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To stay or to go?

...and if they go then how should they leave.

First I will protect any ones right to leave a site or block people on a site.  

I am sure many have had this experince.  You are chating with someone, you seem to being getting on with them you have send and had replays to meany messages and it's time to go to bed.  You wake up in the morning and login to check your messages and.... the person has gone.  No message saying "buy" or "I'm leaving because..." or "Here's my e-mail as I am leaving"

OK so I delete the zombe messages and move no, no skin of my nose but is that not just a little frustrating?    

Labels, Terms and Meanings - Part 1

Hi there guys, fags and others.  After a chatroom conversation the other day I found my self thinking about Labels, Terms and Meanings.

Many people have talked about this and often coming to the conclusion that the bottom of the pile is the "Faggot" but what about a "Object" what's the difference.   So here's my point of view.

The easy answer;  I hate! labels but have to accept that they can make life easer if the right label is used at the right time.  They have to be right because often we use a label and it sticks(LOL). 

Lets get started with the often used set of labels and how I see them(your definitions may differ).

In the list below I start with "Submissive" but I see this term not only as it's own category but an umbrella for all others.


Submissive:  Someone who defers to others lead, may not be as compliant to every order but will always like to please.  

Boy:Like a Sub but more accepting of the uncomfortable things like "punishment".  Boys sometimes need punishment to learn.

Slave:The Slave is more like the grown up Boy.  It has learned what is expected of It (not to say there may be other  things for it to learn).  It has accepted it's place to serve it's Master and as much as for many, it has no choice or gives up choice in this.  It also has a level of understanding and can have responsibilities, "The kitchen slave", "The garden slave", "The car driver" and so on.   For me a slave has also a degree of loyalty (as all submissive should) but for a slave more so.  Sorry don't get me wrong ALL sub's should be loyal* more to come on that. 

Now we come to the two most confusing.

Faggot and Object:

In there chatroom I was talking to a Faggot and an Object,  What was the difference?  To the Master they can both have value if they are of use.  They both can be seen as just THINGS addressed as IT and when the Object asked if there was a difference I had to give a lot of thought to the answer.  It depends on there use.   A faggot is abusable, If I rest my feet on a Faggot I don't do it because It's a foot rest, I do it to abuse the faggot.  If I rest my feet on a Object I do it because it's an object.  The first is abuse and the second is acceptance.  The faggot accepts the abuse because they may be given the chance something else for the Master.  The Object is used because it is the object to be used.    A faggot maybe ordered to stand in the corner and it will do it as a form of  humiliation, where as the Object will stand in the corner because it is the object and has accepted that part.  The Object does not have any ego and only wants to be the best object it can be and in that will be of use to it's owner but the Faggot as much as we say it should not have ego, does and it's ego is a desire to pease it's owner.  I would even go as fare as to say this should be built on and gown so that the only part of the ego is that witch wants to please it's owner or if un-owned it's want to please all.

I hope this has cleared up some points and maybe raised some others that could do with some more light.


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