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The Tease

You arrive at the flat as instructed in the e-mail you received a week ago it seems like it was months. It started in a chat room you wern’t that serious at first, to you it was just some fun to wank to but as time when on you started to realize that the man you where chatting to did not see this as fun! You started to understand that this man was what you cold call a Master, a Master that was for real. You Where to come to know that you would be his slave for real but that’s a long story so back to the flat for now.

The door was open and you walked in. It was not hard to know what to do as the email was very clear. You found your way to the “play” room. OK I could describe it but we all have our own idea at to what a play room is like. For this part of the tail all that is important is that there is a comfy chair with a wooden stool to it’s left. You undress (why?) and lay your clothes on the stool with your sneakers under it, your pants on top with your wallet on top of them. From the web cam in the room I could see that you were complying with all my instructions. Once you put the blindfold on I knew it was time for me to enter the room.

Now reader, think of standing nude in front of me head bowed hands behind your back. I would be looking you over and asking you questions like; Why are you here boy? and your answers will tell me where to go from there. I might start my running my fingers down your arms to see how your body reacts running them down and over your chest getting close to your nipples but never touching them. You see from this I like to tease work from slow and light to hard over a long time.

As much as once you become my slave your thoughts won't matter to me, to start with they do. So tell me boy!

I want to start to see how long I can tease that body sometimes running my fingers over those nipples starting to squeeze them, to pinch them and gently pulling them, taking my time to work them harder and harder. Then just as you think it's too much I stop and go back to being very gentle. As my fingers get close to the nipple I see a shiver go thought the body and a pull back just to start again. All this time I take no interest in that boy penis even if it's hard a twitching.

As you answer these questions you can feel pegs/clamps being put on your nipples then my hand running down and over your belly stopping at your pubes for a bit. You know I will not touch that cock as it twitching in the air. Instead my hands run around to your buttocks. At this point being a good slave you know what is required of you right now............ Yes that's right you place your self over my lap as easy as breathing but with a little anticipation. Is your Master in the mood to give a good spanking or maybe will just want to tease that ass?

The one thing you do know is while your over his knees you will reach for your wallet and hand it to your Master because what is in side, is HIS as you will be!


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