Humiliation & Exposure

All things humiliation and exposure to be posted here. Masters expose your faggot slaves. Slaves find a master to expose you properly.

323 users
Foot worship for cash

Foot play for cash

276 users
Syphon Central

This is a group for Masters that love syphons and fags that love jerking as they watch their tips drain away. You can also post when you are looking to get syphones

158 users

Post your wishlist links here for slaves to browse and fulfill

133 users
Sneakers and shoes addict

A group for slaves and Master to share their affection and passion for good looking shoes and sneakers and all the other kind. New or used, you never got enough shoes.

131 users
Black God Domination

A place where Black Gods can reign and be appreciated and respected by their worshippers.  

122 users

A group for Masters and slaves  that like to set targets or complete targets! Please keep your comments about targets; write some description of  targets you like and want to set or the targets you like to complete. Targets can be set from Masters to slaves and from slaves to another slave...

121 users
Dirty fags and their masters

This group is for fags into filthy dirty stuff. Taboo, grunge, dirt, etc. Piggies, filthy boys, etc, find your masters or slaves here.

95 users
Muscle worship slaves

Slaves who want to help muscled master grow massobe

91 users
Mature Masters

A group for mature Masters (40yrs and older) and slaves that worship them.

90 users
UK Cashpoint meets

A group for Doms and subs travelling within the UK to set up & arrange cashpoint meets.

66 users
Techno tricks

A space for Doms and subs to share/develop concepts around using (new-ish) technologies as part of the relationship, such as tracking/monitoring or whatever else comes up.

59 users
Cerebral / Mental / Mindfuckers

Do you think in complex pathways that you often need someone to tire you or outsmart you? Does the idea of getting your mindfucked turn you on?  If you answered yes, then this is the group for you! Come play, submit or dominate with the mind.

57 users
Cam worship UK

A place for subs to worship their masters in exchange for their hard earned cash. 

56 users
Slaves for Muslim men

Slaves for Muslim men

49 users
smoke domination

a place where u can smoke for superior master and tribute him whit many tips. master need money to buy cigarette to have more fun ! only for fag devote smokers or wanna be one. fag who like smoke domination for superior alpha smoker!!!

47 users

There are fags who dont always behave, who don't know their place, or who need training. This group is for Dom's who know how to get what they want, and fags who don't know how to say "yes Sir". Whether it's tying up a fag to make to serve, or making them watch helplessly and unable to resist as you...

45 users

A place for slaves to meet, learn and mentor one another

44 users
How not to send a first message!

Post the most inappropriate initial messages you have received from someone. Please do not name names. Screenshots ONLY if names are blurred. Please keep it anonymous. Have fun!!  😊

42 users
Skinhead Bootboys

Oi oi! a group for Skinhead doms to connect with subs, slaves, pups, gimps, faggots, scumbags, pigs and perverts new and old.For those who desire to be transformed into a Skinhead if they meet the grade. Skinhead admirers and worshipers, boot-lickers dirty perverted bastards especially welcome. We'l...

40 users
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