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  • BossLincs
    BossLincs moved up to a new position on the Pantheon
    Rank 84
    Old rank 106

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    Mar 25
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  • BossLincs
    BossLincs just purchased a Premium membership
    Premium benefits
    • View the new members list
    • An extra 300 Slave Market points
    • An extra 300 Pantheon points
    • See when a member has read or deleted your messages
    • See who has viewed your profile
    • Store notes about other users
    • Upload a cover photo to your profile
    • A premium membership badge on your profile
    Mar 5
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  • BossLincs
    BossLincs just had their RealID photo accepted

    A RealID photo is a way for a Master to prove his identity, giving you peace of mind that you are talking to someone genuine.

    To see if a Master has uploaded a RealID photo, go to his profile and look at the RealID section.

    Mar 5
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  • BossLincs
    BossLincs is now verified
    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    Mar 5
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