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31 years old, Master, Pansexual
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🏷 humiliation feet heavy balls

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Type of meets
Here for
Cash Slavery, Chat, Whatever
Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Piss, Muscles, Leather, Boots, Bondage, Bikers, Smoking, Dungeon Play, Edging, Electro, Mummification, Rubber
About Me
I'm a big biker guy, that works hard. I like to go on trips, hiking, camping. I think of myself as a primal man, more comfortable with the outdoors. That's reflected in my sexual desire. "Wildman" is an interesting phrase and take it how you like.

I get very hot working in big boots every day, I'm 6'6 and have a size 14. I work in forms of security. If you want to know what I enjoy doing to a man its humiliating him in all ways. Physical, emotional, physiological. Wrestling has always been a fun outlet for humiliating pathetic men.
What I want
I want worship. My place is relaxing in the big chair "daddy's chair" while I have my cock worshipped and adored like and idol that feeds you your life giving meals. My incredibly heavy balls need to be held all the time. The lucky few will get the chubby bunny. What's your place?
The rest of you pathetic fags will not be empty handed you can get my old used socks.
What experience do you have?
I've had a few slaves I have leashed to my bedpost. Systematically feeding them and breeding them. Those that are normally get feminized, (sissified) or become my pup.

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