was loving the freedom that brings even though it had taken a long time to get used to that.  I had my own flat, my own friends and a job I liked.  I had my hobby including CB radio (yes I'm a sad geek), electronics, photography(I had friends help me DIY my bathroom so I could use it as a darkroom for my B&W photography).  The block of flats I was in was set-aside for single people and so there was a lot of time in each others flats all fairly normal stuff, most of the people in the block of 89 flats where straight, some gay and as far as I know a transexual that passed as a woman very well, all be it quite tall at 5.10.  What was nice was that we where all out to each other.  Mind you as I think you may all know by know I was never in.    

I had meet this one guy(straight) who was in to CB and one day we where having a coffee in his flat and chatting over the CB to some mates.  A couple of nights before I had shared some d***k stories with him.  Any way he turned to be and said "a friend of mine will be online soon, if I remember you might be up for some kink? with a woman?"   Well what should I say but "OK I'm up for most things".  My CB mate told me that he had been talking about me to his mate who asked him if he would ask me if I would be up for a 3 some with his wife.  WTF why do this things fall into my lap LOL,  my friend said he could arrange it over the CB for "when?"  "Next Sunday", "He wants you to do some kinky stuff............." but you'll find out what was said as this blog go's on.

Sunday morning, spent cleaning up the house and making sure I had the handcuffs chins and blindfold and small light cat of 9 ready.   The plan was that at 3 I would leave the door unlocked and be waiting in the sitting room for the couple to arrive.  The husband that I meat before hand to have a drink and get to know a little, was going to blindfold his wife before they came in the flat and lead her to a chair in the bed room where she would be chained to the chair. The husband would then come to the sitting room and I would have half an hour to play with the wife.

Well 3 o'clock  came and I was in the sittingroom with the door to my flat open.  The husband came in got the blindfold, put it on his wife and lead her in then I heard the chains being locked and he come into the room.  He put a finger to his lips in a sign to say be quart. He whispered to me that his wife had asked that I don't speak,   Of cause I agreed to this.  He then said right you have 30mins maybe longer.

I when into the bedroom and there was his wife changed to the chair legs apart wearing cream lace and silk, very slim almost boy like with blond short hair and small be well formed breasts.  I started from her back with some gentle kissing round the neck and a kiss, only one on the mouth.  This was a limit that had been agreed on, no kissing on the mouth, strange I know.  I broke that limit because I felt it only right, you can't have sex without kissing.  Then gently kissing over the breasts and down to her navel.  At the same time gently working her nipples.  The I stand up and walk round her picking up the whip and started running the tails over her body, gently whipping her breasts, legs getting harder and loving the sharp intake of breath.  After a little bed she says "can you put me on the bed?"  So I relice her from the chair and take her to the bed.  I had anchor points on the legs of the bed so was able to easily spread eagle her. and gave her another kiss and put the cat back to work.  "please use you teeth", I lay on top of her and start to gently nibble all around here breasts and nipples, she nods down and I take the meaning and start moving my teeth down here body to her navel and she nods more.  "My clit" she almost panted. This was all a first, for me but the kink of the situation must have masked my nervousness at this.  It's a little like being d***k, I know my lips, tong and teeth found the spot and if the moaning was anything to go by I defo hit the spot a number of times.  Any way I am unsure of how long it was but I heard her husband open the bedroom door.  We had agreed that would be the single for me to wank and come over her tits.   Then I  left her anchored to the bed and left the room, when to the sitting room while her husband undid her and they both left the apartment.  That night I wanked of two, three or more times thinking about it.

I would have loved to do it gain and did get a phone call from the husband once to give me a message from his wife that I was the first Man ever to give her three orgasms at one time.  Why they never came back I don't know.  All I can say is maybe it was a one off thing for them.  I will close this blog by saying it gave me a lot of confidence.

What do you want?

This may be a repeat of some other posts but I am fed up with getting:

Some of you will take this as a winge and some will see it for what it is; An reaction to the interactions I have had in the last three years.

There are good faggots, bad faggots and the ones that are the most frustrating.

The good faggots, are the ones that react.  I post a blog and I get a comment, I get asked if I'm doing more, I get sent a privat message that inspires me to tell me (yes faggot that was in your message), the faggot that sends tribute because maybe worship, thanks or ?   So fare in my interactions these, I don't need more than two hands to count them on.

Then you get the ones that start, messages, replays 20 or more then nothing not a word.  No expiation no reply, you leave me with out a resign why, how to deal with you?   Whats the point I try a faw messages to see if you respond and then move on but you are the most fucked up of them all.  One word wrong or said in the wrong way and poof up in a puff of smoke. 

Then the worst of them all:
Messages just saying "I am interested."  Or "I want to serve you".

Because would sort of replay are you expecting?  I don't know.  Some of you have been winging that your called degrading names but do you say that when all you send is one of the above messages? No.

If your sent a replay that says "I want you to come and clean my house." you may replay with "Yes Sir" but then what, you make no plains or want me to spell out every little thing.

If you say "I am an ATM" in your profile and I say "Tribute then boy" you don't send a message saying "Please Sir I am looking for a connection first."  instead youirst  winge in a blog about Masters that think it's all about money and demand it first off.

It is never your fault for not knowing what you want, or being so weak to ask but then strong in telling us we got you wrong.   Of cause it may be my fault and maybe I don't have the body you want, or the big cock, arms chest, but if that is all you look for in the even you will be said and lonely.

So I have added this to my profile.

A Master that enjoys all aspects of cashdom and BDSM.   If you approach me with just "Sir I want to serve." then it is likely you will get a replay you don't want.  It will ether be too polite or too "You fucking faggot, what do you want?", It's a two way street, say what you want, "Please Sir treat me kindly" or "Please Sir I'm just a fucking faggot" and I will respond in kind.

blog A, The hairdressing salon. Part 2

blog A part 2

.......So my head is spinning and as I said not from the drink.  I mean WFT have a just steped on to some 1970's porno set?  Is this even real, people like me don't get to goto such party.  However this was very real.   

Drinks in had and no place to sit people standing in groups chatting, drinking, eating finger food.  No seems to notice the 6 chars with young men in chins in them.  Some people pealing away from the groups and playing with the young men then rejoining the groups, then others doing the same.  One of the young men became free and someone(as it turned out, it was my first love that was with me at the party.  I will interduse you to him in a later blog) pushed my back and said go on it's your turn.  I almost tripped over I was push forward so hard.  You know that when your pushed like that the only thing for it is to go with the flow.  

As I reach the char I turn round and sit sideways on the lap, and put my champagne on the counter.  Now I had both hands free and started running them over the well built chest and around the nipples.  This was when I started to find that I love to tease.  I love to start light and move my fingers round the nipples and over the nipples before getting each one between the thumb and fore finger.  Squeeze and lightly twist then let go and move my fingers getting hold of the nipples again and twisting them again, noting the rise and fall of the chest as the breathing gets deeper and I know I am having an effect.  I wanted to do it again and again getting harder and harder but then I look over and may love nodes to me and I know it's time to stop and pick up my glass and go back to him.

The mood in the room as changed and the videos have stoped.  There's an air of expectation ad the room becomes quirt, almost as if this was rehearsed.  Someone gave one clap and a man in 100% rubber is lead in by a dog lead and collar round his neck.  The woman led him to a column in the room and he was bound to it.  His cock and balls where pocking out and each nipple was exposed the woman walked round and round, back and forth almost like a dance, sometimes swinging a short cat of 9.  It turns out that this is not my first love sort of thing, he whispered to me that he wanted to go after this.  The woman kept swinging the cat and walking back and forth in the high heal boots and shiny rubber.  I did not know it then but it turned out to be E that you will meet in blog B.  Every now and then someone give the man a drink in-between swishes of the cat and some in the room where wanking.  

I could go on but to tell you the truth I can't remember much more it must have been gone 3 at this  point, I was tired and my love wanted to leave.  There is only so much of this one can take and it was all turning in to a bit of a blur.  So much so I don't know how we got home.  


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