Young Doms

If you wish to worship young Doms come to this page and look around. Who knows you may find the perfect Dom to worship.

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Devotion Slaves

This group is for slaves don’t require humiliation to serve but seek a Master they can devote themselves to. All they require is a superior they can tribute in the hope that they can make their existence have meaning. As slaves tribute regularly and increasingly it provides a natural pathway for su...

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Humiliation & Exposure

All things humiliation and exposure to be posted here. Masters expose your faggot slaves. Slaves find a master to expose you properly.

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Foot worship for cash

Foot play for cash

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For fags who like to be treated as objects and for Masters who objectify their fags.  Rubber gimping, drones, urinals, ATMs, casting, hooding, general fornophilia, etc encouraged.

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Sneakers and shoes addict

A group for slaves and Master to share their affection and passion for good looking shoes and sneakers and all the other kind. New or used, you never got enough shoes.

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Poppers training

Masters, who want to fuck up slaves with lots of poppers. Slaves, that want to pass out on the masters order

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USA Masters

For those located in or traveling to the continental United States to find servants or dominants.

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For Masters who enjoy locking their slaves in chastity, and slaves who are looking to get locked. And everyone else who is interested in trying it out, exchange experiences and learn more about it.

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Syphon Central

This is a group for Masters that love syphons and fags that love jerking as they watch their tips drain away. You can also post when you are looking to get syphones

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Real Nasty, Twisted, Unruly Alpha Masters!

REAL Masters, if you enjoy punishing your PATHETIC slaves then this is the group! SLAVES if your brave enough and you want to live out your deepest darkest nightmares, make them come to a reality, then get in contact! Evil twisted Masters apply!! CBT SOUNDING TRAMPLING, BDSM, SM, WORSHIPING, CIGAR A...

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Dog slaves and Masters

A group for dog slaves and their MastersOn your knees and start barking boy...

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Muscle worship slaves

Slaves who want to help muscled master grow massobe

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I consider findome just one of my fetish an not my only fetish. It is a fetish and not a job.I do not receive tributes but gifts. It is a different approach to have cashslaves in training that will enjoy the pleasure to offer gifts. Join this group if is the same for you. 

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Face sitting

for face sitters looking for  somewhere to relax their arse.  slaves offering to clean a hole and give Superiors somewhere to get comfortable, relax and let go.  Rimmers, rimseat lovers and more.  Scat lovers welcome  but ***no scat pics allowed***.

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London Cash Point Meets

This group is for UK Masters and Slaves to post availability for cash point meets in and around London.  

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Gay masters and Slaves

Not all masters are straight. Some of us are gay, and know the difference between a gay man, and a fag.

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Techno tricks

A space for Doms and subs to share/develop concepts around using (new-ish) technologies as part of the relationship, such as tracking/monitoring or whatever else comes up.

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Mature Masters

A group for mature Masters (40yrs and older) and slaves that worship them.

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A Place for slaves to show their appreciation of guys who ride motorcycles in full leathers. As we know a biker needs to keep on top of his leathers collection and we need slaves to buy our leathers for us. So Biker's SCUM get to it

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