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So where in Greece do you live and why?

Thats the question someone asked and I though I might share with you all the replay.

I live with my partner slave John on a island called Aegina, It takes an hour to get from Athens Airport to the port then an 1.5 by boat.  That the easy part of the Question to answer.  The next part needs a little more info.

The last blog was when I was set whan I was 15 and I am sure there will be more to say between then and now but for the time being .... Fast forword to when I was 35.

By this time I had lots of experience of plain good old fashion sex, and some experience of BDSM London places like the Hoist.  My circle of friends has always been small but the ones I did/do have are all true and I am open with every one even the straight friend.   In fact I met my partner in 2000 at a friends.  I got a e-mail from this friend wanting to know if I wanted to help him with a house guest(slave) as he was busy with his full time slave and had plans, one weekend.  Well me bing me and not to turn down many chances of a sex I agreed to go and help.   So I got on a train(o this is boring) any way I was late so when I got to my friends house, my friend said to go strat to the play room.

In the play room he, the guest(slave) was all ready bound nude to a workout machine.   A note from my friend saying Here he is bound with a butt-plug and ready for you.  IT needs his cock abused.  By genteal because he was circimcised just a month ago.   Well read rag to a bull, I don't think my friend know just how much of a sadist I can be.  Being circumcised my self I know that the cock head will still be sensitive as will where the scar was.  So there he is, my test subject, I start light fingered working out just how sensitive each and every part of his body is. (I use his becayse I had not got in to the "IT" used for faggots and objects).  Then I go to the toy box and start putting clamps and pegs on the body, nippes chest arms and legs but leave the cock free to abuse.  I did not say a word to him on the machine just peged,flicked, clamed his body.  I think he may have been gaged as well.  All the time working up to wanting to hurt that cock and knowing when I take the pegs off thats the worst time.  I start to run my finger nails over his chest and down his belly.  I am sure he would be jumping if he was not bound tigh.  My friend is very good at bondage.  By this time I am horny to give that cock pain and my nails move closer and closer, finaly reaching his cock.  I still have a very light touch.   I am sure he must have relized what I was about to do because his cock was twitching and chest heaving a bit but I was not treating him as a him, he was an IT.  Now I started working on the scar and the exposed sentive cock head.  At this point my aim is pure pain, that is what was going to get me off.  I noticed a rouler and know I was going to ues it.  I know his cock was going to be in pain and bruised and that is what I wanted I was going to get off on this. Almost as if automatic the wooden rouler smacked down hard on his cock head.  He jumpt and I did it again jump, again jump,  I don't know how many hits he got but I did come off with one hand jerking my cock and one hand with the wooden rounuler hitting his.  At that point with spunk flying my friend came back and up to the room.  When when about taking the pegs off, O what sweet pain he jumpt at each one.  We removed the bonds and tock him to the bed to rest.  My friend keps towls and water there to drink and wash.  He thanks us and we left him to recover.  It was 4pm by then and the friends main slave hard started making dinner.  The guest(slave) joind us and we talked a little before I left to go home.  

Opps I still have not answered the question.

Two weeks on he sent me an e-mail wantting to come to me, which he did.  The e-mail said many things but the main one is he was imprest by the workout I gave and wanted to experience such treatment more often.  At the time I replayed OK come, I was not looking for a partner and was think as much as I enjoyed the last session this was going to be a chore but I was very very wrong.

After the secound meeting at my flat we started seeing more and more of eachother.  Things did not go as plained but we where having fun and we started going on holidays together one of witch was this island. We were married in 2006 and hunymoond here, When he got home John said "You know I always wanted to retire to Greece" and I said OK (As I don't have many connections/family in the UK).

There you are now you know.

We are molded from our past.

When I was 15.  On the way home from the shops there was a group of boys known to be hard nuts at school.   I heard them egging one of them on to try and go after me.    I kept on walking but heard one of them on his pushbike ridding up behind me. I know he was going to try and hit me or something.  So as he got close I moved to one side lifted up my fist to face hight and he when smack right into it.  I was surprised his nose did not brake, the f***e he smacked into my fist.  Thinking back my hand must have hurt but I did not notice.    You know what happend then.  I kept walking and never looked back.  We had past some planks of wood that some builders had be using and I heard him picking up some wood.  It turned out to be a pice of 2b1.  He came running up behind me but I still did not turn round.  That takes balls but as a faggot you would not know about that would you.  He was shouting at me to turn round and face him I would not I know that if I did he would swing at me with the wood.  After about 300 yards he called out "Stop please, I'll put the wood down" and I heard the wood drop.  He then said "Stop please I want to shake your hand"  I stopped and turned round.  He was standing there with his hand out striched.  "look man that fucking well took guts to keep fucking walking, I could not have f-ing well done that" He was the sort of boy who put fuck in between most words.  He continued to say "...I an't going fucking hit you, I want to shake your hand" and you know what we did and stayed best mates until he left with his family 3 years after.   After that I know I have the inner strenth to face anything.

Suffering and Enjoyment

I was talking with a faggot boy today about what works for him to submit to the will of a Master or to worship a Master.  
I thought I would share the thought I had.  I know some of you will find this very close to what may have been said before but I just wanted to underline my understanding.

All fags and you have your very own needs to serve for some it's seeing there Master in the cloths that to you enhances there hornynis.  For you it may be there body, there hand, feet, legs, arms or even just there cock.   For you it may be the way they smoke or talk and for some it's the need to be tickled.   The same is true for Masters we are all different.   For me I enjoy a fag$ suffering and that suffering has to be tailored to the faggot.   There are some whos suffering seems almost simple or not suffering at all but I like that.   For some it is being verbally abused, to those useless lowlife fucked up loser faggots I say that I enjoy your suffering.  CP, beeting, caneings and whipping is how others suffer and I enjoy that.  There are others that's focus is on the cash and for them I will order it to pay and pay until it has to give up something like it's weeks supply of coffee may be more to pay for the weeks food.  Yes I also enjoy that.   The point is the more you say about your self the I can tailor your suffering for my enjoyment.    If you give nothing then niver me nor you will have any enjoyment from your suffering.


Big stupid clams

Big stupid clams by big stupid faggot (wontabe/s).

Look you faggots you send a friends request but have not read my profile.   Do you think I have some instructions in my profile for nothing?    Do you think I do anything for nothing? NO.  The instructions are there to try and weed out the fakes and flakes.   I mean dose it cost anything for a faggot to send a 5 tip gift with a friends request? No.  Yes I know some of you will want to be friends without any cashdom involved and I will and have accepted friends requests without any gift or expectation of a gift and we have now a good friendship (you know who you are (Hugs)).

The annoyance comes with a faggot that sends a friends request without a gift and I say "Hi, how's it going and what made you want to be friends?" Lets face it I have said it before and most likely say it again, "I'm no mind reader".    To day I did this and got a replay "Master Pete, I completely crumble inside when I see you. I would love you to totally crush me and ruin me...after I give you everything I own."  I wonder how other Masters react to that,   Grate what a worm to crush and abuse, so I send back

":-) On your knees looking up to me, your Master. You own nothing, what ever you have is due to the kindness of your Master. Every thing you have should come to me and it pleases me to see a faggot like you struggle to get to the next payday.

From your knees there is only one place to go and that is on your belly kissing my feet."

and then I get "I'll sign my house over to you too."  Big stupid clams/offers.  I always give faggots a go but I know from this that this faggot is a none starter.  It has given me nothing to work with, no real idea of what it has to serve me with and no real way of knowing what to do with it.   So never one to give up state away I look around to see if it has served any one else and for how much (something to help my mindreader skills, LOL).  I mean a house that's a big tribute but lets be real and start a little smaller.  So I send this

";-) faggot that's a good thing to know. Well start by making a tribute to me, show me how fucking weak you are." 

Guess what? Not a fucking thing no tips no reply.

Is it me or do other Masters get this sort of runaround?

A competition

Talking with a faggot today, I want and don't need to name it.  I come up with a competition.  I like the idea of Masters competing with each other in a sportsman type why and that the fags being the kit that is used in these sports or competitions.  Of cause in a perfect Master / faggot world the faggot would not have a chose in how there used and who there used by.  However this will put some faggots off and they will go and hide.  So the faggot has to have some way of saying who they want to use them and what for.   So we have some sort of singing up prosses.  Maybe where the Masters put there names forward and the faggot put there names next to the Master/Masters they want t be used by.   All of that said, heres the first idea I had when talking to the faggot today.

Tickle Free Style.  The faggot gets strapped to a table/bed/sling.... Each Master has 30 minutes to tickle the fagsubject.  The aim is ether to get a submission and/or to reach the 30 minute time limit.  Points are given by a panel of judges and the faggot being tickled.  (I include the faggot in the scoring as it is best placed to know how effective the tickling has been).  The points are given for style, speed, accuracy and effect, very much in the same way as figure skating.  Accuracy tickling each spot on the body and keeping to that spot no mater how much the target moves.  under arms, nipples, cock, balls, ass, feet and so on.  Speed;both how long it takes to reach the desired level of squirming and the rhythm of tickling.  Style; dose the Master think about his aproces to the tickling and take his time or dose he just jump in for the quick kill.   Effect; did the faggot submit or last out to the bitter end.

Now for the prizes;  Of cause the first thing that comes to mind is trophies, or maybe the Masters and fags pay a entry fee and the winner gets part of that with an amount going to the organizers.  Or maybe faggots and other Masters paying into a prize pot.  Like some sort of betting, witch of cause could also go on.

Any way this blog is just a bit of fun but maybe I hope has given some of you some ideas.  Have fun and play clean.



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