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  • conch710
    skater alpha arrived and told me for his stay overtime he calls i must pay tribute then flip a coin heads i drink his piss , tails i take a nutshot...tails was my first throw
    Aug 27 '17
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  • conch710
    conch710 sent some Tips
    Amount 50 Tips (£5.00)

    i usually only tribute american alphas...but your pics showed that you must be tributes

    Jun 27 '17
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  • conch710
    conch710 just won the Lottery!
    Amount 1590 Tips (£159.00)
    Date 18/06/17
    Jun 18 '17
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  • conch710
    conch710 liked MASTERGARY's photo
    I fucking love it when you suffer, I couldn't care less if you starve...keep sending.
    May 19 '17
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  • conch710
    its going to be a long day with this in my ass and an alpha controlling it via his mobile phone
    May 3 '17
    12 10
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    May 26 '17
    that sounds like fun
    Jul 13 '17
    what a bitch!
    Jul 13 '17
    It likes the sound of this - but it feels great!
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  • conch710
    conch710 liked TheStoneBrothers's photo
    Nice weather in Vegas. Are you faggots ready to serve!?
  • conch710
    41/2 hours from now i am scheduled to meet an alpha realtime..... i must pay to drink his piss and if i spill a single drop must endure10 kicks to the nuts or pay for each kick i cannot take
    Apr 21 '17
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  • conch710
    conch710 commented on MASTERGARY's photo
    MY cash, never call it merely earned it for me, I’m the one entitled to it.
    Apr 20 '17
    bummer you don't live in the states...hopefully you will visit soon
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  • conch710
    nothing like the rush that comes from handing over cold hard cash.....the look in an alphas eyes when he demands it...the moment of panic as its taken along with the rush of satisfaction
    Apr 20 '17
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  • conch710
    it took 4 days for the swelling to go down on the side of my face after getting clocked by a true alpha
    Apr 19 '17
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