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🏷 master feet bondage straight bodywriting

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Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Leather, PVC, Boots, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Smoking, Fisting, Dungeon Play, Edging
About Me
I will teach you the definition of obedience. I think you will find I have a way with words that can hurt as much as any whip. You will be my helpless cash-tray. I've been into domination for a bout 7 years ever since I realized I like hurting those that I love. I'm straight but I love watching anything obey me. BDSM is at it's core all about power, which to me is the ability or threat to inflict pain. I love marking my territory and taking a lost soul and turning them into a valuable object for my amusement. Having a bitch give you money is like getting a blowjob from an ATM machine and having it thank you after, it's incredible. I have a very active lifestyle involving hiking, skiing and other sports. These are of course expensive what most of your money will be going towards. Don't get me wrong I love money but being the one in control is what it's about, which means I get to tell you to hurt or humiliate yourself for my pleasure when I want. You will be turned into a thing for my use and amusement, you will mark yourself with marker, paint and bruising so you can look down in the shower and remember who owns you. I will take and take and you will love every second of it.
What I want
You crawling on the floor begging to give me money while I make you wait for it. You will amuse me first. Bodywriting and money are number one, don't agree with that order well tough luck if I say 2+2=5 so it is. After my two number ones are belts around arms legs and necks. No fancy gear for useless pigs like you I like it cheap an effective. Watching fucktoys walk on all fours like animals and putting them in cages.

In summary (if you're to dumb to understand). I am into: humiliation (espescially body writing), pain (yours) meantally and physically, I love to mindfuck but I xpect a bit of self-torture form you as well.

Turn offs: Scat, pee,
What experience do you have?
I have been into domination for 7-8 years but it got much more intense in the last 4. I've never done this proffessionally but somethign tells me I am a natural dom and I look forward to the new action.

6' 2" / 188cm
190lb / 86.4kg
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12 UK / 47  EU /  13 US
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