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    skyerubberguy started a new poll
    What is the hottest physical way for a Master to put a slave into full body restraint/immobilisation?
    Sleepsack (leather or rubber)
    (6 votes 8%)
    Vacbed or Vac Cube (suction) or Vacbed (inflation)
    (13 votes 18%)
    Cuffs, Collars and Chains (metal/leather/rubber)
    (44 votes 59%)
    Shibari / Rope Restraint
    (11 votes 15%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 74
    Jan 21
    Jan 24
    There is no one hottest way. It depends on the sub and scenario.
    Jan 25
    Gotta love shibari. The intimacy of tying a sub and the flexibility of the rope are not to be sniffed at
    Jan 25
    Like Woof82, I too am a fan of the classics,
    I find that several copies of The Iliad and The Odyssey a great way to weigh down and restrain most slaves
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