• Cashmastertuxedo
    Cashmastertuxedo started a new poll
    Best type of master
    Compassionate and cruel
    (36 votes 40%)
    Mean and cruel
    (10 votes 11%)
    Demanding and confident
    (30 votes 34%)
    Cocky and straight foward
    (13 votes 15%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 89
    Dec 29 '22
    Now that’s a good sight to see, well trained slaves showing and praising their owners. Good job you two, credit to both of your owners.
    Jan 1
    They can look at my page for it.. nah just kidding but having lil bit of everything is always a good sight for any person in my opinion.
    Jan 30
    none of those or better said; a mix of all those together but also protective, caring & for me: a clever & nice man. Some pushing or cruel stuff can be a hot one time shot but not as a constant attitude & behaviour
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