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Date of meeting 20/08/16
Type Real Time
Detail it was very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve Master US Army 2009 this past weekend. Master is a true dominant Alpha-Male. He allowed it to tongue-clean His boots and even made the toe of each one into its mouth. He allowed it to take Him out to a fabulous steak dinner at a local casino - where Master won over $100 with the cash that it gave Him. Master was a great house guest, and it looks forward to His next visit.
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Date of meeting 11/02/16
Type Online
Detail In preparation for Master's real time visit next weekend, Master gave it orders on what to have on-hand for Master (His brand of booze and beer, a leash and dog collar for Master to guide its head/tongue to places to lick on His Sacred Boot Leather) and the subservient behavior that Master will expect at all times. It was a very hot session with Master verbally abusing His cunt mercilessly. it is really looking forward to Master's visit!
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