Welcome new slave!

What is Owned Fags?

Owned Fags is a Master and Slave community that tries to make financial domination and other fetishes fun.

We show mutual respect for each other and try to create a growing community that benefits us all, by uploading original and engaging content to share with others, keeping within the site rules and having real passion for the scene.

What's expected of me on Owned Fags as a Slave?

You're probably here as a slave because you want to find new and exciting Masters, perhaps even find one that you would like to be owned by; and that's great! We have many Masters on the site just waiting to potentially win you over and impress you.

As a new slave you'll probably be approached by a lot of Masters trying to snap you up quickly. Take your time, look around, don't rush into serving a Master because you feel pressured.

As this is primarily a financial domination site you will no doubt be asked to tribute a Master at some point so don't be shocked when this happens. If you do not wish to tribute then kindly decline. If you find you're being harassed for tribute then please report the Master using the Contact us link at the bottom of every page.

Please remember that we only allow the discussion and use of Tips on the site for tributes. You can purchase Tips securely from the Tips menu on the main console at the top of every page. Tips have many benefits which are all outlined in the Tips FAQ (found on the same menu).

To really get yourself noticed it would be worth doing your best to get as high up the Slave Market as you can (click the link from the main menu). The Slave market shows all the Slaves on the site and ranks them based on various criteria - Slaves at the top are generally seen as more involved and popular by the other members, so it's a really good idea to get as high up as possible.

What next?

Now you've joined it's time to start getting people interested in you. Why not upload an introduction video, some pictures; perhaps create a blog informing members of the kinds of activities you enjoy?

Joining in with the conversations in the chat room is a great way to get to know people, ask questions about the site features, and get to know your fellow members.

Thank you for joining Owned Fags, I hope you enjoy it here :)

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