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Real-Time, On-Line
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Cash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship
About Me
I didn't climb to power; I was born with it. Surrounded by those who comprehend sacrifice and obedience for their collective privilege of serving Me. In search of work, you're initially drawn in by My naturally good looks, skills, and posture, only to be left melted and reduced in search of two words: good work.
What I want
As your Boss, if you approach, do so with respect and illustrate how you will be valuable. My laborers earn their keep in exchange for a seat at My table. It's clear that none of you deserve that seat – session or not. But, some of you may earn it and possibly keep it. And, if it isn't explicitly clear, your drain is inevitable.

There's no need to clock-in here because you're always under My watch, and you will not finish your work any time soon.

Your job is rewarding because you:

‣ Recognize that my time is valuable, and you communicate clearly and articulately every time.

‣ Come prepared to learn about your Boss, your work, and yourself. Apply it, be better, then do better.

‣ Appreciate that your performance will be reviewed. Often. And you relish in the fact that you could be dismissed at any moment.

‣ Value dialogue, connection, and wit. In this office, you are my muse.
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