Musty pits

The smell of pits turn you on? Of course they do you obedient slave. Do you need your daily fix of that sweet n sour manly smell. Of course you do 

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Slaves in Las Vegas

This group is for slaves in Las Vegas seeking a dom alpha master!

6 users

For Masters who enjoy locking their slaves in chastity, and slaves who are looking to get locked. And everyone else who is interested in trying it out, exchange experiences and learn more about it.

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Electro Training

This group is for Masters that want to use electro to pain train, punish or abuse sub fags and for fag slaves that are prepared to submit to face to face or online electro sessions. This is an amazing way for a Master to give targeted and controlled punishment to a mischievous or disobedient fag. Or...

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South East UK Group

Group for Masters and slaves local to South East England. Real-life meets, ATM meets, General Local Discussion

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West Midlands (UK) Slaves

A group for Masters and Slaves located in West Midlands, UK

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Scottish Masters 4 Slaves/Sluts/Pigs

Just a meeting place for people from Scotland to arrange meets etc

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Gay masters and Slaves

Not all masters are straight. Some of us are gay, and know the difference between a gay man, and a fag.

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United States Masters and Slaves

This group is intended only for those within the united states, or seeking online contacts with doms/subs in the united states.If you are looking for cash meets, or private sessions, please state that in your listing.

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Face sitting

for face sitters looking for  somewhere to relax their arse.  slaves offering to clean a hole and give Superiors somewhere to get comfortable, relax and let go.  Rimmers, rimseat lovers and more.  Scat lovers welcome  but ***no scat pics allowed***.

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Essex slaves

Any slave from Essex or close need to join this group!

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Real Nasty, Twisted, Unruly Alpha Masters!

REAL Masters, if you enjoy punishing your PATHETIC slaves then this is the group! SLAVES if your brave enough and you want to live out your deepest darkest nightmares, make them come to a reality, then get in contact! Evil twisted Masters apply!! CBT SOUNDING TRAMPLING, BDSM, SM, WORSHIPING, CIGAR A...

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this group is for slaves, pigs, cashcunts who love dark skin of African Doms\ Masters  and willing to serve online/real  them IN ALL WAYS !!!

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CP - Corporal Punishment

Training a slave doesn't work without Corporal Punishment!This group is to share experiences and other insights for MASTERs and slaves ...

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Fat worship

Chubs bears and BBW

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Worshipping Irish Chavs

Created to cater for slave faggots to come and worship Irish Chavs like myself and appreciate tracksuits, gym wear and trainers.

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Syphon Central

This is a group for Masters that love syphons and fags that love jerking as they watch their tips drain away. You can also post when you are looking to get syphones

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Leather Gear and Boot slaves for Masters

slaves that enjoy showing its obedience and submission through gifting its Masters with leather gear and boots.  

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Mature Masters

A group for mature Masters (40yrs and older) and slaves that worship them.

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London Cash Point Meets

This group is for UK Masters and Slaves to post availability for cash point meets in and around London.  

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