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24 years old, Master, Gay
United States United States
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🏷 master findom cash master alpha owner worthy faggot trainer high maintenance trophy boy

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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Piss, Muscles, Leather, Skinhead, Bondage, Uniforms, Smoking, Fisting, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Electro
About Me
Take a look at my “a faggot’s dream” album, now how do you think I should be treated? With respect and treated like a prize. I’m a man that should be showered with love and praise and, let’s not forget, your money. Why should I have to spend my own and worry about my finances, when I have loyal, and dedicated, subs. Subs that are willing to pay for me to do the things I love, without having to worry about what it cost and how it will affect me. Be a good boy and make sure your alpha/Dom doesn’t have to worry about something you have a surplus of, money.
What I want
I want cash Fags, and subs, that are willing to do what they can (financially) to make sure their master doesn’t have to worry about spending his money. Would you want someone you look up to and praise to have to struggle through life? I wouldn’t but, then again, the only person i look up to is myself. If you look up to me, why not make my life easier and be good to me? Would it make sense that you have the extra cash, without making an impact on your livelihood, to spend on sites like this while someone as beautiful as I am has to be on here to earn a buck? If you have it, why not share it in the hopes that I’ll give you any spare attention that I may have in my packed schedule? You want my attention and my tome of day, I want to not worry about the cost of items I want. My attention is geared towards my happiness, and things I need to make my life easier, so if you free up the time that I’d normally spend on figuring out how to get buy something I want, I’ll have more time to spend on you. After all, all you want is for your master to be happy, right?
What experience do you have?
None that I feel like are worthy to place here yet, and I think that’s pretty sad so why don’t you guys change that for me. Give me something to brag about here

6' 1.2" / 186cm
200lb / 90.9kg
Foot size
 10.5 UK / 45 EU /  11.5 US
Eye colour

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  • AlphaAndy
    AlphaAndy commented on their photo
    was feeling generous enough to show you losers my beautifuk cock.
    Aug 6 '20
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    Aug 6 '20
    Why am i showing my generosity and without any faggots showing appreciation for it? Maybe I should stop showing how generous I am until you losers show me you even want it. #Master #sir #UngratefulFaggots
    Aug 6 '20
    Good boy. I accept that and you may now private message me if you’d like to further show how sorry you are for your brethren.
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  • AlphaAndy
    AlphaAndy added a new video Such a good fag
    He sucked me like a good boy. This is a teaser to a much longer vid, and I’d like to share it the lowest i think I should since I’m new. It’s only fair that you boys see what kinda alpha you want and what cock you want on your alpha ;) you choose me.
    Aug 4 '20
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  • AlphaAndy
    AlphaAndy uploaded 1 new photo to Master Andy album
    the alpha of your dreams' cock
    Aug 4 '20
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    Aug 4 '20
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  • AlphaAndy
    AlphaAndy uploaded 1 new photo to Master Andy album
    not even fully hard.... only good boys can get this alpha cock hard
    Aug 3 '20
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  • AlphaAndy
    AlphaAndy uploaded 1 new photo to Master Andy album
    a fags dream
    Aug 3 '20
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  • AlphaAndy
    AlphaAndy is now verified
    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    Aug 1 '20
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    Aug 3 '20
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