• Chubmaster001
    Chubmaster001 started a new poll
    This is for the cashfags but Doms give your opinions too: Why do you feel you deserve to be used by an alpha?
    I'm a loser and need to suffer
    (3 votes 10%)
    I need to be controlled for my own good
    (3 votes 10%)
    I like making an Alpha and being the cause of thar joy happy
    (13 votes 42%)
    All of the above.
    (12 votes 39%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 31
    Nov 18
    Nov 19
    J'aime être la raison q'un alpha est heureux.
    Nov 23
    I think I would have voted for the first one, Sir. I deserve to suffer.
    Nov 23
    I might have chosen option 1
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