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The Student Daydream. (Part 3)

The Student Daydream.

Part 3

In the last 2 parts I told you about an university admin, who had be court out doing what he should not have been doing and how I got court up in teaching him a lesson in what happens to people who hide/save there viruaristic porn on there computer at work/university.  

Until the day in the garage the admin may of fantasied that he would become a sub to some student but he would not have known that he would become the faggot for a group of us.

We left part 2 with him on his knees mouth open waiting to take my cock.  By then he had accepted(or it seemed like it to me) that if he did as he was told he was going to be OK.   As Dave had said I was feeling horny, why?  punishing this guy was making me horny and I have never been slow at getting my cock out.    With my cock out and Dave holding the guy down with his arms be-hide his back I moved forward and put my cock to the guys lips, he seemed eager to take it into his mouth.  "Suck it faggot" said Dave "hold his head Pete", "make him gag"  So I graded his head and started to push him down onto my cock, "right down faggot" he struggled and coughed.  That made me want to gag him more but I gave him a very short rest before pushing his head down again cough and again "do it better fag or the disk go's to your boss".  A short rest and push again.   "he's a dirty faggot chocking on your cock Pete"  Said John.  "Hay lets go soon, I need a piss" said John.  OK, OK "I'm cumming, take it faggot"  I held his head hard and started to cumm.  The faggot chocked on my cum and I pulled my cock out and started to clean up a bit before putting it back in my pants and zipping up.

Dave moved him self in front of the faggot and now nose to nose.  "You understand faggot your going to be our bitch and each week your going to serve us! Right! No that was not a question.",  "You do that and I will keep the discs safe".  The faggot nodded "yes".  "please my money?" the faggot uttered, you could hear the weakness in it's voice.  "What money faggot?" John said "The money you tock from my wallet", "thats ours now faggot",  "..but..", "but what" barked John.  "I need it and it's thef.......", "Your fucking forgetting your place faggot, you ours now"  I stepped in "look faggot I not you have a credit card in there, you have any left on the card?", "yes but...", "Use that faggot" "and we'r going to leave now, you stay here for 10mins and then you free to go inside.".  "Remember do anything stupid and the discs get sent to your boss and you won't have a job"  As we started walking out Dave grabbed the cash from John and throw 10 bucks from the bundle to the faggot "there you are, you can pay the pizza boy tonight with cash, I'm too good to you" and handed the bundle back to John "here you look after that for us.".   "See you round faggot"

The Student Daydream. (Part 2)

.....So it turns out that one of the admins in my university likes to spy and photograph the jocks in the locker room and fantasise about them being abused by the coach.  The faggot has even been writing some of these fantasises down as if he was the jock,  LOL.  If you know the faggot, you would know just how still this is. The faggot is flabby, camp, and the complete opposite of a jock or a coach.  I have to say being a university most people here would not used the word faggot as we'r fairly tolerant in fact as much as I don't advertise it I am in-fact gay both Dave and John know this but they don't seem to care much.  However when it comes to "perverts" it's a anything go's sort of thing and "dirty faggot" is a name that is OK.

So we'r in Dave's car and getting close to the faggots home.  "let park round the corner."  We park up and walk to the faggots hours, Dave says he can open the garage as me and John are lookouts.  "I'm in guys" and we all rush in and close the door.  It's a big double garage and we look for places to hide.  In the car we decided, when the faggot drove in John would get and close the door and Dave being the biggest of us would grab the faggot.  We felt quite OK/Safe doing this as the faggot would lose his job if the dean of the university found the stuff I had copies.

The garage door started to open and the faggot drove in. The door started to close and John go ready to lock it as the faggot got out the car "Hay what you doing...." Dave grabbed the faggot with his hand over he's mouth.  "Keep quiet faggot and you want get hurt", John added "much". (After Dave told me that was too fucking easy the faggot is so weak) I held the disks in my hands showing them to the faggot.  "You know whats on these, faggot", the faggot sort of tried shaking his head "No",   "You will stay silent as we tell you faggot?" Dave asked/ordered.  The faggot nodded his head and Dave carefully released his mouth so he could then keep both faggots arms under control.

I said, "Now faggot when I as doing maintenance today I found your dirty secrets."  "what" the faggot started to say. John was stand in front of him by now and slapped the faggots face "Shut-up faggot".  "Believe me these are just some of your filth copied from your computer.   "your not a jock, your not a jock faggot being abused....." a look of realisation come over the faggots face.  "I see you now know, I know what you have been doing, filthy faggot".  "So John, what did we agree we would do with this filth?",  "Faggot, you are going to become what you fantasised about your a faggot and now our faggot bitch" as John said this he searched for the faggots wallet and found it.  "on you knees faggot!" Dave said and I am not sure how he did it, it looked like he put his knee in to the back of the faggots knee and the faggot when down to his knees.  John had also opened the faggot wallet and removed the notes he found there.  "Now open your mouth bitch faggot, your going to suck Pete off", "come on Pete I know your horny", "gag and chock the faggot with your cock", "the bitch faggot wants it, don't you faggot" and all the faggot did was open his mouth as I opened my fly.......

The student daydream. (Part 1)

Many of my blogs are true but for this one you will have to make up your own minds.  ;-)

For many starting a university including me, the first days at university are full of excitement, confusion, finding your way.  Yer sure you had done this sort of thing every time you have changed school and by now you should be better at it.  You know how to make new friends, you can spot the jock, lads, swat, teacher pet, brown-noser and faggot!  On the staff side you get to know the not to cross paths with,  the straits, the easy going, the twist round your little finger and the faggot!  O yes there are faggots on both sides of the fence.

I started my university life doing a IT course.  You know as much as nerds may not be the most out going many have found out how to find the best porn and keep it secret,  Think about it, as someone who makes and fixes peoples computers you get to know what it is to be trusted.  People need to know that what ever you may find when your fixing there machine will not be shared with others.  You know there is a strange thing that happens when people start trusting you, it makes you want to keep the secrets.

After two moths of the year course (some of us will be going on to do our degrees in IT)  Two or three of us started doing maintenance and problem shooting for the university admin office.  So I become a regular face in the office and go to chatting with the staff.  There was this one man in the office that we soon come to think must be at least Bi if not 100% gay (he calmed to have a wife).   OK and we all know that even men with wives can be not only gay but a faggot as well.  This man turned out to be a faggot.   He was very carful to make sure he always logout of he browser and computer when we came to do the maintenance routine.   

Well me being me just had to take a look.  I did not think I would find anything as we are all told to be careful to logout and things when we leave.   But hay I tock a look any way and the first port of call is the browser cash (at that time browser where very simple things and there was no history or incognito mode)  Almost right away I found the pics and stories.  All of man and young man at that none looked much older than 18 and then I noted some who's faces I recognised, man at this university.   I was running out of time so I got a box of disks and copied some of the folders, I wanted to check there and the stories I found.  O and could I be trusted 100% ?  Well I finished cleaning things and when back to the lab.

Some of us would spend some time in the lab between lunch and the first afternoon lectures.  I started going thought the disks I had copied and yes some of them had photo's(all be it very low res) of men at this university.  This would be very bad for the admin staff member if anyone found out.  Not only had he been taking pictures but the pictures where taken in secrete in the locker/changing rooms.  I put the photo's to one side and started reading one of the stories.  It was about one of the football players and coach getting sucked off.  

Suddenly a hand on my shoulder,  "Why you have there Pete?"  shit there's now hiding it.   "I was doing maintenance on the puffs computer in the office and found these."  I was never able to lye.    "Lets see" as Dave leant over to push the mouse around the screen.  "Fuck mate this is sick, what we going to do?",  "Hand it to the prof..." said John but Dave interrupted "We could have some fun with the faggot",  "What do you mean?",  "Just scare him a bit, make the faggot pay and stop this twisted dirty shit".   "You know his address, Pete, you get it for us".  "We'll go to his house and wait for him." "He has a car and I think a garage", "I can get in to it and we can wait there and ambush him when he gets home".    "then what....", "we'll think of something", "lets go"......


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