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    PARAMOUNT is interested in my FINDOM movie! PART DEUX plotline will be YOUR choice. Please vote. For those who haven't seen PART 1 simply click on the link... https://www.ownedfags.com/blogs/1845
    PLOT 1 - A HOT date with HAL
    (6 votes 24%)
    PLOT 2 - Slave's EXPANDING muscle
    (6 votes 24%)
    PLOT 3 - Escape from the DUNGEON
    (13 votes 52%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 25
    Nov 20
    Nov 20
    What's the casting?
    Nov 21
    I would have voted for your XXXL hung dick but you didn't mention it (modest as always). your muscles might be frustrating too many Sirs so I picked up a hot date with HAL. nOT SURE ABOUT THE HOT PART THOUGH
    Nov 21
    This sounds exciting
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