• enslaved
    enslaved started a new poll
    what is your favourite kind of Master?
    the rather gentle handsome kind that will understand you, respect your situation & limits
    (13 votes 32%)
    the dominant kind that will decide what you must do & may not do
    (8 votes 20%)
    the rougher kind that will push you to extend your limits more & more
    (14 votes 34%)
    the very hard kind that will help you to get ruined for his benefits & your hot fun
    (6 votes 15%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 41
    Sep 18 '22
    The very hard are also the most powerful ?
    Sep 19 '22
    The one I have and I can’t sum him up in a sentence. Interesting poll though
    Sep 28 '22
    I agree with Woof82 except I will have mostly B & don't care about the handsome part wich I would change for very manly, very masculine Alphas
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