• MasterOfAll
    MasterOfAll started a new poll
    Currently, Doms need to have a photo of themself as a profile picture, the photo can be blurred or obscured slightly.

    Should the rules be relaxed so Doms can have whatever picture they like?
    Yes ✅
    (51 votes 36%)
    No ❌
    (90 votes 64%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 141
    Mar 9
    Mar 12
    Real doms shoukd be haooy ti be visible. If they're not then they're hiding. And that is not attractive or horny for a fag
    Mar 12
    I think it’s cool if a Dom wants to show his face but it’s not a requirement for me. $erving is like 99% cerebral for me so I really don’t care what a Dom looks like.
    Mar 13
    Dominants could always wear a mask so we know that they're not headless.
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