• TriggersWallet
    TriggersWallet started a new poll
    Online vs real time -which gives you the best findom experience?
    Love it online, no need for real time
    (14 votes 29%)
    It’s a balance for me
    (26 votes 54%)
    Real life time all the way
    (8 votes 17%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 48
    Jun 20 '22
    I find real time findom meets more horny as I can see the fags face as he is getting drained plus we can also bring in other kinks as well,
    Jun 20 '22
    much prefer real time meets but its still fun to drainly virtually and through cam2cam
    Jun 22 '22
    @FootMasterUK; you are 100% right Sir
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