• MasterOfAll
    Work on "Submit" has started slow as I had to lay the groundwork sorting a few other things out first.

    However, now that's done and out the way it's full steam ahead.

    I am aiming for a beginning of April release, ready for Owned's 10th anniversary on the 8th.

    I won't be burning myself out to reach that deadline though, so if it has to be postponed a bit then it will be.

    Once more development has been completed I will post a few screenshots and videos of the new site to gather some feedback.

    Thank you all for your support,
    MoA ✌️
    Jan 30
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    Jan 30
    Awesome! Take your time, MoA.
    Jan 31
    Take Your time Master, don't overwork Yourself please.
    Jan 31
    @servus: on a pensé la même chose!
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