For anyone that loves men in tights, shorts, speedo, lycra, spandex

23 users
UK Spanking, Caning, Discipline and Punishment Group

This is a group dedicated to UK based subs and masters that are interested in: spanking, caning, belting, otk, bastinado and whipping to name a few under the umbrella of BDSM/Discipline/Punishment.  The hope for this group is to arrange meet ups for such interests with pathetic subs willing to...

22 users
Berlin Masters and slaves

This is a group for Masters and slaves living in Berlin (or visiting). Plan meet ups, find matches and share experiences. Managed by european_master.

19 users
Fat masters and the subs who worship them

The place for heavy masters who deserve every inch worshipped

17 users
UK Cashpoint meets

A group for Doms and subs travelling within the UK to set up & arrange cashpoint meets.

17 users
Spanked Slaves

SPANKING / CP / FLOGGING SPANKING I have done  with some CHAVS recently Taking off their Airmax and using them to whack their arse either through their tracks or direct to skin. I love seeing the skin change colour and Nike Sole imprints but the arse is just the starting point moving d...

16 users
Suits and Tied Up

A group dedicated for the suited up doms and their drooling slaves following along on their knees. No pics without ties boys, be classy 😏

15 users
Chastity Device Questions & Answers

Questions and answers about chastity devices.Problems with fitting? Cleaning? Size?Any problems about chastity devices, post here or offer advice.

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Sweaty Jersey

This group is for slaves who are interested in sweaty jersey. If you are a master post your sweaty jersey pictures here and slaves will search and will worship you...

14 users
Dom tops looking for hairy muscle sub bottoms

Hey subs, looking for hairy muscle sub bottoms with big hairy asses

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Military Veterans

For all the Veterans of the site to network and find some like minded friends, and for the fags whom wish to serve those that have and continue to serve their nations.  Any fags wishing to be in the group will pay a fag tax of 200 tips to the admin of the page to prove their worth to the group,...

12 users
Master/Slave Rubber Gear Lovers

Group for Masters and slaves that enjoy rubber gear and clothing

12 users
Worshipping Irish Chavs

Created to cater for slave faggots to come and worship Irish Chavs like myself and appreciate tracksuits, gym wear and trainers.

11 users
Leather Gloves

A group specifically for fags and masters with a leather glove fetish. 

10 users
Brazilians master

Here you find some Brazilians alphas to serv 

10 users
Tattoo funding and muscle growth

A group for fags who are into funding a masters tattoo and muscle growth  obsession. Expect reports on new ink and updates on growth. Know what your money goes towards 

10 users
Cam worship UK

A place for subs to worship their masters in exchange for their hard earned cash. 

10 users

A group to share some of your favorite punishments and rewards to use on subs or be used on you... Both subs who like praise and degradation...

8 users
Washington findoms and paypigs

Come one come all let's meet up and see where things go. 

8 users
Hi-vis workwear

This group is made for Masters and fags who enjoy wearing or seeing high visibility workwear. And to contribute to the Masters collection of hi-vis tips are needed right 

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