• Slave
    Slave started a new poll
    Should the Lazy Lounge (Chat Room) be a place for the following discussions:
    A place to chat about model railways, excursions, favourite food?
    (8 votes 15%)
    A place to chat about Service, Slavery, Findom?
    (28 votes 51%)
    A place to chat about how brilliant 'Slave' is?
    (11 votes 20%)
    A place to chat about how brilliant MasterOfAll is?
    (8 votes 15%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 55
    Sep 16
    Sep 17
    Things are going too well for MasterOfAll. Appalling. But that's showbusiness...
    Sep 18
    It should be a place for any type of relaxed chat
    Oct 6
    The answer is so obvious: 3 of course. There is no wrong time or wrong place to chat about how brilliant 'Slave' is! We all know MOA is fabulous but but some seem to forget how wonderful Slave is. It's only fair to remember that & not to forget it.
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