• subservient
    subservient sent FinDomJon a gift!
    🌟 Sir, the (continuing) journey in your stable has presented us with challenges (🤫), with surprises (😲), with highs (😅), and, yes, a few lows (🙁). We’ve risen to, tackled and dealt with, them all sir (👍). Together. We’ve overwhelmingly had an abundance of joy, laughter and positivity (🤣). Throughout it all, I’ve valued your domination, your guidance, your consistency, your patience, your perseverance, your belief in me, and your friendship. I offer this gift with my sincere and grateful thanks for it all sir 🌟🙏
    Sep 2
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    Sep 3
    @Slave: Thank you so much 😂
    Sep 3
    Hi all
    Sep 4
    @slave 😂
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