• PoliceLeatherDominatorsFagg
    PoliceLeatherDominatorsFagg started a new game of Pillory

    My pathetic little faggot needs to be put into his place, craving to serve and submit perfectly. Let's destroy his self-esteem, his mind, body and soul and make him submit totally to real Masters! He's a cunt and he knows that and he needs to serve perfectly to whomever his Master chooses! Let's spice the game up - TOP 3 MASTERS WITH THE MOST PERVERSE AND KINKY COMMENT FOR THE SLAVE WILL EACH RECEIVE A TIP FROM THE FAG AS ORDERED PER MASTER!

    Tax paid to: PoliceLeatherDominator
    Tax per like: 13 Tips (£1.30) 💸
    Tax per comment: 18 Tips (£1.80) 💸
    Tax limit: 880 Tips (£88.00) 💸

    Total tax to pay: 880 Tips (£88.00)
    ⛔ This pillory has ended, further comments and likes will not affect the total ⛔
    Aug 30
    21 members like this
    Aug 30
    it’s only purpose is to serve. pathetic Cunt.
    Aug 30
    Hope Master is stretching faggots wallet wider than the fag's cunt. Dig deep with that big fist Master and open that fag until it gapes and begs for mercy
    Aug 30
    I love your profile name man, it trips off the tongue... 😊
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