• Slave
    Slave started a new poll
    Do you want to OWN me?
    Not a chance. I'd rather have crabs than OWN you.
    (9 votes 23%)
    I might OWN you if you coughed up a bit more.
    (6 votes 15%)
    I'd love to OWN you, always entertaining me with you wit and humour.
    (17 votes 43%)
    I would OWN you but your intelligence and stunning body scare me!
    (8 votes 20%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 40
    May 24
    May 25
    Just when we got that ointment too slave!
    May 27
    Only a few hours to go. This is potentially a life changing poll for me - VOTE NOW!
    May 28
    Looks like the option I voted for is winning
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