• InferiorMutt
    InferiorMutt started a new game of Pillory

    Time to take this mutt's virginity in playing games my way... ruthlessly.

    Tax paid to: DorianTheAlpha
    Tax per like: 20 Tips (£2.00) 💸
    Tax per comment: 20 Tips (£2.00) 💸
    Tax limit: 2000 Tips (£200.00) 💸

    Total tax to pay: 1640 Tips (£164.00)
    ⛔ This pillory has ended, further comments and likes will not affect the total ⛔
    Nov 18
    33 members like this
    Nov 18
    Thank you all for participated, it’s greatly appreciated…
    Nov 18
    And the sum instantly sent in full upon completion like the dutiful little faggot whore that you are, mutt. Well done.
    Nov 18
    Si beautifully. Such a good boy and so lucky !
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