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    Gain pleasure from giving Me pleasure.

    C'mon. Your pleasure comes from surrendering to My Power and Authority and allowing Me to take charge. The more you let go, the more I grow. Accept your place, be a good 'boy' and obey your Sir.
    Set for

    3500 Tips (£350.00) of 3500 Tips (£350.00) / 100%

    Nov 13
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    Dec 4
    Tommyjoe. I must apologise because I feared this target was doomed to failure. I love that you proved this mean-spirited, grumpy, mouthy, cynical, wildly handsome, doubter wrong. You excelled for a wonderful Man. 🏆🥇🪅
    Dec 4
    WTF !!!! Huge
    Dec 5
    beautiful, the best deserve the most
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