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Whore that fag raw.

We all know the PC view of raw fucking and the risks, or think we know.  However I'm not PC.  Often we read things about cumdump fags taking raw loads and know that fags have no rights and so have no right to say no to being fucked raw.    Maybe part of what makes this hot is knowing that fags are so stupid as to accept the risk and this fact is one of the things that make them a fag.  Lets face it fellow Masters would not be so stupid but wait we do fuck raw and that has some risk maybe not as much but some.   So how to stay safe?

Well if we have someone that is monogamous with us, then amusing tests are clean and there is no cheating then we can enjoy raw safe sex.  The downside of this is we don't have the fun of knowing our fag is just a piece of meat with fuck holes to be abused and used no mater what.     For me in my ideal world I would have my monogamous Girl Friend/Wife who enjoyed/understood this life style that I would fuck raw and some fag's I would whore out and watch take load after dirty load with all the risk on them.  I would never use these fags in any risky way as I am not that stupid.   

Faggot you have NO choice in this you take the raw load, because your a worthless fag that has no rights.


Any one else get off on the idea or reality of having a fag converted?

Unable to do ........... because...............

Hi boy. I have just seen the last part of your chat this morning and I now feel that you need some more of my wisdom.

We (Masters) understand much more than any faggot could ever. We understand things like the internet failing/going down and understand that some times things our outside our fags/our control.

So what dose this mean to faggots like you.

There is no need or requarment(unless ordered or asked to by a Master) for you to try and explain why you where unable to do something by saying things like

Quote "the internet keeps going down".

If your unable to do what is ordered then.   What you do is;  Give your apologies and expect to take (if any) the punishment that your Master desides to give.   The fact that it was not your fault, that you could not do as ordered is of little importance.

You are a faggot to be used and punished in any way and for any thing including your Masters whim. You are a faggot with no self. The only self you have is one we or may not give.

Master Pete

It's easy being a fag

Yes thats what I said, It's easy being a fag!.

All you have to do is do as I say.  Sometimes thoght I am feed up with having to do all the thinking.  Esp at the begining of getting to know the buttons to press to get you working to make my life easy and/ore please me!

Yes I know your just a mindless/week willed faggot, or that's how you like to think of your self.   Howether if your confronted with an order that you don't like your "will" kicks in! and you backout of anything that has started. 

So it's up to us Masters to make sure that nothing we do our say or order makes that "will" of yours kick in. Where as you site/lay around just waiting around for and order from me that works for you.

It's easy being a fag.


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