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  • Cheshire
    Cheshire was accepted into CommandoBoss's stable 'CommandoBoss's stable'

    When you join a stable you become owned by the Master who runs it. Being in a stable means that the Master can have a certain amount of control over your account. The Master will be able to:

    • See how many Tips you have and view your Tips log
    • View your private messages
    • Control your block list so he can determine who can contact you and who can not
    • View what you have been saying in the chat room
    • Put you in the Dungeon
    Mar 23
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  • Cheshire
    Cheshire moved up to a new position on the Slave Market
    Rank 133
    Old rank 424

    Click here to find out how to increase your slave market position.

    Mar 22
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  • Cheshire
    Cheshire liked CommandoBoss's photo
    Who wants their face under my boot?
    Mar 12
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    Mar 27
    I do!
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  • Cheshire
    Cheshire is now verified
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